X22报道|第2674集: 特朗普设置美联储和傀儡主人,深州失去奴隶控制

2022年1月12日16:36:03揭露宇宙X22报道|第2674集: 特朗普设置美联储和傀儡主人,深州失去奴隶控制已关闭评论3021字数 1410阅读4分42秒阅读模式


X22报道|第2674集: 特朗普设置美联储和傀儡主人,深州失去奴隶控制

Ep. 2674a – Trump Setup The [CB] & Puppet Masters, They Took The Bait

2674a-特朗普设计的[ CB ] & 傀儡大师,他们上钩了

Ep. 2674b – Fake News Lost Control, [DS]/D’s Lost Slave Grip, Big Push Coming, Be Ready

Ep. 2674b-假新闻失去控制,[DS]/D的奴隶控制,大推力来了,做好准备

X22 报告发表于2022年1月11日


The people are seeing the empty shelves, the fake news cannot ignore the obvious and now they have to address it. KFC is limiting their menu because of a shortage of chicken.  The spin will not work. Members of congress have out performed the SPY, how did they manage that? Trump and Mnuchin set the bait and then trapped the [DS] and the [CB].

人们看到了空荡荡的货架,假新闻不能忽视这个明显的事实,现在他们必须解决这个问题。肯德基正在限制他们的菜单,因为鸡肉短缺。  自旋是行不通的。国会议员的表现超过了SPY,他们是怎么做到的?特朗普和姆努钦设置了诱饵,然后将[DS]和[CB]困住。


The fake news, [DS] have lost their grip on the American people. The pandemic is falling apart and they are trying to shift the narrative. The people are realizing that they have been lied to. The [DS] is not about to give up, they are now preparing for their big push. They have created a domestic terrorist division, they plan to go after Trump supporter but in the end this unit will be arresting antifa, BLM and prisoners. 



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