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美国医学协会(American Medical Association)出版的名为《JAMA Pediatrics》(JAMA)的同行评议医学月刊刚刚发布了一份令人震惊的科学文件,题为《氟化物可能有神经毒性吗?》研究科学家最终将饮用含氟自来水与婴儿和儿童的低智商联系起来,这一发现对于被迫饮用含氟自来水的美国大约四分之三的公民来说是一个致命的打击

A terrifying new Ministry of Foreign Affairs(MoFA)report circulating in the Kremlin today warning about the"crazed leftist mobs controlling America",who are now even targeting President Donald Trump with"color revolution"regime-change tactics,states that the monthly peer-reviewed medical journal published by the American Medical Association called JAMA Pediatrics,in their just released shocking scientific document titled"Is Fluoride Potentially Neurotoxic?",has just pounded the proverbial"final nail in the coffin"in the vile fluoridated water destruction of young peoples atrocity by research scientists conclusively linking it with lower IQ's in babies and children—a finding so damning to the about three-fourths of the citizens in America who are forced to drink fluoridated tap water,pediatrician Dr.Dimitri Christakis,editor in chief of JAMA Pediatrics,included an editor's note saying the decision to publish this scientific study was not easy and it was subjected to"additional scrutiny"—with Dr.Christakis further stunningly admitting that"it is the only editor's note I've ever written"—but that,nevertheless,still places him on the wrong side of the long history proving that young men and women who were forced to drink fluoridated for decades turned into radical leftist imbeciles unable to either think or act for themselves—and is why,in August-2014,the German Health Minister outlawed the fluoridation of all tap water—who was followed a fortnight later by Israel outlawing all fluoride in its drinking water,too—both of whom though,would have seen their nations and peoples being better served if they had outlawed fluoride in drinking water like Russia did in 1990—an outlawing mandated by the fact that the only medicinal use ever found for fluoridated drinking water was to keep Nazi Germany and Soviet Union war prisoners brains numbed to make them docile during World War II—and when,in 2017,pressure groups covertly funded by George Soros'Open Society Foundation began agitating for its re-introduction,saw President Putin outlawing its use forever and his rightfully declaring that"fluoride has no place outside of the prison camp or gulag".[Note:Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

克里姆林宫今天流传着一份可怕的外交部(MoFA)新报告,警告"疯狂的左翼暴徒控制着美国",他们现在甚至用"颜色革命"改变政权的策略针对唐纳德·特朗普总统。报告称,美国医学协会(American Medical Association)出版的名为《JAMA Pediatrics(JAMA)的同行评议医学月刊刚刚发布了一份令人震惊的科学文件,题为《氟化物可能有神经毒性吗?》研究科学家最终将饮用含氟自来水与婴儿和儿童的低智商联系起来,这一发现对于被迫饮用含氟自来水的美国大约四分之三的公民来说是一个致命的打击,儿科医生、《美国医学会杂志儿科学》主编迪米特里·克里斯塔基斯(Dimitri Christakis)博士在一份编辑备忘录中说,发表这项科学研究的决定并不容易,而且还受到了"额外的审查"——克里斯塔基斯博士进一步令人震惊地承认,"这是我写过的唯一一份编辑备忘录"——但是,尽管如此,他仍然站在了漫长历史的错误一边。这段历史证明,几十年来被迫饮用氟化物的年轻男女,已经变成了激进的左派低能儿,既不能自己思考,也不能自己行动。这就是为什么德国卫生部长在20148月宣布所有自来水氟化都是非法的。两周后,以色列也宣布饮用水中的氟化物为非法 2017年,乔治·索罗斯的开放社会基金会秘密资助的压力集团开始鼓动重新引入氟化物,看到普京总统永远禁止使用氟化物,并正确地宣布"除了监狱集中营和古拉格之外,氟化物没有任何非法的地方":本报告引号中的一些单词和/或短语是英语中俄语单词/短语的近似形式,没有准确的对应词



According to this report,fluoride is the inorganic monatomic anion highly toxic industrial waste by-product of aluminum manufacturing—which during World War II saw the United States needing it in great quantities to develop their atomic bomb—and whose only other known purpose saw it being used as a rat poison and insecticide—that is until after this global war,when the Americans saw how effectively fluoride in drinking water had been used by the Nazi Germans and Soviet Union to keep prisoners of war in a basically docile imbecile state—and which then saw these insane Americans embarking on a mass scheme to drug their entire nation—a mass drugging scheme that saw them putting this toxic industrial waste into their country's drinking water supplies and toothpaste—but saw them failing to notice that where the mental effects of fluoride could be flushed out of the systems of adults over time—when given to pregnant women and young children,it reduced the IQs in these unprotected young minds and turned them into idiots—and whose first full generation of them came of age during the mid to late 1960's and nearly destroyed their entire country—most particularly because their minds were so toxic and docile,they were ready made for any type of illogical political ideology waiting to infect them—most particular the totalitarian lock-step socialism that many of their fathers risked their lives to defend America against.



First generation of fluoride mind controlled idiots come of age during 1960s and nearly destroy the United States in the process


Despite the hundreds of scientific studies conclusively proving how dangerous the toxic industrial waste fluoride is to young peoples'minds,this report continues,the Americans went even further down this road of mass drugging their own citizens to the point that they began creating an entire new class of mental drugs based on fluoride—a drug called Fluoxetine most commonly known as Prozac—which has been linked to nearly every mass shooting event in the United States—all of whose deranged mass shooters had the exact same thing in common—not guns,but prescribed medicines made with the toxic industrial waste fluoride.



Most starkly to notice in America today as this toxic industrial waste fluoride nightmare continues its rampage to the point of near total destruction of everything its peoples hold most dear,though,this report concludes,is that of this nation's 3,242 counties,President Trump won approximately 2,600 of them—or about 84%of the geographic United States—the importance of which is that this vast geographic area contains all of the small villages,towns and small cities in the US who never fluoridated their drinking water as their wells have sustained them for decades—unlike their socialist Democrat Party ruled major metropolitan counterparts,who continue poisoning their citizens with fluoride to keep them in a state of docile imbecility so they can be led like sheep to whatever horror is next planned for them—thus making Foreign Ministry officials,at least,extremely grateful that of the estimated 390 million guns this nation's citizens have,nearly all of them are owned by those non-fluoride infected still mentally stable supporters of Trump.

在今天的美国,这个有毒的工业废料氟化物的噩梦继续肆虐,几乎彻底摧毁了美国人民最珍视的一切,但是,这份报告得出结论,在这个国家的3242个县中,特朗普总统赢得了大约2600个县,占美国地理面积的84%左右,重要的是,这片广阔的地理区域包含了美国所有的小村庄、小镇和小城市,这些地方的水井几十年来一直维持着饮用水的饮用水,但他们从未在饮用水中加氟--不像社会主义民主党(Democrat Party)统治的大都市那样,他们继续用氟化物毒害他们的公民,让他们处于温顺的低能状态,这样他们就可以像绵羊一样被引向下一步计划的恐怖行动ーー这至少让外交部官员非常感激这个国家的公民拥有大约3.9亿支枪,几乎所有这些枪都属于那些没有感染氟化物的人,他们仍然是特朗普的精神稳定的支持者。


Socialist Democrat Party disarmed fluoride mind controlled imbeciles control the major metropolitan regions in America(blue)—while President Trump supporting fully armed non-fluoride sane people control the villages,small towns,small cities and countryside(red).



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