Operation Disclosure|By Mark Baughman,:Mark Baughman,Contributing Writer


You are Witnessing the Birth of a New Nation,and of a New Era on Planet Earth!


You are witnessing the birth of a new nation,of a new era called the"Golden Age of Gaia".Just like the process in nature from a caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly.There is turbulence,there is struggle to get out of the cocoon,then there is the transformation to something beautiful.What we have is a front row witness is this transformation of people's prospective of our government.You are also witnessing the most brilliant plan by President Trump and his team to expose the corruption of government,foreign influence of our democratic process,and blatant arrogance of the old elite powers to still try to keep control of everyone in America and the world.You have to understand with our great constitution,the focus of the illuminati was to take over our prize free country first;America.If America's freedom falls,the world falls to this elite control.If they could accomplish a socialistic,totalitarian government;like forced vaccines,C19 scam to eliminate the small businesses,to crash President Trump's great economy,and to strike fear in every soul to stay away from one another,or you will die.This is just obscene,and was the plan to get rid of President Trump and to keep control.Does that sound absurd by a person not in the know?It may be,but just like JFK,the elite assassinated him because he was going to get rid of the Federal Reserve Bank which is not government at all,and is owned by the illuminati Rothschild family.In 1963,and during investigations thereafter on JFK's assassination,it was just criminals investigating criminals,how is that justice?The main stream media and the paid off journalists did not inform the public back then either.


They have tried to kill President Trump many times,and then please;just look at the Russian collusion hoax and the impeachment hoax to rid the elite controllers of his truth of really what is going on.Sometime,we really hope,these people who cannot see that President Trump is really working for"The People"will wake up and realize he is not evil and this elite collusion with Fake Stream Media to take him down is just not a coincidence.


We now know the C19 scam and is just a version of the cold or flu,and statistically is proven to be that way.Of course,the reimbursements were given to the greedy medical field around to the world to easily diagnosis the C19 with just symptoms or the about 90%false-positive rate of the PCR test.The fake pandemic will go-on forever,if people still line-up for the PCR test,because the PCR is extremely in-favor of a positive result.If I were being tested,I would use my own sterile swab!Also,the proven knowledge of wearing masks does not prevent the spread of the so-called virus,for proof of people wearing masks still have an 80%chance to get C19.Wearing masks is to symbolically to"muzzle the public"into submission too.The illuminati just wanted to see if they really still had control over the majority with fake Main Street Media and about 80%people still believe that the TV media is"the source"of the truth.This election fraud is one of the first real"Shock&Awe"steps to awaken people,because 80.4%of Americans did vote for President Trump.We want to"wake up"the sleepers from this slumber of not doing their research,and doing some investigation themselves.Critical thinking is the mantra of true consciousness.

我们现在知道了 C19骗局,它只是感冒或流感的一个版本,统计数据也证明了这一点。当然,报销给世界各地贪婪的医疗领域,以轻松地诊断只有症状的 C19或约90% PCR 检测假阳性率。如果人们仍然排队等待 PCR 检测,假的大流行病将会永远持续下去,因为 PCR 非常有利于阳性结果。如果我被检测,我会用我自己的无菌棉签!此外,已经证实的佩戴口罩的知识并不能阻止所谓的病毒的传播,因为证明佩戴口罩的人仍有80%的机会感染 C19。戴面具也是为了象征性地"让公众闭嘴",让他们屈服。光照派只是想看看他们是否真的控制了大多数虚假的主街媒体,大约80%的人仍然相信电视媒体是真相的"来源"。这次选举舞弊是第一批真正的"震慑与威慑"措施之一,因为80.4%的美国人确实投票给了特朗普总统。我们想要"唤醒"那些沉睡的人们,让他们从睡梦中醒来,不再做研究,而是自己去做一些调查。批判性思维是真正意识的真言

To finish on the C19 scam,inside real true and advanced research;this virus has not really been isolated in the lab,and probably is something totally different like the so-called H1N1(flu)pandemic between 1918 and 1919 which was really a bacterium.I know one research paper calls it a"thing",not a virus.We do know for sure,the 5G towers is resident to an oxygen molecule and gives the same symptoms as C19 if exposed too long and close to the 5G towers.This was their plan too.This is been proven scientifically.Please do your own research,for that is really what part of this criminal reveal is about,just not being told what is true or NOT.Think for yourself,and you will be free!Please,dig and find the truth.President Trump will stop this scam.As President Trump has stated;HCQ or hydroxychloroquine with zinc supplements will place your body in an"alkaline state"and allows your immune system to fight off colds and flu's.This was used in 1918 Flu pandemic to cure people too.There are other real remedies out there too.


Back to the major problems with this election,first and foremost the elite or the illuminati own 90%of the media,worldwide.Even Fox news,owned by Rupert Murdoch was a supporter of B|iden campaign and one can easily see that everyone on Fox news,as talking heads are not all Trump supporters.But we have some great people there on Fox news that are.But the real information is shared on the internet.We could not liberate humanity from the D|eep State if it was not for the internet.But we do have Google,Facebook,Twitter,and Instagram as examples of the brazen attempt at censorship on the internet.Hell,now even President Trump gets some of his messages on twitter suppressed.Every good Anon's,including myself have been targeted in some way to suppress the truth even on the internet.We have all found work arounds and will continue to do anything to get the word out.This censorship is illegal and will be dealt with as criminal.

回到这次选举的主要问题,首先是精英或者说光明会拥有全世界90%的媒体。就连鲁珀特默多克(Rupert Murdoch)旗下的福克斯新闻(Fox news)也是拜登阵营的支持者,人们可以很容易地看到,福克斯新闻上的每个人都是如此,因为谈话主持人并。但是我们在福克斯新闻里有一些很棒的人。但真正的信息是在互联网上共享的。如果没有互联网,我们不可能把人类从地球上解放出来。但是我们确实有谷歌,脸书,推特和 Instagram 作为对互联网进行审查的明目张胆的例子。该死,现在连特朗普总统都在推特上被压制了一些信息。每一个好的匿名者,包括我自己,都在某种程度上成为了隐瞒真相的目标,甚至在互联网上。我们都找到了替代方案,并将继续做任何事情来传播这个消息。这种审查是非法的,将作为犯罪处理

Now the sure evidence from history that the elites have been controlling the narrative on Fake Main Stream Media since the 1950's called 'Operation Mockingbird" that was a CIA operation to feed information at 4:00AM everyday so the broadcast can follow the narratives.

别胡说八道了,有确凿的历史证据表明,自20世纪50年代以来,精英们一直控制着虚假主流媒体的叙事,这就是所谓的"嘲鸟行动"(Operation Mockingbird),这是一项中央情报局(CIA)的行动,每天凌晨4点提供信息,这样广播就能跟踪报道。


Why do you think that"keys words"of the narratives are used and repeated on all newspapers and TV networks that day?Big hint!This is done through AP(Associated Press),UPI(United Press International),and Reuters news wires.They are owned by the elite. Famous Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein broke the story in 1977 for Rolling Stone and stated that"many journalists,including Pulitzer Prize winners-joined CIA payroll,writing fake stories to disseminate the agency's agitprop and providing intelligence.This program has never been officially discontinued.


One can easily see on election night the Fake Main Stream Media stopped the vote count in battleground states and had the gall to claim states that were really"too close to call"as"called"to B|iden and never"called ones"for President Trump.This was my"eureka moment"that something was really wrong.Also,the computers in the back-ground would,all of the sudden change of Trump loosing votes and B|iden gaining that exact same amount on TV screens before your eyes.This happened to many Republicans on other races too.The Republicans should have won the House and Senate both!This will be corrected in the near future.Also,B|iden confessed in a video about the voter fraud too.When will some of the public wake up?

在大选之夜,人们很容易看到假主流媒体(Fake Main Stream Media)在关键州停止计票,并厚颜无耻地声称,那些真的"太接近以至于无法计票"的州被称为"被称为"拜登州,而从来没有为特朗普总统"被称为"那些州。这是我的"灵光一现的时刻",有些事真的不对劲。此外,后台的计算机会,所有的突然变化,特朗普失去了选票和 b|iden 获得了同样的数额在电视屏幕上在你眼前。在其他竞选中,许多共和党人也遇到过这种情况。共和党应该赢得众议院和参议院!这一点将在不久的将来得到纠正。此外,拜登也在一个关于选举舞弊的视频中承认了这一点。公众什么时候才会醒悟?

With that stated,now most people know about the famous"watermark"ballots that were originally given to each state as"the only valid ballots"by Homeland Security.The only problem for the Democrats,who wanted to cheat there were an"invisible watermark"was keep secret by Homeland Security and the Trump's Voter Fraud Sting.This will go down in history as one of the biggest voter fraud cases ever!


This makes Watergate fiasco in 1972,look like a minor crime.The *CP(Chinese Communist Party)suppled 80 million fraudulent ballots but looked just like the real ones,but without the invisible watermark,oops!


These people who committed sedition,in a coordinated effort to overthrow an election will be looking at serious jail time.This will stop future election fraud and allow the easy change to the QVS(Quantum Voting System)were every voter can bypass the criminal shenanigans of state and local officials.One can vote remotely on one's computer or cell phone.The vote can be tabulated immediately and we can bypass these people in Fake Stream Media who think they declare a winner too.This is done by the electoral college and confirmed by both the Senate and the House of Representatives.These criminals think their policies are better for the public and all the official voters.Hell,this crap that was going on for years:dead people voting,using the wrong pen in like Arizona,pets on ballots,Mexicans coming across the border just to vote for Democrats,double voting,voting in two states,placing cardboard up on windows so officials or the public could not view the vote counting in Philadelphia&other places in the country,and not allowing in Republic observers inside to view the vote count.These were more minor compared to the three big whoppers:using the NSA's Hammer and Scorecard software to modify the votes during voting day,extending the vote count late or even days after the election day,and the biggest fraud of all;bringing pre-done fake ballots in to voting counting centers in the middle of the night.Also,an illegal"Hammer Software"was modified to"change votes at will"and set up by the Obama administration.These all were done to our"Great Democracy"to control the people of the United States to the D|eep States will.

这些煽动叛乱、企图推翻选举的人将面临严重的牢狱之灾。这将阻止未来的选举舞弊,并允许轻松改变 QVS(量子投票系统),如果每个选民都能绕过州和地方官员的刑事恶作剧。人们可以通过电脑或手机远程投票。投票可以立即制成表格,我们可以绕过那些认为自己也宣布获胜的虚假流媒体人。这项工作由选举团负责,并得到参议院和众议院的确认。这些罪犯认为他们的政策对公众和所有的官方选民更有利。该死的,这种垃圾已经持续了好几年:死人投票,在亚利桑那州用错了笔,选票上有宠物,墨西哥人越过边境只是为了投票给民主党,重复投票,在两个州投票,在窗户上放置硬纸板,这样官员或公众就不能看到在费城和其他地方的计票,不允许共和国观察员在里面看到计票。与三大骗局相比,这些都不算什么:使用美国国家安全局(NSA) Hammer Scorecard 软件,在投票日修改投票数量;延长投票时间,甚至在选举日之后几天,以及最大的欺诈行为;在半夜把事先准备好的假选票带到投票点票中心。此外,一个非法的"锤子软件"被修改为"随意改变选票",并由奥巴马政府设立。这一切都是为了我们的"大民主",为了控制美国人民,为了达到美国的意志

What is even better is what Judy Byington writes in her article,but in a very elegant way about the GPS(Global Positioning System)on the real Homeland Security ballots 11/8/2020: "There was much more to the tests for fraudulent voting.In addition to the watermark these official ballots also contained ink made of corn,which created an electronic radiation circuit ID that could trace the location of that ballot through GPS transmission.In other words,they could trace if the ballot was filled out by the person named on the ballot." This way the military and Homeland Security could even track all real ballots and were they went,even if it was in a dumpster!What a great sting operation.

更好的是 Judy Byington 在她的文章中写道,但是用一种非常优雅的方式来描述国土安全部真实选票上的 GPS(全球定位系统)11/8/2020: "对欺诈性投票的测试还有更多内容。除了水印之外,这些正式选票还含有玉米墨水,这创造了一个电子辐射线路 ID,可以通过 GPS 传输追踪选票的位置。换句话说,如果选票是由选票上提名的人填写的,他们可以追踪。"这样,军方和国土安全部甚至可以追踪所有真实的选票,如果他们去了,即使它在一个垃圾箱!多么精彩的手术啊

One can see that this is the biggest"Voter Fraud"in history with President Trump really receiving 80.4%of the watermark true ballots.This will come out and show the truth to the world and the corruption that has been going on for a very long time!This is bringing darkness to the light,or out in the open.Here is what the Federation of the Light has stated in a 11/9/2020 message:

人们可以看到,这是历史上最大的"选民欺诈",特朗普总统确实收到了80.4%的真实选票 ,这将会出来,向世界展示真相,以及已经持续了很长时间的腐败!这是把黑暗带向光明,或者带到光明之外。以下是光明联盟在2020911日的信息中所说的:

"For this election is going to go down in the history books.This election is at,we're going to say,a tipping point where the dark can no longer stand on the ground,it's been standing on.This election represents the light actually coming to the surface now to be realized and the truth also coming to the surface to be told."


This election is a pinnacle point we're going to say to how you and the united states are going to move forward.We're not going to get into talking about each candidate as each of you do have different views.


This election is about journeying into truth,this election is about how powerful truth really is and this election is about the truth coming out,the truth being exposed and the truth of all that has actually been going on your country for hundreds of years with a lot of these elections,with another very dark agenda that's always running the undercurrent of who gets elected and who doesn't.


This election is going to show all of you some bad behavior from those who are going to get found out.This election is also going to show all of you that you have been told a lot of mistruths.


For this election when it is finally over and it may not be over for a little while yet.It's going to start to unravel what has been going on for so very long and it's going to start to really unravel the knowing that you have not been told the truth by a lot of your media,by a lot of those that hold the power,by a lot of those who have the most money.


Therefore,they think they have the highest say and they can control and manipulate.This election is a pinnacle to being your journey into truth."


One can see from this point forward we will slowly get the"Real Truth"so we can move forward to a"beautiful butterfly"of knowing what has really been going on behind closed doors and the schemes or scams to manipulate the American public and even world public views.

我们可以看到,从这一点向前,我们将慢慢得到"真正的真相",这样我们就可以向前迈进,成为一只"美丽的蝴蝶",知道在关闭的门后到底发生了什么,以及操纵美国公众乃至世界公众观点的阴谋或骗局President Reagan stated the truth about"Every Americans Freedom"so well:"Freedom is not ours by inheritance;it must be fought for and defended constantly by each generation,for it comes only once to a people.Those who have known freedom,and then lost it,have never known it again."里根总统很好地阐述了"每一个美国人的自由"的真理:"自由不是我们的遗产;它必须由每一代人不断地为之奋斗和捍卫,因为它只属于一个民族。那些懂得自由,然后又失去自由的人,再也不会懂得自由。"Know that everyone has taken Freedom for granted and we must"wake up"the truth and this slow infiltration of our government and corporations of bribery,corruption,and crimes against humanity ends here.The mighty Alliance,Q team,and President Trump is leading the charge and the greatest plan in history to bring down this dark world control of the illuminati.Most of you have done your job to vote for President Trump and stop listening to the lies about him on the fake stream media.Please continue the battle,as I have.But we will see"real truths"come out in the near future.Trust"The Plan".But first let me take you on a small journey of truths in history and what the Alliance plans are in the near future.

要知道,每个人都认为自由是理所当然的,我们必须"醒悟"真相,我们的政府和企业的贿赂、腐败和反人类罪行的缓慢渗透到这里就结束了。强大的联盟、q 团队和特朗普总统正在领导一场推翻光照派这个黑暗世界控制的冲锋和历史上最伟大的计划。你们中的大多数人已经完成了自己的工作,投票支持特朗普总统,停止在虚假的流媒体上听关于他的谎言。请像我一样继续战斗。但我们将看到"真正的真相"在不久的将来出现。相信"计划"。但是首先让我带你们进行一次关于历史真相的小小旅程,以及联盟在不久的将来的计划

Let us go back to 1871 when Ulysses S.Grant was president.He covertly got bribed by the illuminati to change the United States of America to a corporation owned by the Vatican.This is also called"The Society of Jesuit"who really controlled by the top 13 families of the illuminati in Venice,Italy.All 209 countries in the world were owned by the Vatican.The three arms of power were the Vatican(Religion),City of London World Banking System(Finance)and the United States Military(Military).Look at the display at all location;the symbol of their control,the obelisk,like the Washington Monument in D.C.This is no longer true;the mighty Alliance has taken all that down and the corrupt people in-charge and do not have the power or have been arrested.Many D|eep State minions are still there but in disarray.The one large arm is the Fake Stream Media that is still mostly in-tack,so many truths will go against the fake news once out.From my understanding,arrests are going on now,with 208,000 sealed indictment readied to be served.A good percentage have already been served and sent to GITMO(Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp).Our great constitution was changed to the unknowing public to read"The Municipal United States Incorporated"from the original"The Constitution of the United States".One other corrupt happening was the Admiralty Law,from Common Law in 1845 passed by Congress.But the whopper was the Federal Reserve was brought in by the darkness of the night on December 23,1913,where the bribed Congress and President Wilson signed into law.The illuminati family the Rothschild's owned the Federal Reserve and a famous statement by Mayer Amschel Rothschild"Let me issue and control a nation's money and I care not who write the laws".This slow take-over and infiltration as regular Americans fell asleep on how corrupt Washington D.C.became.

让我们回到1871年,当时尤利西斯·辛普森·格兰特是总统。他秘密地受到光照派的贿赂,将美利坚合众国改造成为梵蒂冈拥有的公司。这也被称为"耶稣会会员",他们实际上控制着意大利威尼斯光照派的前13个家族。世界上所有209个国家都属于梵蒂冈。权力的三个分支是梵蒂冈(宗教),伦敦城世界银行系统(金融)和美国军队(军事)。看看所有位置的显示器,他们控制的符号,方尖碑,就像华盛顿的华盛顿纪念碑。这已不再是事实;强大的联盟已经打倒了所有这一切,掌权的腐败分子已经没有权力或者已经被逮捕。许多深州的奴才仍然在那里,但在混乱中。其中一个重要组成部分就是仍然处于大众媒体中的虚假流媒体,所以一旦虚假新闻被曝光,很多事实就会与之相对立。据我所知,逮捕行动正在进行,20.8万份密封起诉书已经准备就绪。很大一部分已经送达并送往 GITMO(关塔那摩湾拘押中心)。我们伟大的宪法被修改为不知情的公众,从原来的"美国宪法"改为"美国市政法人团体"。另一个腐败事件是1845年由国会通过的《普通法》中的《海事法》。但是最大的阴谋是美联储在19131223日的一个漆黑的夜晚推出的,在那里,贿赂国会和威尔逊总统签署了法律。光明会家族罗斯柴尔德家族拥有美联储,还有一句著名的迈尔·阿姆谢尔·罗斯柴尔德:让我来发行和控制一个国家的货币,我不在乎谁来制定法律。这种缓慢的接管和渗透作为普通美国人睡着了华盛顿特区如何变得腐败

Light is coming,for the Founding Fathers of the United States did have a famous quote in the"Declaration of Independence",to abolish governments that become destructive;"That whenever any form of Government becomes destructive of these end,it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it,and to institute new Government,laying its foundation on such principles and organizing it powers in such form,as to them shall seem most likely to affect their Safety and Happiness".


For our great patriots of today have formed a new government called the"Republic of the United States"and this is now active,behind the scenes.A Republic gives more rights to the citizen or the people.We have gone back to common law and the original"Constitution of the United State".One of our new government lawyers stated recently that"it does not matter that B|iden won the election,for they won the election of the defunct United States Corporation!Even President Trump once proven the real winner by the current Supreme Court,he will only be the President of the defunct corporation.He will be sworn in as the first President of the New Republic.I was informed some time ago,that President Trump before his inauguration in January 2021,he will announce the new government and the new Republic.Then the military takes over,in a 120-day period and in temporary capacity,that all elected positions in the government will have to run again after 120 days.The announcement could happen sooner.Exact timing does vary depending on the war with the illuminati.You see,this is a three-dimensional chess game,that President Trump and the Alliance has already won,moves and counter-moves.But the outcome is already known and we have won the Greatest War in History,and by the way it was secret.


What has really gone on here with this election?President Trump sacrificed himself to embarrassment,ridicule and put his presidency"on the line"with this voter sting operation.For all for the People of American and the World;this act will reveal the crimes against all Americans.In my view,the take-down of the D|eep State,not just the leaders of the illuminati,but the whole organization worldwide, President Trump will go down in history as the"Greatest President in American History"and maybe the greatest leader in history.For all over the world,we are headed to a better world of truth,harmony and love.For this is history in the making and the"Victory of the Light"before your eyes!





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