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The Deep State is loosing global control


In the two previous articles  here and here readers have been revealed the corrupt money system and how and why it was created,plainly for the purpose as tool to putting all of us in debt slavery.After about 110 years,from which the last 50 years only backed by paper,the Deep State's fiat dollar system is now running out of steam and blowing itself up.Because,they haven't been able to create a world event–e.g.WW3,to urgently replace the system with another fraudulent money scheme.Prearranged,the so called SDR-最后的警钟| 假币制造者World money system,run by the IMF in the function as central bank for the whole world.

这里这里的前两篇文章中,读者们已经揭示了腐败的货币体系,以及它是如何以及为什么被创造出来的,显然是为了把我们所有人变成债务奴隶。大约110年之后,过去的50年只有纸币支持,深州的法定美元系统现在已经失去动力,自我毁灭。因为,他们没有能力创造一个世界性的事 件——比如第三次世界大战,用另一个欺诈性的货币计划紧急取代系统。事先安排好的,所谓的 SDR-World 货币体系,由国际货币基金组织运作,作为全世界的中央银行。

Under the existing fraudulent monetary system,debt in real terms,becomes impossible to be repaid,whereas the required debt liquidation can only be accomplished by debasement of the currency,i.e.inflation.Fake money rewards the special interest groups most closely associated with money managers:to name a few,the Deep State mob,the military industrial complex,Wall Street,Banks,and the many beneficiaries of government spending.


Unfair distribution of wealth is a characteristic of a fiat monetary system and is being witnessed today in its extreme.As an example;the three richest people own more than the bottom 50%of the world's population.Fiat money dislikes morality and creates an immoral society.It requires the rejection of a convertible commodity standard,and can only be enforced with powerful legal tender laws.


Economic bubbles are the monsters birthed by fiat currencies and central bank money supply and the manipulation of interest rates.A fiat currency removes a definable unit of account,which is needed for sound economic calculation.


最后的警钟| 假币制造者The real issue with the market is that stocks and real estate are extremely overvalued,thanks to the central bank's money printing,which has created a fake rally through its secret actions by continuously pumping fake money into the system.The only thing really is supporting the markets is the Central Bank with all the money they are printing.Everyone knows it.They only refuse to admit it.There is no strong economy behind all this.It is an inflation-driven bubble.


Most importantly,the central bank global fiat financial system is being brought to the point of deflation,meaning less debt-money is in circulation,which automatically forces the Deep State to surrender their global control.The fiat financial system will be replaced by local sovereign currencies,i.e.gold-or asset-backed sovereign money systems,operated on the QFS.This will be the foundation for the post-fiat,GESARA world.

最重要的是,中央银行的全球法定金融体系正在走向通货紧缩,这意味着流通中的债务货币减少,这会自动迫使"深层国家"(Deep State)放弃全球控制权。法定金融体系将被本地主权货币所取代,即由黄金或资产支持的主权货币体系在资产重组框架下运作。这将是QFSGESARA 世界的基础。

最后的警钟| 假币制造者As an example;Russia is already far less dependent on the US dollar or any other foreign currency.Their central bank is reshaping its international holdings,cutting the share of the US dollar in favour of other currencies and gold.Last year,the none Rothschild owned Central Bank of Russia–CBR reported that the greenback share fell from 43.7 percent to 23.6 percent in twelve months from March 2018.Moscow has also been actively increasing its gold bullion reserves,which totalled$110.3 billion as of January 1.


"If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency,first by inflation,then by deflation,the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered…I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies…The issuing power–of money–should be taken from the banks and restored to the people,to whom it properly belongs."–THOMAS JEFFERSON–Founding Father who served as the third president of the United States from 1801 to 1809.


Central Banks and Tax Offices are cabal owned corporations


People who think that peace and prosperity are worthy goals,must definitely reject fiat currencies.–For at least since the 1600s in Europe,taxpayer monies have been illegally laundered under supervision of the Pope through the Vatican Bank.Also,became known;tax offices and central banks are cabal owned corporations,identified and located at;Washington DC,City of London and the Holy See in Vatican City.As tax revenues are for elites and the bribing of politician to filling their pockets along the way.On the other hand;Governments are funded totally through black earning projects,such as drug-trafficking,organ-and human-trafficking,including child-sex-trafficking and off-budget accounting as published in the comprehensive annual financial report(CAFR)


In fact,the world is run by unelected and illegitimately elected individuals that for more than 80%are corrupted;among others through paedophilia and secret blood rituals.–When President Trump finally implements GESARA Law the Federal Reserve and IRS officially would be defunct.Income taxes will be abolished and replaced with a sales tax on non-essential items.

事实上,这个世界是由未经选举和非法选举产生的个人统治的,超过80%的人是腐败的;其中包括通过恋童癖和秘密的血液仪式。年的今天,当特朗普总统最终实施 GESARA 法律时,美联储和国税局将正式解散。所得税将被废除,取而代之的是对非必需品征收销售税。

最后的警钟| 假币制造者Recovering from the damage caused by the fiat currencies will prove to be much more difficult than rejecting the temptation to initiate a fiat currency as the unit of account in the first place.–Honest money is the essential ally of liberty.Precious metals must and will return to serve as the foundation for the new QFS-system.The QFS does not exercise control over the financial system in every country,but acts as a supervisor of every transaction to prevent corruption within the system.


Worldwide,people are waking up to the fact that the current economic system of debt-based-fiat money is unsustainable.Central banks are quietly and secretly preparing for the worst,by buying gold on the cheap.Governments will do what they always do in a financial crisis:protecting the insiders and those close to the Deep State.


Inflation is plain Theft leading to Stagflation


Inflation is nothing more than legalised theft by our governments;it stands at only two percent,at least that is what the Statistics say.But these numbers don't portray the truth.The real rate is probably closer to 9%,maybe even higher.Who knows?All published最后的警钟| 假币制造者inflation data are fabrications,as these numbers are made up to suit the government.Lower inflation numbers in statistics look better,and they don't show the theft committed by governments.


For example,an inflation rate of 8%annually means that$100,000 in cash today would be worth only$46,319 in 10 years.That's more than half its value evaporated into thin air.In 20 years,it would only be worth$21,455.In 30 years,it would be worth an abysmal$9,938.What can you do to protect yourself?–The only answer is to buy precious metals for any amount you have deposited in the bank and don't immediately need.


Nevertheless,over the past ten years despite the reality of tens of trillions of dollars printed and monetised by Central Banks in the U.S.,Europe,UK,and Japan remain most banks underfunded and would be insolvent if they had to administer true accounting practices.


The Cabal-owned Central Banks want an"inflation rate"of 2%.They officially say it's good as the purchasing power of the currency falls.But for whom is it good?For the banksters themselves and the political class of course,who gets the newly issued currency first.For the rest of us,it is not so great at all.When more currency is pumped into the economic system,more money runs after the same amount of goods,which results in a heavy loss of purchasing power for the people down the line,first the middle class and then the poor.The most vulnerable group of people,are hit hardest.


Consumer price inflation had been low for two decades.In the early'60s,it was less than 1.5%,as is today,although on altered parameters,see below.But then,it crept up,to 5.8%in 1971.While,the rest of the world–which held billions of dollars–began to get nervous.And rightly so.


Rather than honour its commitment to redeem U.S.dollars at$35 an ounce of gold,the Nixon administration simply"closed the gold window"in 1970.And created a new currency;a dollar that wasn't connected to anything.The feds could now print as many as they wanted.


最后的警钟| 假币制造者Shrewd investors anticipated the move,but not too many.Gold was already up to$40 an ounce when the announcement was made on August 15,1971.Then,the dollar continued to sink until,by the end of 1979,gold was changing hands at$512/ounce.


The premise of the U.S.Treasury,and the economists guiding it–including Nobel Prize winner Milton Friedman–was that the new dollar would be every bit as good as the old one;and that its guardians at the Treasury would be careful not to print too many.However,that premise was false.In 1973,the Arabs proved it,raising the price of oil 300%just to keep up with the depreciating dollar.


Governments were spending too much money;the deficits had to be borrowed.This"crowded out"private borrowing and slowed the economy.The combination of rising consumer prices and economic stagnation was cleverly stitched together,leading to the monster of"stagflation."


Stagflation means persistent high inflation combined with high unemployment and stagnant demand.As,inflation destroys consumer purchasing power.The creation of money and credit does not create prosperity.It's a form of theft through hidden taxation of consumers.


最后的警钟| 假币制造者By 1974,that monster was breathing fire.Consumer prices were rising at an 11%rate.Governments,were near panic,and built defences.They created the Congressional Budget Office(CBO)to try to bring their expenses and revenues closer together.Perhaps the CBO has helped.Or maybe it didn't.Either way,the monster ran wild.U.S.public debt rose from$371 billion in 1970 to$908 billion in 1980.And by 1980,the inflation rate was hitting 14%.–Today's official inflation rate,by contrast,is less than 2%.But wait…


In the 1990s,the feds changed the way they calculate the inflation numbers.If they thought the quality of a product had increased,they reasoned that buyers got more for their money.So they pretended that consumers got a lower price,too.


If a new computer was 10 times as fast as an old one,for example,they cut the price 90%—even though you had to pay just as much for the new one as for the old one.As you can imagine,these"hedonic"sleights of hand substantially cut the"inflation rate."


But John Williams,of Shadow Government Statistics,continues to calculate inflation using the same formula used in 1980.Guess what inflation rate he gets for last year?Ten percent.In other words,using the same yardstick,inflation is already higher than it was in 1970.Confirmed by the 8%rice of the gold price,that also is a good measure of real price inflation.


The'70s ended with no crash in the stock market.But,after inflation,a stockholder left the decade with only about 7%as much real wealth as he had when he entered it.Looks similar to the situation in the 1920s.


In broad terms,the false premise of the'70s was that the new dollar was as good as the old one.You could have multiplied your money 13 times,simply by betting against the new dollar.All you had to do was to buy gold and sit tight.


And what about now?The leading premise of the 2020s is probably that this economy is just as good as ever.Investors seem to think so.The press says so.And President Donald Trump said recently in Davos;that he has led a"spectacular"turnaround of the U.S.economy and urged the world to invest in America.The question is:Is it true or false?


If false,the 2020s will prove to be at least as painful as the 1970s or even the 1920s,and probably much worse.


Free money is a scam corrupting society


On September 17,without a cloud in the sky,the central bank"cranked up the presses"to add about$100 billion a month over the最后的警钟| 假币制造者next five months—simply to cover U.S.deficits.That's inflation.Pure and Simple.The kind of thing that governments do to fund their activities that are often wasteful,but gives the impression being valuable.


Remember,"inflation"refers to increasing the money supply,not specifically to the kind of"inflation"that people don't like i.e.consumer price inflation.First comes the money-printing.Then come asset price increases.Sharply rising consumer prices are usually the last and is the most spectacular phase of an inflationary disaster.


Free printed money is a scam.The longer it goes on,the more corrupt the whole society becomes,and the more citizens demand radical reforms.The new money,so far,has gone mostly to the Deep State cabal,and into the pockets of the rich,and politicians.


最后的警钟| 假币制造者GDP growth is kept positive,by lending money below the rate of consumer price inflation.Worldwide,central banks lowered rates some 90 times last year.And now they are using its Repo Printing Program to pumping money in the system even faster than it did during the crisis of'08-'09.


For several years through 2013,the Central Banks bought roughly$1.5 trillion of Treasuries and mortgage bonds to try to hold down long-term interest rates and encourage more borrowing and spending.Lower rates also led investors to invest more in stocks.


America and the rest of world won't be made great again until the real wrongs–perpetual war and perpetual fake-money inflation–are corrected.These wrongs are not committed by capitalists,or by the Chinese,Mexicans,or Iranians.They are committed by central planners at the Rothschild central banks and executed by politicians,bureaucrats,lobbyists,cronies and other Deep State cronies,who instructed them to act that way.They won't stop until the whole matter blows up.



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