2020年11月4日13:49:53X22报道|第2319集:你正在见证的是一个新国家的诞生,控告即将到来已关闭评论 1.1K978字阅读3分15秒

[DS]/MSM 现在正在为选举后的计划做准备,他们已经知道他们失败了,这是我们从未见过的压倒性的胜利。人们是清醒的,他们想要一些不同的东西,他们不想要[DS]计划。

X22报道|第2319集:你正在见证的是一个新国家的诞生,控告即将到来The patriots have done it,the economy is in a V recovery.The markets shot up right before the elections.The people are now awake,they see clearly,Trump can now move ahead with phase II of the economic plan,it's going to be glorious.

爱国者们已经做到了,经济正处于 v 型复苏。就在选举之前,市场迅速上涨。人们现在清醒了,他们清楚地看到,特朗普现在可以继续推进经济计划的第二阶段,这将是光荣的。

The[DS]/MSM are now making plans for after the elections,they already know they lost,this is a landslide like we have never seen before.The people are awake,they want something different,they do not want the[DS]plan.We are witnessing the birth of a new nation,this is just the beginning.A new world is coming.Indictments are coming,nothing can stop this,nothing.The patriots have been in control the entire time.

[DS]/MSM 现在正在为选举后的计划做准备,他们已经知道他们失败了,这是我们从未见过的压倒性的胜利。人们是清醒的,他们想要一些不同的东西,他们不想要[DS]计划。我们正在见证一个新国家的诞生,这仅仅是个开始。一个新的世界正在到来。起诉就要来了,没有什么可以阻止这一切,没有什么。爱国者们一直控制着局面。


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