X22报道|第2784集: 经济崩溃,爱国者们准备下一盘棋

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X22报道|第2784集: 经济崩溃,爱国者们准备下一盘棋

Ep. 2784a – The Economy Is Falling Apart, & There Is Another Ticking Time Bomb

Ep. 2784a-经济正在崩溃,还有一颗定时炸弹

Ep. 2784b – The [DS] Lost Narrative & Power, Patriots Ready To Move The Next Chess Piece

Ep. 2784a-[DS]失去的叙述与力量,爱国者准备移动下一个棋子 



The economy is heading right into a recession, optics are perfect, the puppet masters will take the fall. While the economy is falling apart, something else is on the horizon, it’s a ticking time bomb, the subsidies for Obamacare end and if congress doesn’t do something people will need to pay double or triple for health insurance. Oil companies are not helping power bitcoin mining.



The [DS] is trapped by their lies, Durham has them exactly where he wants them, the evidence has been produced, the lies have been revealed. Let’s see what happens. The patriots are ready to move the next chess piece, the [DS] has lost the narrative  and power and they are panicking, the [FF] are not going the way thought they were going to go, the people are not with them. [DS] ready to use the rest of their ammo to stop what is coming. 



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