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The globalists historically prefer selecting a president with the full card carrying elitist credentials,a member of multiple private inner clubs or secret Societies like the Council on Foreign Relations,the Trilateral Commission,the Skull and Bones Society,Committee of 300,Freemasonry..


The people who have gone through these satanic cults can then be placed put in places of power to keep this satanic new world-order oriented society running.


George H.W Bush had every credential covered as a lifetime secret society member possessing all of the above.


He was the son of US senator Prescott Bush who was a confirmed financier to Hitler and covertly helped the nazis during ww2,it was a young George H.W Bush as a CIA operative who worked closely with the anti-Castro-turned anti-Kennedy Bay of Pigs Cubans.

他是美国参议员普雷斯科特布什(Prescott Bush)的儿子,普雷斯科特布什(Prescott Bush)是希特勒的铁杆金融家,曾在二战期间暗中帮助纳粹。

It was also George Bush who was photographed in front of the Dallas bookstore depository on the very same day that JFK's brain got splattered on his slow moving,"sitting"target in November 1963.

196311月,就在肯尼迪的脑浆溅到缓慢移动的"坐着"目标上的同一天,乔治布什(George Bush)在达拉斯书店仓库前被拍到。


George H W Bush was a known satanist,evil pedophile,who ran a Congressional Blackmail Child Sex Ring during the 1980s known as"Operation Brownstone and Operation Brownstar",and later to become known as"The Finders or The Franklin Coverup".U.S.Vice President George HW Bush would sneak children over to Senator Barney Frank's condo,known as a"Brownstone"to their famous cocktail parties,where U.S.Congressman and U.S.Senators—some willing and some unwilling participants—got a taste of the"Voodoo Drug"in their drink.

乔治·H W·布什是一个著名的撒旦崇拜者,邪恶的恋童癖者,他在20世纪80年代经营着一个名为"布朗斯通行动和布朗之星行动"的国会勒索儿童性交团伙,后来被称为"发现者或富兰克林掩饰者"。美国副总统乔治·w·布什(George HW Bush)会把孩子们偷偷带到参议员巴尼·弗兰克(Barney Frank)的公寓,也就是众所周知的"褐石屋"(Brownstone),参加他们著名的鸡尾酒派对。在那里,美国国会议员和参议员——有些是自愿的,有些则是不情愿。

To prove a case,you need one that was involved in an operation or a witness or documents;in this case,U.S.Customs documents prove the case without getting anyone still living killed.Inside the(scribd)document below is an article that appeared in US News and World report December 27 1993,entitled"Through a Glass Very Darkly".This includes cops,spies and a very old investigation—also copies of the U.S.Customs Reports where the names are not blacked out.


The late Ted Gunderson

已故的 Ted Gunderson

You may have purchased a set with the names blacked out from dirty FBI-CIA blackmailer Ted Gunderson,a known thief,liar and killer,a true"Daddy Bush FBI Troll,who surfaced in the 1990s to run cover for Bush and to identify those children who still may be living,who could be a liability to Bush,Gunderson and CIA George Pender's Congressional Child Sex Blackmail Operation known as"Brownstar".


Ted Gunderson surfaced in the early 1990s as the so-called investigator in the Franklin Savings and Loan case against Larry King a Black Republican,who introduced George HW Bush at the 1988 Republican Convention as America's next President.Ted Gunderson was there to get rid of any witnesses or children from"Boys Town",an orphanage for all boys,many of whom had been transported to Washington DC and raped by these pedophiles in Bush-Gunderson-Pender Child Sex Ring known as"Operation Brownstar".

20世纪90年代初,泰德·冈德森(Ted Gunderson)以所谓的调查员的身份出现在富兰克林储贷银行(Franklin Savings and Loan)针对黑人共和党人拉里·(Larry King)的案件中。在1988年的共和党全国代表大会上,拉里·金介绍乔治·H W·布什(George HW Bush)成为。泰德·甘德森在那里是为了摆脱任何目击者或来自"男孩城"的儿童,这是一个专为所有男孩设立的孤儿院,他们中的许多人被送到华盛顿特区,在被称为"棕色之星行动"(Operation Brownstar) Bush-Gunderson-Pender 儿童色情网络中被这些恋童癖者强奸。



The true story never has been told that children from orphanages all across America during the 1980s came to Washington DC,paid by the US Taxpayers,to unknowingly participate in the Congressional Blackmail Child Sex Ring.Daddy Bush,Dick Cheney,John Sununu,according to sources,would be standing in line to greet the children and their caretakers as they came to the Vice President's Home and or the White House for their specially invited tour at US Government expense.Bush,Cheney and Sununu would ask,"what's your name",and later just before dinner time,a call from the White House came into the hotel where the children were staying to the Caretakers inviting Little Billy,Mary,Johnny,Timmy,and Pam to the White House State dinner that evening.


The caretakers thought it would be good for the children,since the White House could not accommodate the entire orphanage.Gunderson and Pender,who ran the operation,dispatched the limo at Bush's request,and the female would take the children to the limo and immediately give them a Coke or Pepsi with the VOODOO DRUG in it,and they were off to U.S.Senator Barney Frank's pad,known as a"Brownstone".


Barney Frank


Of course,the U.S.Senators and U.S.Reps were there with the good-looking female prostitutes who would help get the congressmen and senators drunk on the"VOODOO DRUG",so when Daddy Bush,Dick Cheney,John Sununu and others showed up at the party and the children in the limo arrived,the female prostitutes left and the child sex party started,with U.S.Vice President George HW Bush,Richard Cheney,John Sununu and others showing the VOODOO drunk congressman and senators how to have sex raping children,while the cameras were running.Someone pretending to be from the White House would call the caretakers back at the hotel and would tell them the children fell asleep and are staying the night here at the White House and will be returned before lunch tomorrow.


John Sununu


The caretakers did not suspect a thing until 6 months later when their children were sitting in front of the TV watching the News and waiting for dinner,when many would jump up and point to the TV and say"He put his thing in me",as the children pointed to either their rectum or the female side.These caretakers began to ask questions and did not know whom to call.Some called"People Magazine",which spent a million dollars investigating all of America's orphanages and found this was true,with those children selected out at the White House being greeted by these known pedophiles:Bush,Cheney and Sununu.


The story was never told by"People Magazine".The Journalist was never allowed to publish the story.



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