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April 16, 2022 Apocatastasis


There is still quite much quantum and subquantum primary anomaly close to the surface of planet Earth. The Light forces are carefully beginning to clear the physical aspect of the anomaly and they are also beginning with the final clearing of the toplet bombs. They are deactivating the toplet bombs by clearing the quantum anomaly since with quantum anomaly gone, the Light forces are able to stop the chain reaction that changes ordinary quark mater into degenerate top quark matter:

在靠近地球表面的地方仍然存在着相当多的量子和亚量子异常现象。光的力量正小心翼翼地开始清除异常的物理方面,他们也开始最终清除顶夸克炸弹。他们正在通过清除量子异常来使顶夸克炸弹失效因为随着量子异常的消失 光明势力能够阻止将普通夸克物质变成简并顶夸克物质的连锁反应:

Toplet is essentially Q U A R K (particle) bombs : & are enmeshed/protected in the anomaly/quantum fluctuations : https://ascendliberation.blogspot.com/2022/01/current-anomaly-questions-assistance.html https://cobramap.blogspot.com/2022/03/quantum-fluctuations-anomaly-science.html primary anomaly encompasses all possible combinations of negativity as the logical opposite of the Absolute, and only a small percentage of these combinations gets manifested onto the physical plane, as the Light forces mostly cancel them out before they can materialize from the quantum foam.

Quantum anomaly now still manifests as spacetime collapsed into black holes on physical, etheric, astral and mental planes inside the implants, tied to toplet bombs, with collapsed spacetime extending from the implants via tunnels of Set into surrounding space. Low concentration of tunnels of Set can still be found on physical, etheric, astral and mental plane throughout the Solar system, with their concentration increasing in sublunar space, and their concentration being very high on the surface of this planet.

量子异常现在仍然表现为植入物内部的物理、以太、星体和精神层面上的时空塌缩成黑洞,这些塌缩的时空通过 Set 通道从植入物延伸到周围的空间。在整个太阳系的物理、以太、星体和精神层面上仍然可以发现低浓度的 Set 隧道,它们在亚月球空间的浓度在增加,它们在这个行星表面的浓度非常高。

Implants are still rotating in electromagnetic field and are creating an accretion vortex which attracts micro black holes into human energy field (aura). Etheric micro black holes create areas of collapsed energy field within etheric body which manifest into the physical body as cancer. Astral micro black holes create areas of collapsed energy field in the astral body which manifest as lack of empathy. Mental micro black holes create areas of collapsed energy field in the mental body which manifest as stupidity in a certain specific part of the mental body.


The collapsed spacetime was created together with primordial black holes in the inflationary phase shortly after the creation of the universe at the beginning of this cosmic cycle:



This was the first mutation of the primary anomaly and it occurred a fraction of a second after what the physicists call the Big Bang, about 13.7 billion years ago.


The second mutation of the primary anomaly occurred when sentient beings began interacting with primary anomaly about 7 million years ago by implanting themselves. Interaction between consciousness and collapsed spacetime within implants created evil.


The third and the last mutation of the primary anomaly occurred in 1996 when much of the suppressed quantum anomaly exploded from the black holes, triggered by the exotic weapons of the Chimera, and much of the until then unmanifested subquantum anomaly began to manifest in the quantum foam.


Most of all this is already cleared, and we are approaching the moment of the apocatastasis:


In theology, apocatastasis () is the restoration of creation to a condition of perfection. In Christianity, it is a form of Christian universalism that includes the ultimate salvation of everyone-including the damned in hell and the devil. The New Testament ( Acts 3:21) refers to the "apocatastasis of all things", although this passage is not usually understood to teach universal salvation.

Apocatastasis is the moment when all quantum and subquantum anomaly will be cleared and all evil consciousness either transformed into the Light or annihilated in the Central Sun.

Apocatastasis 是所有量子和亚量子异常被清除的时刻,所有邪恶意识要么转化为光,要么在中央太阳中被消灭。

Physicists describe this quantum transition as false vacuum decay:


(Image credit: NASA/ESA & Hubble) This is the way the world ends: not with a bang, but with a quantum vacuum decay of the ground state of the universe to its true minimum. The universe underwent radical phase transitions in the past.


They have discovered that this universe is in the exact right condition for something like that to happen:


New, stable quantum vacuum will connect the whole universe into one superentangled tachyon field, which will finally allow the unhindered evolution of this universe into the Light:


There's a new equation floating around the world of physics these days that would make Einstein proud. It's pretty easy to remember: ER=EPR. You might suspect that to make this equation work, P must be equal to 1. But the symbols in this equation stand not for numbers, but for names.


One important step in this process will be the opening of a huge energy portal on the surface of this planet in late April / early May 2023. This will definitely be the strongest energetic event in the last few decades. Nothing more can be said about that at this point.





January 3, 2022   Divine Intervention Activation Report

January 3,2022 divine intervention Activation Report 2022年1月3日神圣干预(电影)激活报告


They will start contacting first the individuals who are participating in the Contact Dish project:

他们将首先联系参与 Contact Dish 项目的个人:


Since Galactic Law overrides local laws, this contact will be established regardless of the local laws in the countries where people will be contacted. The Pleiadians have stressed that they want to initialize the contact as soon as possible, but will NOT contact anyone until the basic safety of contacted individuals can be assured, and for this the Dark forces on the physical plane need to lose more power. They do not wish to say when the contact sequence will start, but when it starts, it will start suddenly without warning.



People who do not own land will be contacted also, but for that contact they will need to be in nature at least 60 meters/yards away from the nearest human being to avoid implant / biochip interference, and as far away as possible from the local military bases.


As soon as this contact happens, and even before, it will trigger strong emotional reactions among the surface population. Remain calm then, and use common sense.


The critical mass reached for our meditation on December 21st has started the planetary grid reversal process. This practically means that now the Light Forces are reverting the energy fields around the planetary surface from the inverted negative energy grid, created during the Archon invasion in 1996, back into the Light grid. This means a full offensive of the Light forces on the non-physical planes around the Earth surface, removing entities, dark technologies, anomaly, everything at once:



It is now a full scale war there, and Lightworkers / Lightwarriors are seriously attacked, but this is the final battle which has now reached the surface of the planet, at least on the non-physical planes, and it will lead into full liberation.


Planetary grid reversal process will clear all anomaly that made dark forces and evil possible and eradicate the cause of evil and darkness from this Universe forever.





November 1, 2021 Flash Overtura Update

2021年11月1日 Flash Overtura 更新


The black cube room contains a very powerful quantum supercomputer which processes and analyses all SIGINT data coming into the Urim base, and relays it to its etheric counterpart and to the etheric implant/Chimera network. This room is the center of the inverted planetary grid

黑色立方体房间里有一个非常强大的量子超级计算机,它处理和分析进入 Urim 基地的所有 SIGINT 数据,并将其转发给它的以太对应物和以太植入物/奇美拉网络。这个房间是反向行星网格的中心





 August 24, 2021 2021年8月24日

Toplet bombs inside implants have not been cleared yet, and they are still the main


factor preventing the Event






  May 6, 2021 Planetary Situation Update

May 6,2021 planet Situation Update 2021年5月6日行星状况更新

Quantum anomaly around Earth is clearing nicely, but with enough remaining anomalous quantum fluctuations very close to the surface of the planet to still prevent physical manifestations of Ascended beings and their Lightships (external merkabas):

地球周围的量子异常正在很好地消失,但是有足够的剩余量子异常波动非常接近地球表面,仍然阻止了扬升生物及其光之飞船的物理表现(外部 merkabas) :


Quantum fluctuations directly related to human implants and biochips are clearing better than expected. Spacetime distortion created by the implants and biochips is thus being reduced fast and drastically. This has resulted in a significant decrease of human emotional volatility in the last few weeks. Also, most of the akashic records have been cleared. This does not mean that the recordings of past events have been deleted, the Light forces are only removing all negative energetic and emotional charge of those past events, and it will be thus easier for people to release and forgive.


The total number of negative non-physical entities around the planet has fallen below the psychologically important threshold of one trillion and is still decreasing fast. This practically means that there are only still about one hundred non-physical demonic entities per each incarnated human being, trying to control him and push him to the dark side, which is far better grid ratio than in the past decades since 1996. When the grid ratio falls below 10 non-physical demons per one incarnated human, the brightest and most powerful surface humans are expected to start really waking up from quarantine Earth amnesia.





 March 31, 2021 Planetary Situation Update



In a week or two the Light forces will begin to clear quantum primary anomaly directly related to human implants. It is impossible to predict what will happen when they begin to clear that, as the amount of that anomaly is enormous also.The only thing I can say is that the Light forces will begin to clear all akashic records stored in layers around the planetary surface to effectively clear energy imprints from all negative events from the past of humanity.





  February 17, 2021 Planetary Situation Update



Now that the quantum superposition dark technologies are almost gone, the Tunnels of Set are almost gone also and implants are not quantumly entangled anymore. This makes spiritual growth easier and implant clearing easier, as when you now start clearing your implants you are not clearing all other implants in the planetary grid anymore.

现在,量子态叠加原理的暗技术几乎消失了,Set 的隧道也几乎消失了,植入不再是量子纠缠了。这使得灵性成长更容易,植入物清理更容易,因为当你现在开始清理你的植入物时,你不再清理行星网格中的所有其他植入物了。

So if you feel so guided you can join the group that is conducting regular implant clearing sessions:


Victory Of The Light ! (channel) A channel of lightwarriors and lightworkers working for the Victory of The Light on Earth ! If you have Telegram, you can view and join Victory Of The Light ! (channel) right away.

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Or watch their videos here:


Share your videos with friends, family, and the world

Light Forces have communicated that it is time now to start taking the planetary energy grid out of the hands of the dark back into our hands again. Therefore they are asking everybody who feels so guided to do the Flower of Life meditation for the planet as often as possible:


  • https://www.welovemassmeditation.com/2019/08/daily-flower-of-life-meditation.html



We are doing this meditation daily every four hours, and will keep doing it until the Event.






  December 28, 2020 Age of Aquarius Activation Report



From then on, clearing of the primary anomaly on the surface of this planet is taking place.


The Light Forces have also managed to anchor pure Light on the surface of the planet for the first time since 1996. Many Light beings and goddesses were present in their energy bodies around people meditating, and they have managed to take a quite detailed sample of the Matrix structure. With greater understanding of the quantum structure of the Matrix, they are now removing exotic quantum dark technologies with full speed. They have also begun with gradual clearing of the implants of the surface humanity, and you can help them in this process with implant removal techniques mentioned here:



And here:


25,000 years ago, dark forces created quarantine Earth and took humanity hostage. They created a virtual reality control system so nobody could escape. They have trapped Light beings who have a connection with the Source, to fuel this virtual creation. This virtual reality control system is still in place to an extent and is usually referred to as the Matrix.







  July 21, 2020 Music of the Spheres



The Light Forces are using vortex reinversion technologies to reset the planetary grid back into its harmonious state and they are relatively successful, as there are already areas on the surface of the planet far away from human settlements where the grid has already been successfully reset into its natural positive state.



If you wish to support the positive grid reinversion process, you are welcome to do the Flower of Life meditation as often as you feel guided, from now on until the end of 2020:



The Flower of Life meditation was introduced at the beginning of August 2019 to help stabilize the situation of planetary liberation and to ensure that the process can be as smooth as possible. This meditation is reported as being effective.


Although all plasma toplet bombs are gone, there are still some toplet bombs in quantum superposition state, tied to human implants, which serve as quantum superposition nodes of the basic grid inversion network that forms the backbone of the Matrix construct on the surface of the planet.



Those toplet bombs do not pose a big problem, as they are much easier to clear than plasma toplet bombs, and they will be cleared together along with the Draco fleet.



If you wish to speed up this process and make it easier, you can do implant triangulation exercises:



25,000 years ago, dark forces created quarantine Earth and took humanity hostage. They created a virtual reality control system so nobody could escape. They have trapped Light beings who have a connection with the Source, to fuel this virtual creation. This virtual reality control system is still in place to an extent and is usually referred to as the Matrix.





 March 16, 2020 Endgame Scenarios



Unfortunately, as the clearing of the plasma plane was nearing its completion, a very powerful defense mechanism within physical implants of all surface humans was activated by the Chimera as their last defense line. All physical implants namely have a singularity well with topness producing quark-gluon plasma that creates toplet bombs which are interconnected into a network which connects implants of all surface humans.






 November 25, 2019 Before the Dawn


No Description





 October 13, 2018 Situation Update



Plasma toplet bombs are connected to a network of plasma implants through plasma filaments called the Tunnels of Set.

等离子体顶夸克炸弹通过被称为 Set 隧道的等离子体长丝连接到等离子体植入物网络。


Plasma implants are black holes, rotating in a strong electromagnetic field. That electromagnetic field serves the purpose of erasing our memories and disconnecting us from our Soul. The physical biochip (produced by Siemens) located next to the implant of every incarnated human sends a constant audio-video feed to the main Chimera control center, located on the surface of the planet:



The Information Innovation Office ( I2O) is one of the seven technical offices within DARPA, an agency of the U.S. Department of Defense that is responsible for the development of advanced technology for national security. I2O was created in 2010 by combining the Information Processing Techniques Office (IPTO) and the Transformational Convergence Technology Office (TCTO).


The Microsystems Technology Office ( MTO) is one of seven current organizational divisions of DARPA, an agency responsible for the development of new technology for the United States Armed Forces. It is sometimes referred to as the Microelectronics Technology Office.


Plasma implants and physical biochips are the seals that are covering up all layers of programming that the surface population has received:





During 1996-2001 timeframe, the vast majority of Lightworkers and Lightwarriors have been subjected to trauma-based mind programming in underground military bases. For many, memories of that programming will begin to surface as implants begin to lose their power.



Many of those Lightworkers and Lightwarriors have been mind programmed against Galactic Confederation Light Forces, and many have been programmed against me and some other key people involved in the planetary liberation process.




Light Forces are working full speed at resolving the deadlock that still holds the surface of the planet hostage to the dark forces.



The main remaining problem are still the toplet bombs, and finally the mass media are slowly becoming aware of the danger of strangelets & toplets:



Earth could be reduced to a dense mass measuring just 330 feet across if particle accelerators set off a catastrophic chain of events, the astronomer royal has warned. In his latest book, On The Future: Prospects for Humanity, Prof Lord Martin Rees, outlines the existential threats facing the planet, which include climate change, nuclear war and artificial intelligence.




This is the main reason why the Light forces are still not intervening on the surface of the planet.



This is why the Resistance Movement can not rescue some exhausted Lightwarriors underground, this is why they can not bring you gold or cash, or call you on Skype.

这就是为什么抵抗运动无法拯救一些筋疲力尽的地下光战士,这就是为什么他们无法给你带来黄金或现金,或通过 Skype 给你打电话。


Also, if a Resistance agent would contact a surface individual directly, the dark forces would kill that individual immediately.



Dark forces are using the same strategy for isolating me in order to prevent me from doing my mission. Certain key people who wanted to contact me, have received death threats if they would initiate contact.



Nevertheless, it is time to expand my team. This blog was not intended as a last hope resort for the most desperate, but a place where the most empowered people could turn the tide in the favor of planetary liberation.


People also need to understand that Lightworker and Lightwarrior community has been heavily infiltrated and many people who have a Ligthwarrior or Lightworker front have a secret life at night as Cabal agents:



The Changing of the Guard: Corporate Media Whistleblower Speaks Part Three: Illuminati Life and Propaganda By Art Aqua 7/27/03 Svali In Her Own Words Some additional content - short, direct articles from Svali herself - is useful at this point to round out a greater context on the Illuminati, making that crucial bridge where we could actually imagine someone living this lifestyle day by day.


Many of those people are in the Cabal networks against their will, and would escape if they only could.



You can use the power of meditation and visualization to visualize all Lightwarriors and Lightworkers being purified with a Violet Flame, being surrounded by love of the pink Liquid Light of EELA (Sirian angel of Love) and being liberated from all programming, control or suppression with a White Fire of AN.

你可以使用冥想和可视化的力量来想象所有光之战士和光之工作者被紫色火焰净化,被 EELA (天狼星爱之天使)的粉红色液体之光的爱所包围,并被 AN 的白色火焰从所有编程、控制或压制中解放出来。


This nightmare will be over, soon. Justice is coming:








 September 26, 2018 Situation Update



Unfortunately, the dark forces are masters of deception, and they were able to funnel anomalous plasma from the Galactic halo located in the outskirts of the Milky Way galaxy through plasma filaments (tunnels of Set) into the implants of beings inside our Solar System, since the Archon invasion of 1996 until very recently. This was one of the main reasons for many delays and one of the main reasons why many things went wrong:

不幸的是,自从1996年执政官入侵以来,直到最近,黑暗势力都是欺骗的大师,他们能够通过等离子丝(Set 隧道)从银河系外围的银河晕中漏出异常的等离子体,进入我们太阳系内的植入物中。这是许多延迟的主要原因之一,也是许多事情出错的主要原因之一:


Astronomers have exposed new proof that enhances the belief of interconnection between the planets and galaxies in the solar system. Dr Stephan Keller of the Research School of Astronomy and Astrophysics at Australian National University revealed the intricate details of the findings, that connects the entire Universe.









  July 17, 2018 Planetary Ascension Process



Also, understanding about spiritual initiations. Knowledge about spiritual initiations in its distorted form exists even today:



Initiation is a concept in Theosophy that there are nine levels of spiritual development that beings who live on Earth can progress upward through. Within these levels, there are four basic levels of spiritual development that human beings on Earth progress through as they reincarnate, although evil acts may cause bad karma which may cause one to temporarily regress.


The journey to enlightenment is one governed by initiation. This is a fact often overlooked by those who yearn for spiritual growth. In the Esoteric Tradition, the study of spiritual initiation is a cornerstone of inquiry. To understand it is to grasp the requirements for walking the Path with greater comprehension and assurance.


这里需要说明的是,第四个(Arhat)起始意味着垂直种植体的溶解,垂直初级种植体是一个旋转的等离子体黑洞,它将个性识别从 i AM 存在中分离出来。当这种植入被溶解时,i AM 存在的电火将因果的、精神的、星体的、以太的、等离子体和物质身体的所有生命物质吸收到自身中,并且从那时起可以将自己投射到时间/空间连续体中,作为彩虹复活体(光体)的双环活全息图:


by Cosmometry Whereas the Vector Equilibrium represents the ultimate stillness of energy, the Torus shows us how energy moves in its most balanced dynamic flow process. The important thing to understand about the torus is that it represents a process, not just a particular form.


Consciousness of the Ascended being who has taken Arhat initiation is absolutely free from any negativity and suffering and is full of what is true, good and beautiful.




Before the Event, one of the fastest ways to accelerate your individual Ascension path is to practice cosmic Cobra breath (NOT directly related to the writer of this blog)



"Kriya" means "action" and refers to the conscious manipulation of energy through the astral channels of the body. Kriya is an ancient science. The results are repeatable and predictable. Kriya yoga has always promised that self-realization is very close, attainable within this lifetime.


The other very important element is to connect with your I AM presence:



Brethren of Light, I Am Michael. As you traverse on the path to Enlightenment, you may find that hardships and obstacles are placed on your path to test you. This will make you stronger and bring you wisdom. When you pass these tests, you evolve further. The obstacles are like rotten eggs.





2012portal.blogspot. com/2018/04/soul-families. html

  April 2, 2018 Soul Families



This is the reason why the dark forces have always wanted to destroy soul families.



First hey did that by implanting star people to disconnect them from higherdimensional consciousness and from their Soul presence. This is called vertical implant programming and will be addressed in a special dedicated blog post when the time is right. Vertical implant programming is the basis for Quarantine Earth blockage.



The second layer of programming is horizontal implant programming. The Pleiadians have asked me to address this now in order to start deconstructing the society programming that creates the Matrix.





When this electromagnetic force of female/male attraction is interfered with by the means of horizontal implant programming, it creates a distortion in the electromagnetic field of the society that is being programmed, and evolution of such society gets delayed, sometimes for many millennia, as is the case with the Earth surface society.



The basic horizontal implant creates a split in female and male perception of sexual energy, as it has been explained in detail here:





The most effective way to control a society and delay its evolution is to control female sexual energy. This is the reason why cultures that gave maximum sexual freedom to women were the ones that saw most progress.



The most effective way to control female sexual energy in a given society is to infiltrate a critical mass of Orion/Draco/Reptilian sexual predators in that society and let them loose. This is what Archons did many times throughout human history. When a critical mass of women receives negative programming from those predators, this creates a Pavlovian reflex in subconscious female psyche of that society, thus effectively cutting off Goddess energy.



In a society like this, females begin to live a double life, expressing themselves sexually only when they are away from the prying eyes of the Matrix.



An extreme example of this is the society of Saudi Arabia:



A surprising set of social reforms have granted women freedoms previously prohibited under Saudi Arabia's strictly enforced Islamic law. Under the leadership of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, women have had the right to get their own passports, as well as travel abroad and live independently without the permission of a male guardian, or "wali".


The key of liberation of such society is for the most advanced women of that society to gradually start expressing sensual, sexual Goddess energy:





Archons are also absolutely allergic to deep Soul Love energy between a man and a woman, especially between soulmates and twin souls.



By engineering the incarnation process, they rarely allow two twin souls to incarnate at the same time. Even if they do, they rarely meet each other. Even if the meet, they are rarely allowed to be together, the Archons engineering situations to prevent the union. This is why twin soul unions on the surface of the planet now are extremely rare, and most people who think they are twin souls are actually primary soul mates (soul mates that channel energy of the twin soul to each other).



A deep Soul Love connection between soul mates on the surface of the planet happens a little more often, and if it does, Archons sometimes go to great extremes towards preventing that love, even resorting to killing one or both partners.



After the Event and especially after the First Contact, the Resistance and the Pleiadians will start contacting the most advanced members of human society, especially those who are aware of soul families.



This contact will inevitably bring tectonic cultural shifts into the human society. The Pleiadians and the Resistance have communicated that this contact will sometimes inevitable evolve into deeper romantic and sexual relations, especially between twin souls and soul mates where one of them is living on the surface and the other one is within the Resistance or belongs to the Confederation Fleet:



To be more prepared for those connections, the surface population needs to be aware that the Pleiadians and the Resistance have a very similar societal model that is based on soul families. Sometimes they are fully committed to exclusive sacred union with their twin soul or their primary soulmate, and sometimes they form open polyamoruos connections that are based on Soul Love and free flow of sexual energy. Same sex unions do happen among them, but they are free from any Archon interference that is so prevalent on the surface of this planet.



These connections will be the final test of integration of surface population into the Galactic society.







 March 6, 2018 Sexual Energy




Sexual energy is connected to one of the deepest Goddess mysteries, the mystery of reintegration of female and male polarities into Ascension. This is the true meaning of the alchemical formula of “solve et coagula”.



The Archons were manipulating human sexual energy since the late Atlantean period, trying to create as much separation as possible. They did this by implanting women and men in a different way, creating a psychological division and split between female and male personalities. This primary split from the time of Atlantis is the main reason for misunderstandings in male-female relationships.



Females were implanted in a special way that kept their connection with their twin soul intact, but the implant has suppressed sexual connections with all other men. This has conditioned women into monogamy, when women tend to project their twin soul to their current partner.



Males were implanted in a special way that blocked their connection with their twin soul, but the implant has allowed sexual connections with all other women. This has conditioned men into polyamory, when men tend to deny the existence of their twin soul and avoid it by being with many women.



Additionally, both females and males were implanted with an implant that separated sexual energy from the energy of the 此外,女性和男性都植入了一个植入物,将性能量从心脏能量中分离出来,并且接受了截然相反的植入物,以确保最大限度的分离和冲突。


Females were implanted with a program that allows only love without sex. Only in special circumstances where many conditions are met, a woman will feel safe enough to allow sexual energy to fuse with her love.



Males were implanted with a program that allows only sex without love. Only in special circumstances where many conditions are met, a man will feel safe enough to allow love energy to fuse with his sex drive.



On top of all this, the Archons started to violently suppress female sexual energy on the planet with systematic trauma-based programming of women through brutal rapes during the Kurgan Archon invasion more than 5000 years ago:



The Kurgan hypothesis (also known as the Kurgan theory or Kurgan model) or Steppe theory is the most widely accepted proposal to identify the Proto-Indo-European homeland from which the Indo-European languages spread out throughout Europe and parts of Asia.





In the timeframe between 3000 BCE and 300 CE women were still able to express themselves as sexual healers in Goddess temples:



Prostitution Like the devadasis of Hindu temples, prostitute-priestesses dispensed the grace of the Goddess in ancient Middle-Ea...




After reading Dr. Stubbs' work Women of the Light: The New Sacred Prostitute among many other books and watching a movie called " I was intrigued to know why prostitution was once considered sacred. The sessions " Prostitution has often been described as "the world's oldest profession transpiring throughout history in all societies.


Then the Khazarian Kurgan invasion in the 4th century brutally ended this tradition and sexually suppressed women even further. Then in the middle ages, the Inquisition went one step further by burning many women at the stake.

随后,公元4世纪的哈扎里 · 库尔干入侵残酷地结束了这一传统,并进一步压制了女性的性欲。然后到了中世纪,宗教裁判所更进一步,将许多妇女烧死在火刑柱上。


This trauma-based programming was ongoing for the last 5000 years and has created deep scars in the planetary female psyche. Sadly, this programming is still ongoing by the same perpetrators worldwide in March 2018:





Iranian women removing hijab to be charged with 'inciting prostitution' If found guilty they may face a jail sentence of up to ten years Women are protesting the compulsory headscarf, which is religious law in Iran So far, some 35 women have been arrested in the capital Tehran alone Iranian women protesting the compulsory headscarf by taking off their hijab in public could be facing up to a decade in jail for 'inciting prostitution', police has warned.


The Archons are also manipulating the Cabal and are pushing the homosexual agenda among Cabal members because they know too well that a genuine positive sexual interaction between a male Cabal member and a woman is the most powerful force that can actually transform the Cabal member into someone that supports the Light.






  July 21, 2017 Return to Light



First, the vast majority of suffering has its root cause in the so-called primary implant. Primary implant is the implant that we have all received upon our entrance in the quarantine Earth area many thousands years ago. This implant is positioned in the frontal lobe of the brain on the plasma and etheric plane, is filled with charged rotating anomalous plasma and has the primary message that we are separated from the Source / Love / Light. This primary disconnection from the Source then attracts situations that reflect that disconnection and create more suffering. Since our free will then aligns with the implant, the Light forces can not intervene in our life, the prayers do not get answered, the protection is lost, the trust is gone.



Those implants were created by the Chimera group millions of years ago and were reinforced by the Chimera in the Great Forgetting of 1996 in order to prevent planetary Ascension. When a critical mass of those implants is dissolved, the whole reality construct of duality / evil / suffering will collapse and the Light will return.




On an individual and collective scale, the key to resolve this situation is primarily for us to be aware of the existence of those implants. Mere awareness of the implant and the mind program associated with it will speed up its dissolution. Then the Light forces will be able to intervene in our lives more directly and requests and prayers like this one will be more easily answered:



wpedon id=


The easiest and most effective way to dissolve this (and in fact any) mind program is the Clearing technique brought to humanity by Charles Berner (Yogeshwar Muni):

消除这个(实际上是任何)思维程序的最简单和最有效的方法是查尔斯 · 伯纳(Yogeshwar Muni)为人类带来的清理技术:


Amazon.com: Mind Clearing: 9781849053075: Whieldon, Alice: Books

To summarize, we can dissolve this mind program by disassociating our Self from the program. This can be done by putting our mind alternatively into the state associated with the program (I am separated from the Source) and its opposite (I am one with the Source). If you alternatively write down these polar affirmations (perhaps 10 minutes each day), your mind will disassociate from both polar mental states (separate from the Source / one with the Source) and the mental program will start falling apart, the rotating plasma will dissipate, the implant will start dissolving and your connection with the Source / Love / Light will be naturally reinstated.

总而言之,我们可以通过将我们的自我与这个项目分离来解散这个思维项目。这可以通过将我们的思想交替地置于与程序相关的状态(我与源头分离)和它的相反状态(我与源头合一)来实现。如果你可以选择性地写下这些极性的肯定(也许每天10分钟) ,你的大脑就会与两种极性的精神状态分离(与源头分离/与源头分离) ,精神程序就会开始分崩离析,旋转的等离子体就会消散,植入物就会开始溶解,你与源头/爱/光的连接就会自然地恢复。


You need to be aware that also the positive dual polarity of the program in your mind (I am one with the Source) will dissipate and will be replaced with genuine connection with the Source. There is a huge difference between a mental belief in the connection with the Source and the real connection itself.



The Resistance have also communicated that in order to decrease suffering, you need to create positive moments every day. Simple methods to do that include 1) spending time in nature, 2) focusing on beautiful and inspiring, 3) pursuing a hobby, 4) decreasing your exposure to electronic media, which includes less exposure to alternative truther websites, 5) listening to music, 6) spending quality time with other people.

抵抗运动也传达了这样的信息: 为了减少痛苦,你需要每天创造积极的时刻。简单的方法包括: 1)花时间在大自然中,2)专注于美丽和鼓舞人心的事物,3)追求一个爱好,4)减少接触电子媒体,其中包括减少接触另类真相网站,5)听音乐,6)与他人共度美好时光。





  February 12, 2017 Situation Update



At the same time, battle for the energy grid closer to the surface of the planet is in full force and this unfortunately includes brutal scalar attacks on the key Lightworkers and Lightwarriors:








 October 9, 2016 A Major Situation Update



Parts of intel released in this report may be difficult or disturbing for some, but need to be released anyway.



Clearing of the Chimera group continues. After the Chimera has opened the war front inside our Solar System, the Light forces have lost a lot of territory on the plasma plane throughout the Solar System and the Pleiadian fleet had to retreat almost completely.



Some of that territory has been regained in the last few days and the Pleiadians are returning.



What has not been known previously to the Resistance is the fact that the physical biochips have not been cleared completely. There is a certain part of the biochips that has escaped all advanced detection and removal technologies of the Resistance and unfortunately every human being still has at least three of those biochips. These three biochips are the physical anchor point for the three main plasma implants, located in the frontal lobe and above the navel.



The frontal lobe biochips are attached to the optical nerve of both eyes and connected to the auditory cortex of the brain with artificial synapses. They send a constant audio video stream of whatever you see and hear into the mainframe computer of the Chimera group. That computer constantly monitors the activity of surface population and prevents contact between the surface population and the Agartha network and/or extraterrestrial beings of Light with plasma toplet bomb retaliation mechanisms.

额叶生物芯片连接到双眼的视神经,并通过人工突触连接到大脑的听觉皮层。它们将你所看到和听到的一切不断的音频视频流发送到 Chimera 集团的大型计算机上。那台计算机不断监视着地表种群的活动,防止地表种群与 Agartha 网络和/或外星光生物之间的接触,并使用等离子体顶夸克炸弹报复机制。


The above navel biochips can effectively control the behavior of the surface population with electrical current biofeedback loop entrainment.



The activity of the biochips increases during plasma scalar attacks, additionally creating conflicts and lowering the vibration of people.



Some Agarthan and SSP groups are also infected with those biochips. On the other hand, the races that have completely mastered physical-etheric body transfer (the Resistance, the Pleiadians, Sirians, Arcturians and the positive Andromedans) are completely free of them.

一些 Agarthan 和 SSP 小组也感染了这些生物芯片。另一方面,那些已经完全掌握了物理-以太身体转移的种族(抵抗者、昴宿星人、天狼星人、大角星人和正面的仙女座人)则完全没有他们。


As I have stated before, these biochips were developed during WW2 in Nazi concentration camps as ordered by the Chimera group to ensure that the quarantine status of the planet is maintained and the surface population controlled.



Siemens was the company that provided the technological know-how in the development of those chips:



An immoral past follows the Siemens multinational corporation, currently Europe's largest engineering company, which assisted the Nazis by using slave labor to build advanced weapons during World War II. The collapse of Hitler's Third Reich put an end to a dark chapter in Siemens past - according to conventional historians.


German monopoly Siemens AG. Siemens, headquartered in Munich and operating in 190 countries, is moving its entire energy research operation from Ontario to its existing office in Calgary. The provincial agreement with Siemens fits well with the government's plans to tie university research more closely to the needs of the monopolies -- Siemens is already...


They were spread among human population effectively after the end of WW2 , inserted in the vaccines of the W第二次世界大战结束后,它们在人群中有效传播,并被插入世界卫生组织疫苗接种计划的疫苗中。


One huge technology upgrade of those biochips was between 1979 and 1984 and another one between 1996 and 1999. Another upgrade was in late 2009 and the new vaccines since 2009 have a newer, more powerful version of the biochips inserted into them.



Although the Resistance has managed to shut down and remove most components of the biochips circuits, one aspect remained undetected until September 1st, 2016 when it was simultaneously activated by the Chimera among the whole surface population and among most SSP factions. The Resistance is now developing technology to remove whatever is remaining of those biochips.

尽管抵抗组织已经成功关闭并移除了生物芯片电路的大部分组件,但有一个方面一直未被发现,直到2016年9月1日,当时它被奇美拉同时激活,在整个地表人口和大多数 SSP 派系之间。抵抗组织现在正在开发技术来移除那些生物芯片的剩余部分。





  July 30, 2016 Terms of Surrender Update



There is a certain possibility that the Rothschild faction as a whole will surrender and start cooperating before the Event. The Rothschilds are fallen angels from the Rigel star system in the Orion constellation. In the past, many members of the Cabal originating from Rigel have surrendered to the Light when they were shown that Light is stronger than darkness. The Rigelians have a tendency to side with the one that is stronger and many of them, when arrested or faced with strong enough opposition, will actually show signs of relief that finally someone was powerful enough to stop their negative actions. This will be a proof to them that Light is stronger that darkness and will begin to cooperate. The Rigelian race descended from spirit into mater by implantation process, their connection with spirit is still there to a certain extent and many of them will be able to ascend when this duality nightmare is over.



The Jesuits, the Archons and the Chimera all come from negative races from Andromeda Galaxy. They are all fallen angels, meaning that they have descended from spirit into matter by implantation process, and quite many will be able to ascend when the duality is over.



The Chimera group is not involved in the surrender negotiations because no surface positive faction is strong enough to be able to deal with them. The Resistance is dealing with them directly.






  December 13, 2015 Solar System / Planetary Situation Update

December 13,20152015年12月13日太阳系/行星状况更新


The main problem remaining are implants of the Cabal members, connected with Tunnels of Set to Yaldabaoth plasma accretion vortex which extends throughout the Solar system, tied to plasma strangelet and toplet bombs. Implants of the Lightworkers and Lightwarriors are connected to the implants of the Cabal members with Tunnels of Set and this hinders their spiritual progress, but at the same time accelerates the clearing of the Cabal's implants and disintegration of the Yaldabaoth octopus plasma accretion vortex.

剩下的主要问题是阴谋集团成员的植入物,连接着从 Set 到 Yaldabaoth 的等离子体吸积漩涡的隧道,这个漩涡延伸到整个太阳系,与等离子体奇异子和顶夸克炸弹相连。光工作者和光战士的植入物通过 Set 隧道与阴谋集团成员的植入物相连,这阻碍了他们的精神进步,但同时也加速了阴谋集团植入物的清理和 Yaldabaoth 章鱼等离子体吸积漩涡的瓦解。




 October 6, 2015 The Great Forgetting of 1996



During the invasion of 1996, the Archons and the Chimera have put a negative barrier at the edge of the Solar System (the heliopause). All beings contained within that barrier inside the Solar System, including all surface humans, all Cabal factions, all subterranean beings (with the exception of a very few individuals), all secret space programs personnel, all Pleiadians, Sirians, Andromedans, Arcturians, Dracos, Reptilians, Zetas and all other sentient beings whatsoever were implanted with plasma implants and tied to Chimera's AI network (the Veil). Vast majority of beings who had connection with the Ascended Masters were having that connection cut. Many memories of spiritual nature were erased with electronic dissolution of memory (EDOM). Many beings who intended to release intel to the surface population were mind programmed and in many instances false intel and memories were implanted. All channelers were implanted and most their channeling connections were severely disrupted.

在1996年入侵期间,执政官和奇美拉在太阳系边缘(太阳风层顶)设置了一个负屏障。包含在太阳系屏障内的所有生物,包括所有地表人类,所有阴谋集团派别,所有地下生物(除了极少数个人) ,所有秘密太空计划人员,所有昴宿星人,天狼星人,仙女座,大角星人,德拉科斯,爬行动物,齐塔人以及所有其他被植入等离子体植入物并连接到奇美拉人工智能网络(面纱)的生物。绝大多数与扬升大师有联系的生物都被切断了联系。许多关于灵性本质的记忆都被电子记忆溶解(EDOM)抹去了。许多想要向地表人口释放情报的生物都是经过思维编程的,在许多情况下,错误的情报和记忆被植入。所有的通灵者都被植入,大多数的通灵连接都被严重破坏。


Strangelet and toplet bomb mechanisms were planted if Ascended beings would reach out and make contact. This effectively made our Solar System a zone with very little Ascended contact. Event the Pleiadians within the Solar System could not reach the Ascended beings directly as the contact was extremely limited.



This is called the Great Forgetting of 1996. This forgetting was so complete that very few people actually remember their spiritual contact with their Soul and with the Ascended beings from before 1996. This forgetting was so complete that many pople will have hard time comprehending what am I talking about.



Now most of this blockage is already removed but everybody inside Solar System (including surface humans and almost all beings from subteranean and space alliances) still have that part of implants that cuts their connection with Ascended beings, tied to strangelet  / toplet bomb mechanisms, controlled by the Chimera. This is the reason why I have not yet released the intel about the Ascension plan, as the situation is simply not ready.


If somebody still doubts that strangelet bombs are real, here is the physics behind strangelet conversion:


We show that self-annihilating weakly interacting massive particle (WIMP) dark matter accreted onto neutron stars may provide a mechanism to seed compact objects with long-lived lumps of strange quark matter, or strangelets, for WIMP masses above a few GeV. This effect may trigger a conversion of most of the star into a strange star.



In 1999, the Light forces started constructing a Light barrier at the heliopause with the intention of containing darkness infection inside our Solar System and then later clearing it. This barrier was mostly complete in late 2014 and absolutely complete in May 2015.



Since September 2015 the Light forces made much progress regarding the removal of implants. The implants are no longer black holes rotating inside a magnetic field but just naked singularity portals still containing strangeness producing quark-gluon plasma inside implants' singularity well. All implants are still connected with hyperdimensional plasma wormholes (Tunnels of Set) into an AI-supported network that communicates across the Solar System plasma vortex (Yaldabaoth) and is tied to plasma strangelet / toplet bombs. This network is still connected with RHIC hadron collider and to a lesser degree with LHC at CERN. Those accelerators supply strangelets into the network mostly with gluon fusion interactions:

自2015年9月以来,Light 部队在移除植入物方面取得了很大进展。这些植入物不再是在磁场中旋转的黑洞,而只是包含奇异点的裸奇异点入口,在植入物的奇异点井中产生夸克胶子等离子体。所有植入物仍然与高维等离子体虫洞(Set 隧道)连接到一个人工智能支持的网络,该网络通过太阳系等离子体漩涡(Yaldabaoth)进行通信,并与等离子体奇异子/顶夸克炸弹相连接。这个网络仍然与 RHIC 强子对撞机连接,在较小程度上与欧洲核子研究委员会的 LHC 连接。这些加速器主要通过胶子聚变相互作用向网络提供奇异子:


The Light forces will now deal with the quark-gluon plasma inside implants quite easily, but the quantum primary anomaly at the center of the implants' naked singularity, hidden inside the strong force responsible for gluon binding energy might be a bigger problem:



Answer (1 of 10): Leo C. Stein's answer is correct that 99% of the proton mass comes from the gluon binding energy. I just want to add more detail about why the proton is heavier than the three "constituent" quarks that make up the proton, whereas the hydrogen atom is lighter than it's electron a...



The implants are the main reason for psychological mechanisms of denial and projection. Those two psychological mechanisms are the two causes of constant infighting between the Lightworkers (You have a big ego! No, you have a big ego!) and Lightwarriors (You are a disinfo agent! No, you are a disinfo agent!).



Those two psychological mechanisms are further enhanced by negative non-physical entities and Archon/Chimera technology of the Veil:

这两种心理机制被消极的非物质实体和 Archon/Chimera 技术的面纱进一步强化:


Just as there are physical pathogens like bacteria, viruses, and parasites, so are there nonphysical pathogens in the form of etheric parasites, discarnate humans, aliens and demonic beings that can attach themselves to a living person, drain their energy and influence their thoughts, feelings, and personality. By Guest Writer Montalk


The Light forces have communicated to me that an alliance / coalition of Lightworkers / Lightwarriors, working towards the common goal of planetary liberation, and refraining from constant infighting, would need to be formed on the surface of the planet. Such alliance is crucial for the successful compression breakthrough. Dragon forces have communicated that such coalition would serve as a conduit for the energies that will be released at the moment of compression breakthrough to ease the transition.



If this alliance is not formed, the Light forces have an alternative plan to carry out the compression breakthrough. That second plan is slower, but more secure. Details about that alternative plan will not be released on this blog, I will just say it will not alter much the way an average human will experience the Event.



The Resistance has communicated to me that they will contact Drake just before the Event and give him substantial intel to be released publicly.



Light forces watching the surface population are in constant frustration as the infighting between people, who are supposed to be leaders of change on the planetary surface, does not seem to end. This is why the Agarthans sometimes see the surface population as barbarian. Instead of people being in denial and projecting on Agarthans as being elitists, perhaps they could take a long hard look in the mirror, recognize the inner barbarian, and tame it. It took many Agarthan factions hundreds of years and even millennia of dedicated self improvement until they have learned to live in peace. After the Event as the strangelet bombs are removed, they will be able to help humanity directly and they will interact with people, but they will interact with caution, as they do not want to become targets of people's projections and attacks.



I have experienced my own share of people's attacks and projections in the second half of September. 9月下半月,我亲身经历了人们的攻击和预测。多么可预测——有些人被设计得如此程序化,他们的行为如此可预测,以至于我现在甚至可以计算出他们什么时候会爆发。




Many people are frustrated as there are no visible drastic changes yet. Any drastic change, such as a major disclosure intel release through the mass media, or a direct physical intervention of the Light forces on the surface, would trigger a cascade of events that would lead to triggering of the strangelet bombs. Therefore, drastic actions of the Light forces will only happen when all strangelet and toplet bombs are removed and pose absolutely no threat.



Responding to the urgent need in the current planetary situation with implants, entity attachments and healing of human psyche, Dragon sources are constantly improving their technology for implant removal, entity removal, auric protection and healing of physical and non-physical bodies. This technology is now available here:



Light Mandalas tools emit sacred geometric fields of coherent light, sound, magnetic field through thecrystal lattice structure, producing uniquely resonatingbio-compatible photonic fields.








  September 13, 2015 Solar System Situation Update



" The Chimera still has a very small number of key Pleiadians, Sirians, Andromedans and representatives of other Light star races held as hostages deep inside their strongholds at implant stations throughout the Solar System. This hostage mechanism is a very effective tool to hold back the aforementioned star races in their progress towards the liberation of this planet."





 August 26, 2015 Planetary Situation Update



A little more disturbing is the presence of plasma strangelet and even plasma toplet bombs that were put into implants of some of the most evolved and most powerful Lightworkers and Lightwarriors as a hostage control mechanism to ensure they do not escape from the quarantine. These will also be dealt with very soon.





 July 14, 2015 Sublunar Operations



 There are may man-made satellites orbiting the Earth, and some of them double as Chimera plasma strangelet bomb implant stations


The most important to mention is the proposed Manned Orbiting Laboratory:



The Manned Orbiting Laboratory ( MOL) was part of the United States Air Force (USAF) human spaceflight program in the 1960s. The project was developed from early USAF concepts of crewed space stations as reconnaissance satellites, and was a successor to the canceled Boeing X-20 Dyna-Soar military reconnaissance space plane.


This project was officially canceled in 1969, but in reality it went deep black and is still now the most important Chimera implant station.


The second group of Chimera implant stations are some of the geostationary and geosynchronous satellites:




And the third group are some satellites in near Earth orbit (NEO), especially the Keyhole (K第三组是一些近地轨道(NEO)卫星,尤其是 Keyhole (K



The sublunar space is constantly monitored for any sign of extraterrestrial contact by the Chimera, infiltrated into the US military:

亚月球空间一直受到渗透到美国军方的 Chimera 的监视,以寻找任何与外星人接触的迹象:


The official website for Airman Magazine.


The United States Space Surveillance Network (SSN) detects, tracks, catalogs and identifies artificial objects orbiting Earth, e.g. active/inactive satellites, spent rocket bodies, or fragmentation debris. The system is the responsibility of United States Space Command and operated by the United States Space Force.




And into the Chinese military also, through their proxy 也通过他们的代理人亨利 · 基辛格进入了中国军队:


Huodezu, or the Acquisitions Group, is a fan-created intelligence organization in China. What they want is to become the Majestic-12 of China, and even exceed the achievements of the Americans with Chinese knowhow. These attempts have so far attracted some help from an unknown benefactor, which has revolutionized their operation.


Sublunar operations will remove all Chimera presence, their implant stations and all plasma strangelet and toplet bombs from sublunar space. All parts of man-made satellites, directly related to Chimera operations (such as ion-plasma chambers, some high definition spy cameras, etc.) will soon become dysfunctional.

亚月球行动将移除所有的奇美拉存在,他们的植入站和所有的等离子体奇异子和顶夸克炸弹从亚月球空间。人造卫星的所有部件,直接与 Chimera 操作有关(如离子等离子体室,一些高清间谍相机等)将很快失灵。

It is a very interesting »coincidence« that sublunar operations have started on the same day that NASA's New 这是一个非常有趣的“巧合”,月下行动开始的同一天,美国宇航局的新地平线号太空探测器最接近冥王星和它的卫星卡戎:


After nine years and over 3.26 billion miles, the New Horizons spacecraft made its closest approach to Pluto earlier today. Assuming it survived the encounter, the probe is now drifting away from the dwarf planet as it heads deeper into the Kuiper Belt.



Fifteen years ago, Charon was the main exotic weapons warehouse for Chimera / Draco / Illuminati secret space programs. All this has been cleared by the Light forces a few years later. Now, Charon is the main portal between our Solar System and M 87 Galaxy in Virgo. Now, Charon is one of the most positive and beautiful places in the whole Solar System and will have a very important role in the liberation of our planet as one of the most important relay stations for the Event flash.

15年前,卡戎是奇美拉/德拉科/光照派秘密太空计划的主要外来武器仓库。几年后,所有这些都被光明军队清除了。现在,卡戎是我们太阳系和处女座 m87银河系之间的主要入口。现在,卡戎是整个太阳系中最积极、最美丽的地方之一,作为事件闪光最重要的中继站之一,它将在解放我们的星球方面发挥非常重要的作用。


You can connect with the energy of Charon through this picture:






 June 19, 2015 Implants



 If anybody is still asking why the Event hasn't happened yet, here is the answer again:


Earth primary anomaly quantum fluctuations well, or in other words Earth primary anomaly accretion vortex, maintained by the plasma implant grid and supported by plasma strangelet and toplet bomb retaliation mechanisms is the background meta-strategy of the Chimera which maintains quarantine Earth status and still prevents the Event, Disclosure and First Contact.




Parts of the plasma accretion vortex structure were recently detected by the mainstream science:



(http://www.dailymail. co.uk/sciencetech/article-3107166/giant-plasma-tubes-space-huge-structures-spotted-circling-earth-filled-charged-particles-sun)


The activity of this plasma accretion vortex gets magnified every month around the time of the full moon, when Earth-Moon plasma doorway opens:



Play Audio | + Download Audio | + Join mailing list April 17, 2008: Behold the full Moon. Ancient craters and frozen lava seas lie motionless under an airless sky of profound quiet. It's a slow-motion world where even a human footprint may last millions of years. Nothing ever seems to happen there.




When the Earth-Moon plasma doorway is open, both the presence of Light and clearing of darkness get magnified.


Plasma implants were first put into surface humanity population 26,000 years ago. Each time just before an individual was incarnated, he was re-implanted again. In this way, the surface population was kept in amnesia for the whole 26,000 year cycle.


The implants were maintained by implant stations below the surface of the planet and throughout the Solar System, and kept replenished with fresh anomalous plasma from interplanetary and interstellar space.


An implant is a plasma black hole with an approximate diameter similar to the diameter of an electron (10-17 meters). It is rotating in a strong magnetic field which produces an antigravitational effect on the plasma.



The network of implants in the plasma energy bodies of the surface humanity is the deepest hole of the collective subconsciousness and the basis of the planetary plasma anomaly accretion vortex.



The implants in the frontal lobe of the brain compromise the decision making process and keep the person separated from the Source. The implants in the reptilian brain cortex keep the person locked into survival fears and thus susceptible to become a slave worker for the central banking system. The implants above the navel separate heaven from Earth, a man from a woman, emotions from the mind and love from sexuality. They fragment the personality and block the flow of kundalini life force. They suppress the emotions, which lower their vibrational frequency from joy into pain, then further into anger, and down into sadness, further down into fear, then apathy and finally into unconsciousness. This is the reason why many people feel nothing.



Light emanating from the Galactic Central Sun dissolves the implants. Cintamani stones serve as a focal lens for that Light and they ease the plasma dissolution process.

银河系中央太阳发出的光会溶解植入物。Cintamani 石头作为这种光的焦点透镜,它们缓解了等离子体的溶解过程。


You can accelerate the process of implant removal with this very efficient meditation:



How can we free ourselves from our negative conditioning, from our parents, friends, siblings and x-lovers? How can we become free from our attachment to money or power? Is it necessary or desirable to become free from attachment to money or power? The word "attachment" has been widely mis-interpreted.

网址: http://www.imagerynet. com/ties/ties. html


In this meditation exercise, you put yourself in one part of the figure eight, and your implants in the other part of the figure eight, as described in the link above.




The concept of karma as punishment and reward system and the concept of planet Earth as a school was designed by the Archons to keep people from discovering the truth about the Archon/Chimera control system and the implant grid.



It is true that everybody is responsible for their actions and that we can learn from our mistakes, but to imply that by experiencing our present life conditions we are »paying off« karma of our past negative actions is a very subtle and deep form of manipulation and a very handy excuse for the Cabal to keep doing what they are doing, as they are simply »teaching us a lesson in the school of life«.



Primary anomaly is the root cause of all suffering, and all negative actions of all sentient beings are a chain reaction of generational trauma, originating in the original fall from grace, the original encounter with the primary anomaly millennia ago, and the original experience of the implantation process in that distant past.



All this will be resolved as a result of the energetic intervention from the Galactic Central Sun.



The Breakthrough is near!







  June 8, 2015 Cintamani

2015年6月8日 Cintamani


 Cintamani stones are pure Light and their energy can not be misused. They help dissolving implants and strengthen your inner guidance. But be aware that they are strong amplifiers and serve as magnifying lens to show you what is inside of you, in order for you to transform it and make you more ready for your mission so that you can play your part in the planetary liberation process.






 http://2012portal.blogspot.com/2015/06/free-colonies-report-and-short.html   June 2, 2015 Free the Colonies! Report and Short Planetary Situation Update


  The vast majority of Chimera bases and implant stations, including implant stations on Iapetus, Enceladus and Mimas, have now been removed. All hostages from those colonies have been set free. The only Chimera bases and implant stations in our Solar System now remaining are mostly located on selected asteroids (many of them Near Earth Objects - NEOs), and they are those directly controlling planet Earth and its population. They will be dealt with at a later stage of MOSS.

绝大多数的奇美拉基地和植入站,包括 Iapetus,Enceladus 和 Mimas 上的植入站,现在已经被移除。所有来自殖民地的人质都被释放了。现在我们太阳系中仅存的奇美拉基地和植入站大多位于选定的小行星上(其中许多靠近地球物体——近地天体) ,它们直接控制着地球及其人口。他们将在 MOSS 的后期阶段处理。


The main negative plasma meridian in our Solar System (the Saturn-Earth tunnel of Set) has been disintegrated.

我们太阳系的主要负等离子体子午线(Set 的 Saturn-Earth 隧道)已经解体。


Recent removal of Chimera implant stations at L4 and L5 Lagrange points of the Earth / Moon systems is a big victory. Proposal to build a space colony at the Lagrange points is decades old:

最近,在地球/月球系统的 l4和 l5拉格兰奇点移除 Chimera 植入站是一个巨大的胜利。在拉格兰奇点建立太空殖民地的提议已经有几十年的历史了:





This proposal was rejected by the vast majority of secret space program factions as these colonies would be too big and thus easily detectable from Earth. Chimera, on the other hand, had small but powerful implant stations positioned at various Lagrange points for the last 26,000 years.



Intel about L1 and L3 implant stations is still classified.

关于 l1和 l3植入站的情报仍然是机密。



 http://2012portal.blogspot.com/2015/05/free-colonies-update-and-videos.html  May 28, 2015 Free the Colonies! Update and Videos


In 2012, the Light Forces have cleared all those secrets space programs, along  with all deep underground military bases such as Dulce, Area 51 and Pine Gap. Most of the top brass in these space programs was taken to the Galactic Central Sun as they have committed grave crimes and were unwilling to accept the Light. Most of the supersoldiers participating in these programs were good people that genuinely believed they are defending the Earth against the alien threat. The vast majority of them have joined the positive Alliance fleet in this Solar System and are now assisting in MOSS.

在2012年,光明势力已经清除了所有这些秘密太空计划,以及所有深层地下军事基地,如达尔西,51区和派恩 Gap。这些太空计划的大部分高级官员都被带到了银河系中央太阳,因为他们犯下了严重的罪行,并且不愿意接受光明。参与这些计划的大多数超级士兵都是善良的人,他们真诚地相信自己是在保护地球免受外星人的威胁。他们中的绝大多数已经加入了这个太阳系的正面联盟舰队,现在正在帮助 MOSS。


Now they will assist in the final operations to liberate our Solar System from last vestiges of darkness, the Chimera bases and implant stations.



The completion of these operations will have extremely beneficial impact on the geopolitical situation.




 http://2012portal.blogspot.com/2015/05/make-this-viral-free-colonies_27.html  May 21, 2015 MAKE T

In 2012, the Light forces have cleared our Solar System of all secret space programs and their colonies that were not directly protected by the Chimera group.


Unfortunately, a relatively small number of colonies and implant stations throughout the Solar System has been protected by Chimera's strangelet bombs and human beings are still living there in slavery and generally the extent of ritual abuse in these colonies surpasses what people have experienced on Earth.



These colonies are now in the process of being cleared by the Light forces in the current phase of the MOSS, and humans who were captured there are being liberated and given healing.

这些殖民地现在正处于被光明势力清理的过程中,在 MOSS 的当前阶段,在那里被俘虏的人类正在被解放和给予治疗。






 March 31, 2015 The Alliance Fleet



In 2003, the Light forces began to prevail in the Solar System and in 2012, all negative secret space programs except those connected directly to the Chimera Group were cleared out.



Now the only problem outside Earth is a very small number of Chimera individuals and their minions which defend their Solar System strongholds (mainly implant guardian stations) with plasma strangelet and toplet bombs. Because everybody on Earth has implants that block access to that intel, all intel about the Chimera is in the deepest shadow of collective unconsciousness, much deeper than SRA , MK Ultra, MILABs or SSP.

现在地球之外唯一的问题是少数的奇美拉个体和他们的爪牙用等离子体奇异子和顶夸克炸弹来保卫他们的太阳系据点(主要是植入守护站)。因为地球上的每个人都植入了可以阻止访问该情报的植入物,所有关于奇美拉的情报都处于集体无意识的最深处,比 SRA、 MK Ultra、 MILABs 或 ssp 都要深得多。


After the successful opening of the IS:IS portal on December 15th last year, which has completed the triangulation of darkness for the Local cluster of galaxies, the Central Civilization has positioned larger spherical midway stations (some of them up to 30,000 miles in diameter) at the heliopause and repositioned many smaller, Moon sized ones inside the Solar System.

去年12月15日,IS: IS 入口成功开启,完成了对本地星系团的黑暗进行三角测量。之后,中央文明在太阳风顶部安置了更大的球形中途站(其中一些直径达到30,000英里) ,并在太阳系内重新安置了许多更小的月球大小的站点。



After the successful removal of all physical strangelet and toplet bombs in late January this year, an operation for the final liberation of our Solar System (codenamed MOSS) has been initialized.

在今年1月底成功清除了所有实际的奇异子和顶夸克炸弹之后,我们太阳系的最终解放行动(代号为 MOSS)已经开始。


Planet Earth is still the focus of the proxy war between many extraterrestrial races. Representatives of many races have entered the quarantine many lifetimes ago and they kept fighting. On the Light side, most of the Lightworkers have come from Pleiades and Sirius. Many Lightwarriors originate from Antares and Arcturus. Most representatives of the Dragon families originate from the positive faction of the Draconian race. Many members of the Resistance Movement and Positive Military have Andromedan origin. On the dark side, the Rothschilds come from Orion. The Rockefeller/Bush/Illuminazi faction comes from the negative faction of the Draconian race. Islamic State and Blackwater/Xe/Academi mercenaries have Reptilian origin. The Jesuits and Black Nobility families come from the negative Andromedan faction.






 March 19, 2015 Chimera Situation Update

2015年3月19日 Chimera 情况更新


Clearing of the Chimera group continues. What is remaining is the network of plasma implants, connected with each other through the Tunnels of set, and tied to the plasmatic strangelet and toplet bombs.


This implant network was slowly built throughout millions of years across this quadrant of the Galaxy by mad scientists of the Chimera group who were master strategy planners of the Orion / Draco / Reptilian military complex.



Everybody now incarnated on planet Earth still has those implants, as we have received them upon or before entry in the quarantine Earth area. They are plasma micro black holes, rotating in a strong plasmatic electromagnetic field. Their purpose is to distort spacetime to keep maintaining the primary anomaly and thus planet Earth quarantine status:



You need to understand that the physical plane matter is just a condensed plasma wave and plasma anomaly reflects directly on the physical plane.



As the Light forces progressed with the liberation of the Galaxy through the millennia, the dark forces retreated towards planet Earth, their last stronghold. By manipulating quantum anomaly and activating many negative stargates with nukes and particle accelerators after WW2 and especially after 1996 they have actually managed to turn our planet into a quantum stargate / well which attracts all remaining primary anomaly from the rest of the universe:




Earth primary anomaly quantum fluctuations well, maintained by the plasma implant grid and supported by plasma strangelet and toplet bomb retaliation mechanisms is the background meta-strategy of the Chimera which maintains quarantine Earth status and prevents Disclosure and First Contact.



Earth primary anomaly quantum fluctuations well, maintained by the plasma implant grid and supported by plasma strangelet and toplet bomb retaliation mechanisms is the background meta-strategy of the Chimera which maintains quarantine Earth status and prevents Disclosure and First Contact.



This quantum well creates a plasma accretion vortex around the Earth which extends hundreds of light years across the so-called local bubble:






Rarefied hot plasma from that area gets teleported towards the Earth superluminally through the tunnels of Set.

来自该区域的稀有热等离子体通过 Set 的隧道以超光速传送到地球。


This plasma gets gathered by the Chimera in the implant guardian stations throughout the Solar System and then distributed through the tunnels of Set towards implants of the surface humanity.

这些等离子体被奇美拉收集到整个太阳系的植入物守护站中,然后通过 Set 的隧道分布到人类表面的植入物中。


Implant guardian stations were built by the Chimera 26,000 years ago to guard quarantine Earth stronghold against the invasion of the Light forces from outside of this Solar System and to implant anybody trying to escape from Earth/Solar System. One aspect of MOSS is to clear these implant stations. This is progressing nicely and there are already many motherships of the Galactic Light forces entering into the Solar system recently. The main remaining implant guardian station is located in the cavern systems on Iapetus, one of Saturn's moons:

植入守护站是奇美拉在26000年前建造的,用来保护隔离的地球防御来自太阳系外的光明势力的入侵,并植入任何试图逃离地球/太阳系的人。MOSS 的一个方面就是清除这些植入站。这项工作进展得很顺利,最近已经有许多银河之光的母舰进入太阳系。剩下的主要植入守护站位于土星的卫星之一 Iapetus 上的洞穴系统中:







 September 24, 2014 Untersberg

2014年9月24日 Untersberg


 Cintamani stone, the stone of the 金塔玛尼石,圣杯的石头,有时被错误地称为黑色石头,因为它有一个明显的紫黑色。它的目的是溶解植入物的网络,并帮助瓦解面纱。



http://2012portal.blogspot.com/2013/12/event-developments.html  December 14, 2013 MAKE T


In light of the current developments, the Resistance Movement and positive ET Light races, in full alignment with the will of the One/Source,  have decided not to wait for the non-physical planes to be completely clear to trigger the Event. This will allow for much easier disintegration of the etheric implants as those implants will be faced with physical evidence of changes and this will effectively dissolve all implanted mind programs and the remaining etheric matrix.

鉴于当前的发展,抵抗运动和积极的 ET 光种族,完全符合一个/源头的意愿,已经决定不再等待非物质层完全清晰地触发事件。这将允许更容易解体的以太植入物,因为这些植入物将面临物理证据的变化,这将有效地溶解所有植入的心灵程序和剩余的以太矩阵。


  The Resistance Movement has expressed its concern about the lack of cooperation between the leading members of the awakened human population, as that can make the whole transition process much harder for humanity. On the other hand, they understand that cooperation is not easy when true spiritual guidance on the surface of the planet is clearly absent. Therefore they have decided to initiate contact after the Event with those members of the awakened population that will be open to it, and offer them spiritual guidance. In the first phase after the Event, the Resistance will not address the human masses directly but will instruct the awakened part of the human population how to deal with the planetary situation and the human masses. Thus a partnership will be established that will build on mutual trust and understanding.





The Dragon Gate is a sister underground organization parallel to the White Dragon Society. Long time ago, both groups were actually one. But after the Rothschilds, assisted by the Triads, overthrew the Qing dynasty of China in Xinhai revolution in 1912, both groups had to go underground and they began opposing the Cabal from behind the scenes and then their paths began to diverge.

 October 30, 2013 New Advanced Technologies


The Mandala Sphere also includes a mandala computer library with a wide selection of wave forming mandalas promoting protection, prosperity, success, energizing, happiness, clearing, healing, implant removal, DNA activation, emotional state altering, positive influence on outcomes, clarity of purpose, and relationship harmonizers.

曼荼罗领域还包括一个曼荼罗计算机图书馆与广泛的选择波形曼荼罗促进保护,繁荣,成功,激励,幸福,清理,愈合,植入物移除,DNA 激活,情绪状态改变,积极影响的结果,清晰的目标,和关系协调器。


One of the most amazing properties of this laser technology is that it is the most powerful tool on the planet which assists us in removing the etheric implants. This is the closest technology to the Pleiadian light chamber as we can get on the surface of this planet.





http://2012portal.blogspot.com/2013/10/make-this-viral-aion-portal-activation.html  October 24, 2013 MAKE T

The six pointed star is the very same configuration that happened at the 这颗六芒星与2003年11月的和声协调(

At the moment of the activation of the portal, the Galactic Central Sun will send an energy minipulse through the Sun and through the six pointed star mandala of planets. This energy pulse will be similar to what will happen at the Event, but this pulse now will be most likely far less powerful. The pulse will send harmonious resonance waves throughout the solar system and might trigger the solar magnetic pole reversal.



The galactic minipulse will be transmitted through Aion and Iona, a cosmic pair of twin souls which played a very important role when they contributed greatly towards the formation of the Galactic Central civilization of Light millions of year ago:

银河系的微脉冲将通过 Aion 和 Iona 传输。 Aion 和 Iona 是一对宇宙双胞胎灵魂,它们在数百万年前对银河系中心光文明的形成做出了巨大贡献,并发挥了非常重要的作用:


The purpose of Iona now is to spread Goddess consciousness from the Galactic Center towards less developed planets in the outer spiral arms of the Milky way Galaxy. In galactic mythology, she is pictured as the winged goddess:

现在 Iona 的目的是将女神意识从银河系中心传播到银河系外旋臂中较不发达的行星上。在银河神话中,她被描绘成长着翅膀的女神:


The purpose of Aion is to help overseeing the turning of cosmic cycles in the Galaxy in harmony with the 25,000 year pulse of the heart of the Galactic Central Sun:

Aion 的目的是帮助监督银河系宇宙周期的转变,使之与银河系中央太阳中心25000年的脉冲和谐一致:


Aion or Aeon God of Perpetual Time, Eternity, and Zodiac Member of Greek primordial deities Other names Phanes Predecessor Chaos Abode beyond the celestial sphere Symbol hoop, wheel, ouroboros, other circled snakes Region Orphism Ethnic group Classical mediterranean Festivals 6 January Offspring Horae, Seasons Greek equivalent Phanes, Chronos Roman equivalent Aeternitas, Anna Perenna, Janus, Saturn Etruscan equivalent Culśanś Hinduism equivalent Varuna Aion ( Greek: Αἰών) is a Hellenistic deity associated with time, the orb or circle encompassing the universe, and the zodiac.


他将监督我们在地球上的 AION 激活。这种激活将意味着时代的转变。


For the first time in our history, a direct connection will be made between the physical plane (3rd dimension) and the cosmic atmic plane (11th dimension) on planet Earth.



This activation will also be the trigger point of the New Renaissance. Therefore we will be having our main activation in Firenze, Italy. You are more than welcome to join us:



Program of the activation: Saturday morning (10.00 am to 1.00 pm): Triggering the New Renaissance *Grail Star Mandala of 144,000 *Mysteries of the Goddess (Lunch break) Saturday afternoon (3.00 pm to 4.30 pm): Activation of the Firenze Vortex (Dinner break) Saturday evening (6.45 pm to 10.30 pm): Main activation of the AION Portal *Shift of the Ages *Galactic Pulse/Compression Breakthrough We will be having our morning program (10.00 am to 1.00 pm) and our evening program (6.45 pm to 10.30 pm) at It's Yoga Firenze Studio, Via dei Bardi 21: .




I will describe in detail what remains to be cleared. You can see the location of these implants inside the etheric body of every incarnated human being here: The Archons use their scalar projector beam technology to project thoughtforms and elementals into implants.

 October 15, 2013 Planetary Situation Update: Etheric Plane

2013年10月15日行星状况更新: 以太平面

 There is a massive clearing of the etheric plane in progress in the last few months and it was accelerated even further after the successful activation of the Peace Portal on August 25th.



There is still a very small group of main etheric Archons which continues to exert control on the reincarnation process and still continues to trigger weak spots of incarnated humans through their remote control operated etheric scalar implant technology.



There are three implants in the etheric body auric field of each incarnated human. They are small etheric black holes which are put into a rotating etheric scalar electromagnetic field with a rotational frequency of 6.666 每个转世人类的以太体金场中都有三个植入物。它们是小的以太黑洞,被放置在旋转频率为6.666  

You can see the location of these implants inside the etheric body of every incarnated human being here:



Two implants in the frontal lobe of the etheric brain compromise free will / decision making process and tend to block individual connection with the Source. This is done done with rotating electromagnetic scalar chambers around the two implants, enhanced with etheric ultrasound scalar waves. The purpose of the ultrasound scalar waves is to scan the etheric brain of the individual and deduct many of his thought processes through fuzzy logic computer program. Also, it can immediately detect any kind of positive ET contact with that individual and then it promptly triggers protocols to shut that contact down.



One implant at the etheric solar plexus membrane suppresses emotions and sexual energy and is thus used to control sheeple. Its rotating scalar electromagnetic chamber, enhanced with infrasound scalar waves generates electric current which short-circuits the kundalini. When this implant will clear, kundalini in human masses will arise and we will have a worldwide liberating revolution.



The Archons use their scalar projector beam technology to project thoughtforms and elementals into implants. The rotating scalar electromagnetic field around the implants serves as an accretion disk which pushes outside elementals through the event horizon into the implant's black hole. 



Folds in the quantum foam spacetime anomaly of the etheric plane still hide small black holes which are prevented from evaporating with rotating scalar etheric electromagnetic fields. These black holes contain reptilians who are sitting there in a quantum superposition state. When the scalar electromagnetic field is removed, those black holes evaporate immediately and  the reptilians are removed promptly by the Light forces.



The Resistance Movement is working to hack the computer program which controls the implants in the etheric mainframe computer of the Archons. When this is done, the Resistance Movement will be able to shut down the scalar field around the implants and then the implants and corresponding black holes in folds of etheric spacetime continuum will evaporate fast and finally true Light will arrive to planet Earth.

抵抗运动组织正在攻击控制 Archons 以太大型计算机植入物的计算机程序。当这样做的时候,抵抗运动将能够关闭植入物周围的标量场,然后植入物和相应的以太时空连续体中的黑洞将迅速蒸发,最终真正的光将到达行星地球。


The Resistance has already hacked that program once on November 9th, 2003, the day of the 抵抗组织已经在2003年11月9日,也就是和声协和日黑进了那个程序:



In the months following that, the etheric implants were disintegrating fast and that resulted in mass awakening of the Goddess presence on the planet in 2004. 在接下来的几个月里,以太植入物正在迅速瓦解,这导致了2004年女神在地球上的大规模觉醒。然而,执政官设法重新编程植入物和新版本的以太植入程序被激活在2004年12月25日。这给环绕地球的以太平面带来了巨大的压力。以太压力扰乱了构造板块,并在第二天引发了苏门答腊大地震和海啸。


After December 21st, 2012, the Resistance has managed to break into the etheric mainframe computer of the Archons but the particular program regarding implants has not been hacked yet.

2012年12月21日之后抵抗组织成功侵入了 Archons 的以太大型计算机但是关于植入物的特殊程序还没有被黑。


If you receive unwanted attention from negative non-physical beings, you can protect yourself with this simple technique, which has been given to humanity directly from the spiritual groups within the White Dragon Society:



  1. Visualize a pillar of brilliant white Light, coming from the Galactic Central Sun, descending and encompassing your body and continuing down to the center of the Earth.



  1. Visualize a mirror at the outer edge of the pillar of Light, circularly embracing you and reflecting all negativity outwards away from you, back to where it came from, and it gets annihilated there.






There was a lot of progress lately.A huge victory of the Light has been achieved on the day of the opening of the 8-8 portal. ALL negative entities from the lower mental and lower astral planes have been removed. The only remaining negative non-physical entities are now hiding within the implant hemispheres on the etheric plane.

  August 11, 2013 New Windows of Opportunity



The remaining etheric negative entities are concentrating their attacks on lightwarriors and lightworkers, but their final removal in inevitable and will come soon. Outside of implant hemispheres, angelic beings are healing war-torn etheric and astral landscape, clearing the remaining anomaly and restoring the non-physical planes to their original paradise state. This is how etheric plane looks right now:






Event Horizon Every window of opportunity, every portal is a quantum leap bringing us closer to the Event horizon. With each portal opened, more energy is generated and at a certain point, enough energy will trigger the breakthrough.

  May 22, 2013 Event 2013年5月22日



Before the Event can happen, the non-physical negative forces must be removed. Otherwise they could simply trigger more than 2 million people on the surface that were heavily mind programmed through severe trauma by the Cabal under their projects codenamed MK-Ultra and Monarch. Those traumatized individuals could be easily triggered by the Archons from the etheric and astral planes as part of their endgame to start behaving violently towards themselves and others.

在事件发生之前,非物质的负面力量必须被移除。否则,他们可能只是触发地面上的200多万人,这些人由于阴谋集团在他们的代号为 MK-Ultra 和 Monarch 的项目下所造成的严重创伤而被重度精神编程。这些受到创伤的个体很容易被来自以太和星体层面的执政官触发,作为他们最终游戏的一部分,开始对自己和他人采取暴力行为。


The non-physical negative forces are now gathered very close to the surface of the planet, concentrated around humans, attempting to prevent the Light from entering. They do this to maintain entropy and chaos because this is the only way they can survive a little bit longer.



There is a certain form of entities that was not mentioned yet. They are called Invisibles because they have the tendency to melt with their environment to the point they become energetically invisible. They inhabit the lower mental plane. Their purpose is to shut down the capacities of human mind and to induce stupidity into the human population in order to keep it enslaved. They are mainly responsible for many distorted belief systems inside organized religions and lately in the new age movement, which has deteriorated from pure beginnings in the 1980s into just another mind programmed cult after the Congo invasion in 1996. One of the main mental tricks of the Invisibles is that »all is well«, suggesting people to deny things that are not well and thus stripping people of their inherent power to change things that are not well.



The Archons are still using their etheric and astral 执政官们仍然在使用他们的以太和星体  

The non-physical Archons still use wormholes made of this distorted anomalous field to freely travel from one implant hemisphere to another.



After the Light forces remove the non-physical electromagnetic HAARP field, the black hole singularities will be stripped naked, the micro black holes will evaporate, the Calabi-Yau manifolds will straighten themselves out and the primary anomaly will disappear forever from our Universe. This will be beginning of the end of all suffering and beginning of true healing for humanity.

当光的力量移除非物理的电磁 HAARP 场后,黑洞奇点将被剥离,微型黑洞将蒸发,Calabi-Yau 流形将自我调整,主要异常将永远从我们的宇宙中消失。这将是所有苦难结束的开始,也是人类真正康复的开始。



Clearing of the etheric Archon grid is progressing slowly, but effectively. This clearing must be completed before the Event can happen. Due to certain security related issues in the beginning of 2013 the clearance to publish detailed intel from the Resistance was withdrawn in January.

 April 8, 2013 Short Situation Update




Galactic energies preparing us for the activation of the portal on May 25th are beginning to accelerate. Venus-Mars conjunction this weekend was the initial trigger point of that process, bringing some much needed balance in relationships between male and female polarity. Partial lunar eclipse on April 25th will bring much of the remaining anomaly of the implant hemispheres into the awareness of the surface based Lightworkers so that it can be processed and transmuted through conscious awareness. Annular solar eclipse on May 10th will bring a strong pulse of Light from the Galactic Central Sun towards the surface of this planet and make the final push for the opening of the portal. And finally, a penumbral lunar eclipse on May 25th will open the portal itself.




http://2012portal.blogspot.com/2013/03/implanthemispheres-and-galactic-central.html   March 10, 2013 Implant 2013年3月10日植入半球和银河系中央太阳活动



The Light forces are accelerating the clearing of non-physical negative entities and they are driving them out of all areas around the surface of the planet except from the so called implant hemispheres.



Implant hemispheres are areas of distorted spacetime continuum around the etheric implants. Each incarnated human being has received etheric implants by the Archons just before incarnating – the so called veil of forgetfulness. Those etheric implants are actually multidimensional black holes which contain anomalous matter and distorted quantum fluctuation. Each human being has three of those implants and they create a quite stable interference pattern which keeps the consciousness of the human being within the Matrix. This interference pattern creates an energy field of anomalous distorted spacetime structure around the implants with a radius of about 100 feet with the three implants in its center. This energy field was spheric until very recently. Last month the Light forces have managed to push the lower half of that spheric field of every human being towards the surface of the planet so now only the hemisphere above the surface remains. When many people are located close to each other, implant hemispheres tend to merge and create a unified distortion field. This is the main reason why the energies in large cities are not very good usually.



Those implant hemispheres look like this:



In the last week, many non-physical negative entities were driven out by the Light forces from all other areas into the implant hemispheres. These implant hemispheres are the only place where they are relatively safe from being cleared by the Light forces for now. The increased presence of Light is compressing the remaining darkenss. You were most likely able to feel this compression as extreme tiredness of the physical body which is undergoing intense tranformation. Many people also experienced energy attacks from the incoming negative entities and headaches because of increased implant activity. All this will be somewhat less intense from today onwards.



The most secure place for the negative non-physical entites to hide is in the sector of our implant hemisphere which corresponds to our traumatic experiences. When we experience a trauma, we tend to go out of the body and in that very moment usually negative non-physical entities attach to our energy field. Because the trauma is usually suppressed, we are not aware of those entities and they can carry out their plans undisturbed. This is the main reason the Archons have designed trauma-based mind programming.



Until now, the existence of implant (hemi)spheres was one of the main secrets of Archons and the reason of their confidence in the last 25,000 years. This intel is released now because the increased activity of the Galactic Central Sun will begin to dissolve the implant hemispheres. When they are disintegrated, this will be one of the biggest victories of the Light forces in the last 25,000 years.



The Galactic Central Sun is slowly beginning to increase its activity during this month of March. Comet Panstarrs is a cosmic trigger which will connect the consciousness of the surface population with this increased activity of the Cental Sun. This comet will make a spectacular show in our evening skies in the next few days:

在三月的这个月,银河系的中央太阳正慢慢地开始增加它的活动。Panstarrs 彗星是一个宇宙触发器,它将连接地表居民的意识和中央太阳活动的增加。在接下来的几天里,这颗彗星将在我们的夜空中呈现出壮观的景象:


Comet L4 Panstarrs photographed from Australia at dawn on Feb. 17, 2013 with a telephoto lens. A bright head and short tail are visible. Credit: Joseph Brimacombe 2013 could turn out to be a comet bonanza. No fewer than three of these long-tailed beauties are expected to brighten to naked eye visibility.


The activity of the Galactic Central Sun will increase drastically after the activation of the portal on May 25th and will be extremly high during June, July and August. This is the time period within which the Light forces will be making great progress with deconstruction of the implant hemispheres. It is not possible to predict the progress of clearing of the implant hemispheres in detail because the exact structure of the anomaly within the implants is not understood well enough yet.





 July 26, 2012 Explosion of Light



What maintains the quarantine is quantum anomaly . Quantum anomaly is a distortion of time-space continuum on quantum level (called “error” in ancient gnostic texts). Quantum anomaly presents a difficulty for positive ET travel technologies. Positive ETs are not gods, they have their own limitations. Else they would liberate humanity long time ago.

维持隔离的是量子异常。量子异常是在量子层面上对时空连续性的扭曲(在古代诺斯替文献中称为“错误”)。量子异常给正向 ET 旅行技术带来了困难。积极外星人不是神,他们有自己的局限性。否则他们很久以前就会解放人类。


The main structure that keeps humanity in third dimension are etheric implants. They form a network of black hole wormholes that was created by the Archons 26,000 years ago and strengthened with Magdalenian Archons invasion 16,000 years ago. Those black holes contain reptilians and their technology on etheric plane and they are being intensively purified by the Light forces right now. Etheric and astral black holes also contain a dark sepia ink elemental essence. That ink-like essence is what people call darkness because it absorbs etheric / astral light. When this ink is completely removed there will be an explosion of Light on non-physical planes.



By keeping the implants inside strong etheric electromagnetic fields eternity loops are created. Eternity loops are distortions of space-time continuum that give an impression that quarantine will last forever. Nothing could be further from the truth. The quarantine will be dissolved immediately when those electromagnetic fields are switched off and the Archons operating them are removed.



Another main structure is a special Archon technology on the etheric plane. They are projection chambers that project certain images / emotional states that are not ours on our outer auric membrane. So other people feel this projected image and not our true state. This is the source of most conflicts / projections in human relationships. When this technology is removed, people  will suddenly find much more harmony in their relationships.

另一个主要结构是以太平面上的特殊 Archon 技术。它们是投影室,投射某些图像/情绪状态,而这些图像/情绪状态不属于我们的外层金膜。所以其他人感觉到的是这个投影图像,而不是我们的真实状态。这是人际关系中大多数冲突和预测的来源。当这项技术被移除后,人们会突然发现他们的关系更加和谐。


The last main factor of the quarantine is the ordinary (mundane) reality. This reality system is an artificial creation of the Cabal and most people buy into this reality frame without questioning it. The Cabal spends about three billion dollars daily to keep the illusion of the ordinary reality running. It does this by suppressing all real UFO evidence and free energy technologies and by maintaining nine to five job slavery for humanity. You can transcend the ordinary reality frame by adopting shamanic point of view of creating your own reality. By consciously creating your own reality bubble you help disintegrating the quarantine.

隔离的最后一个主要因素是普通(世俗)的现实。这个现实系统是阴谋集团的人工创造,大多数人毫无疑问地接受了这个现实框架。阴谋集团每天花费大约30亿美元来维持普通现实的假象运行。它通过压制所有真实的 UFO 证据和自由能源技术,以及维持人类的9到5个工作岗位来达到这一目的。你可以通过采用萨满教的观点来创造你自己的现实,从而超越普通的现实框架。通过有意识地创造你自己的现实泡沫,你帮助瓦解了隔离。




 June 18, 2012 The Veil



 Implants. These are etheric / astral crystals that were put into the aura of every human being just before the incarnation, as that person needs to descend from the mental / higher astral planes through the lower astral / etheric towards the physical in order to incarnate. Those implants remove the memory of the prior incarnations and are the main reason why we mostly do not remember past lives, nor the Archon entities ruling the planet. Implants are somewhat poetically called the “veil of forgetfulness”.



There were also physical implants. The physical implants were very popular in Atlantis but were discontinued after the fall of Atlantis happened. There was an attempt to reintroduce physical implants after the World War II with physical biochips that were put into the vast majority of human beings through vaccination programs. This is the main reason why W还有植入物。物理植入在亚特兰蒂斯非常流行,但是在亚特兰蒂斯衰落之后就停止了。第二次世界大战之后,人们试图通过疫苗接种计划将物理生物芯片植入绝大多数人体内,从而重新引入物理植入物。这是世界卫生组织强制接种疫苗的主要原因。物理生物芯片加强了其他程序,但是大约两年前,通过一种可以远距离操作的特殊技术,这种技术被抵抗运动成功地从人类中抹去了。因此,对 NWO 计划为人类种群植入微芯片的担忧并非基于现实,因为人类种群已经被植入了微芯片,同样的生物芯片也在没有人真正注意到的情况下被移除了。


The Archons have reactivated and renewed The Veil in early 1996 after the mass awakening happened in early 90s that made intervention of the positive ET races on this planet a real possibility. This was done with about 200 nuclear explosions on the lower astral and etheric planes. Those non-physical nuclear explosions have created a rift in the fabric of space / time that has opened dark wormholes through which many reptilian entities invaded planet Earth from outer space and infested its astral and etheric planes. The Veil was reactivated again in December 2004 after the mass awakening to the Goddess presence which happened after the first Venus transit in June 2004 and after some successful operations of the Pleiadian fleet towards liberating this planet. Now, after the second Venus transit in June 2012 the awakening is happening again. This time the Veil can not be reinforced as there are no negative physical or non-physical ET forces in the outer space left to invade our planet. We are thus very close to the final victory.




http://2012portal.blogspot.com/2012/05/normal-0-microsoftinternetexplorer4_8592.html   May 11, 2012 Clarification about the State of Affairs


 Implants are crystals that were put into etheric and astral bodies of every human being on planet Earth by the Archons and their minions with the purpose of lowering the consciousness and keeping control. All implanting sessions have stopped in January 2010. After that time, the implants are slowly dissolving but it would be much more efficient and faster to consciously remove them. You can ask the Ascended masters, angels and other non-physical beings of Light to help you remove them.





 May 8, 2012 Fall of the Archons


I had some doubts about posting this intel as it may be shocking to some people, but I was nevertheless instructed to do so. Events of the last few days have further convinced me that now is the time to release this. I am not posting this to spread fear, but to inform. If we are aware of the situation, our unified consciousness will be able to transmute and dissolve it. This is a fairly complete picture of the state of affairs between the light and dark forces and of the ultimate victory of the Light.



25,000 years ago, dark forces created quarantine Earth and took humanity hostage. They created a virtual reality control system so nobody could escape. They have trapped Light beings who have a connection with the Source, to fuel this virtual creation.



This virtual reality control system is still in place to an extent and is usually referred to as the Matrix. On the physical plane, the control is maintained through Orion-Babylonian type debt-based financial system slavery and through mass media mind programming. On the etheric, astral and mental planes, the control is maintained with electromagnetic spacetime distortion chambers similar to those used in Philadelphia experiment. Those chambers create an illusion of a closed loop system that appears to be eternal and this is the reason why so few beings have been able to be set free / liberated / enlightened.

这种虚拟现实控制系统在一定程度上仍然存在,通常被称为矩阵。在物理层面上,控制是通过 Orion-Babylonian 类型的债务为基础的金融系统奴役和通过大众媒体思维编程来维持的。在以太、星体和精神层面,控制是通过类似于费城实验中使用的电磁时空扭曲室来维持的。这些房间创造了一个似乎是永恒的闭合循环系统的幻觉,这就是为什么很少有人能够获得自由/解放/开悟的原因。


The Matrix is run by beings, called Archons (Greek for rulers). They are beings that came from the Andromeda Galaxy and chose to experience darkness. They refused to reconnect with the source. Through millennia, they created Draconian and Reptilian race through genetic engineering  to use them as slave warriors to expand their dark empire.



Planet Earth is the last planet of this dark empire to be liberated. There are very few Archons on planet Earth left.



On the etheric and astral planes, they are known as Lords of Karma. They are the ones that to a great extent decide the life path of anybody that incarnates. They choose our parents and to some extent determine our life conditions. This programming system is known as karma. With advance wave-form generating technology on the astral plane they manipulate astral currents of planetary energies and use them for malevolent astrological influences. They maintain the distorted spacetime structure with implants  that have created spacetime black hole anomaly, thus confusing human mind and emotions. Implants are programmable crystals that were put into mental, astral and etheric bodies of every single human being on Earth with strong electronic devices.



On the etheric and lower astral planes, their Draconian administrators maintain the artificial intelligence technology that keeps the Matrix in place. It has an alert system so if an awakened being creates a hole in this Matrix with his Light, Draconians send a Reptilian slave warrior to exert pressure on the psychological weak spots of that awakened being to lower his vibration and thus close that hole. Also, those Reptilian slave warriors constantly exert pressure upon the mind and emotions of incarnated human beings on Earth in order to prevent their spiritual growth and to suppress their fight for freedom. If that is not enough, they also send amoeba-like elemental beings that put additional pressure. All those negative beings usually hide in folds of distorted spacetime structure on astral and etheric planes:




Their power is in fear and hidden agendas. They lose all power in the face of light, truth and courage. If we are aware of all this without fear, the light of our consciousness will straighten those folds in spacetime structure and all those negative beings will be removed from astral and etheric planes of planet Earth:



This article has been 15 years in the making, as it took that long for me to be able to distill this information into an accessible format. This is going to represent a few very important pieces of the overall puzzle of how we are going to shift this planet and everyone upon it into an ascended frequency of being.


On the physical plane the Archons are incarnated within Jesuit organization and they spiritually control their administrators (Draconian Illuminati that run the financial system), their warriors (Reptilian mercenaries that protect the Illuminati) and their slaves (humanity that works for them in their 9-5 jobs). Through Jesuit societies and 33rd degree Freemasons they hold the Illuminati structure together. This structure is now finally falling apart.




Invasions of the Archons



There were three main invasions of the Archons and their subjugated races such as Draconians and Reptilians from outer space in known human history. All of them happened both on physical and spiritual planes.



The first one is Kurgan invasion that happened around 3600 BCE. Dark beings entered through Caucasus dimensional portal.



Their purpose was to destroy peaceful Goddess worshipping neolithic cultures that thrived in neolithic Europe. They wanted to destroy veneration of the Goddess since feminine energy is our direct connection to the Source:





The second one is Khazar invasion that happened around 393 CE. Dark beings used the same Caucasus dimensional portal:



The purpose of this invasion was to destroy mystery schools, Christian gnostic groups and nature worshipping paganism and replace those with Christian cult mind programming. This programming was enhanced with creation of virtual reality hells on the lower astral plane, which were then used by the Church to strengthen its position.



The third one is Congo invasion that happened in 1996. Dark beings entered through war-torn Congo, Rwanda and Uganda. Main focus of this invasion was on the etheric and lower astral plane. The purpose of this invasion was to destroy new age and ascension movements and to reinforce the Matrix that was already beginning to disintegrate in 1995 as a result of mass awakening on Earth. Most beings are not aware of this invasion as their memories about the Light that was present on Earth before 1996 were erased with intense implanting sessions between 1996 ad 1999.




Victory of the Light



After the 11:11:11 portal activation in November last year, the Matrix is finally falling apart. Immediately after that, events were set into motion (Keenan lawsuit) that will finally result in our ultimate liberation. This time there can be no invasion of Archons from outer space, since planet Earth is the last one to be liberated.

在去年11月11:11:11入口激活之后,Matrix 终于开始分崩离析。紧接着,事件开始了(基南诉讼) ,最终将导致我们的最终解放。这一次不会有来自外太空的执政官入侵,因为地球是最后一个被解放的星球。


The decisive battle is expected to happen around the Venus transit portal on June 5th.  We are already within the timeframe of that decisive turning point. Although the victory of Light is ensured and all negative timelines have been erased, we need to be extremely vigilant.



Archons on the astral plane will continue to exert pressure on the psychological  weak spots of the key players of the positive forces on Earth to create divisions and conflicts between them. This serves their purpose to diffuse our focus into petty quarrels and away from our focused intent of taking down the Cabal. We need to release those conflicts and refocus immediately. Liberation consciousness stream is strong enough to override Archon influence, but they are still powerful enough to create unnecessary delays. Mass arrests of the Cabal are not physical operation only, they need spiritual support so that when they happen, human masses will not panic.



At a certain point, energies of the Galactic Central Sun will burn through all obstacles of the Matrix on the astral and etheric planes and all negative entities will be removed. They will be replaced with angels and spiritual guides as one prophecy beautifully states:



The Net Must Come Down, It Ends, Light Enters



The final step is simply taking down the net. This has to be done and events will then quickly follow.


The One will put forth all that energy to destroy the net itself and events will kick in almost immediately.


The programs will have no place to hide, no portals, no equipment, nothing. They will be led off and the weather pattern of luminosity will begin.




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