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被称为柯博拉(“压缩突破”)的人通过高速粒子向我们介绍了健康。他最近在自己的博客上说,世界上很多地方都需要超光速粒子室!他在2012portal.blogspot.com 的博客上写道!他要求人们站出来,在意大利至少安装两个超光速粒子室——在罗马和威尼斯。超光速粒子室通过速子提供健康。


Health Through Speedy Particles:Tachyons


Tachyons come from space


The person known as Cobra (“COmpression BReAkthrough”) introduced us to health through speedy particles. He recently stated in his blog, at 2012portal.blogspot.com, that many places in the world need tachyon chambers! He asked for people to step forward to install at least two tachyon chambers in Italy–in Rome and Venice. Tachyon chambers provide health through speedy particles.

被称为柯博拉("压缩突破")的人通过高速粒子向我们介绍了健康。他最近在自己的博客上说,世界上很多地方都需要超光速粒子室!他在2012portal.blogspot.com 的博客上写道!他要求人们站出来,在意大利至少安装两个超光速粒子室——在罗马和威尼斯。超光速粒子室通过速子提供健康。

Two Tachyon Chambers Needed in Italy


Given that I love trattorias,tiramisu and Trevi fountain,my mouth waters at the idea of operating a tachyon chamber in Italy.But I'm sure authentic Romans and Venetians are already working on the tachyon chamber projects there.We can pause and look at this view of Earth,with Italy brightly lit.

鉴于我喜欢 trattoriastiramisu Trevi 喷泉,在意大利操作超光速粒子室的想法让我口水直流。但我相信真正的罗马人和威尼斯人已经在研究那里的超光速粒子室了。我们可以停下来看看这幅地球的景象,意大利灯火辉煌。




There are now 12 public tachyon chambers in North America,14 tachyon chambers in Europe and over 50 worldwide.You can read about tachyon chambers in all different locations and see the up-to-date,worldwide list of tachyon chambers here,at the tachyonis.org website.

现在在北美有12个公共超光速粒子腔,在欧洲有14个超光速粒子腔,在全世界有超过50个。你可以在不同的地方读到关于超光速粒子腔的信息,也可以在 tachyonis 官方网站上看到最新的世界范围的超光速粒子室列表。

Tachyons bring health through speedy particles


Tachyons are subatomic particles that travel faster than light.They are the closest particle to Source.Pleiadians and other cosmic civilizations of Light use tachyons as basic source of energy–as hyperdrive energy source for their spaceships by creating hyperspace wormholes,for healing,information transmission and for other purposes.And now tachyons and their healing capabilities are available to us,here on earth,through the network of tachyon healing chambers that is gradually expanding across the globe.As we have stated,tachyon chambers provide better health through speedy particles.



How can we use tachyons for healing?


The tachyon chambers are a really good way to improve one's health.In the tachyon chambers I have examined,a person simply goes in and lies down on a comfortable,open bed.It is not difficult or scary or claustrophobic.The tachyons gently work on the body from several dimensions and often heal the emotional body and mental body at the same time physical restoration is happening.It can be subtle but definite improvement.


Or improvement can be immediate and obvious!Everybody is different and heals in different ways.And the tachyons seem to have some intelligence.I have noticed that people can set an intention as they begin a session in the tachyon chamber—and then find improvement happens in the area they were intending!



Friendly ETs Among Us?


People have reported"going somewhere"and while they were somewhere,they have interacted with beings who could be described as beings of light from another place.Sirians and Pleiadians are evidently particularly inclined to contact people while they are in the tachyon chambers.If you find yourself talking to a tall,powerful being,full of light while you're in there,what a gift!They have brought us health through speedy particles.


Healing can occur in the physical,and mental and emotional bodies.


How Are People Healing?


People who have been to the Petaluma,California tachyon chamber have reported in 2020:


    A lessening of general pain,while walking and doing daily movements


    Diminished lower back pain and less knee pain


    Relief from headaches caused by various injuries,including head pain from a surfing accident and head pain from a freaky household accident.


    The middle-of-the-night panic attacks that had plagued one person for years–those panic attacks now gone.


Another client lost a male family member just six weeks before her visit to the tachyon chamber.She found herself lying there realizing he was talking to her,"just like he always did."She heard his voice as he told her how he was doing.And he had a heartwarming and fun message for her mother.



What's the Tachyon Chamber Like?


Climb in.Lie down.Relax.You can visualize where you would like healing and then set some intentions.Cobra recently posted the following Pleiadian emotional healing protocol on his blog.You can say this in the healing chamber—or simply say it in your own home,whenever you have time to lie down for 20 or 30 minutes.

爬进去。躺下。放松。你可以想象你希望治愈的地方,然后设置一些意图。Cobra 最近在他的博客上发布了以下昴宿星人的情绪治疗协议。你可以在治疗室里说这句话,或者只是在你自己家里说,只要你有时间躺上2030分钟。

"Command 771"and Writing Your Own Desired Life Script


You say the Pleiadian emotional healing command:"COMMAND 771"three times and then let the Pleiadian medical ships use their healing beams to work on you during your time in the tachyon chamber.(I have found that saying Command 771 puts me to sleep or takes me"somewhere!"But I have experienced some healing of old hurts quite recently.It seems to be working for me).


The Pleiadians have indicated that,especially after the successful June 30,2020 Age of Aquarius global synchronized meditation,a quite positive timeline is now in effect.So!lie there in the tachyon chamber and make some plans!You can focus on what you will write for"your favorite,chosen life script.The more detailed visualization of the desired optimum life script one would wish for,the more confirming to the new timeline this be."


Maybe it's time to write into your script that you'd like to visit a tachyon chamber!



Other articles about tachyon chambers have appeared on www.PrepareforChange.net. Here’s one from March 2019.

其他关于超光速粒子室的文章已经出现在 www.prepareforchange.net 上,这里是20193月的一篇。

Here is another article from June, 2019, which featured the monthly Sheldan Nidle-Colleen Marshall presentation. Sheldan Nidle and Colleen Marshall operate their website here. This presentation can also be found by looking for GAWA-16 and purchased for a small amount here.

这是20196月发表的另一篇文章,其特色是 Sheldan Nidle-Colleen Marshall 的月度报告。和 Colleen Marshall 在这里运营他们的网站。这个介绍也可以找到 GAWA-16和购买少量在这里。

The webinar features information and teachings from the Sirian contactee, Sheldan Nidle. In this June 2019 presentation, Joseph McNamara MD speaks. Dr. McNamara brought the first tachyon chamber to the US in 2015, to his home state of Virginia.

网络研讨会以天狼星联系人 Sheldan Nidle 提供的信息和教导为特色。在20196月的报告中,约瑟夫·麦克纳马拉医生讲话。麦克纳马拉博士于2015年将第一个超光速粒子室带到了美国他的家乡弗吉尼亚州。


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