通过 GCR 恢复共和国(摘要)|2020年10月6日星期二

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通过 GCR 恢复共和国(摘要)|2020年10月6日星期二

2020106日美国东部时间上午12:01,作者:朱迪·拜因顿,女,LCSW市,临床医学家,记者,作家,《22张面孔:珍妮·希尔非凡的一生和她22个多重人格的内幕》Source: Dinar Chronicles


特朗普的最终之幕: https://youtu.be/Aqboud6FuY4

间谍门/奥巴马门,圣诞老人冲浪: https://youtu.be/b3k7hsDBw4Q

S_ pygate/o_ bamagate WorldwideSanta Surfing: https://youtu.be/b3k7hsDBw4Q



Judy Note: On Mon. 5 Oct. no significant Intel on the RV/ GCR/ Restored Republic came forth– other than the Trump Campaign was said to have taken over UTube on Sun. 4 Oct. at midnight, while censored videos showed up on a new channel: https://brandnewtube.com/

朱迪注:105日星期一,关于RV/ GCR/恢复的共和国没有任何重要的信息被公布——除了据说特朗普的竞选团队已经在104日午夜接管了Ytube频道,而被审查的视频出现在了一个新频道上: https://brandnewtube. com/

All was very quiet, except for happenings behind the scenes:


On Mon. 5 Oct. as President Trump returned to the White House from his quarantine he requested a Declass of the S_pygate Documents.


S_pygate: Hill_ary Clin_ton– with the blessing of President Obama,(who later was said to have set up a spy network at the Trump White House)– ordered an investigation of Donald Trump that was based on felonious allegations, and former FBI Director James Comey headed that"investigation" knowing it was all bogus. These acts could be considered Treason– trying to take down a duly elected US President. Today's release of the S_pygate Documents could see them all headed to military tribunals at GITMO. A Sept. 20 2020 AMG News Headlines read,"GITMO to prepare for high level American prisoners."

间谍门:比尔·克林顿在奥巴马总统(后来据说他在特朗普的白宫建立了一个间谍网络)的支持下,下令对唐纳德· 特朗普进行一项基于重罪指控的调查,前联邦调查局局长詹姆斯· 科米领导了这项"调查",他知道这一切都是假的。这些行为可以被认为是叛国——试图推翻一位经过正式选举产生的美国总统。今天间谍门文件的公布可以看到他们都被送往关塔那摩的军事法庭。2020920 AMG 新闻头条写道:" GITMO 准备接收高级别的美国囚犯。"

On Mon. 5 Oct. because of a supposed Co_vid outbreak, the White House Press office went into a ten day quarantine. Will President Trump use the Emergency Broadcast System to communicate to The People during that Ten Days of Darkness? Charlie Ward recently said,"For the last couple of months they have been testing the Emergency Broadcast System so President Trump could make announcements. The Mass Media was so corrupt that they wouldn't let any news come out."



1. Over the next two weeks Deep State O_bamagate criminal indictments would be revealed– in the exact same time period of Tier 4B exchanges/ redemption.

1.在接下来的两个星期里,深州奥巴马门的刑事起诉书将被披露——4B 级交换/赎回的时间完全相同。

2. On Sat. 3 Oct. at 11 pm Iraqi time the US released Iraq to roll out the RV of the Iraqi Dinar.


3. Tier 4B may be started at any time Tues. to Thurs. 6-8 Oct.(Decision-makers do not want us, or the Deep State, to know when), though Redemption Center staff were scheduled to do exchanges beginning 6 am next Tues. 6 Oct.

3.4B 层可能在任何时间开始,从星期二到星期四。106日至8(决策者不希望我们或深州知道什么时候开始),尽管救赎中心的工作人员计划在下星期二早上6点开始进行交流。

4. Tier 4b could redeem Zim Bonds and exchange foreign currencies at the Contract rates until Wed. 14 Oct.

4. 1014日星期三之前,4b 级债券可以按合同规定的汇率兑换新西兰国债和外币。

5. The general public Tier 5 exchanges at regular banks would go from Thurs. 15 Oct. through Sun. 1 Nov.


Wells Fargo, Chase and HSBC banks would be sending out emails with a Safe Link Website that contained an individual 800#s that you could use to set your exchange/ redemption appointment. That Safe Link Website would also be published on various Dinar websites. Specific redemption/ exchange instructions would be part of the emails and Safe Link Website.

富国银行(Wells Fargo)、大通银行(Chase)和汇丰银行(HSBC)将通过 Safe Link 网站发送电子邮件,其中包含一个单独的800# s,你可以用它来设定兑换/赎回约定。这个安全连结网站也会在不同的第纳尔网站上公布。具体的兑换指示将在电子邮件和安全领汇网站中出现。


March 21 2013: Gold Treaty was signed by(eventually) 209 nations.

2013321: 209个国家最终签署了《黄金条约》。

Oct. 2019 the Vatican was raided, after which US politician money laundering at the Vatican Bank was exposed.


Sept. 20 2020 AMG News Headlines:"GITMO to prepare for high level American prisoners."

2020920 AMG 新闻头条:" GITMO 准备接收高级别的美国囚犯。"

Wed. Sept. 30 2020 at 1 pm EDT RV liquidity rollout orders were given.


Thurs. 1 Oct. the Ten Days of Darkness started with a dam breaking on disclosure, while arrests of political elites were thought to have begun, though the Ten Days of Darkness could be relating to the ten days the White House Press office was quarantined, that started Mon. 5 Oct.


On Thurs. 1 Oct. at 12:0015 am EDT Q posted"Red October, Hunters Become the Hunted, Patriots in Control, the Hunt is On": https://qalerts.app/, and on that same Thurs. 1 Oct. Trump was on Fox News saying,"We caught Co_mey, Hill_ary and O_bama."

美国东部时间101日星期四上午12:0015 q 发布"红色十月,猎人成为猎物,爱国者掌控局面,狩猎开始": https://qalerts.app/,同一天,101日星期四。特朗普在福克斯新闻(Fox News)上说,"我们抓到了科米、希拉里和奥巴马。"

On that same Thurs. 1 Oct. at 12:01 am EDT liquidity began to rollout through the Quantum Financial System(QFS which was now running solo in the global system) in Hong Kong, Zurich, Dubai, etc. Thurs. was also the first day of the Restored Republic fiscal year and a new gold/asset-backed digital US Note was actively online in the QFS.

美国东部时间101日凌晨1201分,流动性开始通过量子金融系统(QFS)在香港、苏黎世、迪拜等地展开。星期四也是恢复共和国财政年度的第一天,一种新的黄金/资产支持的数字美国钞票在 QFS 中活跃在网上。

By Fri. 2 Oct. the floodgates were opened, never to be closed on O_bamagate, Bi_dengate, Fi_sagate, Ru_ssiagate and Fake Ne_wsgate. That Fri. 2 Oct. had issued in the Ten Days of Darkness where Hunters became the hunted, as President Trump declared on that date that"It was Time." The Alliance was said to have planned the Trumps' supposed C19 infection as a cover for a Tier 4b RV liquidity release. Trump was protected from the ensuing storm through a ten day quarantine at Walter Reed Hospital– or perhaps on Air Force One, or one video of him supposedly speaking from Walter Reed, showed the background swaying enough to make it look like he was on a ship(for the Ten Days of Darkness?).

102日星期五,防洪闸门已经打开,从未关闭过,包括铁闸门、铁闸门、铁闸门和假铁闸门。那个102日星期五发生在猎人成为猎物的十天黑暗时期,特朗普总统在那天宣布"是时候了"据称,该联盟计划将特朗普夫妇所谓的 C19感染作为4b RV流动性释放的掩护。特朗普在沃尔特· 里德医院接受了为期十天的隔离,或者在空军一号(Air Force One)上,或者在一段据称来自沃尔特· 里德(Walter Reed)的视频中,背景摇晃得足以让人以为他在一艘船上(《黑暗的十天》[ Ten Days of Darkness]?).

Trump Tweet at 12:54 am Fri. 2 Oct.:"Tonight Flotus and I tested positive for C19. We will begin our quarantine and recovery process immediately. We will get through this to-get-her(to get her)." That evening Flotus also did a tweet that ended with"We will get through this to-get-her(to get her)." Judy Note: We have been told that Hill_ary Clinton and the Clin_ton Foundation would be the first of the global elites to be exposed. Could President Trump be hinting that they were arresting the Clintons?

102日星期五上午12:54特朗普发推:"今晚,我和第一夫人的 C19检测呈阳性。我们将立即开始隔离和回收程序。我们会通过这个过程去接她。"那天晚上,第一夫人也发了一条推特,结尾是"我们会通过这个来得到她(得到她)"Judy Note: 我们被告知比尔· 克林顿和克林顿基金会将是第一个被曝光的全球精英。特朗普总统是在暗示他们要逮捕克林顿夫妇吗?

On Sat. 3 Oct. White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows,"The next 48 hours are crucial." Trump said,"The next two days are crucial," while on that same date the US released Iraq so they could roll out the Iraqi Dinar RV.

周六。103日。白宫幕僚长马克· 梅多斯(Mark Meadows):"接下来的48小时至关重要。"特朗普说,"接下来的两天至关重要",而在同一天,美国释放了伊拉克,这样他们就可以推出伊拉克第纳尔RV

Sun. 4 Oct. at midnight the Trump Campaign was said to have taken over UTube, while censored videos showed up on a new channel, Brandnewtube.com: https://brandnewtube.com/

104日午夜,据说特朗普竞选团队已经接管了 youtube,而新频道 brandnewtube 上出现了被审查的视频: https://brandnewtube. com/

Mon. 5 Oct. Trump was released from C19 quarantine and returned to the White House, while his Press office staff were quarantined for ten days(of darkness?). That same day the President's Chief of Staff Mark Meadows said that President Trump had requested Declass of S_pygate Documents. Hill_ary had ordered an investigation on Trump, Obama approved and set up spies at the White House, while former FBI Director James Co_mey headed the investigation knowing it was based on felonious documents. This could be considered Treason– trying to take down a duly elected US President. All appeared headed for GITMO. S_pygate/O_bamagate Worldwide: https://youtu.be/b3k7hsDBw4Q

105日星期一。特朗普从 C19隔离区被释放并返回白宫,而他的新闻办公室工作人员被隔离了10(黑暗中?).同一天,总统办公厅主任 Mark Meadows 说,特朗普总统已经要求取消间谍门文件。比尔下令对特朗普展开调查,奥巴马批准并在白宫安插了间谍,而前联邦调查局局长詹姆斯科梅(James Co-mey)明知这项调查是基于重罪文件展开的,却领导了这项调查。这可以被视为叛国罪——试图推翻一位经过正式选举产生的美国总统。所有人似乎都去了关塔那摩。间谍门/奥巴马门 Worldwide: https://youtu.be/b3k7hsDBw4Q

Tier 4B may be started at any time from Tues. to Thurs. 6-8 Oct.

4B 层可在106日至8(星期二至星期四)的任何时间启动。

Wed. 14 Oct. was the last day you could redeem Zim and exchange foreign currencies at the Contract Rates.

1014日星期三是您可以按合同汇率兑换 Zim 和外币的最后一天。

On Thurs. 15 Oct. the general public would start their currency exchanges at the new International Rates.


On Sat. 17 Oct.(rumor) JFK Jr. could be revealed at a Trump Rally in Texas.


Fri. 30 Oct. at 12:01 am. Expect massive riots organized in defiance and others fleeing the US to occur. US Marines would conduct the operation while the National Guard was activated. Proof check: Locate a National Guard member and ask if they were activated for duty on 30 Oct. across most major cities.

1030(星期五)上午12:01。预计将会发生大规模的反抗组织的骚乱和其他逃离美国的骚乱。美国海军陆战队将在国民警卫队被激活的情况下进行这次行动。证据检查: 找到一名国民警卫队成员,询问他们是否在1030日在大多数主要城市执行任务。

Nov. 3 2020 Elections expect Mass Arrests and some form of Martial Law.


March 2021: Disclosure of names of the elites arrested, tried and executed, including videos of their confessions.

20213: 披露被逮捕、审判和处决的精英人士的姓名,包括他们供认的录像。


特朗普的最终之幕: https://youtu.be/Aqboud6FuY4

间谍门/奥巴马门全球,圣诞老人冲浪: https://youtu.be/b3k7hsDBw4Q

2020104日星期日由特朗普提供,经过审查的 YouTube 视频发布在


Brandnewtube的查理·沃德: https://brandnewtube.com/@drcharlieward

Charlie Ward on Brandnewtube: https://Brandnewtube. com/@drcharlieward 品牌新闻网站上的查理沃德: https://Brandnewtube. com/@drcharlieward

特朗普的秘密武器-第十四修正案: https://youtu.be/PclMR3mQyRc

D. The Revolutionary Front, Obrien: https://operationdisclosure1.blogspot.com/2020/10/the-revolutionary-front-james-obrien.html#more




G. 105日,2020103 GCR/RV 情报警报(完整报告)


H. 2020105日佩洛西家族管理加州: https://operationdisclosure1.blogspot.com/2020/10/pelosi-family-ties-running-california.html#more

I. 国际儿童性贩卖团伙:




光明会的好莱坞: https://brandnewtube.com/watch/they-sold-their-souls-why-celebrities-can-039-t-look-themselves-in-the-mirror-illuminatihollywood_sRJNeXI8xf6bLju.html

House Dems Vote to Coverup Child Se_x Traffic_king: House Dems Vote to Cover Up Child Sex Trafficking
https://forbiddenknowledgetv.net/house-dems-vote-to-coverup-child-sex-trafficking/ In a 371 to 18 vote, our elected Congress appeared to be moving towards making those speaking out about pedo_philia a hate crime. They stated that'President Trump has not condemned the[Cue]Anon conspiracy, which revolves around the baseless theory that Trump and his allies are working to expose a cabal of Democrats, media figures and celebrities who are running an international ch_ild traffic_king ring.


The same fat losers who have gotten rich off of corrupt side deals for years, who have paid out$15 million to silence their own victims, the same worthless elected officials who have been stalling any and all investigations into the crooked establishment, which they have exploited for decades now want to weaponize the First Amendment to silence the anyone who suggests they or their Hollywood media cohorts might be involved in child se_x traffic_king.


This was the same Congress who has paid out$15 million in taxpayer money to silence their own victims of se_xual harassment. Now they want to weaponize the First Amendment to silence anyone who suggests that Democrats, media figures and celebrities are involved in ch_ild traffic_king.'


In the 1980s, foster children from Nebraska were being auctioned-off at elite parties on the East Coast and sent as prostitutes to powerful politicians, including at the White House. A Federal Grand Jury got involved to rule that the explosive testimony of the victimized foster children was a hoax. The Vatican has been exposed for years of covering up a hidden pedo culture within the Catholic Church. Hill_ary Clin_ton's State Department cover for a pedo_phile ambassador. Op_rah Win_frey promoted a man who was enslaving women, impregnating them and selling their babies internationally. Ho_llywood, Nickelo_deon and Dis_ney have all been exposed for re-hiring convicted pedo_philes to work with children. And the Mainstream Media tells you that this is all fantasy.


After WikiLeaks released the Podesta Emails, masses of people began investigating ch_ild se_x traffic_king and nothing has been the same ever since. Following his inauguration, President Trump vowed to fight epidemic of human traffic_king. He signed executive orders to do so and over 1,500 pedo_philes involved in ch_ild se_x traffic_king operations were arrested- all within his first month as President- and the Mainstream media ignored it.


Big arrests continued all over the globe, reported by local media only. Thousands of arrests. Thousands of children rescued, including infants. NXIVM cult leaders have been charged with child po_rn and se_x traffic_king Their leader was an outspoken advocate of pedo_philia. They ran multiple day care centers. For several years, there has been talk about Jeffrey Epstein's private jet, the'Lolita Express', used to ferry powerful people to his private pedo_phile island- including dozens of times by Bill Clin_ton, seen here partying with convicted pedo_phile, and De_ep State witness, George Na_der. Bill Ga_tes, who was also associated with Jeffrey Epstein employed a former Microsoft engineer to work on his private estate, who was arrested on the Ga_tes property in 2014 for possessing over 6,000 images of child ra_pe and ass_ault, including the ra_pe of boys and girls as young as 8 years old. The man only did 90 days in jail!

据当地媒体报道,全球各地仍有大规模逮捕行动。数千人被捕。数千名儿童获救,包括婴儿。NXIVM邪教领导人被控儿童色情和性交易。他们的领导人是恋童癖的直言不讳的倡导者。他们经营多个日托中心。几年来,人们一直在谈论杰弗里·爱泼斯坦的私人飞机"洛丽塔快车",它用来把有权势的人运送到他的私人恋童癖岛上——包括比尔·克林顿在这里和被定罪的恋童癖者以及深州证人乔治·纳德一起聚会的几十次。比尔·盖茨(Bill Gates)也与杰弗里·爱泼斯坦(Jeffrey Epstein)有关联,他雇用了一名前微软工程师在他的私人庄园工作。2014年,他在盖茨的庄园被捕,原因是他拥有6000多张强奸和攻击儿童的照片,包括强奸8岁的男孩和女孩。这个人在监狱里只呆了90天!

克里斯·华莱士和比尔·克林顿在爱泼斯坦岛上: https://youtu.be/znXekUzDY-E


The above was a summary of information from the Internet. It would be up to the reader to do their own research and decide whether or not it was valid. A huge Thank You to those dedicated and brave Intel providers who wished to remain unknown; to humble Wildfire Lady who was adept at exposing the truth; to Martha who worked around the clock to discern what was real in the fake news; to Brad who did great research; to Ken who uncovered almost unlimited Intel on pedo_philia to help us Save the Children and to Bonni B who exposes the underlying causes of what is really happening.

以上是来自互联网的信息摘要。这将取决于读者做他们自己的研究,并决定是否有效。非常感谢那些愿意保持默默无闻的英特尔供应商; 谦卑的野火女士,她善于揭露真相; 玛莎,她昼夜不停地工作,以辨别假新闻中的真实性; 布拉德,她做了很好的研究; 肯,她发现了几乎无限的恋童癖情报,以帮助我们拯救儿童; 还有 Bonni b,她揭露了真实情况的根本原因。

Divide They Try, Fail They Will; WWG1WGA to Support POTUS, Follow[Cue]&Trust Plan


Let us Thank Q that the reset has finally come to be. I wish you well in your humanitarian efforts and look forward to seeing you on the other side where together, we will make life better for all.

让我们感谢 q,重置终于来了。我祝愿你们在人道主义工作中一切顺利,并期待着在另一个世界看到你们,在那里,我们将一起让所有人的生活变得更好。

Patience is a Virtue. Having Virtue is a sign of a good moral being. Good moral beings have the power to overcome evil and change the world. Judy




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