2020年11月10日16:48:54X22报道|第2324集:[JB]发送消息,GSA破坏了MSM的选举呼吁,特朗普反击即将来临已关闭评论 585918字阅读3分3秒

[DS]/MSM 正在尽最大努力使人们相信[JB]已经赢得了选举。这一努力刚刚失败了。MSM不做 GSA 做的决定,他们必须看选举结果。MSM 现在很恐慌,他们华而不实的宣传正在瓦解,他们正试图反击一切正在出现的东西。


The[DS]and the[CB]are now making their move to take back the system.[JB]has already made the announcement that he will reverse Trump's policies,including trade deals,regulations and the[CB].The[CB]is now trying to regain control of their system.Countermeasures in place.


The[DS]/MSM are pushing as hard as they can to convince the people that[JB]has won the election.This push has just failed.The MSM does not make the decision the GSA does,and they have to look at the election results.The MSM is now panicking,their flashy propaganda is now falling apart and they are trying to counter everything that is coming out.Trump is ready to use the constitution against them,the counterpunch is coming.

[DS]/MSM 正在尽最大努力使人们相信[JB]已经赢得了选举。这一努力刚刚失败了。MSM不做 GSA 做的决定,他们必须看选举结果。MSM 现在很恐慌,他们华而不实的宣传正在瓦解,他们正试图反击一切正在出现的东西。特朗普准备用宪法来对付他们,反击就要来了



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