通货膨胀: 无形的盗窃|最后的警钟

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通货膨胀是一种看不见的盗窃,一种甚至只有1% 的普通人不了解的秘密税收。它很危险,通常是致命的。如果不及时控制,它将彻底摧毁社会。

Inflation phenomenon explained
Better solution is to deliberately create inflation
Velocity of circulation of money
1950s Prices as proof of inflation
The Breakthrough Begins
How much money is in circulation?

Inflation phenomenon explained


Inflation is invisible theft, a secret tax not understood by even 1% of the ordinary population. It is dangerous and usually deadly. If not controlled in time, it completely destroys society.

通货膨胀是一种看不见的盗窃,一种甚至只有1% 的普通人不了解的秘密税收。它很危险,通常是致命的。如果不及时控制,它将彻底摧毁社会。

通货膨胀: 无形的盗窃|最后的警钟The source is the Central Banksters who keep printing money. Nobody accepts responsibility for causing inflation. They always find an excuse, such as greedy businessmen, selfish unions, wasteful consumers, Arab sheikhs who have raised the price of oil, bad weather, or anything else that seems plausible.


While all these things may temporarily lead to higher prices for individual items, they cannot cause continuous inflation; for the very simple reason, none of the above alleged culprits owns a printing press, to print pieces of paper called money; none of them can legally authorise accountants to enter these pieces of paper representing the equivalent of money value in the ledger as income.

虽然所有这些因素可能会暂时导致个别项目的价格上升,但它们不能造成持续的通胀; 原因很简单,上述被指控的罪犯都没有拥有印钞机,印制称为货币的纸张; 他们都不能合法地授权会计师将这些代表相等於货币价值的纸张作为收入记入分类帐内。

Over time, the result is significant lowering of our standard of living. As a result of declining purchasing power of money with consequent ‘price increases’ of commodities. Real wages are correspondingly reduced as employers will not easily raise wages to keep up with inflation.


Under this system of paper money, without asset-backed value, the monetary system is controlled by bureaucrats, who have the power to allocate or refuse capital. In other words, as the capital beneficiaries, the people who manage the world’s capital markets, have become de speculators, whose strings are held by wealthy and influential mafiosos.


Inflation is the phenomenon of the printing press. The two main basic questions are:


  • Why do monetary authorities increase the quantity of money?
  • 货币当局为什么要增加货币数量?
  • Why do they produce inflation if the potential damage is known?
  • 如果潜在的危害是已知的,为什么它们会产生通货膨胀?

If the quantity of goods and services available for purchase – short-term “output” – were to rise as fast as the quantity of money, prices will remain stable throughout. Prices may gradually fall as more becomes available, while people can keep their wealth in money. Inflation occurs when the money supply rises faster than output, and the faster the money supply rises, the greater the inflation.


通货膨胀: 无形的盗窃|最后的警钟Production is constrained by available physical and human resources and by improving knowledge and understanding. At best, production grows slowly. The same applies, albeit always temporarily and for a short period, to money backed by an asset. However, paper money of today has no limitation.


Inflation is a monetary phenomenon caused by the quantity of money growing faster than the growth of production. Excessive monetary growth caused by authorities is inflation.


In general, inflation is worse than a financial crisis. Taxpayers’ money is spent by governments for nothing, with no reform in sight; and is followed by increases in unemployment as companies go bankrupt.

总的来说,通货膨胀比金融危机还要严重。纳税人的钱被政府毫无意义地花掉,看不到任何改革的迹象; 随之而来的是公司破产导致的失业率上升。

Bankers who caused the 2008 financial crisis were bailed out with the people’s money. The guilty managers were left at the helm, who again took even more risks with taxpayers’ deposits to rake in bigger bonuses.


Ultimately, these operations lead to massive unprecedented inflation. The Overall-indebtedness is structural; unsolvable, against is no solution to repair the economy.


Inflation is nothing else but legalised theft by own governments; if inflation is only two per cent, at least that is still what the statistics suggest. However, these figures do not show the real truth. Real inflation today is probably closer to 9-15 per cent, and maybe even higher.  Who will tell? All published inflation data are blatant lies. These figures are made up to make government policies look better. Showing lower inflation in statistics looks healthier, to hide government theft.

通胀只不过是政府合法化的盗窃行为; 如果通胀率仅为2% ,至少统计数据仍是这样显示的。然而,这些数字并没有显示出真实的情况。如今的实际通胀率可能更接近9% 至15% ,甚至更高。谁会说?所有公布的通胀数据都是明目张胆的谎言。这些数字是为了使政府的政策看起来更好。在统计数据中显示较低的通胀看起来更健康,以掩盖政府的盗窃行为。

Put another way; If more money is printed than saved domestically, it inevitably results in inflation. The more money printed, the more money is available for the same amount of goods and services.


One of the reasons inflation is so destructive is that some people benefit more than many others, that means the majority of the population has to suffer extra.


Society is divided into winners and losers. The winners regard the good things that happen to them as the natural result of their foresight, prudence and initiative. They regard the bad things; such as the rise in prices of purchased goods, as being caused by forces beyond their control. Almost everyone will say they are against inflation. However, what they mean is that they are against the bad consequences that have befallen them due to certain corollaries of inflation.


The paper value of houses goes up. With mortgages, interest rates are usually below inflation. As a result, inflation effectively pays both mortgage interest and part of the principal repayment. This effect is an advantage for homeowners, as their equity in the house rises faster. The other side of the coin is that at lower interest rates than inflation, this results in a loss for savers.


If the rise in inflation accelerates, which usually happens sooner than later, it does a lot of damage to the fabric of society, viz. by creating injustice and inequality in suffering through the consequences.


Better solution is to deliberately create inflation


通货膨胀: 无形的盗窃|最后的警钟If governments want to create inflation, there is no need to print excessive amounts of money. They can create inflation immediately by raising the price of gold, which is the easiest way to create inflation. A higher dollar price of gold is practically the definition of inflation. The Fed simply declares the gold price to, say $5,000 per ounce and then lets the price anchor with the gold lying in Fort Knox – assuming it is there again? – This printing press action can have a two-way effect on the market.

如果政府想制造通货膨胀,就没有必要印制过多的货币。他们可以通过提高黄金价格立即制造通货膨胀,这是制造通货膨胀最简单的方法。以美元计价的黄金价格上涨实际上就是通货膨胀的定义。美联储只是简单地宣布金价,比如说每盎司5000美元,然后让金价与诺克斯堡(Fort Knox)的黄金挂钩——假设它还在那里?这种印刷行动可以对市场产生双向影响。

For example; the Fed sells gold when it scores above $5,050 per ounce and buys gold when it reaches $4,950 per ounce. That is a bandwidth of 1% around the target price of $5,000 per ounce. The bandwidth and the use of physical gold ensure that the target price is maintained and the value of money remains stable.

例如,当金价超过每盎司5,050美元时,美联储卖出黄金,当金价达到每盎司4,950美元时,美联储买入黄金。这个带宽约为每盎司5000美元的目标价格的1% 。带宽和实物黄金的使用确保了目标价格得以维持,货币价值保持稳定。

A higher gold price is the same as a lower value of the dollar. The world of $5,000 an ounce gold also means $10 a gallon of gas at the petrol station and $40 for a cinema ticket. Nothing happens without consequences.


Inflation disadvantages wage earners, savers and pensioners in favour of asset owners. It favours debtors at the expense of creditors. There is no net increase in wealth of the country. One group is taxed in favour of another. This is sold by governments as a benefit to the country. This is how they have to sell it to the people, because without inflation, they cannot pay their bills.


And what about inflation today? As long as the economy is running below its “capacity”, people think consumer prices will not rise. As long as there are empty seats in the theatre, as now in real estate, crypto-currencies and the stock market. In other words, central banks should try to fill those seats by printing more money.


In the long run, this policy will be catastrophic. The global economy now depends on ultra-low interest rates and bond yields. And those depend on ultra-low inflation rates. Remember, you can get ultra-low inflation with easy monetary policy, but not with easy fiscal policy.


From a wealth preservation perspective, this period will be the last chance for investors and savers who do not have enough physical gold and silver to stockpile. In the coming month/weeks, gold and silver will rise many thousands of dollars/euros per ounce and form a crucial part of investors’ wealth preservation portfolios to protect the value of their assets from total destruction.


As gold and silver markets rise, the massive paper sales of gold and silver undertaken by governments and gold banks to depress these prices will come back to them like a boomerang.


Remember; wealth cannot be created by a printing press. It leads to price inflation, asset inflation, or credit collapse – or a mixture of all three. Everyone specialist knows this, but our financial leaders pretend that will not be the case.


Hyperliquidity leads to hyperinflation via a higher money circulation rate that always eventually leads to a paper currency confidence crisis. Therefore, hyperinflation is a currency-motivated event.


Yet many say this will not happen this time. They claim this because they believe the Central Banks have the capacity and foresight to prevent it. That is not the case.


When the expansion of credit becomes greater than the increase in savings, historically it always ends in the collapse of the currency. So that should no longer be a surprise. When creditors start asking the critical question; can these debts really still be financed? Will we still get our savings back? After credit is radically expanded beyond savings, as it is now, the answer is no.

从历史上看,当信贷扩张超过储蓄增长时,总是以货币崩溃告终。所以这应该不再是个惊喜了。当债权人开始提出一个关键问题: 这些债务真的还能得到融资吗?我们还能拿回我们的积蓄吗?在信贷急剧扩张到储蓄之外(就像现在这样)之后,答案是否定的。

Clearly, the dramatic increase in money supply eventually leads to inflation. But the key word here is “eventually“. Sometimes it may take a while. The extent of the slowdown depends on general conditions and a very important concept known as “monetary velocity of circulation“.


Velocity of circulation of money


通货膨胀: 无形的盗窃|最后的警钟Inflation and deflation are not just the result of the amount of money in the system. They are both the product of the velocity of money moving through the system.


When banks lend, businesses borrow and consumers spend, money changes hands rapidly. Under these circumstances, the velocity of money is high.


Conversely, when banks are not lending, businesses are withdrawing and consumers are saving or paying off debts, money does not change hands quickly. It moves slowly. When the economy comes close to a standstill, as is the case now, money ends up not changing hands at all.

相反,当银行不放贷、企业撤资、消费者储蓄或偿还债务时,货币不会很快易手。它移动得很慢。当经济接近停滞时(就像现在这样) ,货币最终根本不会易手。

Inflation comes not only from the increase in the money supply, but also a sufficient money velocity is needed to generally cause a continuous rise in the prices of goods and services. Without velocity of circulation – if money does not move through the system – there is no cause for price increases.


So it is not just about the quantity of units printed. It is also about where those units go and how fast they move through the system. Indeed, the end game may be the acceleration of monetary velocity. The cumulative effect of price increases and loss of confidence in the system, results in a decrease in desire to own dollars/euros, etc., and that then means hyperinflation.


However, it need not be at all as bleak as is currently is the result. The world still has free energy in abundance.


Any amount of energy is freely available for industry and consumer use on an unlimited daily basis. Nicolas Tesla had already proved this wirelessly available energy for the whole world a hundred and twenty years ago! But, the Deep State Cabal did not want the people to benefit from it. Because of their oil monopoly, thus this energy plan was destroyed.

任何数量的能源都可以免费供工业和消费者使用,每天不受限制。尼古拉斯 · 特斯拉在一百二十年前就已经证明了这种无线可用的能源适用于整个世界!但是,深州阴谋集团不希望人民从中受益。因为他们的石油垄断,这个能源计划就这样被破坏了。

1950s Prices as proof of inflation


We will return to 1950s price levels once the Deep State cabal is defeated by our awakening. To show how inflation has robbed humanity over the past 70 years, here some prices in US dollars, since the other currencies deliberately do not longer exist.


通货膨胀: 无形的盗窃|最后的警钟New house $8450 – Average income $3216 – New car $1511 – Rent $75

新房 $8450-平均收入 $3216-新车 $1511-租金 $75

Tuition fees at Harvard University $600 a year. – Cinema ticket $0.65. – Petrol $0.18 /gal = 3.8 L – Postage stamp $0.03 Crystal sugar $0.85 for 10 lbs = 4.6KG  Vitamin D milk $0.85 gal/ 3.8L Ground coffee $0.70 lb. = 460 grams Bacon $0.50 lb. Eggs $0.24 /dozen.

哈佛大学的学费是每年600美元。电影票0.65美元。- 汽油 $0.18/gal = 3.8 L-邮票 $0.03水晶糖 $0.8510磅 = 4.6 KG 维生素 D 牛奶 $0.85 gal/3.8 L 磨碎的咖啡 $0.70磅。= 460克培根 $0.50磅。每打鸡蛋0.24美元。

Freshly baked bread $0.14/bread.


Readers are invited to post in the comment box whether the phenomenon of inflation is understood.


The Breakthrough Begins


Through God’s intervention, the emerging Biblical events take place. That means Father/Mother God gets all the credit, for this initiative. The real truth is now fully presented.


通货膨胀: 无形的盗窃|最后的警钟This week begins the breakthrough of our overall deliverance. According to, the timing of the Biblical Cycle, the paper cabal money system collapses before the end of this year. The printed money used for evil, comes to an end and is totally destroyed.


The new QFS system comes into effect. Stock up on food and first necessities for 2 weeks. During the changeover, existing supply chains will be converted, which may take several days to weeks.


To be freed from the old control system, all organised religions and churches disappear. The world will literally be turned upside down to be rid of all taught false knowledge. Nothing will be as it was before! When the financial system explodes, the ‘rich’ lose their power and wealth. Everything assumed to be true disappears.


The collapse of the dollar is the starting shot for the downfall of the financial system. There will be millionaires and billionaires who will become knights on foot as they lose their wealth.


The light has won in the end! Since the Babylonian era, the cabal tried to hide everything through deliberate deception. It is the battle between good and evil which has lasted for many thousands of years, and is now coming to its denouement.


More details will be revealed next week in a special issue. For now, know that the upheaval begins on or around 6 April next and will last six months until the end of September. This will be followed by three years during which planet Earth will be completely and thoroughly cleansed of all evil. The full transition to the 5D world will become fact.

更多细节将在下周的一期特刊中披露。现在,要知道这场剧变将于明年4月6日左右开始,并将持续6个月,直到9月底。接下来的三年里,地球将完全彻底地清除一切罪恶。完全过渡到5D 世界将成为现实。

Guillotines will be placed in public places to execute cabal puppets in front of the public. Measures will be taken that planet Earth can never again fall victim to negative forces.


Propagate this good news!


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How much money is in circulation?


通货膨胀: 无形的盗窃|最后的警钟Have you ever wondered how much money is in circulation in the world? This video compares world’s richest people, biggest companies, physical currency, gold market, stock market, global debt, and more to give an idea of how much money is actually available.



Watch this very informative video to be informed about this important topic. Spread this information far and wide to wake up everyone.


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