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Tachyons & Tachyon Chambers

This Article is meant to inform on what is one of the most powerful things we can do to assist our Ascension & Mission . Ive attempted put all that you need information wise in one spot. - Below is a list of chronological release of true/detailed information on the subject, interspersed w/ Disclosure evidence (Truth/Hidden In Plain Sight).


Will tachyons start flooding the planet immediately after the event ?


C : Yes.

C: 是的。

COBRA – Tachyons are very interesting particles because they have a very strong connection with the Source and they do not interact with most matter directly. They interact only with strong nuclear force and because of certain physical characteristics of tachyons, they are very good in combating entropy. And they are widely used with various advanced civilizations as propulsion systems for their space craft, and tachyons have also the ability to merge subluminal travel with super luminal travel. It means seamless transition through a stargate. So if a spaceship is using this propulsion to travel through ordinary space-time continuum, and then enter through a stargate, you will not experience anything. It will be a smooth peaceful travel, for example, from here to the Sirius star system that will only take a few moments.


Rob – OK. Thank you. In the Pleiadian ships, Dr. Bell was always talking that they’re powered by sound and you mentioned that the tachyons actually couldn’t really be detected so much on the physical plane. Does this have to do with the kind of the eternal nature of the living sound current in the universe as they call it, the word of creation that they’re tuning into? Is a tachyon associated . . .

- Rob-好的。谢谢。在昴宿星飞船里,贝尔博士一直说它们是由声音驱动的你提到过超光速粒子在物理层面上是无法被探测到的。这是否与他们所称的宇宙中永恒的声音流有关,他们正在调谐进入的造物之词?是一个超光速粒子。

COBRA – No, no no. Tachyons can not be detected because I would say science on this planet at this stage can only detect anything with a few basic interactions – interactions with electromagnetic force. You see most detectors are using protons. They are using electricity and magnetism, and tachyons do not interact with those forces, so you can not see them. They do not produce electricity, and they do not interact with a magnetic field. It’s not easy to detect them. They can be detected by their influence on subatomic particles. If scientists would know where to look, they could detect them easily even now.

COBRA –不,不,不。超光速粒子不能被探测到,因为我想说这个星球上的科学在这个阶段只能探测到一些基本的相互作用-与电磁力的相互作用。大多数探测器都使用质子。他们使用的是电和磁,而超光速粒子不会与这些力相互作用,所以你看不到它们。它们不产生电,也不与磁场相互作用。要探测到它们并不容易。它们可以通过它们对亚原子粒子的影响而被探测到。如果科学家们知道去哪里寻找,他们即使现在也可以很容易地探测到它们。

COBRA – Some very gifted, spiritually gifted individuals can see them with their inner eye. To see them physically, it’s almost impossible.

COBRA –一些非常有天赋的、精神上有天赋的人可以用他们的内在眼睛看到他们。要看到他们的身体,这几乎是不可能的。

Rob – Is there any particular way we can feel it?


COBRA – Of course, those that are sensitive can feel them. Many people can experience their very strong healing effects.

COBRA –当然,那些敏感的人可以感觉到他们。许多人可以体验到他们强大的治疗效果。

 We have the basic version of the tachyon healing chambers already on the surface. They are built. They are not able to heal the diseases directly, but they heal the inner source of the disease and the person then goes through an inner transformation and that can help healing the disease. The real strong chambers willbe available only after the event.


According to Dr. Salla’s secret space program book, an insider said that tachyon can be used in space travel. I’m going to add a little comment here, people don’t like it. Dr. Bell’s contact, the Pleiadian I met once named James, his ship was run on a tachyon drive. So Cobra the question is: “Would you know how it would be done at a high level to use tachyons in space travel?”

根据 Salla 博士的秘密太空计划书,一个内部人士说超光速粒子可以用于太空旅行。我要在这里加一点评论,人们不喜欢它。贝尔博士的联络人,我曾经见过一个叫詹姆斯的昴宿星人,他的飞船是用超光速粒子驱动的。所以柯博拉的问题是: “你知道如何在高水平上使用超光速粒子进行太空旅行吗?”

COBRA – Tachyons are very interesting particles because they have a very strong connection with the Source and they do not interact with most matter directly. They interact only with strong nuclear force and because of certain physical characteristics of tachyons, they are very good in combating entropy. And they are widely used with various advanced civilizations as propulsion systems for their space craft, and tachyons have also the ability to merge subluminal travel with super luminal travel. It means seamless transition through a stargate. So if a spaceship is using this propulsion to travel through ordinary space-time continuum, and then enter through a stargate, you will not experience anything. It will be a smooth peaceful travel, for example, from here to the Sirius star system that will only take a few moments.


 In the Pleiadian ships, Dr. Bell was always talking that they’re powered by sound and you mentioned that the tachyons actually couldn’t really be detected so much on the physical plane. Does this have to do with the kind of the eternal nature of the living sound current in the universe as they call it, the word of creation that they’re tuning into? Is a tachyon associated…


COBRA – No, no no. Tachyons can not be detected because I would say science on this planet at this stage can only detect anything with a few basic interactions – interactions with electromagnetic force. You see most detectors are using protons.

COBRA –不,不,不。超光速粒子不能被探测到,因为我想说这个星球上的科学在这个阶段只能探测到一些基本的相互作用-与电磁力的相互作用。大多数探测器都使用质子。

They are using electricity and magnetism, and tachyons do not interact with those forces, so you can not see them. They do not produce electricity, and they do not interact with a magnetic field. It’s not easy to detect them. They can be detected by their influence on subatomic particles. If scientists would know where to look, they could detect them easily even now.


 COBRA : Yes, we are developing under the guidance of the Pleiadians and under the guidance of various Light Force groups. We’re developing advanced technologies which can assist as much as possible in the healing process for humanity until the time of The Event.

COBRA :是的,我们正在昴宿星人的指导下发展在各种光之力团体的指导下。我们正在开发先进的技术,这些技术可以帮助人类尽可能多的康复过程,直到事件。

One of those technologies is Tachyon technology. We are bringing Tachyon healing chambers and there is a formula for healing and wellness that can improve the vibrational frequency of human beings with tachyons.


And there are also advanced laser systems which have been developed by certain Dragon Groups. They are very advanced systems that can bring the healing process to a higher level.


If you would like to know more you can go to the website and you will see everything there.


 What is the purpose of the tachyon chambers at the time of the Event?


COBRA – The Tachyon chambers have many purposes.  One of the purposes is to heal human energy system which include physical bodies and higher energy bodies.  And at the time of the event, those tachyon chambers will transmit certain energies that


I’m not yet to speak about.  But this will be the energy support for the compression breakthrough.


 How does a mothership cloak itself and its energy from remote viewers?


COBRA – OK.  Mothership has a so-called tachyon membrane around which means that the tachyon membrane is not just a membrane of the physical plane.  It is a membrane which cloaks the energy structure of the ship on all planes of creation so every energy that comes towards the ship simply gets teleported from one side of the membrane of the ship to the other side of the membrane of the ship and that would make the ship invisible, also for remote viewers.

COBRA-OK (柯博拉)。母舰周围有一层所谓的超光速粒子膜这意味着超光速粒子膜不仅仅是物质层的一层膜。它是一层薄膜,在造物的所有层面上遮蔽了飞船的能量结构,所以每一个向飞船而来的能量,只是简单地从飞船薄膜的一侧传送到飞船薄膜的另一侧让飞船隐形,也让远程观察者看不到。

 What happens when laser light that passes through tachyonized crystal.


COBRA – Actually laser light is very focused photon ray which gets enriched on a quantum level by those tachyons. I would say the quantum signature of those quanta changes. It gets harmonized. The quantum fluctuations around those photons get harmonized. So laser light by itself is already a coherent source of photons and when it passes through a tachyonized crystal we have an additional harmonization happening there. So I would say the healing effect of such laser light if you’re using that laser light for example for healing can be greatly magnified Are there other treatments, currently in use, that are more effective than the Rife treatment?

COBRA –实际上,激光是非常聚焦的光子射线,它在量子水平上被那些超光速粒子浓缩。我会说这些量子的量子特征改变了。它变得和谐。这些光子周围的量子波动变得和谐。因此,激光本身已经是光子的相干源,当它穿过快中子化晶体时,我们在那里发生了额外的协调。所以我想说,如果你使用激光进行治疗,这种激光的治疗效果可以被大大放大。目前还有其他治疗方法比流行的治疗方法更有效吗?

COBRA – Tachyon chambers are quite effective and have produced excellent results.

COBRA –超光速粒子室是非常有效的,并且已经产生了出色的结果。

although to Cobra,this isn’t news and for all the people who follow Cobra know and are already aware of what tachyons are,but, Here we have a very well-known and respected theoretical Physicist Michio Kaku, talking about discovering “The Force that Governs Everything”. He refers to this as “Tachyons are theoretical particles capable to unstick the universal matter or vacuum space between matter particles, leaving everything free from the influence of the surrounding universe”. By discovering this Michio Kaku concludes that ‘we live in a matrix’. COBRA, can you comment on this and help us understand this better?

虽然对于柯博拉来说,这不是新闻,对于所有关注柯博拉的人来说,他们知道并且已经意识到超光速粒子是什么,但是,在这里我们有一个非常著名和受人尊敬的理论物理学家 Michio Kaku,谈论发现“支配一切的力”。他把这称为“超光子是理论上的粒子,它能够使宇宙物质或物质粒子之间的真空空间脱离粘连,使一切都不受周围宇宙的影响”。通过发现这一点,加久道雄得出结论: “我们生活在一个矩阵中”。COBRA,你能对此发表评论并帮助我们更好地理解吗?

COBRA- Yes, when I read this article it is exactly what I was speaking for years about Tachyon energy. It is all very familiar for me and it is a good confirmation that this came from somebody who is actually one of the fathers of the String Theory. So, I will say it is interesting aspect of soft disclosure that main stream science is slowly beginning to accept certain things that were not acceptable before because the position on the orthodox physics doctrine was that there are no tachyons. They are impossible because of the special theory of relativity and nothing goes faster than light and this was the mantra of orthodox physics. And now again we are getting a little bit close to the real truth and of course anybody who has any kind of spiritual connection knows that the speed of light is not the maximum speed in the universe.


 you mentioned setting a new tachyon membrane around the earth, what is that for and can you explain why it is necessary?

你提到在地球周围设置一个新的超光速粒子膜,这是为了什么? 你能解释为什么这是必要的吗?

Cobra: The Pleiadians and other light forces are building a special membrane at a certain location inside the Earth-Moon orbit. The purpose of that membrane is to cut off the tentacles of the Yaldaboth Octopus entity away from the head, which will diminish the power of the entity and will drastically speed up the clearing of the solar system beyond that point. Then it will be easier for the light forces to proceed towards the surface of the planet.

Cobra:昴宿星人和其他光之力量正在地月轨道的某个位置建造一个特殊的膜。这层薄膜的目的是切断 Yaldaboth 章鱼实体从头部的触角,这将减少该实体的能量,并将大大加快太阳系的清理速度,超过这一点。这样光的力量就更容易达到这个目的前进到行星表面。


 U : When an object goes beyond the veil is it automatically tachyonized ?

U: 当一个物体穿过面纱时,它会自动超光速运动吗?

C : It is not automatically tachyonized if this period is not long enough, but it does receive a certain amount of tachyons.

C: 如果这个周期不够长,它不会自动超光速,但它会接收到一定数量的超光速粒子。

U : And if the period is long enough, then it’s permanently tachyonized ?


C : Yes if the period is long enough then it’s permanently tachyonized, but the concentration of tachyons is not very high, because I would say the ambient concentration of tachyons, in the low Earth orbit for example, is not very high.

C: 是的,如果周期足够长,那么它就会永久性地被超光速粒子化,但是超光速粒子的浓度并不是很高,因为我会说环境中的超光速粒子的浓度,例如在低地球轨道上,并不是很高。

U : Ok. So for example the Cintamani that you send beyond the veil, would they have more tachyons or less tachyons than what you tachyonize on the ground ?

U :好的。举个例子,你发送到面纱之外的如意宝珠,它们的超光速粒子会比地面上的更多还是更少?

C : They would have less, but different kind of tachyons, so combination of tachyonization on the ground and sending the stones beyond the veil is an excellent combination which gives them more effectivity in dissolving the anomaly here on the surface.

C :他们会有更少的,但是不同种类的超光速粒子,所以地面上的超光速粒子和把石头送出面纱的组合是一个很好的组合,这使得他们能够更有效地消除地球上的异常表面。

U : Ah they are also tachyonized on the ground

U: 啊,他们在地面上也被超光速震动了

C : Yes of course, all my Cintamanis are tachyonized on the ground

C : 是的,当然,我所有的如意宝珠都在地面上超光速化

U : Ok. Are there technologies on the man made satellites and international space station to block the tachyons because they’re above the veil ?

U: 好的。人造卫星和国际空间站上有没有技术可以阻挡超光速粒子,因为它们在面纱之上?

C : Basically there is this veil technology, haarp ionosphere technology that also are designed to minimize the tachyon impact to the surface.

C : 基本上有这种面纱技术,haarp 电离层技术,也被设计用来尽量减少超光速粒子对地表的冲击。

 P : If the Veil keeps tachyon particles away from the Earth, how can we establish a tachyon grid of Light on Earth ?

P: 如果面纱能让超光速粒子远离地球,我们怎样才能建立一个地球上的超光速粒子光网格?

C : With a network of Tachyon chambers. And with a network also of each tachyonized product which act as nodes in the tachyon energy grid on the surface of the planet.

C: 有一个超光速粒子腔室网络。每个超光速粒子的产物都有一个网络作为地球表面超光速粒子能量网络的节点。

P : Is it beneficial to carry tachyonized crystals or bury them into energy points and cites ?

P :携带超光速晶体或者将它们埋藏在能量点和能量源中是否有益?

C : Basically tachyon crystals, most of them are meant for personal use, but there are some specific crystals that are actually designed to be put in certain positions and this is already happening.

C :基本上是超光速粒子晶体,大部分都是个人使用的,但是有一些特殊的晶体实际上是被设计用来放置在特定的位置这种情况已经发生了。

P : If we deliberately build a tachyon healing chamber onto a leyline, will tachyon flow through the whole leyline ?

P : 如果我们故意在地脉上建造一个超光速粒子治疗室超光速粒子会流经整个地脉吗?

C : Yes

C: 是的

  In the tachyon chamber I got an inspiration to go and spill the tachyon water in different rivers in central Europe, going to different seas and thus within two years of the water cycle, according to meteorologists, have tachyon rain in our fields and gardens. Which I did. Do the tachyons multiply themselves in the water or do they attract other tachyons from space or do they influence the other molecules of water while they interact with them?


They connect with other tachyons beyond the veil thus they strengthen the tachyon network on the surface of the planet.


What is the major benefit of tachyon chambers for personal healing?


The major benefit is it actually those tachyon chambers harmonize all levels of a human being, physical body, higher energy bodies and this technology is actually the one that can quite effectively connect us with the Source.


Are tachyon chambers able to accelerate the process of planetary liberation?


COBRA – Yes, they can.


Are certain locations on Earth’s grids more powerful than others for healing Gaia?


COBRA – Yes.


Are certain locations on Earth’s grids more powerful for piercing the quarantine veil?


COBRA – Yes.


 what is the difference between the tachyon chambers that you have and the tachyon chambers that other people are advertising? Do they do the same thing?


COBRA – I cannot confirm that there are any other people who really have tachyon chambers on the surface of the planet.

COBRA –我无法确认是否还有其他人在地球表面真的有超光速粒子室。

 I understand there are others, so you’re just not aware of them?


COBRA – They are claiming, but I cannot support those claims.

COBRA –他们声称,但我不能支持这些说法。

 The last question in this area is: How exactly does tachyonization process affect Cintamani stones?

这个领域的最后一个问题是: 超光速作用到底是如何影响如意宝珠?

COBRA – Tachyons strengthen the connection of any object with the Source and with


Cintamani stones this process is even more effective because Tachyons interacting with Cintamani stones make them more powerful because Cintamani stones are one of the purest forms of matter available right now on the surface of the planet.


 Tachyon chamber connects you with your I AM presence.


 Tachyonized aquamarine is the best stone to connect with the mother ships.


Iruka: Are there any minerals that enable us to connect with Ascended masters?

Iruka: 有没有什么矿物质能让我们与扬升的大师联系?

 Tachyonized Goshenite


 U : At what plane are tachyons created ?

U: 超光速粒子是在什么平面上产生的?

C : The tachyons are created in the Source and they emerge from the highest sub-plane of the cosmic physical plane into this Universe, that’s the Adi plane.

C: 超光速粒子是在源头中产生的,它们从宇宙物理平面的最高亚平面出现在这个宇宙中,那就是 Adi 平面。

U : Ok so do they also exist inside the Source ?

U: 那么它们也存在于源头内部吗?

C : They do not exist inside the Source, but they are emanations from the Source

C: 它们并不存在于源头之内,但它们是源头的发射

 H: How do tachyon chambers help prepare Gaia’s grids to hold and anchor light before the Event and during the Event? How does this process work?

H: 超光速粒子室如何帮助 Gaia 的网格在事件发生之前和事件发生期间保持和锚定光?这个过程是如何工作的?

C: Tachyon chambers are bringing tachyon energy to the surface of the planet because the surface of the planet has been blocked from tachyon energy. One aspect of the tachyon energy is to harmonize everything. Tachyon chambers are working as huge harmonizers of the planetary situation because they bring tachyon to the planet.



 Is there any special advantage of tachyonized silver?    


   Cobra- Tachyonized silver is more aligned with the energy of The Source and  more             connected with its primary function which is to bring the Goddess energy on the surface of the planet and especially  inside the financial system.


 Debra: Okay, and in a moment I'd like to speak to you more about that Ascension timeline. But I'd like to ask you about the tachyon chambers; are they getting more powerful in helping people heal and anchoring light into the planet? And what about those people who cannot reach a chamber in their area? What do you suggest they do to get this kind of healing?

黛布拉: 好的,一会儿我想和你们谈谈更多关于扬升时间线的事情。但是我想问你们关于超光速粒子室的问题; 它们在帮助人们治愈和锚定光线到这个星球上方面是否变得越来越强大?那些无法进入他们所在区域的密室的人呢?你建议他们怎么做得到这种治愈吗?

Cobra: Yes, the tachyon chambers are getting more powerful. We are constantly upgrading them, developing technology even further in cooperation with the Pleiadian fleet. And I think there are many chambers now throughout the planet, so it should not be too difficult to reach them. And of course, we are inviting more people, especially in the areas where there are no chambers yet, to establish a chamber in their area. So we need a strong planetary network of those chambers to heal people and to strengthen the planetary energy grid as well.


Debra: So the healing they offer is unique in themselves and we really can't duplicate it on our own.

黛布拉: 所以它们提供的治疗是独一无二的,我们真的做不到我们自己复制。

Cobra: There is no shortcut here.


 someone was asking about the tachyon chambers. Are they getting stronger and how are they getting stronger?


Cobra: Yes, they're are getting stronger. There are many reasons for this. Number one, we are developing technology. We are receiving Pleiadian instructions how to get our technology stronger. And there is less and less anomaly on the planet. And this is also the other reason why they're getting stronger.

Cobra:  是的,他们变得越来越强大。原因有很多。第一,我们正在开发技术。我们正在接受昴宿星人的指示如何让我们的技术更强大。地球上的异常现象越来越少。这也是它们变得越来越强大的另一个原因。

 COBRA-  tachyon chambers cannot regenerate the body. Like they cannot grow a limb for example, but they can definitely improve the state of the physical body because they improve the state of the immune system and they can actually realign the subatomic structure of the physical body with a perfect prototype.


 are those countries where many Cintamani stones are buried and Tachyon chambers are installed safer for people to live in the coming years?


Cobra: Yes to a great degree. It's not absolute protection, but it is quite a reasonably good protection against all darkness, which people have already experienced many typhoons, many weather situations, strong storms have been deflected by Tachyon fields and Cintamani fields from many countries already. This is just one example

Cobra: 很大程度上是的。这不是绝对的保护,但这是对所有黑暗的相当好的保护,人们已经经历了许多台风,许多天气情况,强风暴已经被来自许多国家的超光速粒子场和如意宝珠偏转。这只是一个例子

 Debra: Good. Are we able to protect ourselves and deflect scalar attacks by wearing items like crystals or golden silver or ingesting things like colloidal gold or silver or ormus?

黛布拉: 很好。我们是否能够通过佩戴水晶或金银之类的物品或者摄入胶体金、银或ormus之类的东西来保护自己和抵御标量攻击?

Cobra: For example, there are some Tachyon technologies that can help repelling those scalar attacks. And there are some other technologies that are also quite effective – and Cintamani stones, of course, help with your vibrational frequency quite much.

Cobra: 例如,有一些超光速粒子技术可以帮助击退那些标量攻击。还有一些其他的技术也是相当有效的-当然,如意宝珠,可以帮助你提高振动频率

 I have some questions from Tachyon chamber owners. There are now about 73 chambers around the world for public use. And people are wondering if these can help stop the virus or correct problems caused by the injection?


Cobra: They will not stop the virus, but they will harmonize your body to better deal with a virus, or to deal with anything.

Cobra: 他们不会阻止病毒,但他们会协调你的身体,以更好地处理病毒,或处理任何事情。

Debra: And they're often asked what's the difference between Tachyon chambers and Medbeds?


Cobra: That's a completely different technology. Tachyon chambers are infusing our bodies with Tachyons. Whereas the Medbeds are actually a technology which rearranges the atomic structure of the physical body. It's quite an advanced technology that is not yet present on the surface of the planet. And it will not be present before the Event, no matter what anybody else says.



Debra: Okay, that was my question…would we have access to these before the Event, because many people [in the alternative media] are talking about them. So Tachyon chambers are currently available now; can you share with us how they can help people now? You once said that as the vibration of Gaia increases, the impact of the chambers increases as well. So would you elaborate on how the chambers assist with implant clearing and the Ascension process?

黛布拉: 好吧,这就是我的问题... ... 我们能在事件前看到这些东西吗,因为很多人(在另类媒体中)都在谈论它们。所以超光速粒子实验室现在已经可以使用了; 你能和我们分享一下他们现在如何帮助人们吗?你曾经说过,随着 Gaia 振动的增加,密室的影响也会增加。所以你能详细说明一下密室是如何协助植入物清理和扬升过程?

Cobra: Actually, Tachyon chambers bring Tachyon energy into your energy field and then your energy field spontaneously rearranges with the energy of the Source because Tachyons are coming directly from the Source. And this is the shortest possible shortcut towards the Ascension. And of course, as your energy field rearranges and realigns with full alignment with the divine archetype, your physical body reacts also and you bring your physical body state of greater health. So that's the main principle. And as the energies get stronger, as we get closer to the Event, the effect of those chambers will only increase.



Debra: Wonderful. And of course, people can find out about the Tachyon chambers on your website as well. And I will personally testify that they are fabulous, so I would encourage everyone to find one in their area or make an effort to go to one.


 Okay. Next


question. The outbreak of COVID-19 in Taiwan was under control within merely six months in Taiwan. We have not seen any new local cases for almost 30 day. A similar situation happened in Japan too. After the peak number of infected persons in late August, the number dramatically dropped in Japan unlike the expectation of mass media. And now it is almost negligible. So many scholars do not know why the pandemic vanished so dramatically in Taiwan and Japan. And are they due to the stronger Cintamani grid there, or is it due to their special Tachyon chamber arrangement, which was briefly reported on your blog in June?


Cobra: It is a combination of three main factors. The first main factor is that the virus strain, which was released in Italy is responsible for most COVID infections since then since I would say late February 2020, and very few cases from that strain have reached Japan or Taiwan. The second one is that, especially Taiwan, has implemented the most efficient pandemic control measures, especially in the beginning. And of course the third factor is the density of the Cintamani grid and the number of Tachyon chambers. All those factors combined have as a consequence, almost that the number of cases have dropped almost to zero.


 How large in diameter does a fully functional tachyon chamber have? I mean not only inside the chamber, but we are wondering if it has an impact on the surrounding area.


Cobra: I would estimate the radius of impact to be around 30 miles in each direction.

Cobra: 我估计每个方向的冲击半径大约是30英里。

 Tachyon energy is coming directly from the Source. Tachyons were the first particles that were created when this universe came into creation. So this is exactly the reason why they are our direct connection to the Source. Tachyons are particles that travel faster than light and are thus connecting us with higher dimensions.


 Rhona: Okay. So we think that Tachyon chambers can be found in different Galactic civilizations in the universe. What's the purpose of these Tachyon chambers?


 Cobra: You mean the Galactic Tachyon chambers?


 Rhona: Yes


 Cobra: Okay. The chambers that they have some very advanced races have chambers that are much more advanced than what we have here on this planet. And those chambers are able to do almost miraculous healings. They're able to shift matter.


They're able to align matter to the perfect archetypes. So there are very advanced technologies which will be introduced to this planet at some point after the Event.


 Rhona: Okay. Did Tachyon chambers exist on Earth before the quarantine was enforced26,000 years ago?


 Cobra: Yes, of course. In Atlantis, Tachyon chambers did exist on planet Earth.


 Rhona: Okay. Okay. Pyramids have been discovered all over the world, not just in Egypt. Is there a link between pyramids and the Tachyon chambers?


 Cobra: There is a certain link of course, because pyramid structure is a sacred geometry structure, which has a very interesting capabilities. And this is one aspect of technology that can assist in harnessing tachyon energy.

Cobra:  当然有某种联系,因为金字塔结构是一种神圣的几何结构,它具有非常有趣的能力。这是技术的一个方面,可以帮助利用超光速粒子的能量。

Rhona: Okay. Still on the subject of pyramids, what's the difference between an initiation chamber and a Tachyon chamber


Cobra: Initiation chamber - The purpose of initiation chamber is to generate a quantum leap in consciousness. And this is what some advanced Tachyon chambers can do. But those chambers are not available on planet Earth. Also for safety purposes because human beings are not able to... are not ready to operate such advanced technology at this point. They are not spiritually pure enough for something like this.

Cobra: 点化室-点化室的目的是产生意识的量子飞跃。这是一些先进的超光速粒子室可以做到的。但是这些房间在地球上是没有的。也是为了安全,因为人类不能...还没准备好操作如此先进的技术。他们在精神上不够纯洁,不适合做这种事。

Rhona: Okay. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. The veil of the matrix absorbs a lot of the Tachyon energy. Without this veil, we'd all be bathed in tachyons. What changes will there be for us all when the veil has dropped?


 Cobra: Okay. When the veil drops Tachyon energy will begin to infuse human bodies and will begin to restore health, and also emotional and mental harmony in the surface population. So this is what we can expect after the Event.


 Rhona: Okay. And at the exact moment of the Event, what will the Tachyon chambers' role be?


 Cobra: Okay. the tachyon chambers that we have installed on the surface of the planet will conduct very strong energies and will actually ground a lot of tachyon energy for the whole planet. And this will help stabilizing the Grid. So there will be no massive earthquakes or drastic cataclysms at the moment of the Event.


 Rhona: Good, good. As we are still in the same quarantine situation now, the

Rhona: 很好,很好。由于我们现在仍处于同样的隔离状况,

Tachyon chambers are still not operating at their highest potential. Can you tell us more about the update or changes to the Tachyon chambers after the Event? They'll work at their full potential?


 Cobra: They will be upgraded first energetically and after some point the Pleiadian teams will give instructions to the owners of the Tachyon chambers, how to upgrade the chambers, and they will also receive technological upgrades at a certain point after the Event.

Cobra: 他们将首先在能量上升级,在某个点之后,昴宿星团队将会给超光速粒子室的拥有者指令,如何升级这些室,并且他们也将会在事件之后的某个点接受技术升级。

 Rhona: Okay. Thank you. Thank you for that first part. So let's move on to the next part, which is a little bit longer - How Sessions Work. Each Tachyon chamber that's activated by you is quantumly linked to a wormhole, that's created with a


Tachyonized crystal orbiting in a research satellite of Genesis II at the level of the veil in order to create a passage for Tachyon energy, a wormhole is characterized by two extremities. One of which is the Tachyon chamber. And we all wonder where the other extremity is please.


 Cobra: Okay. One point is on the Tachyon chamber. And the second point is the Genesis II space station, which is beyond the veil. So this wormhole connects the source of Tachyons at Genesis II crystal and the Tachyon chamber.


 Cobra: It works through quantum entanglement. So tachyons, which are on Genesis II Satellite are quantumly entangled with Tachyons, which are in the Tachyon chamber.


And this creates a certain link to which Tachyons can flow freely regardless of the veil.


 Rhona: Okay. We'd like to know a little more too, about the Galactic teams that manage the Tachyon chambers. What's the function of the Pleiadians during the Tachyon chamber sessions?

Rhona: 好吧。我们也想知道更多一点,关于管理超光速粒子室的银河团队。昴宿星人在超光速粒子室中的作用是什么?

Cobra: Okay. Each Tachyon chamber has a Pleiadian team dedicated to that chamber and while there is a healing session taking place in the chamber, those Pleiadians assist with healing energies and balancing energies through their own quantum technologies. They project certain energies through the wormhole into the Tachyon chamber and assist in the healing process taking place in the chamber.


 Rhona: Okay. Can there be other beings who accompany a Tachyon chamber session?

Rhona: 好的。会不会有其他生物伴随着超光速粒子室的疗程?

 Cobra: Yes. There are sometimes other races such as Sirians or positive Andromedans participating. And there are many times also Angelic beings who assist in the healing process.

Cobra:是的。有时候还有其他种族,比如 Sirians 或者积极的 Andromedans 参与其中。很多时候也有天使帮助治愈过程。

 Rhona: Okay. Are there beings who participate in the care of Tachyon chamber outside the matrix?


 Cobra: They are outside the matrix and they project energies into the matrix


Rhona: Okay. Some people see and feel beings working on them during the sessions and can have painful, quite a painful sensory experience like your body being moved physically. Can you explain how they do this?

Rhona: 好的。有些人在治疗过程中看到和感觉到有人在他们身上工作,他们会有一种非常痛苦的感官体验,就像你的身体被移动一样,你能解释他们是怎么做到的吗?

 Cobra: Okay. The healing teams send strong energies through the body and through the energy field. And sometimes this creates a detoxification process, which can be slightly painful because toxins are leaving the body. And after that a strong healing can occur. So you can have a quite intense experience sometimes while you are laying in the chamber. Not always, but sometimes that can be quite intense.


 Rhona: Yeah. Yeah. When a Tachyon chamber is activated, a vortex is created. And an Angelic being anchors itself to the location of the Tachyon chamber. What's the role of this Angelic being?


 Cobra: That angelic being is the actual guardian and caretaker of the energies of the chamber vortex. And it manages the energies flowing through the Tachyon chamber and takes care that everything is happening as harmoniously and as positively as possible.

Cobra: 那个天使是密室漩涡能量的真正守护者和看管人。它管理着流过超光速粒子室的能量,并尽可能和谐积极地照顾着一切。

Rhona: Okay. We can say Tachyon chambers have two main functions. In fact, the energy channel that's created never stops. So we have the energetic treatment for the person and the action that it has on the planet too. Can you tell us more about the action on the planet, the Light Grid?

Rhona: 好吧。我们可以说超光速粒子室有两个主要功能。事实上,产生的能量通道从未停止。所以我们对人和它在地球上的行为也有能量治疗。你能告诉我们更多关于行星上的行动吗,光网格?

 Cobra: Okay. Whenever there is an active healing session, the energies are flowing primarily for the person being healed, and whenever there are no healing sessions, the chamber is working as an energy conduit for the energies that go directly into the planetary energy grid and help stabilizing and harmonizing the energy grid, whatever is needed at that particular moment.


 Rhona: Okay. Thank you. And in addition to that, the chamber has an energy radius of about 30 to 40 kilometers around it. What happens within this field to the neighbors?


Cobra: That is the size of the energy vortex around the chamber. And Inside of that energy vortex, there is a strong energy, which harmonizes and purifies everything.


 Can you explain the energy work of the Tachyon chamber for the lower planes?


 Cobra: Okay. What Tachyons do - they flow through the lower planes through the physical body, through the etheric body, through the astral body, through the mental body, and they harmonize and align everything. They decrease the amount of primary anomaly, and they increase the amount of Light in those in those bodies.


 Rhona: And for the superior planes?


 Cobra: They actually also flow through those higher bodies, through the soul body and through higher bodies and through higher dimensions of the soul essence. And they increase the Light there also, and actually make the connection between the soul and the personality stronger.

Cobra: 他们实际上也流经那些更高的身体,流经灵魂身体,流经更高的身体,流经灵魂本质的更高维度。它们也增加了那里的光,实际上使灵魂和人格之间的联系更强。

 Rhona: Okay. Can you explain how Tachyon energy works with the Ego triangle, Atma, Buddhi, Manas?

Rhona: 好的。你可以解释一下超光速粒子对灵性三位一体(Atma, Buddhi, Manas,真我的三个面向)的作用吗?

 Cobra: Okay. Actually what Tachyons do - they activate permanent atoms on those higher planes and through activating permanent atoms, they increase something that I would describe as an Ascension rate. They manifest more of the energy of the Divine will for Ascension. So they actually accelerate the Ascension process.


 Rhona: Okay. So between our past lives, and now as we live in the matrix, how do negative memories impact our energetic bodies?

Rhona: 好的。那么在我们过去的生活,和现在我们生活在矩阵中之间,怎么做呢负面记忆会影响我们精力充沛的身体吗?

 Cobra: Okay. Each memory, each event that has not been cleared completely creates a signature imprint into the energy bodies. And some of those imprints are not cleared between the incarnations and they get passed into the next incarnation. So while we live here in this incarnation, now some of those imprints are still here. And one part of the healing process in the chamber is to clear those imprints.

Cobra: 好的。每一段记忆,每一个没有被完全清除的事件都会在能量体中产生一个特征印记。有些印记在化身之间没有被清除,它们被传递到下一个化身。所以当我们活在这个轮回中的时候,其中的一些印记还在这里。在腔室里,愈合过程的一部分就是清除这些印记。

 Rhona: Okay. Yeah. That's... so, and in a collective way, all the people who do Tachyon chamber sessions emanate an energy into their surroundings, the tachyon energy, and into collective consciousness, can you explain this process to us?

Rhona: 好的。从整体的经验来看,每一个躺过超光速粒子舱的人都会散发出一股正面能量。他们会向集体意识散发超光速粒子的能量。你可以解释一下这个过程的原理吗?

Cobra: It is very simple. People who have been in the chamber have received a certain amount of tachyon energy and they begin to radiate a certain amount of that tachyon energy to their surroundings.


 Rhona: Okay. Yes. What energy work happens between two people who do a session together? For example, a parent and a child, or a couple or friends.


 Cobra: Okay. Their energy field gets harmonized, and we can expect their relationship to become more harmonized as well.


 Rhona: Okay. So it's positive.

Rhona: 好的。所以这是积极的。

Cobra: Yes.


 Rhona: For a person who's just died, how can Tachyon chambers help their soul get to other planes? We only put photographs of people in and unfortunately, as long as there's still quarantine putting the picture of the deceased in the chamber doesn't bring them out of the matrix. Do you agree with this?

Rhona:  对于一个刚刚死去的人来说,超光速粒子室怎么能帮助他们的灵魂到达其他层面呢?我们只把人的照片放进去不幸的是,只要还有隔离措施把死者的照片放进去就不能把他们带出矩阵。你同意吗?

Cobra: Okay, actually [it] can help this transition of the deceased person into the Light. The person will not manage to completely escape the matrix, but it can escape from being captured by the dark forces on the etheric plane and the lower astral plane. And this can help the person getting into the area where it's relatively calm and peaceful surroundings on the astral plane.

Cobra:  好的,实际上[]可以帮助死者过渡到光。这个人不会设法完全逃离矩阵,但是它可以逃离被以太层面和较低星体层面的黑暗力量所俘获。这可以帮助这个人进入相对平静的区域以及星体层面上宁静的环境。

 Rhona: OK. And can you tell us about the benefits of this for sessions for a pregnant woman and the baby?

Rhona: 请问超光速粒子舱对孕妇和肚子里的婴儿有哪些好处?

 Cobra: Yes. Actually this can help the mother to ease the process of pregnancy and it can also help the child in anchoring more harmoniously into the physical body.

Cobra: 超光速粒子舱有安胎助产的功用。超光速粒子的能量也可以让孩子生长肉身的过程更加和谐。

 Rhona: Okay. So it can help with labor

Rhona:  好的。所以它可以帮助分娩

 Cobra: Yes. With the whole process.

Cobra: 是的,对整个过程都有帮助。

 Rhona: Wonderful. Why is it useful to do sessions in the Tachyon chamber at an infant stage up until the age of 12?

Rhona: 太好了。如果小朋友从婴儿时期到他满12岁前重复体验超光速粒子舱的能量,这样对他有什么好处?

 Cobra: Okay. It can for each age there are certain challenges and certain development challenges happening and the Tachyon chamber helps reducing those challenges and harmonizing the process.

Cobra: 孩子在不同的成长阶段会有不同的挑战和成长机遇。超光速粒子的能量可以帮助他度过这些难关并且调和他的成长过程。

 Rhona: OK. You recommend between three to six sessions. How does the work evolve during the course of the sessions?


Cobra: Okay. This is just a general estimate because it is not practical for people to expect to have more and more, more sessions, except in certain cases. But I would say if you do this regularly, you can have more lasting longer effects in the Tachyon chamber.


 Rhona: And in the months that follow?


Cobra: The same.


 Rhona: The same, okay. Tachyon chamber is not a magic wand or a roller coaster. Can you comment on the fact that working mindfully on a daily basis is important?


Cobra: Okay. Tachyon chamber is just a tool that can help you in your own process, but your own decision is still the key. So if you do not assist actively in the healing process, whatever the chamber will help you heal, you can disturb again with your actions and your decisions. So if you work together with the chamber, it can have quite drastic, quite magical results. If you work against the healing energy of the chamber, you will ruin those results.


Rhona: Okay. Some people don't feel anything during the session. How can you reassure them the work is still being done?



Cobra: Okay. There is no condition that you need to feel anything for the work being done. Sometimes the work is done on a subconscious level. Sometimes the work is being done at cellular level. It does not always produce visible effects, but if you are using the chamber long enough, you will definitely notice a difference, notice a change.

 Rhona: And what advice can you give to make the most of a session?


Cobra: First, do not have any expectations or preconceived ideas how the session should look like, just be openminded and relaxed as possible, and just surrender to the process.


 Rhona: Yeah. And in the context of the quarantine that we are still experiencing, is it possible for our subtle bodies to cross the veil during a Tachyon chamber session?


Cobra: Actually, this is possible. You can have an out body projection into the motherships. Some people have experienced this because we create a certain, I would say quantum transmission between the chamber and the motherships, which are above and certain things can happen.


 Rhona: Okay. We we've seen an explosion in the number of Tachyon chambers in France recently. Is there a link with France's key role in the global liberation?


Cobra: Yes, of course. A lot of work is being done energetically with France and especially with Paris Goddess Vortex. And this of course has assisted in creating this very strong interest for Tachyon chambers in France, because France is one of a few key countries for the Planetary Liberation process.


 Rhona: Okay, great. Can we have a look at the current situation with the COVID virus. Can Tachyon chamber treatments transmute the messenger RNA (mRNA) information of vaccines and eliminate the toxicity of the vaccine compounds?

Rhona:好的。接下来是一个跟新冠肺炎疫情相关的问题。请问超光速粒子舱的能量疗愈可以转化疫苗当中的RNA 讯息,进而消灭疫苗的毒性吗?


Cobra: I would say the Tachyon chambers decrease the harmful side effects of anything that happens to the human body. It does not change the chemical composition of the body, but the Tachyon energy does harmonize the energy flow through the body. It harmonizes the chakra system. It harmonizes the immune system, which then deals with the whole situation the most effectively possible.


Rhona: Okay. So the vaccine blocks the person energetically. The vaccines influence the connections between a higher self and a human personality. How can a Tachyon chamber help this problem?


Cobra:Okay.there is nothing that can really cut your connection with your higher self,without connection with your higher self,you would die.So there is always a certain amount of connection and a Tachyon chamber simply expands that connection,harmonizes yourself with that connection.



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