2022年6月27日: 演出时间|星际飞船地球

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 June 27, 2022 2022年6月27日

2022年6月27日: 演出时间|星际飞船地球

What an eventful weekend! We have comms up the yin-yang telling us “It’s show time” and a leak from the news in Australia. Anyone else heard the following?


2022年6月27日: 演出时间|星际飞船地球

SCOTUS began the week with a bang and another new blockbuster ruling this morning.


New York Supreme Court strikes down law allowing noncitizens to vote


What’s more, the number of coincidences regarding the Trump rally in Illinois means even the most skeptical should no longer have cause to doubt. Link to Telegram.


I also like finding the 17s. See because when you have a bunch of big ones like Q showing up on day 1700, or Trump hosting a rally in a suburb of Quincy (QTown) called Mendon which is 17 miles from QTown, population 872 (17) and zip code 62351 (also 17) it gets a bit ridiculous at the amount of coincidences at that point.

我也喜欢找到17。因为当你看到一群大人物出现在1700天,或者特朗普在昆西郊区的门登举行集会,那里距离昆西城17英里,人口872(17) ,邮政编码62351(也是17) ,在这一点上巧合的数量有点可笑。

The point is, the proofs should be that obvious. You shouldn’t have to struggle to determine if it’s a Q proof or not.

重点是,证据应该很明显。您不必费力去确定它是否是 Q 证明。

Dan Scavino has Tweeted some suggestive stuff and Phil G has been tossing comms of his own out there in the form of code as well as covering the other important posts. Link to Telegram.

Dan Scavino 在 Twitter 上发布了一些暗示性的东西,Phil G 也在以代码的形式发布自己的通讯,同时也报道了其他重要的帖子。链接到电报。

2022年6月27日: 演出时间|星际飞船地球

What do you think of Simpsons comms? Link to Telegram for multiple confirmations.

你怎么看辛普森通讯? 链接到电报多重确认。

2022年6月27日: 演出时间|星际飞船地球

I don’t believe McAfee is dead, do you?


One Year After His Death, John McAfee’s Corpse Still Being Held By Gov’t, Fueling Claims Of ‘Cover Up’

约翰 · 迈克菲死后一年,他的尸体仍然被政府扣留,加剧了“掩盖真相”的说法

There are a lot of high profile people who “died” that I believe we will find alive in the not too distant future. There is talk that the real Prince Harry who they claim was found dead in a hotel room is actually alive, and possibly assumed the identity of Raisin’ Caine, whom Trump has spoken to at least once publicly and thanked him for his service. Link to Telegram to read several posts about this theory.

我相信,在不久的将来,我们会发现许多知名人士已经“死去”,而且还活着。有传言称,他们声称死在酒店房间里的真正的哈里王子实际上还活着,而且可能假扮成了“养育凯恩”(Raisin’Caine) ,特朗普至少曾与他公开交谈过一次,并感谢他的服务。链接到 Telegram 阅读几篇关于这个理论的文章。

2022年6月27日: 演出时间|星际飞船地球

Princess Diana Spencer, sons Harry and Prince William


Whenever a patriot who risked everything to tell the truth is hurt or dies, I always hope that the truth is the White Hats have put them into witness protection, or helped them go underground by faking their death. We hope Dr. Madej is safe. Link to Telegram.

每当一个冒着生命危险说出真相的爱国者受伤或死亡时,我总是希望真相是白帽子已经将他们纳入证人保护计划,或者帮助他们伪造死亡转入地下。我们希望 Madej 博士平安无事。链接到电报。

2022年6月27日: 演出时间|星际飞船地球

We have received credible reports that Dr. Carrie Madej, famous for her brave work exposing the contents of the bioweapon shots, was involved in a serious plane crash on Sunday afternoon.

我们收到可靠消息,以勇敢揭露生化武器枪击内容而闻名的 Carrie Madej 博士,在周日下午卷入了一起严重的飞机坠毁事件

We have heard several claims about her current state of health, but out of respect to the family, we simply ask for prayers for Dr. Madej and her loved ones in this hour of need.

我们听到了一些关于她目前健康状况的说法,但出于对家人的尊重,我们只是请求在这个需要帮助的时刻为 Madej 医生和她所爱的人祈祷。

Another Qincidence SW of Mendon, Missouri? Amtrak, as far as I know, is a cabal outfit. Steve Lookner has the scanner on and is researching the status live in the video below at this moment. We have heard the capacity train en route from Los Angeles to Chicago hit a dump truck, but there’s not much left of the dump truck and the train is on its side. Multiple injuries. All passengers were evacuated from the train but some reports claim it was a “large fatality event”.

密苏里州门登的另一个西南城市?据我所知,美国铁路公司是个阴谋集团。Steve Lookner 打开了扫描仪,正在研究下面视频中的现场状态。我们听说从洛杉矶到芝加哥的运载火车撞上了一辆自卸卡车,但是自卸卡车的残骸已经所剩无几了,火车已经侧翻了。多处受伤。所有乘客都从火车上撤离,但一些报道称这是一起“大规模的死亡事件”。

Amtrak Train Derails Near Mendon, Missouri – LIVE BREAKING NEWS COVERAGE


The chatter concerning the Uvalde school shooting is suggesting a child sacrifice, by the sound of it.


[ Photo ]
24 missing or runaway children were located or recovered in #OperationLostSouls.

Https://t.me/tironianae/106574[图片]最近24名失踪或离家出走的儿童在 # OperationLostSouls 中找到或找回。

Of the 24, 4 children were located or removed INTERNATIONALLY.
2 children from OUT OF STATE, California & Oklahoma.


2022年6月27日: 演出时间|星际飞船地球2022年6月27日: 演出时间|星际飞船地球2022年6月27日: 演出时间|星际飞船地球2022年6月27日: 演出时间|星际飞船地球2022年6月27日: 演出时间|星际飞船地球2022年6月27日: 演出时间|星际飞船地球2022年6月27日: 演出时间|星际飞船地球2022年6月27日: 演出时间|星际飞船地球2022年6月27日: 演出时间|星际飞船地球
18 missing or runaway children were recovered in the STATE OF TEXAS in Operation Lost Souls.
How many children were killed in UVALDE?

18名失踪或离家出走的儿童在德克萨斯州的“失去灵魂行动”中被找到。在 UVALDE 有多少孩子被杀?19.

Coincidence? At what point does it become mathematically impossible?

巧合? 什么时候数学上不可能了?

Avoid areas with large crowds, theatres, sporting events, and maintain situational awareness at all times, folks. The cabal will do as much damage as they can while this volatile period of truth and DECLAS explodes in the news but there will be no coming back from it. They are toast.

避开人群密集的地区,剧院,体育赛事,并保持情势察觉,伙计们。阴谋集团将尽其所能造成破坏,而这个动荡的时期的真相和 DECLAS 爆炸的新闻,但没有回头路了。他们完蛋了。

2022年6月27日: 演出时间|星际飞船地球

Whatever happens, we know evil will be vanquished in this final battle. No one is giving up and we will fight to the bitter end. Even Fox is getting into it. Wow.


Ghislaine Maxwell was put on suicide watch as her sentencing approaches on Tuesday. We’ll see what happens.

吉斯莱恩 · 麦克斯韦在周二即将宣判时被置于自杀监视之下,我们拭目以待吧。

2022年6月27日: 演出时间|星际飞船地球

Today there is more news on Maxwell’s testimony. She is using her knowledge as a bargaining chip, perhaps. Q said “no deals”, and particularly with the Human trafficking and crimes against children, we don’t want to hear about any deals.

今天有更多关于麦克斯韦尔证词的消息。也许她是在用自己的知识作为谈判的筹码。Q 说“没有交易”,尤其是针对人口贩卖和针对儿童的犯罪,我们不想听到任何交易。

Could it go any slower? Yet still they say Clinton denies being on the plane or going to the island even when his name is on the passenger manifest. I guess that detail comes out later.


2022年6月27日: 演出时间|星际飞船地球

The efforts of Maxwell’s legal team to paint her as a fine, upstanding, kind and benevolent person make me gag.


Ghislaine Maxwell Touts Clinton Connection In Bid For Lesser Sentence

吉斯莱恩 · 麦克斯韦鼓吹与克林顿的关系以争取减刑

Human Trafficking is the biggest story never told, and the world is about to get the shock of their lives when they learn not only the magnitude of the crimes and the number of people involved, but the outright vicious, demonic nature of it and what they do to children and adults.


Police: 16-Year-Old Girl Charged With Human Trafficking Was Driving Kidnapped Minor To Another State In Stolen Van

警方: 16岁女孩被控人口贩卖驾驶被绑架未成年人偷来的面包车前往另一个州

It goes right to the top, folks.


2022年6月27日: 演出时间|星际飞船地球


Don’t worry, the White Hats have all the proof and more. The psychopaths will pay.


I’m going to sign off now for today.  Stay safe, everyone.  ~ BP


2022年6月27日: 演出时间|星际飞船地球


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