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光明势力在以太层面上取得了突破。他们能够用他们所有的技术摧毁以太位面上的奇美拉/业力之主黑暗网络,大部分以太位面的奇美拉/业力之主实体被捕获并带到银河系中央太阳,极少数的奇美拉通过 DARPA 陷阱逃到物理界进入克隆体。

The Light forces have made a breakthrough on the etheric plane. They were able to destroy the Chimera / Lords of Karma dark network on the etheric plane with all their technologies, with most of the etheirc Chimera / Lords of Karma entities captured and taken to the Galactic Central sun, and a very few of the Chimera escaping to the physical plane into cloned bodies through the DARPA pit. Thus now the only location under dark control is the physical plane on the surface of this planet.

光明势力在以太层面上取得了突破。他们能够用他们所有的技术摧毁以太位面上的奇美拉/业力之主黑暗网络,大部分以太位面的奇美拉/业力之主实体被捕获并带到银河系中央太阳,极少数的奇美拉通过 DARPA 陷阱逃到物理界进入克隆体。因此,现在黑暗控制下的唯一位置是这个星球表面的物理层。

The few remaining dark entities on the etheric plane are disorganized, in flight, and are no longer part of the dark network. Since Lords of Karma etheric control network is gone, human beings are no longer forced to incarnate, and now they incarnate mainly based on their conscious or subconscious impulses. The etheric plane still looks like after a war zone, spiritual guides are not present, and random anomaly clouds still contain dark entities that have not been cleared yet. Human beings who die may or may not go through the etheric plane unharmed after their death process into a relatively lighter astral plane, depending on their level of awareness and their emotional state.


Physical biochips are in the process of being cleared, and that will still take some time. To reduce the power those biochips have on the human thinking process, the Light forces are recommending this technique:




Subquantum anomaly is also in the process of being cleared, but it turned out to be more dense and challenging than expected. This anomaly is the main source of negative experiences and feelings, and the main factor blocking the Event, because it still to a great degree blocks the flow of Light from buddhic plane towards the surface of the planet. The plan of the Light forces is to clear this anomaly to the degree that darkness will never again be able to manifest anywhere in the universe in the future under any circumstances, and to solve this problem once and for all:




Mainstream science is dimly aware of subquantum anomaly to a degree:




There is a lot of intel about subquantum anomaly that needs to be veiled for now and will hopefully be released to the surface population when conditions permit.


I can only say that subquantum anomaly is virtually omnipresent outside regular spacetime and locally impacts quantum fluctuations to the degree that dark consciousness creates a tensor field between the buddhic and physical plane. Simply speaking, there is a very low impact of subquatum anomaly throughout the universe, a low to medium impact within our solar system and huge impact on the surface of this planet, where many dark entities are still present.


On the surface of the planet, the subquantum tensor field is so strong that since the creation of the quarantine 26,000 years ago it almost completely distorts or even prevents travel through hyperspace on and near the surface. The strength of this tensor field has increased many times in 1996 and the years following that, because many dark entities arrived on the planet. It has actually gotten so strong that it folded into itself and formed a closed loop manifold, drastically reinforcing the quarantine.


This tensor field presents serious navigational problems for interstellar craft, since they can not safely operate in hyperspace near the surface of the planet because of the anomaly, and if they fly in regular spacetime, many times they get shot down.


柯博拉讯息|2023/06/08   最新状况


Those downed craft are the subject of mainstream disclosure from a whistleblower that happened a few days ago, just in time for Pluto in Aquarius to make its first push towards Disclosure and Contact, before it exits Aquarius on June 11th:






And even a more detailed release from another whistleblower a few days later:




This already has political implications:




Tucker Carlson, in his first Twitter monologue seen by more than 70 million people, has addressed the issue of media censorship about UFO phenomenon:

塔克 · 卡尔森(Tucker Carlson)在他的第一篇推特独白中谈到了媒体对 UFO 现象的审查:


Betelgeuse, a bright star in the Orion constellation, is again showing signs that it might go supernova soon:



柯博拉讯息|2023/06/08   最新状况

The Light forces have communicated that the process of the Event may be much more chaotic than originally expected. The Event itself will include the mass arrests of more than 400,000 Cabal members, financial Reset and release of intel about the existence of the surface Cabal, secret space programs and benevolent extraterrestrial races. This whole process will take about a week or two, during which time the water, food, electricity and internet distribution channels need to remain largely intact. One part of surface human population will not take the Event process well and there will be a lot of dysfunctional behavior:




For this reason, intel about the coming polar shift will be released to the surface population gradually only after the initial one or two week period, when the distribution chains will be already largely stabilized.


After the Event, the Pleiadians will start creating Islands of Light on the surface with their technology, and these will be the only really peaceful zones on the planet, when the rest of human society will go through a rather brutal awakening process. This period is expected to take a few moths, and then the Galactic superwave hits the planet.


My educated guess is for the Event to happen during 2025. The Light forces have NOT commented on my educated guess attempt, and it may, or may not be correct.


For now, the focus in the next few months will be on the clearing of the subquantum anomaly and the biochips, and from September/October things may begin to get more interesting.


Victory of the Light!



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