战争:选举舞弊,律师,cvid 疫苗,拜登计划,警察权力,宪法|Jon Rappoport

2020年11月10日14:12:36新人阅读战争:选举舞弊,律师,cvid 疫苗,拜登计划,警察权力,宪法|Jon Rappoport已关闭评论6529字数 14578阅读48分35秒阅读模式

战争:选举舞弊,律师,cvid 疫苗,拜登计划,警察权力,宪法|Jon Rappoport

Dispatches from the War:vote fraud,lawyers,C0VID vaccine,Biden plan,police powers,the Constitution

战争:选举舞弊,律师,cvid 疫苗,拜登计划,警察权力,宪法

 作者:Jon Rappoport

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Here is an immortal statement every independent thinking person should frame,hang on the wall,and re-read often---


Gerry Spence,American lawyer:"Everyone wants to argue.Everyone does.Everyone needs to.""While birds can fly,only humans can argue.Argument is the affirmation of our being.It is the principal instrument of human intercourse.Without argument the species would perish.As a subtle suggestion,it is the means by which we aid another.As a warning,it steers us from danger.As exposition,it teaches.As an expression of creativity,it is the gift of ourselves.As a protest,it struggles for justice.As a reasoned dialogue,it resolves disputes.As an assertion of self,it engenders respect.As an entreaty of love,it expresses our devotion.As a plea,it generates mercy.As charismatic oration it moves multitudes and changes history.We must argue—to help,to warn,to lead,to love,to create,to learn,to enjoy justice—to be."

美国律师格里斯宾塞(Gerry Spence):"每个人都想辩论。每个人都是。每个人都需要这样做。""虽然鸟儿会飞,但只有人类可以争辩。争论是对我们存在的肯定。它是人类交往的主要工具。没有争论,这个物种就会灭亡。作为一个微妙的暗示,它是我们帮助他人的手段。作为一种警告,它引导我们远离危险。作为呈示部,它教授。作为一种创造力的表达,它是我们自己的天赋。作为一种抗议,它为正义而斗争。作为一种理性的对话,它解决争端。作为一种对自我的断言,它产生了尊重。作为爱的恳求,它表达了我们的忠诚。作为一个请求,它产生了怜悯。作为魅力演说,它感动了众人,改变了历史。我们必须争论ーー去帮助、去警告、去引导、去爱、去创造、去学习、去享受正义ーー去存在。"

Contesting the election on the issue of vote fraud is not a violation of"playing fair"and"accepting results"and"remaining calm."It is an argument being made.It is also a question of fact.


What is unhinged is demanding a smooth transition from one president to another,since it is the news networks who made the projection of a Biden victory,and it is those same networks who are featuring the need for that smooth transition"in a democracy."


"We project Biden as the winner.Therefore it is a mathematical certainty.Therefore,do not resist.We are in charge."


THAT'S the banana republic.


That's the military busting in the door and taking over the radio station…except there is no need for the military,because the networks are the radio station.


Here are a few comments,based on my observation of a vote-count in the LA County Registrar building,when I ran for a seat in the US Congress in 1994.




Paper ballots,mail-in ballots,punch cards,touch-screen---it all goes into the hopper.It's all translated into computer sub-totals and totals.


There are various stops along the way,where the numbers are transferred into other machines and systems.


Fraud can occur anywhere during this route.


As an observer standing there,in various rooms,staring at machines,you see nothing on that level of fraud.How could you?


Only real pros can tackle the job of discovering electronic/computer fraud,and I'm not even approaching the fraud that can occur earlier,inside touch-screens in voting booths.


I'm not trying to downgrade any of the discoveries people have made so far that point to vote fraud---which include software/electronic fiddling.Startling crimes have already come to light.And yes,as a close-up observer in a counting room,you can spot obvious felonies.But never ignore what you can't see.


I don't know how competent and skillful Trump's lawyers are.I don't know how determined they are.They need to be relentless.They need to be counting how many votes they're trying to overturn.A few minor victories aren't going to matter.


Here is another group of lawyers;the New York Bar Association.On November 7,as the New York Law Journal reports:"The New York State Bar Association on Saturday passed a resolution urging the state to consider making it mandatory for all New Yorkers to undergo C19 vaccination when a vaccine becomes available,even if people object to it for'religious,philosophical or personal reasons'."

这是另一个律师团体,纽约律师协会。117日,据《纽约法律杂志》报道:"纽约州律师协会在周六通过了一项决议,敦促纽约州考虑强制所有纽约人在疫苗可用时接种 C19疫苗,即使人们出于'宗教、哲学或个人原因'反对。"

In case you think this resolution has anything to do with the law,think again.Yes,the Bar Association is criminally convinced the State has the Constitutional power to force a vaccine on the population,but their resolution is recommending the State should actually do it.That's not law,that's health policy,that's medical policy,that's"science."That's also Police State.What is a lawyers'association doing recommending medical decisions?


It's lining up with Joe Biden and his forthcoming"national plan to conquer the pandemic."It's signaling,"We're on board with you,Joe.Don't worry about us.We're for sale,we're for hire."It's old-fashioned partisan politics and deal-making masquerading as some sort of legal brief.It's a message to card-carrying lawyers everywhere:Mandatory vaccination should be your bias in all cases.

它与乔·拜登(joe biden)和他即将出台的"全国计划,以征服这场流行病。"它在发出信号,"我们支持你,乔。别担心我们。我们是出售的,我们是出租的。"这是老式的党派政治和伪装成某种法律摘要的交易。这是给各地正式的律师的一个信息:强制接种疫苗在任何情况下都应该是你的偏见

The New York Bar Association is quite a bunch of bottom-feeders.


Biden has already led with his first priority:appointing new people to the coronavirus task force.As I've warned,he and his handlers want to issue edicts from the federal level on testing,tracing,masks,distancing,lockdowns,and vaccination,in an effort to override any defections from state governments.


The devastating economic destruction which has already been forced on America is not enough.There must be more.Not only through enacting new C0VID restrictions,but also through moving climate change back up to the top of the federal agenda.This means reducing overall energy-output from US industry.


That also translates into greater federal control of the economy.It's even possible we could see price freezes on goods.


Dreamers will,of course,applaud all these actions,because dreamers believe jobs and money and security will come flowing magically from the White House.Joe is the great healer.Trump argued and insulted.Tsk,tsk.Joe placates.It's nicer.It's a sign of love.


Joe's social justice agenda is an odds-on favorite to include defunding police departments and restructuring them as"community share-and-care projects."


"We saw you rob that liquor store and shoot the manager.What do you think produced that level of anger in you?Let's sit down and talk about it."


C0VID,as planned,accelerated tyrannical trends.C0VID's new preacher is Joe Biden.


Current revelations about his dealings with China and Ukraine aside,Biden is an old con artist from Delaware.In 1987,shortly after launching his campaign for the presidency,a few of his lies surfaced.He plagiarized a speech by a British politician.He plagiarized lines from a Robert Kennedy speech.He lied about his past academic record and law school student ranking.


Moreover,the mainstream press roasted him mercilessly for these lies.Some of the same big-time news people who excoriated him then as a fraud and a hustler,and drove him to withdraw from the presidential race,in 1987,took up a whole new position in 2020:Puff-o-fantastico;Joe was good,Joe was clean,Joe had no problems.


Perception may be reality,but when media perception is miraculously elastic,and can expand or contract at the drop of a hat or the drop of cash money,all bets are off.


On the subject of lawyers,vaccines,police powers,the Constitution,and the elasticity of perception,get a load of this:


Guess what?There is now a BELIEF clause written into the Constitution."If the right people THINK something is so,it IS so."


Note:The full-on legal lunacy I'm going to cite is…


Defended by many lawyers and public health officials.They say the State's police powers,during a pandemic…


Can't be challenged.


Fortunately,lawyers like Tom Renz and Bob Kennedy disagree.


Buckle up.


In April of 2006,the AMA(American Medical Association)Journal of Ethics published an article,"Is Mandatory Vaccination Legal in Time of Epidemic?"by Sarah Fujiwara,MD.

20064月,《美国医学协会伦理学杂志》发表了一篇文章,题为"在流行期间强制接种疫苗合法吗?"作者:Sarah Fujiwaramd

Referencing prior US Supreme Court decisions,the article states:"The courts do not become involved in legislation formed under the state's police power…"


If that sounds like the preface to a bad storm rising;if it sounds like courts abdicating their most basic duty to keep tyrants in check;it gets much,much worse:


"Furthermore,it is immaterial whether or not the vaccine is actually effective,so long as it is the belief of state authorities that the mandatory vaccine will promote common welfare and is a reasonable and proper exercise of the police power."



It's immaterial…?


It doesn't matter whether the vaccine is effective?


It only matters whether politicians BELIEVE…?


Believe what?


That the vaccine will promote"general welfare?


And also the politicians BELIEVE the mandatory vaccine is a proper exercise of their POLICE POWERS?That's all that matters?


This is on the order of saying,"If public health officials believe the use of poisonous snake oil to treat the population is effective,mandated snake oil can be enforced by the police.The US Constitution was embedded with this meaning."


Sure it was.Obviously,the Founders were struggling to create a new Republic based on random declarations of emergency,mass police raids by men holding needles and vials containing anything from aluminum to mercury,who would hold people down and inject them.


This is what the Revolutionary War was fought for.Anyone should be able to see that.


The basic meaning and spirit of the Constitution WAS ALL ABOUT forced medical treatment,wasn't it?I seem to remember Ben Franklin and James Madison announcing that very thing as they strolled along the streets of Philadelphia and educated early Americans about the Law of the Land.Ben said,"Needles and vials,that's what we've been fighting and dying for…"

宪法的基本含义和精神都是关于强制医疗的,不是吗?我似乎还记得本·富兰克林和詹姆斯·麦迪逊在费城街头散步时宣布的那件事,以及他们对早期美国人进行的关于土地法则的教育。Ben 说,"针头和药瓶,这就是我们一直为之奋斗和牺牲的东西......"

And much later,a poem was engraved in a plaque on the Statue of Liberty:GIVE US YOUR HUDDLED MASSES,YEARNING TO BE VACCINATED.


"As long as it is the BELIEF of state authorities…"This opens the door to:"Well,the committee BELIEVES an army of underground porcupines holding shotguns has emerged from caves and is marching on New York.Therefore,the State must set fire to sixty million acres of land between Albany and NYC.Citizens should evacuate as soon as possible…"


"…it is immaterial whether or not the vaccine is actually effective,so long as it is the belief of state authorities…""...疫苗是否真的有效并不重要,只要国家当局相信..."

But listen,don't worry,be happy,let's cancel the Second Amendment,because we have nothing to fear from politicians and government.Back in the 18th century,the whole business about an armed citizenry was pushed,don't you know,because of the dire threat of giant roaming Mastodons.


Or was it roaming lawyers and judges,who picked and nicked and scraped and sliced at the Constitution,developing all sorts of key cases that diverted freedom into dead-end alleys and gullies and landfills and empty lots surrounded by barbed wire?


---Let's revert to sanity.When a State of Emergency is declared,public officials must justify it on the facts,and those facts are up for challenge.


"It's Science"is not an acceptable generality for explaining why a population is put into house arrest or stuck with a mandatory needle and injected with a brew.


Millions upon millions of us have delved into the details of vaccination.We've come out with our conclusion.




And in our legal research on the Constitution,and the extent to which it favors wide-ranging police powers,based on BELIEF,we offer this highly technical ruling to government officials and their attorneys:




And to the AMA Journal of Ethics,where such an illuminating confession was published,we say,"Thanks,boys and girls,for letting us know where you really stand.Now there can be no doubt.You're out of your minds and your conception of ethics is straight out of the Soviet Union and China.You're the Medical Police State.Message received."


And listen,old Joe.You and Hunter can take the C0VID vaccine first,and all the boosters.The real vaccine,not a saltwater placebo shot for the cameras.You know,the DNA vaccine that alters your genetic makeup permanently,or the RNA vaccine that starts a cascade of auto-immune reactions,as the body basically attacks itself.THOSE vaccines.

听着,老乔。你和亨特可以先接种 cvid 疫苗,还有所有的推进剂。这是真正的疫苗,而不是在摄像机前拍摄的咸水安慰剂。你知道,DNA 疫苗可以永久地改变你的基因组成,或者 RNA 疫苗可以启动一系列自动免疫反应,因为身体基本上是在攻击自己。那些疫苗

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