2023年6月8日: 疯狂的日子和疯狂的夜晚|星际飞船地球

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 June 8, 2023
星际飞船地球: 大图2023年6月8日

2023年6月8日: 疯狂的日子和疯狂的夜晚|星际飞船地球

Crazy will be the order of the day for awhile as we report from the asylum. The globalist controllers/satanist pedophiles are in their death throes and they know it so they are pulling all the stops. Add another layer of confusion resulting from the Alliance operations and you have a Plan that’s clear as mud.


We heard it’s SHTF time. “The storm is upon us,” came from multiple social media White Hats and it is dizzying just trying to round up and track the most meaningful updates from the WWW.

我们听说现在是 SHTF 时间。“暴风雨就要来了,”来自多个社交媒体白帽子,它是令人眼花缭乱的只是试图收集和跟踪最有意义的更新从万维网。

Just incase you thought I was making it up. Here you go. The Military is getting ready to move in.I told you all Act 3 will precede any new election. This is the part that will shock everyone. Kings & Queens. They will run and operate unabated until the clean up is done.

In Canada people are noticing unusual patterns… and foreign military, at that. Link to Telegram.


Dear QR … spotted a KingG39 US Army helicopter leaving Lethbrdige AB, flying over Pincher Creek and zig zagging up Chokie and up to highway 511 above Durango livestock. Not sure what its doing there. Then at 10:20 am between Welling and Lethbridge 6 to 7 small planes were marking the sky with lines. Is that cloud seeding, when we already are forcasted to have a week of rain, thunderstorms and hail for our area. The storm is coming from Montana and across the border. Thank you…

亲爱的 QR... ... 发现一架 Kingg39美国陆军直升机从莱斯布里迪公司起飞,飞越平彻克里克和之字形曲折上升到杜兰戈牲畜高速公路511。不知道它在那里干什么。然后在上午10点20分,在 Welling 和 Lethbridge 之间,有6到7架小飞机在天空上画线。那是人工降雨吗,我们这里已经预报有一周的降雨,雷暴和冰雹了。暴风雨来自蒙大拿州,越过边境。谢谢。


2023年6月8日: 疯狂的日子和疯狂的夜晚|星际飞船地球

Looks like it will be a hot summer. Fires and smoke are everywhere and increasing. Link to Telegram.


BREAKING: Fire breaks out on plane at Australia’s Moranbah airport with passengers on board

爆炸性新闻: 莫兰巴机场飞机上发生火灾,机上乘客全部遇难

I’m hearing that fires were burning right in the City of Calgary recently due to arson.


Red Sun? I suspect Lex Luthor is behind this. Stay vigilant @RealDeanCain #IfYouKnowYouKnow pic.twitter.com/Ukt6lgRMTK

You must have seen all the images of the red sun in Calgary, New York, etc? It’s getting biblical again.


Finger Lakes New York is in the alt news again. I believe this is the third time in several months. Agent A1 has a map on Telegram. I believe there is a DUMB beneath the lakes.


Finger Lakes area has a very heavy presence of smoke!


Why are they causing all this smoke for?


What’s being done there?


Mr. Pool showed us long ago. Q taught us the value of “mirror” and using memes to slide by the bots so we could release information uncensored.

普尔先生很久以前就给我们看过了。Q 教会了我们“镜像”的价值,并使用模因从机器人旁边滑过,这样我们就可以不受审查地发布信息。

2023年6月8日: 疯狂的日子和疯狂的夜晚|星际飞船地球

2023年6月8日: 疯狂的日子和疯狂的夜晚|星际飞船地球

Talk of the town says the next lockdown will be a CLIMATE LOCKDOWN! Woo-hoo! And that would figure because we are planning a trip to the Great White Gulag to honour my mother’s last wishes and bring closure to her passing during the scamdemic—three years later. If they pulled that stunt on me again this summer I would be forced to buy a gun.

镇上的传言说下一次封锁将是气候封锁!哇哦!我们计划去大白色古拉格(Great White Gulag)旅行,以纪念我母亲的遗愿,结束她在三年后那场丑闻中的去世。如果他们今年夏天再对我耍这种花招,我就不得不买把枪了。

2023年6月8日: 疯狂的日子和疯狂的夜晚|星际飞船地球


Hawai’i is shaking. There was a magical video in the pitch black that was really beautiful on Telegram.


?? A Magnitude 4.8 earthquake hits Hawaii. Following which the Kilauea volcano erupted. Lava has reportedly been flowing from the volcanic mass over the past 48 hours.https://t.co/ostrXtobVE pic.twitter.com/j20VVzdhsT

There is a lot of volcanic activity just now we believe is related to the sun. Link to Telegram.


Earthquakes 6.7.23
Total – 308


Over 2.5 – 29超过2.5 -29
New Caledonia新喀里多尼亚
Dominican Republic多米尼加
South Sandwich Islands南三明治群岛
Western Montana西蒙大拿
Kuril Island Kuril Island


# 地下战争报告

2023年6月8日: 疯狂的日子和疯狂的夜晚|星际飞船地球

The whistleblower testimony about reverse-engineered off-world craft—of course they’re denying it but it’s irrelevant. Any press is good press. Even bad press is good press because it means more eyes on the story. People will pay attention. They love the drama and it’s better than TV.


AND, the White Hats will never allow the psychopaths to scare Humanity with the fake alien invasion they’ve been salivating over for decades. It would set us back in our evolution and ascension and cannot be permitted. They will counter any attempts to terrorize the population of Earth.


2023年6月8日: 疯狂的日子和疯狂的夜晚|星际飞船地球

It’s too late to take it back; it’s out there. We know there have been and are off-world, non-Human races walking among us.


Q the Storm Rider elaborates:

Q 风暴骑士解释道:

Now Pentagon is denying the UFO WHISTLEBLOWERS claims)//

现在五角大楼否认 UFO 告密者的说法)//


Telegram (https://t.me/disclosetv/11332)
NEW – Pentagon denies whistleblower report that it has been recovering crashed “non-human made” spacecraft and reverse engineering “their” technology.

电报( https://t.me/disclosetv/11332) Disclose.tv 最新消息——五角大楼否认了告密者的报道,即该公司正在修复坠毁的“非人造”飞船,并对“他们的”技术进行逆向工程。

What’s happening?
Remember i have been telling you the Alien invasion agenda is being pushed and the Pentagon only wants a violent Narration of an INVASION.

发生什么事了? 我不知道 记住,我一直在告诉你,外星人入侵的议程正在被推动,五角大楼只想要一个入侵的暴力叙述。

But also remember I told you there was real WHISTLEBLOWERS coming forward and Powerful white HATS who are going to counter the VIOLENT INVASION PROPAGANDA [ DS] Narration但是还记得我告诉过你们有真正的告密者站出来和有力的白色帽子,他们将反对暴力入侵宣传[ DS ]叙述
While the Pentagon MSM claiming there is going to be an Alien invasion….当五角大楼的 MSM 声称将会有外星人入侵..。
_White HATS on the other END is pushing real DISCLOSURE , LETTING EVERYONE KNOW THE PENTAGON IS INVOLVED WITH ALIEN AGENDA AND TECHNOLOGY ALREADY….. < This game theory move traps the Pentagon CIA as the LEAKS and Whistleblowers come from within their own divisions ( pricing l proving their is a cover up and agenda happening/另一方面,白帽子正在推动真正的披露,让每个人都知道五角大楼已经卷入了外星人的议程和技术... ... < 这个博弈论的举动陷害了五角大楼中央情报局,因为泄密者和告密者来自他们自己的部门(定价 l 证明他们是一个掩盖和议程发生/

_The day the story broke of the WHISTLEBLOWER exposing the PENTAGON having knowledge of advanced UFO technology ( and more) ……. No MSM outlet reported on the whistleblower这一天爆出的告密者揭露了五角大楼拥有先进的飞碟技术(以及更多) ... ..。告密者没有MSM报告
and New York Times and Washington post didn’t touch the story…….. ( This should tell you the Deep State did not want the Whistleblower to get coverage as it connects the Pentagon CIA DOD to an Alien AGENDA. Cover up and而《纽约时报》和《华盛顿邮报》并没有报道此事... ... (这应该告诉你,“深层国家”不希望告密者报道,因为它将五角大楼的中情局国防部与外星人议程联系起来。盖起来
>> DEEP STATE OPERATION IN PROGRESS<<<<> > 深度状态操作正在进行 < < < <
Counter moves are being made against the FAKE ALIEN INVASION ROCKEFELLERS DS OPERATIONS. 针对假外星人入侵洛克菲勒行动的反击行动正在进行中。

Prepare for the silly woo-woo stuff.


2023年6月8日: 疯狂的日子和疯狂的夜晚|星际飞船地球

Cops called to reports of ‘8ft aliens with shiny eyes’ after mysterious blue UFO is filmed falling from sky


Did you see Tucker Carlson’s first Twitter show? Now the drama begins.

你看过 Tucker Carlson 的第一个推特秀吗? 现在戏剧开始了。

BREAKING: Fox News lawyers have reached out to Tucker Carlson notifying him that he breached his contract by launching his show on Twitter.So Fox is allowed to fire Tucker but he is not allowed to speak freely online?In response to the move by Fox, Tucker's lawyers responded... pic.twitter.com/UFGpjNFmqb

Good grief—now they’ve arrested Jeff Sessions? Cute little Jeff?

天哪,现在他们逮捕了杰夫 · 塞申斯,可爱的小杰夫?

2023年6月8日: 疯狂的日子和疯狂的夜晚|星际飞船地球

Military Arrests Jeff Sessions

军事逮捕 Jeff Sessions

It looks like “reverse ATMs” are a thing, and we can expect more of them. Forgive me if I don’t trust an electronic box to do its job—not after all the election fraud and technology problems with our elections. They are only as good as their programming and the cabal is going to do everything in their power to control the financial systems. I like cash.


I also don’t have a high trust level with coded cards. Too many hotel room keys had a mal when I tried to use them and forced me to go all the way to the lobby to get staff to reprogramme my card key.


However, this is a good way to get folks to turn in their cash so it can be removed from the system and replaced with the new notes. I will say that for it. Somehow those old bills have to be removed from circulation. I was wondering how they were going to do it, and  maybe this is the answer.


It’s not easy being green: Reverse ATMs are on the rise amid declining cash use

做一个环保主义者并不容易: 随着现金使用的减少,反向 ATM 机的使用正在增加

I just found this and can’t wait to listen to Kerry K but she really needs to get off Youtube and onto a better platform.

我刚刚发现了这个,迫不及待地想听凯莉 · K 的歌但她真的需要离开 Youtube 去一个更好的平台。

The following reality is something to seriously consider. It’s time Humanity grew up and protected itself.


All sarcasm and threats aside, it looks like our Creator is on board with this mission to liberate Humanity so we don’t have a lot to say about how it goes down. All we can do is support the White Hats and Humanity as best we can and try to remain positive. It’s going to work out in our favour, no question, and it gets more exciting by the day with major operations underway.


See you next time, folks.  ~ BP


2023年6月8日: 疯狂的日子和疯狂的夜晚|星际飞船地球


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