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On July 27, 2022, the James Webb Space Telescope released an image of Jupiter’s Great Red Spot using one of its infrared cameras. The image contains a cylindrical-shaped object floating high above Jupiter’s atmosphere that appears to be more than a thousand miles long. The image corroborates claims of giant spacecraft recently arriving in our solar system and parking in the vicinity of Jupiter.


Space.com was among the first news outlets to release the new Webb image of Jupiter and explained that it was taken using the Near Infrared Camera. In addition to the Great Red Spot, Webb was also studying bands in the gas giant’s atmosphere. However, the Webb image also caught a very large cylindrical-shaped object whose direction of motion could be traced directly to the Giant Red Spot.

Space.com 是最早发布韦伯拍摄的木星照片的新闻媒体之一,并解释说这张照片是用近红外摄像机拍摄的。除了大红斑之外,韦伯还在研究这个气态巨星大气中的波段。然而,韦伯图像还捕捉到一个非常大的圆柱形物体,其运动方向可以直接追踪到巨大的红斑。

The object appears white in the filter, as does the Giant Red Spot. Also, the thing seems to be very close to Jupiter, which makes possible an estimate of it being several thousand miles in length. If the object is closer to the Webb telescope, which is one million miles away from Earth, facing away from the sun, then that would make it harder to estimate the object’s true size. Importantly, the object is unlike any of the smaller objects making up Jupiter’s bands or near the Giant Red Spot.



One of my sources, JP, who currently serves with the US Army, sent me the above Webb picture of Jupiter and believes it is a mothership drawing energy from the Red Spot. This is what he told me via Skype:

我的消息来源之一,JP,目前在美国陆军服役,给我发来了上面韦伯木星的照片,并认为它是一艘从红斑吸取能量的母舰。这是他通过 Skype 告诉我的:

The red spot is hotter than most areas.


Atmospheric gravity waves and lightning-driven acoustic waves. 


A great source of energy for the ships


This is amazing you can [can’t] see if the ship is heading towards the storm or coming out from the storm but you can see the direction.


JP traveled to Jupiter’s moon Ganymede in September 2021 for a covert assignment to meet with representatives of an incoming extraterrestrial fleet. JP said that US Space Command has been setting up facilities on Ganymede to meet and liaise with members of the extraterrestrial fleet, some of whom he met during his assignment.

2021年9月,JP 前往木星的卫星木卫三,执行一项秘密任务,与即将到来的外星舰队的代表会面。JP 表示,美国太空司令部已经在木卫三建立设施,与外星舰队成员会面和联络,其中一些是他在任务期间遇到的。

JP subsequently told me “that we were going to be shown soon all these ships and that people were going to see them” and, incredibly, some of these motherships are 6,000 miles long according to JP. This suggests that the Webb image is part of a disclosure initiative to reveal the truth about extraterrestrial visitation.

JP 后来告诉我,“我们很快就会看到所有这些飞船,人们会看到它们”,令人难以置信的是,据 JP 说,其中一些母舰有6000英里长。这表明,韦伯的图像是一个披露倡议的一部分,以揭示有关外星访问的真相。

This is supported by NASA’s current program to use the Webb Telescope to study the distant universe and our solar system, with Jupiter being a particular focus of attention.


If the cylindrical object is a mothership that is several thousand miles in length, as JP contends, then its size would make it capable of accommodating millions of people and thousands of smaller spacecraft.

如果这个圆柱形的物体是一艘长达几千英里的母舰,正如 JP 所说的那样,那么它的大小将使它能够容纳数百万人和数千个较小的航天器。

The Webb image and JP’s data about Jupiter corroborates information previously released by Elena Danaan concerning the composition of the extraterrestrial fleets she described as belonging to the Seeder races (aka Intergalactic Confederation). She provided an illustration of the different craft and beings that belonged to the Seeder fleets, one of which had a cylindrical design.

韦伯图像和 JP 关于木星的数据证实了埃琳娜 · 达纳安之前发布的有关外星舰队组成的信息,她称这些舰队属于播种者种族(又名星际联盟)。她举例说明了种子船队的不同船只和生物,其中一个船队有圆柱形的设计。


In an August 31 Skype conversation, Danaan said that the cylindrical shaped scout craft of the Intergalactic Confederation are 20 miles long and that the saucer-shaped mother ships are far bigger than that.

在8月31日的一次 Skype 通话中,达纳安说,星际联盟的圆柱形侦察飞船有20英里长,而碟形母舰要远远大于这个长度。

This is the second Webb image of Jupiter that shows a very large anomaly high above its atmosphere. The first image from July 13 showed a massive moon-sized dark area between Europa and Jupiter. According to information Danaan received from her contact Oona (a member of the Intergalactic Confederation), the object was a mix of large rocks and spacecraft parked in Jupiter’s orbit.

这是韦伯拍摄的第二张木星的照片,它显示了木星大气层高处的一个非常大的异常。7月13日的第一张照片显示了木卫二和木星之间巨大的月球大小的黑暗区域。根据 Danaan 从她的联系人 Oona (星际联邦的一员)那里得到的信息,这个物体是一个巨大的岩石和停在木星轨道上的宇宙飞船的混合物。

In conclusion, estimating the size of the cylindrical-shaped object photographed above Jupiter is difficult as we can’t be sure whether it’s closer to Jupiter or the Webb telescope. If the object is close to Jupiter, then it’s likely to be thousands of miles in length, as claimed by JP. If the object is closer to the Webb Telescope, then it could be a 20-mile-long cylinder shaped Intergalactic Confederation scout craft as described by Elena Danaan.

总之,估计木星上方拍摄的圆柱形天体的大小是困难的,因为我们不能确定它是否更接近木星或韦伯望远镜。如果这个天体靠近木星,那么它很可能有几千英里长,就像 JP 声称的那样。如果这个物体离韦伯望远镜更近,那么它可能是一个20英里长的圆柱形星际联盟侦察飞船,正如埃琳娜 · 达纳安所描述的那样。

If JP is correct, we can expect to learn the truth soon about that and many other extraterrestrial spacecraft that have recently arrived in our solar system, as the Webb Telescope is releasing images that are part of an official disclosure initiative. The disclosure of a newly arrived extraterrestrial space fleet with giant mother ships parked around Jupiter would have an enormous impact on global politics, science and technology, and world religions.

如果 JP 是正确的,我们可以期待很快了解真相,关于这个和许多其他外星飞船最近抵达我们的太阳系,因为韦伯望远镜正在发布图像,这是一个官方披露倡议的一部分。新到达的外太空舰队与巨大的母舰停泊在木星周围的披露将对全球政治,科学技术和世界宗教产生巨大的影响。

To learn more about the role of extraterrestrial civilizations in historically shaping human society especially in relation to historic texts from around the world describing creator gods and their return, I highly recommend my August 13, 2022 webinar, “World Religions and Extraterrestrial Contact.”


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