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Dozens of Israeli army veterans have admitted their involvement in massacres and ethnic cleansing atrocities against Palestinian civilians,and acknowledged that Zionism misled them and is a catastrophe for both Jews and Arabs.



The details,which have not been published in corporate-state media,have been revealed by the Yazkern organisation The group,which was founded in 2001,seeks to unveil the truth and spread the Palestinian narrative of the country's history among Israelis and convince them of Zionism's false account.The organisation believes in a one-state solution and in Palestinians'right to return to their land and homes.



Israeli army veteran Amnon Neumann is 82 and from Haifa.He said that he was a member of the Palmach,the elite terrorist fighting force of the Haganah,the underground army of the Yeshuv Jewish community during the period of the British Mandate of Palestine.Neumann joined the Palmach in 1946 after he came to Palestine from Poland at the age of 16.

以色列退伍军人 Amnon Neumann 今年82岁,来自海法。他说,他是 Palmach 的成员,哈加纳的精锐恐怖主义战斗力量,英国托管巴勒斯坦期间叶舒夫犹太社区的地下军队。诺依曼16岁时从波兰来到巴勒斯坦,1946年加入 Palmach


He said that there were no resistance due to Palestinian poverty and lack of organisation,training and arms.Even the official American supported Israeli account of that period conceded atrocities but claims the displacement and killing of Palestinians was the normal result of a war.



Mr.Neumann admitted that he took part in ethnically cleansing Palestinians from the villages of Simism,Najd,Kawkaba,Burayr and other places which were inhabited by their owners;this runs contrary to Zionist claims.

Neumann 先生承认,他参与了对巴勒斯坦人进行种族清洗,将他们从 Simism、纳杰德、KawkabaBurayr 和其他主人居住的村庄中驱逐出去;这与犹太复国主义者的说法相反。

Confessing to his participation in the massacre that was committed against the people of Burayr,Neumann noted that they(the Israelis)had Czech-made guns which they used to clear away the local inhabitants towards the Gaza Strip.

承认自己参与了针对 Burayr 人民的屠杀,Neumann 指出,他们(以色列人)有捷克制造的枪支,用来把当地居民赶往加沙地带。


The Haganah forces were surrounding the village on three sides,he recalls and firing in the air before entering and expelling its people forcefully.


The houses were burnt down,as per the orders the armed forces had received.According to the veteran,he heard a confession by a Haganah officer after the occupation of Burayr that he had shot a Palestinian child in the head after raping her.It was later revealed,said Neumann,that the girl had indeed been raped.

按照武装部队接到的命令,房屋被烧毁。据退伍军人说,他听到一名哈加纳军官在占领 Burayr 后坦白说,他在强奸了一名巴勒斯坦儿童后,朝她的头部开了一枪。纽曼说,后来发现,这个女孩确实被强奸了。


Another veteran,Arhamel Khnovitc,also 83 years old,now lives in the settlement of Daghania.He confessed that he took part in the massacre in the Dahmash Mosque in Al-Lydd in July 1948.He also took part in the ethnic cleansing of the villages of Jamzu and Dan'el.

另一位退伍军人阿哈梅尔科诺维茨(Arhamel Khnovitc)也已83岁,目前居住在 Daghania。他承认,他参与了19487月在 Al-Lydd 达马什清真寺的大屠杀。他还参加了 Jamzu 和丹艾尔村庄的种族清洗。


The horror and detail of indiscriminate massacres by Israeli troops freezes the blood:"I headed to the mosque,as per an order from the command,and I kept my ears and eyes open after I quietly opened the door,"said Khnovitc."Then I fired a Fiat missile,following orders.Many corpses flew and got stuck to the walls due to the severity of the blast."



Benyamin Eisht,85,who lives in Bilhaym,said that he saw the Palestinian survivors of Al-Lydd and Ramla after the massacre,walking in lines toward Ramallah,with dead bodies scattered on the sides of the road.

住在 Bilhaym 85岁的 Benyamin Eisht 说,大屠杀之后,他看到 Al-Lydd 和拉姆拉的巴勒斯坦幸存者排着队走向 Ramallah,路边散落着尸体。


The testimony of 83-year-old Yitzhak Tishler,who lives in Mafsirt Tsyon,confirms the accounts provided by other veterans who spoke of looting houses and stores.He also said that he took part in the killing of dozens of villagers in the village of Al-Sheikh near Haifa in revenge for the Jewish workers who were killed in a quarrel near Rifyanry.This report has not been published in conventional media.

现年83岁的伊扎克蒂什勒(Yitzhak Tishler)住在 Mafsirt Tsyon,他的证词证实了其他退伍军人关于抢劫房屋和商店的说法。他还说,他参与了杀害海法附近 Al-Sheikh 村庄数十名村民的行动,以报复在 Rifyanry 附近发生的一场争吵中被杀害的犹太工人。这份报告没有在传统媒体上发表。



Adam is 6 years old





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