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本杰明|2022/06/ 06  撒旦已经回到了最初的创造,并得到了赦免

Recently a member of the Earth Liberation Alliance delivered a handwritten note to a senior Jesuit that read: “Satan has returned to the original creation and received absolution, thank you for keeping the candle burning all these long years.”

最近,地球解放联盟的一位成员向一位资深耶稣会士递交了一份手写的便条,上面写道: “撒旦已经回到了最初的造物,并得到了赦免,感谢你让蜡烛燃烧了这么多年。”

The alliance has received intelligence that Satan was defeated years ago and what we are seeing now happening across the planet is a mop-up operation to remove his local field agents notably the top members of the Rothschild (red shield of Satan) family.


Here is what Queen Elizabeth II -a senior member of the alliance- had to say on the occasion of her Platinum Jubilee:


Many happy memories will be created. We remain very deeply committed to our shared causes East and West. The general stewardship of the geopolitical landscape had been predominantly Western, the Opioid device by our Rothschild among many families at the rub of the falling out which was not our design but they make money where they can and pretend to be not what they are – in the end, common is common and royal and imperial rise above it.


Elizabeth II R.


In what appears to be her contribution to the project blue beam celebration of the start of a new Golden Age, she time traveled back 70 years by appearing as a hologram in the ancient British Royal Carriage.



本杰明|2022/06/ 06  撒旦已经回到了最初的创造,并得到了赦免

Also, in another sign Rothschild rule is ending, the government of Afghanistan is eradicating the poppy plantations that are the source of 80% of the worlds’ opium and heroin. This will deal a mortal blow to the criminal elite of the West.

此外,罗斯柴尔德统治即将结束的另一个迹象是,阿富汗政府正在根除罂粟种植园,而罂粟种植园是全球80% 鸦片和海洛因的来源。这将对西方的犯罪精英们造成致命的打击。


In another major sign that a new Age is about to begin, Italian and Catholic media have been rife with unsourced speculation that the 85-year-old Pope Francis is about to resign.



Of course, the real Pope Francis is long dead so what we are talking about is the defeat of the people controlling the current fake rubber mask/CG pope. The P3 freemasons -who forced his predecessor to resign- say Francis will probably be the last Pope ever.

当然,真正的教皇弗朗西斯早已去世,所以我们现在谈论的是控制假橡胶面具/CG 教皇的人的失败。迫使其前任辞职的 P3共济会成员表示,方济各可能是有史以来最后一位教皇。

Even the Russians are talking of end times with Russian Security Council Deputy Chairman Dmitry Medvedev saying “One can have different attitudes to it, one can believe that the horsemen of the Apocalypse are already on their way and all hope is in Almighty God.”

甚至俄罗斯人也在谈论世界末日,俄罗斯安全委员会副主席德米特里 · 梅德韦杰夫(Dmitry Medvedev)说: “人们可以对世界末日持不同的态度,人们可以相信启示录的骑士已经在路上了,所有的希望都寄托在全能的上帝身上。”


We also see the de facto spokesperson for the Secret Space Program, Elon Musk, now coming out fully and publicly against the Satanic cabal that seized power in the West.

我们还看到秘密太空计划的实际发言人,埃隆 · 马斯克,现在完全公开地站出来反对在西方夺取政权的撒旦阴谋集团

“Elon Musk is laying it on thick. He is exposing the KM corrupt Media…. He is obviously siding with the Alliance on this one,” a Mossad source comments on this headline:

“埃隆 · 马斯克在夸大其词。他正在揭露 KM 腐败的媒体... 。在这个问题上,他显然是站在联盟一边的,”一位摩萨德消息人士对这个标题评论道:

“Elon Musk Says ‘No One in the Media Cares’ About Exposing Jeffrey Epstein’s Alleged Clients.”

“埃隆 · 马斯克说‘媒体里没人关心’曝光杰弗里 · 爱泼斯坦所谓的客户”


This does not mean the battle is over yet. The people of North America are now being held hostage by the criminals running the fake Biden and Trudeau regimes. Several parts of Europe, including France and Ukraine, are also still under Satanic control.


So a military, information, legal and economic hybrid war is being waged by the alliance to liberate the people of these countries.


There is a high probability the fake Biden regime will collapse during the summer months due to an international economic boycott of the United States of America corporation that uses his avatar as their spokesperson.


This is why fake US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen admitted to CNN “There were unforeseen and big blows to the economy that spurred rising energy and food prices, and also created problems in the supply chains, which had a bad effect on our economy. At that time I did not fully realize this, but I admit it now,” Janet Yellen tells CNN. What she did not say is that it is not Russia that is facing sanctions it is the US. That’s the real reason Biden said that 70% of inflation in the United States is due to Putin.

这就是为什么假冒的美国财政部长珍妮特 · 耶伦(Janet Yellen)向 CNN 承认: “经济受到了意想不到的重大打击,刺激了能源和食品价格的上涨,也在供应链中造成了问题,对我们的经济产生了不良影响。当时我并没有完全意识到这一点,但我现在承认这一点,”珍妮特耶伦告诉 CNN。她没有说的是,面临制裁的不是俄罗斯,而是美国。这就是拜登说美国70% 的通货膨胀要归咎于普京的真正原因。


That is why gas prices are rising and there will be power shortages in most of the US during summer (only the parts supplied with Canadian hydro-power will be OK).



本杰明|2022/06/ 06  撒旦已经回到了最初的创造,并得到了赦免

The fake Biden keeps announcing he will go to the Middle East to get oil but. he keeps being forced to cancel the visits because nobody wants to talk to him.


This boycott is also affecting other Satanist-occupied countries. For example, gas consumption in the Netherlands has fallen 25 to 33 percent in the last five months compared to previous years, according to figures from Gasunie Transport Services (GTS). This means a de facto 25% plunge in GDP.

这种抵制也影响到其他被撒旦占领的国家。例如,根据 Gasunie Transport Services (GTS)的数据,与前几年相比,荷兰过去5个月的天然气消费量下降了25% 至33% 。这意味着 GDP 实际上下降了25% 。


“So, [thanks to the ‘embargo’] Putin earns more money by selling less oil,’ German Vice-Chancellor Habeck admits.

德国副总理哈贝克承认: “因此,(由于‘禁运’)普京通过减少石油销售赚得更多。”。

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The economic collapse of the United States and other Satan Occupied Countries (SOCs) is accompanied by social and moral decay, especially pedophilia and the murder of children.


Here are some examples:


The Russians have uncovered proof the Ukrainian Red Cross Society was involved in shady activities, including keeping records of children with “healthy organs”



The SOC Ukraine is just following in the footsteps of its US based controllers where sordid revelations are pouring out.

SOC Ukraine 只是在追随其驻美管制人员的脚步,那些肮脏的消息正源源不断地暴露出来。

For example, in April 2021, an investigation began into ritualistic child sexual abuse and child sex trafficking that happened in Utah County, deputies say. A portion of those allegations was confirmed.



Then we have an Elementary School in Illinois is passing out flyers promoting an “After School Satan Club”


本杰明|2022/06/ 06  撒旦已经回到了最初的创造,并得到了赦免

In Seattle, meanwhile, the police have announced an open season for rapists to do whatever they want as this news item shows:


Seattle police’s sexual assault and child abuse unit staff has been so depleted that it stopped assigning to detectives this year new cases with adult victims, according to an internal memo sent to interim police Chief Adrian Diaz in April.

根据四月份发给临时警察局长 Adrian Diaz 的一份内部备忘录显示,西雅图警方的性侵犯和虐待儿童部门人员已经耗尽,以至于今年不再向侦探分配新的成人受害者案件。


Then we find out that in Amish lands ‘It’s a predator’s paradise’: Shocking documentary exposing sex abuse in the Amish community reveals 11-year-old girls were given pamphlets that normalize INCEST and teach them rape is a result of their ‘carelessness’

然后我们发现,在阿米什人的土地上“这是一个掠食者的天堂”: 令人震惊的纪录片揭露了阿米什社区的性虐待,揭示了11岁的女孩得到的小册子,正常化乱伦和教她们强奸是由于她们的“粗心大意”


Further south, the Southern Baptist Convention’s executive committee mishandled allegations of over 700 cases of sex abuse from 2000 to 2019, stonewalled numerous survivors and prioritized protecting the SBC from liability.



This is the tip of the iceberg since 40,000 children vanish every year in the US never to be seen again.


So what kind of leadership in the West lets such things happen? Since the crimes of the former Joe Biden and his son Hunter have been extensively written about elsewhere; we suggest readers still not aware do a quick search using the term “Hunter Biden laptop.”

那么,什么样的西方领导人会让这样的事情发生呢?由于前乔 · 拜登和他的儿子亨特的罪行在其他地方被广泛报道,我们建议读者仍然不知道使用“亨特 · 拜登笔记本电脑”这个词进行快速搜索

We also believe most of our readers are aware that Barack Obama frequented homosexual saunas and married a man who later changed his name to Michelle Obama. The problem here is they lied about it and were blackmailed about this by their controllers.

我们也相信我们的大多数读者都知道巴拉克 · 奥巴马经常去同性恋桑拿浴,并且和一个后来改名为米歇尔 · 奥巴马的男人结了婚。问题是他们在这件事上撒了谎并且被他们的控制者勒索了。

Now, Israel has turned against its Rothschild overlords which is why Mossad reminded us of the sordid past of another of their servants, Emmanuelle Macron, the so-called president of France.

现在,以色列已经开始反对罗斯柴尔德的统治者,这就是为什么摩萨德提醒我们他们另一个仆人的肮脏过去,埃马纽埃尔 · 马克龙,所谓的法国总统。

According to Mossad, Macron has been bribed by Rothschild agents to betray his country, fight Islam & cover the destruction of Notre Dame Cathedral. Macron was selected as president because he could be blackmailed over “killing helpless victims in insane orgies,” the Mossad sources say. Macron got his start as a child prostitute. “As a ‘pretty boy’ he was taken by his parents to Israel, where he satisfied old men & traitors on a continuous basis. Witness evidence exists from people who knew him well as a child,” the sources say. .

据摩萨德称,马克龙受到罗斯柴尔德特工的贿赂,背叛了自己的国家,反抗伊斯兰教,并掩盖了巴黎圣母院大教堂(Notre Dame Cathedral)被毁一事。摩萨德消息人士称,马克龙之所以被选为总统,是因为他可能会因“在疯狂的狂欢中杀害无助的受害者”而受到敲诈。马克龙从儿童妓女起家。“作为一个‘漂亮男孩’,他被父母带到以色列,在那里他不断地满足老人和叛徒。证人的证据来自于那些从小就很了解他的人,”消息人士说。.

本杰明|2022/06/ 06  撒旦已经回到了最初的创造,并得到了赦免

He married one of his male clients who he started having relations with when he was 15. This client was Jean-Michel Trogneux who later changed his name and is now pretending to be Brigitte Macron. For sordid and detailed proof please check the link below.

他和他的一个男性客户结了婚,他们在他15岁的时候开始发生关系。这个客户是让-米歇尔 · 特罗涅克斯,他后来改了名字,现在假扮成碧姬 · 马克龙。有关肮脏和详细的证据,请检查下面的链接。


Http://pressibus.org/gen/trogneux/indexgb.html https://islamsonne.wordpress.com/2019/08/22/emmanuel-macrons-kindheit-als-israelischer-stricher/

In Canada, of course, we have the brother murdering son of Fidel Castro pretending to be Prime Minister Justin Castreau. Castreau was removed months ago by the Canadian military as was the avatar they replaced him with, Canadian Secret Intelligence Service sources say.

当然,在加拿大,我们有菲德尔 · 卡斯特罗的儿子的兄弟谋杀案假装成贾斯汀 · 卡斯特罗总理。加拿大秘密情报局消息人士称,卡斯特罗几个月前被加拿大军方除名,取而代之的是他的化身。

The Khazarian Mafia is now trying to use a really bad version of him to pretend they still control Canada. Just look at that nose.


本杰明|2022/06/ 06  撒旦已经回到了最初的创造,并得到了赦免

Of course, these criminal leaders are ramping up repression in a desperate bid to stay in power as more and more people wake up.


That is why journalist Alex Newman says Right now, the elites, or predator class, realize if they don’t move forward very quickly, they are going to lose everything.  They could possibly end up facing true accountability. I think we are in a very dangerous situation now.



That is why they stage fake shooting events. Again, since this has been covered a lot elsewhere so we will just add this about one of these events:


Former NYPD Commissioner Bombshell: Texas School Massacre Was a Deep State Operation

前纽约警察局局长: 德克萨斯学校大屠杀是深州行动


Then we have two networks, same victim, different fathers with Anderson Cooper Vanderbilt as the “on the scene reporter”

然后我们有两个电视台,同一个受害者,不同的父亲 Anderson Cooper Vanderbilt 作为“现场记者”

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After these fake incidents, we saw Biden and Castro simultaneously call for gun control. They want to grab guns because the US and Canada are on the brink of civil war.



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本杰明|2022/06/ 06  撒旦已经回到了最初的创造,并得到了赦免This is bad because in 2009 the Pentagon did a computer-generated scenario for a civil war in America. The results: 100 million deaths.

这很糟糕,因为在2009年,五角大楼做了一个计算机生成的美国内战场景。结果是: 1亿人死亡。

The criminals are also still trying to kill off the people of their countries with vaccines in a desperate attempt to stay in power. Listen below to Canadian MP Cathay Wagantall talk about this.

犯罪分子仍然试图用疫苗杀死他们国家的人民,这是他们为了继续掌权而不顾一切的企图。听下面加拿大国会议员 Cathay Wagantall 谈论这个。

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Some people still think that going to the courts and police will be enough. For example, here you can watch former US Attorney General Bill Barr say: “Complicated cases like this take a long time to build. They occur step-by-step and in secret. People don’t like that, but if they want people punished, that’s what it takes… If you want the facts, if you want a report, that can be done fairly quickly. If you want scalps, that takes time.”

有些人仍然认为诉诸法庭和警方就足够了。例如,在这里你可以看到前美国司法部长比尔 · 巴尔说: “像这样的复杂案件需要很长时间来建立。它们是一步一步秘密发生的。人们不喜欢这样,但是如果他们想要人们受到惩罚,这就是代价... 如果你想要事实,如果你想要一份报告,这可以很快完成。如果你想要头皮,那需要时间。”

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He is lying, the courts and the FBI are corrupted at the highest level. This is war and we need to act accordingly. Only when we see Nuremberg-type tribunals on all the networks will we be able to trust the courts and police.


However, in a sign at least some police are doing their job:


The bizarre suicide death of Bill Clinton’s former advisor who was found May 7 hanging from a tree with a shotgun blast through his chest and an extension cord around his neck.’ is now an “OPEN” investigation.’ linked to billionaire perv Jeffrey Epstein

5月7日,比尔 · 克林顿的前顾问被发现吊死在一棵树上,胸口被猎枪射穿,脖子上缠着一根延长的绳子。现在正在进行“公开”调查和亿万富翁变态 Jeffrey Epstein 有关


We can also see the so-called leaders are afraid of their own police and military. For example, Biden is afraid of the border patrol. He asked for them to disarm before greeting him so instead, the border patrol men decided not to greet him and they left and went home.


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Then you can watch Prime Minister Boris Johnson getting booed by the crowd as he arrives for a platinum jubilee event.

然后,你可以看到首相鲍里斯•约翰逊(Boris Johnson)出席一个白金禧年活动时受到人群的嘘声。

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Of course, while the West waits for its own people to stage a revolution, it has already happened in most of the rest of the world.


This is most visible in Ukraine. Former US Presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard explains the “West” is fighting to support a government that jailed the opposition, shut down independent TV stations and is fascist.

这在乌克兰最为明显。美国前总统候选人图尔西 · 盖博德解释说,“西方”正在努力支持一个监禁反对派、关闭独立电视台并且是法西斯的政府。

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Russian Airborne Forces Colonel General Georgy Shpak says “This fascist threat is like a cancer: it can spread further and further. It must be completely destroyed.”

俄罗斯空降部队上校格奥尔基 · 什帕克说: “这种法西斯主义威胁就像一种癌症: 它可以蔓延得越来越远。必须彻底摧毁它”

Russia has already started war crimes tribunals of Ukrainian Nazis, foreign mercenaries and NATO instructors over “abductions, torture, and the use of prohibited means and methods of warfare, among other things.”



When the Biden avatar threatens, in response, that “We will send Russia back to 19th century!” the Russians say “bring it on.” The photo of Russia in the 19th century explains why.


本杰明|2022/06/ 06  撒旦已经回到了最初的创造,并得到了赦免

As the comment by Brahma Chellaney below explains, the Nazis have already lost.

正如下面 Brahma Chellaney 的评论所解释的那样,纳粹已经失败了。

“Zelensky admits Russia now holds one-fifth of Ukraine, the largest countryentirely within Europe. What he didn’t acknowledge is that Russia controlsUkraine’s industrial heartland, 90% of its energy resources (including all of offshore oil), and its critical ports and shipping”

“泽伦斯基承认,俄罗斯目前拥有乌克兰五分之一的领土,乌克兰是整个欧洲最大的国家。他没有承认的是,俄罗斯控制着乌克兰的工业中心地带,90% 的能源资源(包括所有近海石油) ,以及关键的港口和航运

“You wouldn’t know this by reading the US press. In recent days, @washingtonpost reported “the tide of war is clearly shifting against the aggressor,” while @Forbes proclaimed Russia is “losing the war.” Other media outlets have said it is running out of options to avoid defeat.”


The Nazi Bilderberg losers gathered in Washington last weekend to discuss their defeat. They were allowed to meet so that they could be monitored and more of their secret controllers could be identified, CIA and NSA sources say.





However, let us make this very clear. This is not a defeat for the US military and a victory for Russia and communist China. The US military white hats have nothing to do with what is happening in Ukraine and do not support the fake Biden regime.


The US white hats still have lots of power and respect as shown by the following nations participating in a Pacific Naval exercise:


Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Denmark, Ecuador, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Peru, the Republic of Korea, the Republic of the Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Tonga, the United Kingdom, and the United States will participate in the 2022 Rim of the Pacific exercise (RIMPAC)



Finally, this week, to show humanity really is heading for unknown waters and needs a strong military to guide us, we conclude with the latest visuals from project blue beam. As usual with such stuff, only really believe it when you see it with your own eyes. In the meantime, keep fighting to free the earth.


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