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June 19,2020 2020619

Global Reset the revaluation of the money system with debt forgiveness as of 1 July by the ABN Amro was confirmed to me today.


Also,as of 1 July,€100,000 per transaction in the Netherlands can be transferred for payments in Europe.


This means that the revaluation of the money must take place before 1 July.


To comply with GESARA we have to be sovereign,so the Yalta II treaty that makes Germany sovereign will also restore the Netherlands as a republic without a false stadholder of Fake Orange.

为了遵守 GESARA 的规定,我们必须拥有主权,所以使德国拥有主权的《雅尔塔第二条约》也将使荷兰恢复共和国的地位,没有一个假的"假橘子"城市

That we are allowed to experience this,that the MH17,6 years later comes down to the Genocide Dutch Cabal,can be called a miracle of justice.


The information we get each time is correct according to the ABN Amro employee who confirmed my questions today June 19th.


The Swift system has been replaced in almost all countries by the CIPS protocol,which means that payments go directly to the recipient without a bank being able to keep the money.

在几乎所有国家,Swift系统都被 CIPS 协议所取代,这意味着付款直接支付给收款人,而银行不能保留这笔钱

This also means that the account holder's money can no longer be seized from a creditor.


In order to guarantee this transition to a golden money system,a corrupt government such as the one in the Netherlands can never remain in power.


However,we can freeze the government and the tax authorities and account the CJIB for misconduct and crimes against their own people.

然而,我们可以冻结政府和税务机关,并对 CJIB 的不当行为和危害本国人民的罪行进行审计

We as a people can claim compensation for everything the governments stole from us,our pensions,health insurance,fines from the past,unlawful transfers back to the EU,because we never wanted them and rejected them in 2005.


In Germany,VAT goes from 19%to 16%on 1 July,so if you buy a car in Germany you no longer have BPM or 25%extra tax.

在德国,71日增值税从19%下降到16%,所以如果你在德国买了一辆车,你就不再有 BPM 25%的额外税收

The Emergency Law,or Emergency Law,with the vaccination program of Satanist Hugo Gates and psychopath Rutte is not going to happen.


Police and civil servants who continue to support the Dutch Cabal no longer have a right to exist,because they cannot function in society without an income.


To confirm my story just call your own bank,and ask everything you want to know and have confirmed.


The Zim Holders(Zimbabwean dollar)must have exchanged their Zim before July 1st.Zim holder

(津巴布韦元)必须在71日之前交换 Zim

Just like the presidential rally of Donald J Trump,we could organize a card reservation to see the performance of the Dutch Cabal life.

就像唐纳德·j·特朗普(Donald j Trump)的总统集会一样,我们可以组织一次卡片预约,观看荷兰阴谋集团(Dutch Cabal)生活的表演

Everyone who signs up even gets money in the form of a basic income.


How long would it take before we exceeded the 3 million registrations,because the contempt and hatred against us as our own people they get back as karma.


The demonstration on 21 July 2020 against the Emergency Act was banned by the Kabbalist mayor of The Hague.


Whether the trial against this illegal law will take place on 25 June is also doubtful.


Because we don't have a legal system.



The Hague prohibits demonstration against corona restrictions


Mayor Remkes of The Hague forbids all demonstrations next Sunday.This means that a protest on the Malieveld of the'Virus Madness'movement is not allowed to take place.That movement demands the lifting of the corona measures and wanted to demonstrate in the form of a festival with DJs.The organisation expected at least 10,000 visitors.

海牙市长雷姆克斯下周日禁止一切示威活动。这意味着,对"病毒疯狂"运动的抗议是不允许发生的。这一运动要求解除冠状措施,并希望以音乐节的形式与 dj 一起示威。该组织预计至少有10,000名参观者

"The right to demonstrate is a great asset,but it's not unlimited,"says Remkes."The Malieveld is not made of elastic.There is no public space in the municipality of The Hague that can safely accommodate the amount of people that the organisation has gathered,so I forbid the meeting".


Remkes calls holding the protest in this form irresponsible."By filling in the programme as a festival,without adhering to the applicable deadlines and complying with the requirements that go with it,such as the use of security,access control on prohibited substances and a thorough security plan,and by de facto setting up an event that is prohibited according to the Emergency Ordinance,an unlawful and dangerous situation arises.This is irresponsible.


Democracy has been dead since 13 May 1940.1940513日以来,民主已经死亡

The Cabal Rats are very scared.


See the readings



Shared article:Quote:on the Emergency Act 1 July 2020.


Dear People of Police,Medici,Fire Brigade,BOA,Army and freedom-loving people.


The incumbent Bilderberg Politics abuses government agencies to suppress the population with the Corona Hoax with all kinds of Emergency measures and regulations:


Politics believes they can continue the coup to enforce their Global Fascist Dictatorship.


Let me be clear here,everyone is responsible for his actions,if one is given an injustice order as a Civil Servant or Law Enforcement Officer,this person is liable for the crime he is ordered to commit by the politicians.


The coup d'état to which I refer is related to,among other things,Willem Alexander's excuse for fleeing Wilhelmina on May 13,1940.


I see this as a confession,which has also been confirmed by Maxima that the Dutchman does not exist in 2012 in her speech:


As a result,the legal validity of the current Cabinet was declared null and void from 5 May 1945,as the first Cabinet was signed by Germany after the hostilities and capitulation.


After all,the signed Capitulation was not a peace treaty,this has never been achieved until now.


However,the form of government which the Nazi's introduced on May 18,1940,is still in effect,with article 21 of the constitution which was in force at that time lapsed on May 13,1940,including the royal house.


A letter was written to Maxima where her speech confirmed that the Dutchman does not exist,https://lettertomaxima.blogspot.com/.../sign-withacknowledgem.../sign-withacknowledgem...


If the Netherlands and the kingdom do not exist,the present Cabinet is a result of the Hitler cabinet of May 18,1940.


The Netherlands is still part of Germany as an occupied territory.


And registered as a company in the US.



The Yalta treaty determined the division of Germany,whereby the Netherlands was also treated as a spoil of war.


This could have happened because the Nazis had already moved to the US before the 2nd World War.


In 1942,Bernhard wrote a letter to Hitler to become stadholder of the Netherlands under the German government structure,which is also the case today.


In the background we worked on a solution to remedy this injustice,and to help give back sovereignty to the Netherlands,which we had lost since 13 May 1940.


This was done by signing the Paris Climate Agreement in 2015 by all member countries.


This agreement was a step to make all countries sovereign again,which for the Netherlands can only enter into force when the current illegal Hitler cabinet has disappeared.


To achieve this,the allied countries signed a Yalta II agreement that makes Germany sovereign again.

为了实现这一目标,盟国签署了一项让德国重新拥有主权的"雅尔塔 II"协议

With this the stadholdership that Willem Alexander inherited from his Nazi grandfather will lapse.


Since there is no longer a valid constitution from May 13,1940,all treaties or agreements as well as jurisprudence are not valid from May 5,1945 until today.


Therefore the Rutte Cabinet is not authorized to make and enforce laws.


Anyone who has taken an oath to the King,and the Constitution,has been deceived by the false politics and not legitimate royal house.


If the Netherlands doesn't exist according to Maxima,why does she allow herself and Willem Alexander to be celebrated as sovereigns,knowing that they are cheating?


The emergency law is not legally valid because there is no longer a legal foundation on which this law is based.


All officials,police,judges,lawyers who took the oath,and support the Bilderberg crime cabinet are guilty of keeping this Genocide Cabinet Rutte II and its fellow criminals instantaneously.


On the blog about the MH370/MH17  https://mh370-jit-lie.blogspot.com/ detailed information can be found that the story of JIT and Rutte can not be true.

在关于 MH370/MH17的博客上详细信息可以发现,JIT Rutte 的故事不可能是真实的

All politicians,judges,and civil servants have been informed about this,so they are knowledgeable and co-responsible by not intervening in this crime and Genocide against their own and world population.


The question that needs to be answered is where the victims of the MH17 were murdered,by order of the Globalists who wanted to provoke a war with Russia,in order to push through the failing Money System and the NWO.

需要回答的问题是 MH17的受害者是在哪里被谋杀的,这是全球主义者的命令,他们想挑起与俄罗斯的战争,以推动失败的货币体系和 NWO

The downfall of Rutte and his fellow perpetrators can be seen in the Down Fall.



Since these offences are covered by war crimes,this court hearing will have to come before a military tribunal.


Also the war crimes in the"Dirty War"will certainly be discussed when General Flynn opens his mouth...


By the crimes of the Rutte Bilderberg Cabinet we are all misled and victims of their actions.


Read here about the CORONA deception,which is outdated.

阅读这里关于 CORONA 欺骗,这是过时的

We love the Nazi EU as much as we love venereal disease.


The EU is not a country,so can not share with the GESARA world funds.

欧盟不是一个国家,所以不能与 GESARA 分享世界基金

The Wall Street Journal


3 April 2020


The U.S.must protect its citizens from disease as they begin the urgent planning of a new era.


The surreal atmosphere of the Covid-19 pandemic is reminiscent of how I felt as a young man in the 84th Infantry Division during the Battle of the Bulge.


Now,just like at the end of 1944,there is a sense of exaggerated danger,not directed at a particular person,but random and with devastation.


But there is an important difference between that distant time and ours.American stamina was then strengthened by an ultimate national goal.


Now,in a divided country,an efficient and far-sighted government is needed to overcome obstacles unprecedented in size and global reach.


Maintaining public confidence is crucial for social solidarity,for the relationship between societies and for international peace and stability.


Nations unite and flourish in the conviction that their institutions can foresee disasters,stop their consequences and restore stability.


When the Covid-19 pandemic is over,the institutions of many countries will be considered to have failed.


Whether this judgment is objectively fair does not matter.The reality is that the world after the coronavirus will never be the same again.Now arguing about the past only makes it harder to do what needs to be done.


The coronavirus has struck with unprecedented scale and cruelty.Its spread is exponential:American cases double every fifth day.In this writing,there is no cure.


Medical facilities are insufficient to deal with the increasing waves of cases.Intensive care units are about to be overwhelmed.


Testing is insufficient to identify the extent of the infection,let alone reverse its spread.A successful vaccine may be 12 to 18 months away.


The U.S.government has done its best to prevent immediate disasters.The ultimate test will be whether the spread of the virus can be stopped and then reversed in a way and on a scale that maintains public confidence in American self-government.


The crisis effort,no matter how great and necessary,must not supplant the urgent task of starting up a parallel enterprise for the transition to the post-coronavirus order.


Leaders deal with the crisis largely on a national basis,but society's impact on resolving the virus does not recognise borders.Although the attack on human health will-hopefully-be temporary,the political and economic upheaval it has unleashed can last for generations.


No country,not even the US,can overcome the virus in a purely national attempt.Addressing the needs of the moment must ultimately be accompanied by a global vision and program of cooperation.If we cannot do both at the same time,we will encounter the worst of each.


By drawing lessons from the development of the Marshall Plan and the Manhattan Project,the US is required to make a major effort in three areas.


First:strengthen global resilience against infectious diseases.Triumphs of medical science such as the polio vaccine and the eradication of smallpox,or the emerging statistical-technical miracle of medical diagnosis by artificial intelligence,have lulled us into dangerous complacency.


We need to develop new techniques and technologies for infection control and proportionate vaccines for large populations.Cities,states,and regions must consistently prepare to protect their populations from pandemics through storage,cooperative planning,and exploration at the frontiers of science.


Second,try to heal the wounds to the global economy.World leaders have learned important lessons from the 2008 financial crisis.


The current economic crisis is more complex:the contraction released by the coronavirus is,in speed and on a global scale,different from anything ever known in history.And necessary public health measures,such as social distance and the closure of schools and businesses,contribute to the economic pain.


Programmes should also seek to improve the effects of the threat of chaos on the world's most vulnerable populations.


Third:protect the principles of the liberal world order.第三:保护自由世界秩序的原则

The founding legend of modern government is a walled city protected by powerful rulers,sometimes despotic,sometimes benevolent,but always strong enough to protect people from an external enemy.


Enlightenment thinkers have reformulated this concept,arguing that the purpose of the legitimate state is to meet the fundamental needs of mankind.


Security,order,economic well-being and justice.Individuals cannot secure these things on their own.


The pandemic has led to an anachronism,a revival of the walled city at a time when prosperity depends on the global trade and movement of people.


The democracies of the world must defend and maintain their enlightenment values.A global withdrawal of balance between power and legitimacy will lead to the disintegration of the social contract both nationally and internationally.


Yet this millennial question of legitimacy and power cannot be solved at the same time as the attempt to overcome the Covid-19 plague.There is a need for restraint on all sides-both in domestic politics and in international diplomacy.


Priorities need to be set.


We went from the Battle of the Bulge to a world of growing prosperity and improved human dignity.Now we live in an epochal period.The historic challenge for leaders is to manage the crisis while building the future.Failure can set the world on fire.


Mr.Kissinger was secretary of state and national safety advisor to the Nixon and Ford administrations.




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