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(ECETI 新闻) : 8/8进入狮子门|詹姆斯 · 吉利兰

8/8 Entering the Lions Gate, UFOs and the Multidimensional Awakening and Healing of Humanity and the Earth

8/8进入狮子门、 UFO 以及人类和地球的多维觉醒和愈合

August 6, 2022 | Issues 41 2022年8月6日 | 第41期


(ECETI 新闻) : 8/8进入狮子门|詹姆斯 · 吉利兰

It seems the Universe is roaring, time to end the denial, heal and release the past, clean up the mis and disinformation and move forward in the upward spiral of ascension. We no longer have the luxury of denial. We all have images of ourselves yet do they correspond with right action? Have they corresponded with right action in the past? Have we been in service to self or service to others? Our vision of who we truly are verses who we be lie ve we are, is going to be shattered. The lack of right action in the past will have its karmic consequences. There is a grand division between the two images, the dysfunctional image and denial is going to be cast off. It can be done gracefully or painfully. If you want to continue in your pain body, it is a house that will fall. If you want to continue in denial and dysfunction that two will be revealed, what is inside will become outside for everyone to see, karma will be accelerated to give the lessons needed to evolve.


We are going to see this on a personal level, throughout the political, business and religious institutions no rock will be left unturned. The science or mechanics behind this are simple. Higher consciousness and energy in, garbage out. The Earth is rising in frequency from its center and from incoming energies. The Sun is extremely active with solar flares and CMEs coronal mass ejections. With the light comes consciousness and energy. Universal law is within the light, the higher consciousness and energy flooding the galaxy. The Central Sun has activated the network of suns throughout the galaxy. This affects other dimensions, especially the lower 4th where a lot of unseen negative influences reside as well.


The entire light spectrum is changing. The cosmic, gamma ray and Xray charts are taking a steep rise, the ultraviolet and infrared are also creating new bands. What does this mean? It means change on every level right down to the DNA. Why do you think the dark hearts are trying to change your DNA? To stop the activation and depopulate the awakening masses which once they find out who they are and what they have done will rise and take action. This has already begun.

整个光谱都在变化。宇宙、伽马射线和 X 射线图正在急剧上升,紫外线和红外线也在创造新的波段。这是什么意思?这意味着每个层面的变化,直到 DNA。你觉得黑暗之心为什么要改变你的 DNA?停止激活,减少觉醒群体的数量,一旦他们发现自己是谁,他们做了什么,他们就会站起来采取行动。这已经开始了。

Whatever changes they make are temporary, your immune system will attack any changes that do not align with the divine blueprint. This leads us to why they are destroying the immune system. For those who are a little slow we are talking about the vax which is not and never was a vaccine. They are now admitting it does not protect from C19 or the variants. The efficacy of the jabs is next to zero, they compromise your immune system so what is their purpose? Hospitals are filling with 90% of the people fully vaxed, which includes the spiraling death rate of the fully vaxed. Do you know who is cruising through the pandemics with their immune systems at over 90 to 97% intact and their original DNA. The unvaxed. Your leaders, critical thinking, research and integrity impaired doctors, nurses, Athletes in prime condition, young men and women having heart attacks, strokes, and blocked arteries. There is a 70 to 90% miscarriage rate, also part of the package. Now they are going after the children who have almost a zero


Almost every structure of power has been infiltrated by a Satanic/Luciferian death cult. The political institutions, film and music industry, business industry, religious industries all at the highest levels. This includes your medical industry. Harming and killing a child is the greatest gift they can give to Lucifer or Satan. For that they are greatly rewarded with money, power and fame. Hospitals are given up to a hundred thousand dollars to declare a patient to have covid with a test that is unreliable, almost always creating a false positive, then using Remdesivir and a ventilator to take the patient to full term, death.

几乎所有权力机构都被撒旦/路西法死亡邪教渗透。政治机构、电影音乐工业、商业工业、宗教工业都处于最高层。这包括你的医疗行业。伤害和杀死一个孩子是他们能给路西法或撒旦的最好的礼物。为此,他们得到了金钱、权力和名誉的巨大回报。医院需要花费高达十万美元来宣布一个病人接受了不可靠的冠状病毒疾病测试,几乎总是造成假阳性,然后使用 Remdesivir 和呼吸机使病人足月死亡。

Hospitals and doctors are for the most part businessmen trained by big pharma. The goal of big pharma is to create dependencies on the drugs, not the cure, bleed your assets and accounts dry then terminate. They are part of the death cult. None of what is happening will make sense until you realize this. They are the war and disease profiteers, and their goal is depopulation. The WEF, CDC, WHO, UN, are all run by the global elite and the CCP Communist Chinese Party. None are friends of America in fact America and its constitution stands in their way for world domination. Truth, Freedom and your God/Great Spirit/Creator connection are a direct threat to them. Watch the politicians who are taking away your constitutional rights. Right to privacy, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, the right to bear arms all of these are a threat to those who are corrupt, bought off and sold their souls to the Satanic/Luciferian death cult. The Global Elite, NWO, WEF, the WHO and CDC are not humanitarian institutions which is why the unthinkable inhuman depopulation programs are happening.



The green new deal is a trojan horse that will end in abject poverty, starvation, and the death of millions. You are going to see food shortages, power outages in the height of summer and winter, skyrocketing inflation all by design. It has nothing to do with saving the planet. Follow the money. A picture is worth a thousand years. The water levels at Plymouth Rock have not changed. The global temperatures are steady remaining constant and falling since the rise in temps during the Middle Ages. The only thing that changed was eliminating the raw date and replacing it with adjusted data to further their agenda. Why did the Obama’s and Gores along with others pushing the global warming oceans rising agendas buy beachfront property? Because they have always known. Ocean rises have been measured in millimeters both up and down. Worst case scenario your ankle might be dry or wet depending on which ocean. There are however other drivers in the weather. There is weather modification, geoengineering or chemtrails, weather warfare all having a serious negative impact due to these technologies being in the wrong hands. An increase in solar flares and the Earth’s diminishing magnetic fields have a greater impact on weather. Severe storms and increase in Earthquake and volcanic activity follow solar flares and CMEs, coronal mass ejections. Then there is the fact that our solar system is moving through a highly energized place in space with all the planets undergoing climate change. Humanities impact on CO2 plays an insignificant role, it is hardly measurable. CO2 in our atmosphere consists of .041 %. Humans contribute .06% of the .041%. Do the math .06% of .041%. Compare it to a volcano. Do the research follow the real science not the political agenda driven science backed up by integrity challenged bought and paid for scientists.

绿色新政是特洛伊木马,最终将以赤贫、饥饿和数百万人的死亡告终。你会看到粮食短缺,在盛夏和冬季停电,通货膨胀飞速上升,这一切都是有意为之。这与拯救地球无关。跟着钱走。一幅画抵得上一千年。普利茅斯岩的水位没有变化。自从中世纪气温上升以来,全球气温一直保持稳定不变并在下降。唯一改变的是取消了原始日期,代之以调整后的数据,以推进他们的议程。为什么奥巴马和戈尔与其他人一起推动全球变暖海洋上升议程购买海滨房产?因为他们一直都知道。海平面上升的单位是毫米,上升的单位是毫米,下降的单位是毫米。最坏的情况下,你的脚踝可能是干燥或湿取决于哪个海洋。然而,天气状况下还有其他驾驶员。人工影响天气、地球工程或化学物质、天气战都会产生严重的负面影响,因为这些技术落入坏人手中。太阳耀斑的增加和地球磁场的减弱对天气有更大的影响。在太阳耀斑、日冕物质抛射和日冕物质抛射之后,会出现强烈的风暴和地震及火山活动的增加。还有一个事实,我们的太阳系正在太空中一个高度充满能量的地方移动,所有的行星都在经历气候变化。人文学科对二氧化碳的影响微不足道,难以衡量。我们大气中的二氧化碳含量为0.041% 。人类贡献了0.06% 的0.041% 。自己算算吧0.06% 的0.041% 。把它比作火山。这项研究是否遵循真正的科学,而不是政治议程驱动的科学支持的诚信挑战购买和支付给科学家。

(ECETI 新闻) : 8/8进入狮子门|詹姆斯 · 吉利兰

On to a different subject. What do UFOs have to do with the Satanic/Luciferian death cult? The Earth has been under draconian law for well over 450,000 years. It goes back to Marduk an Annunaki from ancient Lyra who made a pact with reptilians to wage war on his own people for total supremacy. This and others are the head of the dragon. Most are not ready to hear this. Serpent beings, Reptilians Royal and other sects, Tall Greys as well as other demonic or regenerate ETs have infiltrated Earth humanity, its hierarchical leadership and positions of power over others for a minimum of 450,000 years, it goes back further. These bearded Gods are the origin of many religions, some were benevolent, some were self-serving or malevolent. This is where the polarities of the wrathful jealous genocidal God and the all forgiving loving God originated. Neither were the Omnipresent Creator within all Creation, the origin of all life. The Satanic/Luciferian death cult comes from aligning with the malevolent gods who demanded sacrifice not only child sacrifice but sacrifice through war, famine and disease. There is so much inhumanity on Earth because there are inhuman drivers who care nothing about humanity and Earth. We have to understand this, it is imperative, or we will never know how we got to our present circumstances and have the wisdom to correct the situation.


There are other forces working on behalf of humanity. Ascended Masters, Saints, Sages, Spiritually and Technologically advanced off worlders, our ancient ancestors and what is referred to as the white hats or ground crew. Many have incarnated from these higher, more advanced civilizations, have experienced the great wars and are now here on Earth as part of the planetary liberation. Those who left before the fall of the first colonies who continued to evolve, the benevolent Annunaki, the Pleiadian colonies of Atlantis and Lemuria are returning. The Andromedan, Arcturian, Orion Council of Light which defeated the Orion Grey and Reptilian alliance. The Pleiadians, Sirians, “felines, cetaceans” and a host of others are now returning to Earth to put Earth back on course, the original intent. The Great Awakening is a multidimensional temporal event. In other words, there will eventually be a folding of time to get us through.

还有其他力量代表着人类。扬升的大师,圣徒,圣贤,灵性和技术上先进的外星人,我们的远古祖先,以及所谓的白帽子或地面人员。许多人化身于这些更高级、更先进的文明,经历了伟大的战争,现在在地球上作为行星解放的一部分。那些在第一批殖民地衰落之前离开的人,那些继续进化的人,仁慈的阿努那奇人,昴宿星的亚特兰蒂斯殖民地和 Lemuria 正在回归。仙女座,大角星,猎户座光之议会击败了猎户座灰和爬虫联盟。昴宿星人、天狼星人、“猫科动物、鲸类动物”以及其他一些动物现在正在返回地球,以使地球回到最初的意图。大觉醒是一个多维度的时间事件。换句话说,最终会有一段折叠的时间让我们度过难关。



The original intent was for Earth to be an Eden, a planet where all life could evolve to its highest potential. The Earth is a plethora of human, plant and animal DNA from the stars. The Pleiadians have more genetic stock in the Earth than any other race. If you go to the shamans of almost every culture, the elders all point to the Pleiades as their origin. The Pleiadian colonies were offshoots of ancient Lyra, peaceful Lyrians who fled the great war on their homeworld. There was also the Earth’s or Terra’s natural evolution which included a human that was developing naturally then tinkered with, genetically upgraded for both good and bad reasons. This is a short synopsis of Earth’s true history which needs to be understood to grasp what is happening now.

最初的目的是让地球成为一个伊甸园,一个所有生命都可以进化到最大潜力的星球。地球上有大量来自恒星的人类、植物和动物的 DNA。昴宿星人拥有地球上比其他种族更多的基因。如果你去找几乎所有文化的萨满,长老们都指出昴宿星是他们的起源。昴宿星殖民地是古代天琴座的分支,天琴座是和平的天琴座人,他们在自己的母星上逃离了大战。还有地球或 Terra 的自然进化,其中包括人类的自然发展,然后修补,基因升级的好和坏的原因。这是一个地球真实历史的简短概要,需要理解,以掌握现在正在发生什么。

What is happening now is the end of tyranny. The end of the dark forces that have plagued humanity for hundreds of thousands of years. The end of self-serving hierarchies out of alignment with Universal Law.



We are about to take a quantum leap in consciousness and evolution. Those that suppress and bind this event will be removed, consumed by their own lust for power and wealth at the expense of humanity and the Earth. They will be removed by their own hand, the karmic consequences, reactions to their actions, which is being amplified and accelerated. Power over others will fall aside to empowering others. The destruction and pollution of Earth will fall away to the restoration and healing of both humanity and the Earth. New technologies will be released that will provide all of our healing, energy and basic needs. This is very close. Be part of the solution. There are two spirals unfolding the downward spiral which ends in the near future and the upward spiral where those who chose to live a spiritual life in harmony with each other and nature. Which spiral are you on? Be brutally honest with yourself, the intellect can validate almost any behavior, Take it to the heart. Pray, meditate, initiate and ask for help, act according to Universal Law. Universal Peace, Brother/Sisterly Love, Individual Freedom and Prosperity for all is Universal Law. It is the foundation of all God’s/ Great Spirit’s/Creator’s people. It is in the heart, the core of all humanity.


We are all in this together regardless of race, color, gender or religion. WWG1WGA is most appropriate for the all is in the one. The all is the one consciousness that encompasses all consciousness, all life throughout the multiverse, the unified field in which we all exist draw sustenance from and partake of to one degree or the other. The only difference between you and the advanced beings terrestrial and extraterrestrial is the expansion into greater awareness and use of the unified field. There are no divisions in God/Great Spirit/Creator only the illusion of separation. Time to forgive self and others, release and heal the past, get on with the awakening and healing of humanity and the Earth. Remember being a Christ/Buddha/White Eagle/Quan Yin/Mary/Buffalo Calf Woman etc. does not mean being a doormat. It is time to walk away, cannot serve the beast and not go down with it.

无论种族、肤色、性别或宗教,我们都在一起。WWG1WGA 是最适合所有人在一起的。一切都是一个意识,它包含了所有意识,包含了整个多元宇宙中的所有生命,我们所有人都存在于其中的统一场,从这个或那个程度上吸取和分享食物。你们和先进的地球和外星生物之间唯一的区别就是扩展到更大的觉知和使用统一能量场。在上帝/伟大的灵/造物主中没有分裂,只有分裂的幻象。是时候原谅自己和他人了,释放和治愈过去,继续人类和地球的觉醒和治愈。记住,作为一个基督/佛陀/白鹰/观音/玛利亚/水牛犊女人等并不意味着成为一个受气包。是时候离开了,不能为野兽服务,也不能与它同归于尽。

James Gilliland



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