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(Natural News)SCoPEx is an acronym for"Stratospheric Controlled Perturbation Experiment,"and it's the name of a new Bill Gates-funded global genocide experimentdesigned to eliminate most living humans by collapsing the biosphere.The dangerous SCoPEx plan,which is being masterminded by mad scientists at Harvard,falls right in line with the genocidal dreams of communist Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders,who recently announced his endorsement for expanding mass abortions across Third World nations in order to achieve accelerated depopulation of brown and black people.

Scopex "平流层受控扰动实验"的首字母缩写,它是比尔·盖茨资助的一项新的全球灭绝种族实验的名称,该实验旨在通过破坏生物圈来消灭大多数活着的人类。哈佛大学的疯狂科学家正在策划危险的 SCoPEx 计划,该计划与共产党民主党总统候选人伯尼·桑德斯的种族灭绝梦想一致,后者最近宣布支持在第三世界国家扩大大规模堕胎,以加速棕色人种和黑人人口的减少。


Both SCoPEx and Bernie Sander's eugenics population control scheme are being packaged under the label of halting"climate change,"a false,manufactured crisis invented by globalists to spread mass hysteria and convince the people of the world to surrender all remaining liberties.

Scopex 和伯尼桑德(Bernie Sander)的优生学人口控制计划都被打上了遏制"气候变化"的标签。"气候变化"是全球主义者虚假捏造的危机,目的是散布群体歇斯底里,说服世界人民放弃所有剩余的自由。

"This is not the crackpot plan of a garden-shed inventor,"writes the UK Daily Mail."The project is being funded by billionaire and Microsoft founder Bill Gates and pioneered by scientists at Harvard University."


Recreating massive volcanic eruptions that caused a global collapse of food crops


The SCoPEx project seeks to replicate the effects of an apocalyptic volcano disaster such as the 1815 eruption of Mount Tambora,which ejected so much particulate matter into the atmosphere that it produced what was called,"the year without a summer."Food crops failed across the planet,leading to mass starvation and disease.This is what Bill Gates and today's mad scientists are working to replicate through artificial means.And yes,it's all about unleashing mass starvation,genocide and depopulation on a global scale.

Scopex 项目试图复制世界末日火山灾难的影响,比如1815年的 Mount Tambora 火山爆发,那次火山爆发向大气中排放了大量颗粒物质,从而产生了所谓的"没有夏天的一年"全球粮食作物歉收,导致大规模饥荒和疾病。这就是比尔·盖茨和当今疯狂的科学家们正在努力通过人工手段复制的东西。是的,这一切都是为了在全球范围内解放大规模饥荒、种族灭绝和人口减少。

The mechanism by which this is achieved is rather straightforward.By ejecting millions of tons of particulate matter(i.e.pollution)into the stratosphere,a measurable amount of sunlight is blocked and prevented from reaching the surface of the Earth,where plants grow.All plants need sunlight and carbon dioxide for photosynthesis,so reducing sunlight—even a little—would devastate plant-based food webs,food crops and ecosystems across the planet.Because marine ecosystems also depend on the photosynthesis that takes place in phytoplankton,the pillar of marine food webs,much of ocean life as we know it today would also collapse,leading to a cascading ecological nightmare that would destroy global food supplies and lead to the mass starvation of humans,land animals and sea creatures.


We aren't the only ones concerned about the implications of planetary-scale geoengineering and deliberate mass pollution of the skies.Even the UK Daily Mail admitsthe project generates,"fears that it could trigger a disastrous series of chain reactions,creating climate havoc in the form of serious droughts and hurricanes,and bring death to millions of people around the world."The UK Daily Mail continues:


One fear is that spreading dust into the stratosphere may damage the ozone layer that protects us from hazardous ultraviolet radiation which can damage human DNA and cause cancers.Climatologists are also concerned that such tinkering could unintentionally disrupt the circulation of ocean currents that regulate our weather.This itself could unleash a global outbreak of extreme climatic events that might devastate farmland,wipe out entire species and foster disease epidemics…This dream'fix'seems to have plenty of potential to become a global nightmare.

一种担心是,将灰尘扩散到平流层可能会破坏臭氧层,而臭氧层可以保护我们免受有害的紫外线辐射,而紫外线辐射可以破坏人类的 DNA 并导致癌症。气候学家还担心,这样的修修补补可能会无意中扰乱调节我们天气的洋流的循环。这本身就可能引发全球极端气候事件的爆发,可能毁坏农田,消灭整个物种,并引发疾病流行......这种梦想的'修复'似乎很有可能成为全球噩梦。

Note that this is all being deliberately rolled out in the name of"climate change,"which has become the cry of genocidal maniacs like Bill Gates,Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders…people who now openly talk about global-scale eugenics and depopulation as"the only way to save the planet."Warren even claims that humanity only has 11 years remaining on planet Earth before a climate apocalypse destroys everything.So they use this fabricated fear to justify mass murder,essentially telling the world that billions of humans are going to have to die in order to prevent the planet from collapsing.Yet the real collapse is being engineered by these same people who actively seek to carry out planet-scale genocide.


If successful,they will kill 1000 times more people than the Holocaust.We're talking about roughly six billion humans being annihilated by globalists,all in the name of"saving the planet."It's difficult to out-Hitler Hitler,but Bill Gates may yet go down in history as the man who spearheaded a global pollution program that murdered six billion humans.(All in the name of caring about the environment,of course.)


No longer a theory;these programs are funded and being rolled out right now


It's no longer a conspiracy theory that the world's political and science leaders want to mass murder humanity:It's now admitted and right out in the open.The experiments are already funded and under way at this very moment.All voices of reason who are sounding the alarm on this issue are censored,silenced,de-platformed and ridiculed.Yet the experiments are under way right now to systematically pollute the atmosphere.Now,thanks to the lunacy of the climate change cult,the goal is to pollute the planet and block the sun,then collapse global food webs and starve out billions of people.


This is beyond geoengineering.It's actually terraforming,as I have explained in previous articles.


Watch my exclusive video explaining all this,and share everywhere you can.



I will be discussing this global eugenics agenda in great detail in an upcoming live event in Branson,Missouri.The event is produced by GenSix.com which also sells live streaming access to watch all the speakers,spanning three days.My talk focuses on the terraforming agenda and the globalist plan to eliminate most human beings from planet Earth,preparing Earth for what I call a"post-human era."

我将在即将在布兰森举行的现场活动中详细讨论这个全球优生学议程。该活动由 gensix 网站制作,该网站还提供直播功能,可以在三天内观看所有演讲者的演讲。我的演讲侧重于地球化议程和全球主义计划,以消除地球上的大多数人类,让地球为我所说的"后人类时代"做好准备



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