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萨拉博士|Enki 的回归与激活人类12个搁浅的 DNA 蓝图

In Elena Danaan’s new book, The Seeders (2022), she described meeting the leader of one of the two main Anunnaki factions Prince Ea (aka Enki), who has just returned to our solar system. She was told that he had brought the original Adamic DNA blueprint that could be used to remove harmful genetic alterations inflicted upon unwary humanity by the opposing Enlil faction of the Anunnaki, which had left its minions (aka the Deep State) behind millennia ago to control the Earth’s population.

在 Elena Danaan 的新书 The Seeders (2022)中,她描述了她与 Anunnaki 两大派系之一的领袖 Prince Ea (aka Enki)的会面,他刚刚回到我们的太阳系。她被告知,他带来了原始的亚当基因蓝图,可以用来消除由阿努纳奇的恩利尔派系对粗心大意的人类造成的有害的基因改变,该派系在几千年前就把它的仆从(又名深层国家)留在了后面,以控制地球的人口。

In an interview with the long-time Andromedan contactee, Alex Collier, which was released on October 8, I raised the question about the return of the Enki faction of the Anunnaki and Enki bearing the gift of humanity’s original Adamic DNA blueprint. I asked for Alex’s perspective as he works with the Andromedans, who are an entirely separate group of extraterrestrials that would have an objective perspective on the operations of both the Galactic Federation of Worlds and the Enki faction of the Anunnaki.

在10月8日发布的对长期与仙女座接触的亚历克斯 · 科利尔(Alex Collier)的采访中,我提出了这样一个问题: Anunnaki 的恩基派系和携带着人类原始亚当 DNA 蓝图礼物的恩基派系是否会回归。当亚历克斯和仙女座人一起工作时,我询问了他的观点。仙女座人是一群完全独立的外星人,他们对世界的银河联邦和阿努纳基的恩基派系的运作都有客观的看法。

Alex’s answers to my questions clarify some of the vital exopolitics issues raised by Enki’s alleged gift, which some may suspect to be a Trojan horse for a hidden agenda. To better understand the context of what was being offered, here is what Elena Danaan [ED] wrote about her conversation with Enki in The Seeders:

Alex 对我问题的回答澄清了 Enki 所谓的礼物引发的一些重要的外星政治问题,有些人可能怀疑这是一个隐藏议程的特洛伊木马。为了更好地理解所提供的内容,以下是 Elena Danaan (ED)在《种子》(The Seeders)一书中关于她与 Enki 对话的描述:

[Enki] I brought back the Grail.


[ED]The original DNA sequence? 

原始的 DNA 序列?

[Enki] Yes, indeed. The chalice of the original, unspoiled Terra Human lineage. The unaltered original genetic sequence. There are more strands in the Terra human genome that need to be reactivated, and the original sequence key will do this when transferred onto the altered pattern. DNA is a currency for it carries the formulas required to replicate other forms of intelligence throughout the Universe. (p. 479).

是的,没错。原始的,未被破坏的 Terra Human 血统的圣杯。未改变的原始基因序列。在 Terra 人类基因组中有更多的链需要被重新激活,当转移到改变的模式中时,原始序列键将会做到这一点。DNA 是一种货币,因为它携带着在整个宇宙中复制其他形式智能所需的公式。(p. 479).

Enki is here suggesting that the gift he has brought with him, the Grail, will start the activation process for 12-stranded DNA that is inherent in the human genome. Presumably, Enki’s gift would activate the 3rd strand of human DNA, which becomes the key to activating the remaining DNA strands. A vital component of this DNA activation process would be restoring human longevity, which religious texts report was originally a thousand years for Adam and his descendants, such as Able, Jarod, Enoch, Lamach, Methuselah, and Noah.

Enki 在这里暗示他带来的礼物,圣杯,将启动人类基因组中固有的12链 DNA 的激活过程。据推测,Enki 的天赋会激活人类 DNA 的第三链,这成为激活剩余 DNA 链的关键。这个 DNA 激活过程的一个重要组成部分将是恢复人类的寿命,宗教文献报告说,亚当和他的后代,如亚伯、迦罗德、以诺、 Lamach、玛士撒拉和诺亚,最初有一千年的寿命。

The above short summary gives the proper context for my question to Alex and his response:


MS: In her book, The Seeders, Elena says that she met with Enki and that he said he had a gift for humanity. That he had brought back the original Adamic DNA and that he had passed it on to the Galactic Federation, and they, in turn, had passed it on to the Earth Alliance, and they were building all of these medical technologies that would restore the original 12 stranded Adamic DNA. My question is, does that mean that going back to that original Adamic DNA or realizing that full inherent potential is that going to be through undergoing this kind of medical technology, or can we can we do it just through spiritual consciousness raising means?

MS: 在她的书《种子》中,埃琳娜说她见过恩基,恩基说他对人类有天赋。他带回了原始的亚当基因并把它传递给了银河联邦他们又把它传递给了地球联盟他们正在建造所有这些医疗技术来恢复原始的亚当基因。我的问题是,这是否意味着回到原始的亚当基因或者意识到完全的内在潜能是通过经历这种医疗技术,或者我们能否仅仅通过提高精神意识的方式来实现呢?

AC: That’s a difficult question to answer because I do not know how much damage chemically has been done to our DNA with the poisoning of the water supply, the air supply, the food, sound, through music, pharmaceuticals. I don’t know. I don’t know how much damage the body has experienced or suffered through. I simply do not know, so I don’t know how to answer that question. It would only have to be a guess for me and I would prefer not to make a guess

AC: 这是一个很难回答的问题,因为我不知道我们的 DNA 受到了多大的化学伤害,因为水源、空气、食物、声音、音乐、药物的毒害。我不知道。我不知道身体受到了多大的伤害。我只是不知道,所以我不知道如何回答这个问题。这对我来说只是一个猜测,我宁愿不去猜测

But if he [Enki] gave the Alliance or the Federation, if he gave the Alliance the original blueprint, which was who we were before he made his modifications and who we are after he made the modifications, if they’re building technology to do it then they know that spiritually we may not be able to make the job. It could also be Michael that we don’t have enough time to spiritually evolve to that level before the change comes. So by getting our physicality to that place already, what it does is it buys us longevity. If nothing else it buys us a great deal of longevity. It will probably add hundreds of years to our lifetime, our life spans so that we can continue to evolve spiritually without the body giving out.


MS: I know that would be one of the big questions people would have if this technology is rolled out by the Earth Alliance and we’re assuming here that the Deep state is defeated. The White Hats emerge victorious, they reveal a lot of the truth of what’s been happening, and then they roll out this technology and say, okay, by going through this technology, a lot of the junk that’s been put in, the poisons that have been created to … limit your abilities, a lot of that can be removed by going through this technological process. So, you would be supportive of that?

MS: 我知道,如果地球联盟推出这项技术,而我们在这里假设深层国家被击败,这将是人们面临的最大问题之一。白帽子胜利了,他们揭露了很多事情的真相,然后他们推出了这项技术,说,好吧,通过这项技术,很多被放入的垃圾,被创造出来的毒药... 限制你的能力,很多可以通过这项技术过程去除。所以你会支持吗?

AC: Yeah, as long as the equipment didn’t say Pfizer or Merc on it. [laughs] Yeah, I would be supportive of that… I mean, there’s… other ways to kill us than to go through this whole elaborate thing, you know. So I have to believe that this is all very promising and it’s for a much higher purpose. You know humanity has … we just don’t understand, you know, our place and our role and our connection to the other dimensions… I get that and a lot of people have a hard time wrapping their heads around that but you know there’s truly a place for us. We have value, which is why all these resources are here in our solar system to assist us, but they have to get us to a place where we become self-responsible.

AC: 是的,只要设备上没有辉瑞或者奔驰的字样。是啊,我会支持的... 我的意思是,有... 其他的方式来杀死我们,而不是通过这整个精心设计的事情,你知道。所以我必须相信,这一切都是非常有希望的,而且是为了一个更高的目标。你知道人类有... 我们只是不明白,你知道,我们的地位,我们的角色,我们与其他维度的联系... 我明白,很多人都很难理解这一点,但你知道,我们真的有一个地方。我们有价值,这就是为什么所有这些资源都在我们的太阳系里帮助我们,但他们必须让我们到一个地方,我们变得自我负责。

They have to get us to that place because they’re not going to babysit … no way…. I believe that there is a majority of the population that will do it. I think that there’s a portion of the population or a percentage that simply have been so conditioned to be the victim that they’re just not going to make it. They’re just not going to make it unless they change that part of themselves of instead of being a victim, taking full responsibility to unconditionally be responsible for oneself without being coerced by some higher authority. [Video Extract begins at 31:18]

他们必须带我们去那个地方,因为他们不会照顾... 不可能..。我相信大多数人都会这么做。我认为有一部分人或者说一部分人已经习惯了成为受害者,他们就是无法生存下去。除非他们改变自己的那一部分而不是成为受害者,承担全部责任无条件地为自己负责而不是被某种更高的权威所强迫,否则他们是不会成功的。[视频摘录31:18开始]

Alex’s response provides a plausible rationale for why the genetic upgrade proposed by Enki should be regarded as a positive development for humanity. Extending human life by several centuries would certainly give people time to activate the full 12-stranded DNA that lies within us. It’s worth recalling that the original Adam and his successors lived for a thousand years, so extending our present life span by several centuries would only be the start of a long restoration process. Extended life spans would enable individuals to become fully informed about the true galactic situation confronting our planet and develop spiritually.

亚历克斯的回答提供了一个似是而非的理由,说明为什么 Enki 提出的基因升级应该被视为人类的一个积极发展。将人类生命延长几个世纪肯定会给人类时间来激活我们体内完整的12链 DNA。值得回忆的是,最初的亚当和他的继任者活了一千年,所以把我们现在的寿命延长几个世纪只是一个漫长的恢复过程的开始。延长寿命将使个人能够充分了解我们星球所面临的真实银河状况,并在精神上得到发展。

So how are the Galactic Federation of Worlds and the Earth Alliance responding to the Adamic DNA blueprint that Enki has brought as a gift? According to Elena, Thor Han just gave her an update on the Galactic Federation taking possession of the holographic medical technology that will be used in performing genetic upgrades. What follows is a written summary sent to me by Elena, which was expanded upon in a video she released on her YouTube channel YouTube on October

那么,世界和地球联盟的银河联邦们对恩基带来作为礼物的亚当基因蓝图作何反应呢?根据埃琳娜的说法,索尔 · 韩刚刚告诉了她一个关于全息医疗技术的最新银河联邦,这项技术将被用于进行基因升级。以下是埃琳娜发给我的一份书面摘要,在她发布的一段视频中对其进行了扩展频道  9. 10月9日

Last night I connected to Thor Han and he showed me that he was on the Nibiru ship taking care of an operation of transfer of medical holographic technologies onto a GFW vessel. He was wearing an environmental suit. They were in a cargo bay of the Nibiru ship; I could glimpse the quick vision of a large oval aperture opening onto Space. Thor Han was watching the GFW personnel loading the technologies onboard the GFW vessel. They were about to leave and bring this to Luna, which is developing into a medical hub. I asked TH if he had met Enki, he said no, that he dealt with the Nibiru crew. This made me realize that, of course, Enki is not on his own in this huge spherical ship. There is a whole Anunnaki crew as well.

昨天晚上我联系了 Thor Han 他告诉我他在 Nibiru 飞船上负责将医学全息技术转移到 GFW 飞船上。他穿着环保服。他们在 Nibiru 飞船的一个货舱里,我可以瞥见一个通向太空的椭圆形大孔。Thor Han 正在观察 GFW 人员将技术装载到 GFW 船上。他们正要离开,把这个带给 Luna 那里正在发展成为一个医疗中心。我问 TH 是否见过 Enki,他说没有,他和 Nibiru 的人打过交道。这让我意识到,当然,在这艘巨大的球形飞船里,Enki 并不是一个人。还有一整个 Anunnaki 船员。

I have previously discussed the collaboration between the Galactic Federation of Worlds and the Earth Alliance in developing advanced technologies for the defense, transportation, and medical industries that will eventually be released. According to several sources, these technologies are allegedly being mass-produced on retrofitted facilities on the Moon.


The timing of the release of these holographic medical technologies is dependent on the Deep State being removed from power. This raises the question of whether Enki’s gift is a Trojan Horse for an unknown agenda, as proposed by some skeptics.

这些全息医疗技术释放的时间取决于深层国家被从能量中移除。这就提出了一个问题,Enki 的礼物是否像一些怀疑论者提出的那样,是一个未知议程的特洛伊木马。

Historical texts such as the Atra Hasis clearly depict Enki as playing the key role in creating modern homo sapiens and being humanity’s protector from a rival Anunnaki faction led by Enlil, his half brother, who regarded humans as a threat. In his book, Escaping from Eden, Paul Wallis describes several instances where the Elohim (aka Anunnaki) felt threatened by humanity’s potential and took dramatic actions to limit our development, as exemplified in stories of the Great Flood and Tower of Babel. Significantly, Enki was either opposed to or was not involved in these instances of the Anunnaki/Elohim stepping in to stop or impede human development.

阿特拉哈西斯这样的历史著作清楚地描述了 Enki 在创造晚期智人和保护人类免受敌对的 Anunnaki 派系的威胁方面扮演的关键角色。 Anunnaki 派系由他同父异母的兄弟 Enlil 领导,Enlil 认为人类是一种威胁。在他的书《逃离伊甸园》中,保罗 · 沃利斯描述了几个例子,Elohim (又名阿努纳基)感到人类的潜力威胁,并采取了戏剧性的行动来限制我们的发展,例如大洪水和巴别塔的故事。值得注意的是,Enki 要么反对,要么没有参与 Anunnaki/埃洛希姆介入阻止或阻碍人类发展的事件。

Consequently, there is good reason to be optimistic that the medical holographic technology Enki has passed on to the Galactic Federation of Worlds is precisely what Elena Danaan has described in The Seeders, a gift to humanity. Alex Collier’s response reveals that the Andromedans have a positive view of Enki and his motivations, and Alex is supportive of such technology being used.

因此,我们有充分的理由乐观地认为,Enki 传递给世界银河联邦的医学全息技术,正是埃琳娜•达纳安在《播种者》(The Seeders)一书中所描述的那种给人类的礼物。Alex Collier 的回应显示,仙女座人对 Enki 和他的动机持积极态度,Alex 支持使用这种技术。

Given the available information, there is reason to be cautiously optimistic about what is transpiring behind the scenes regarding new medical holographic technologies that can restore the original Adamic DNA blueprint. This incredible technology, which will enable the extended human lifespans reported in religious texts, will, at some point in the near future, be offered to humanity by an Earth Alliance cooperating with the Galactic Federation of Worlds and the Enki faction of the Anunnaki.

鉴于现有的信息,我们有理由对幕后发生的事情保持谨慎乐观,因为新的医学全息技术可以恢复原始的亚当 DNA 蓝图。这项令人难以置信的技术将使宗教文献中报道的人类寿命得以延长,在不久的将来,地球联盟将与世界银河联邦和阿努纳奇的恩基派合作,向人类提供这项技术。

Will Enki’s gift be accepted by everyone? Some will refuse out of fear or ignorance. Others will decline due to their strong belief that the activation of 12-stranded DNA and life extension is possible through epi-genetic and spiritual practices that don’t require any technology.

Enki 的礼物会被所有人接受吗?有些人会因为害怕或无知而拒绝。其他人将会衰退,因为他们坚信12链 DNA 的激活和生命的延长是可能的,通过表观遗传和精神实践,不需要任何技术。

It can be anticipated, however, that a majority of humanity will accept undergoing such a holographic medical process if it is recommended by Earth Alliance leaders, which appears very likely given their active participation in the mass production of such technologies.


In my own case, I’m an agnostic on the need for holographic medical technologies for DNA activation when similar results can be achieved through epi-genetic and spiritual practices. However, I recognize that such an organic non-technological pathway may not be practical for a vast majority of humanity who have led a life of dependency on medical technologies and pharmaceutical products, or whose religious convictions preclude epi-genetic and spiritual practices that can change one’s own DNA.

就我个人而言,我是一个不可知论者,认为需要全息医疗技术来激活 DNA,而类似的结果可以通过表观遗传和精神实践来实现。然而,我认识到这样一种有机的非技术途径对于绝大多数人类来说可能是不实际的,他们过着依赖医疗技术和制药产品的生活,或者他们的宗教信仰排除了可以改变自己 DNA 的表观遗传和精神实践。

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