通过 GCR 恢复共和国(摘录)|更新于2020年8月30日星期日

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通过 GCR 恢复共和国(摘录)|更新于2020年8月30日星期日

2020830日美国东部夏令时间12:01 Judy ByingtonMSWLCSW,治疗师 ret,记者,作者,"22张面孔:珍妮希尔和她的22个多重人格的非凡生活。"

Source:Dinar Chronicles

Home Free-God Bless the U.S.A.(featuring Lee Greenwood and The United States Air Force Band):https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SrMftm6Km3g

回家-上帝保佑美国(Lee Greenwood 和美国空军乐队):

Judy Note:There was no new Intel reported for Sat.29 Aug.The last we heard the Shotgun Start and Tier 4b liquidity release for the Global Currency Reset would be on Tues.1 Sept.

朱迪注:没有新的情报报告的星期六。829日。我们最后一次听说为全球货币重置而推出的散弹枪开始和第4b 层流动性释放将在91日星期二。

A.RV/GCR 部署时间表,由查尔斯·沃德博士、布鲁斯或弗莱明的军事情报部门报告联系:

Sun.2 Aug:The Quantum Financial System was implemented as all banks around the world pinged back they were online without a glitch.


Overnight Wed.19 Aug:Department of Defense Security Teams gave a green light to begin liquidity release.


On Sun.30 Aug.the new International Rates should show up on the back screens.


Mon.31 Aug:The old SWIFT System would cease to exist.

831日星期一:旧的 SWIFT 系统将不复存在。

During Sept:We were expected to have a final lockdown of society–blamed on Covid 19–that was in actuality a cover up for the financial transition and to finish arrests of global elites worldwide.When the lockdown ended we would wake up to a new financial and political arena.President Trump would start the Federal Debt Relief programs–to be in full swing by Oct.

9:我们被期望对社会进行最终的封锁——归咎于 Covid 19——这实际上是为了掩盖金融过渡和结束对全球精英的逮捕。当封锁结束时,我们将醒来,到一个新的金融和政治舞台。特朗普总统将启动联邦债务减免计划——到月日全面启动。

Tues.1 Sept:Tier 4b would be able to set appointments and begin with the new USN gold/asset-backed currency in place.

91日星期二:4b 级将能够设置任命,并开始与新的美国国债黄金/资产支持货币就位。

Wed.-Sat.2-12 Sept.during Labor Day Weekend would be the"Ten Days of Disclosure."


Wed.2 Sept would see a behind-the-scenes announcement of the gold/asset-backed US Treasury Note.


Labor Day Mon.Sept.7 was the next major Satanic Holiday titled"Marriage to the Beast Satan,Blood,Sexual,Sacrifice,Dismemberment of infant to age 21 female"as per an Occult Calendar put together by licensed therapists using childhood accounts of their Satanic Ritually Abused(SRA)clients.Report observed Satanic activities in your area to local law enforcement.Since Satanists were known to infiltrate police departments,also contact U.S.Immigration Enforcement(ICE)to disclose how police handled it:https://www.ice.gov/webform/hsi-tip-form


Thurs.10 Sept:The Quantum Financial System would begin instant payments.


Mon.14 Sept.was the deadline to exchange at the Contract Rates.


Tues.15 Sept:The Quantum Financial System would be fully operational,the gold/asset-backed US Treasury Note would be made public and the General Public would be able to exchange at the new International Rates.


Thurs.1 Oct:With the Quantum Financial System fully online for 209 nation's fiscal year's start of business in gold/asset-backed currency,there was expected to be an announcement of the Restored Republic and full implementation of NESARA in the US and GESARA worldwide.

星期四101:随着量子金融系统在209年国家财政年度以黄金/资产支持货币开始运营,预计将会宣布恢复共和国,并在美国和全球范围内全面实施 NESARA

By Nov.we could throw away those worries about a fixed US Presidential Election by not requiring voter ID and stuffing the ballot box with fake mail-in votes.Dr.Ward's Intel indicated that with the Quantum Computer up and running,we would vote over our computer or phone using a transparent digital Blockchain System.


The new tax system was expected to be between 13%and 17%on purchases of new non essential items only–no tax on food,medicine or wages.



Our biggest challenge in this"Great Awakening"is the Deep State/Cabal's stranglehold on social media,dishonest news organizations and internet censorship,wouldn't you agree?This corruption spills over into banking,the financial markets,and of course,our money supply.


Our victory,the GCR and the"taking back"of our country,WILL ONLY HAPPEN when we have the free flow of information.Then and only then will true restoration flourish worldwide.

我们的胜利,GCR "夺回"我们的国家,只有当我们拥有信息的自由流通时才会发生。只有这样,真正的恢复才能在全世界蓬勃发展。

Information Warfare:


How powerful would your message of child abuse,satanic rituals,and the senseless murder of babies be if it were not censored?How much information and education of the public would you and your team accomplish if most of your content wasn't unilaterally deleted?


Many Anons would be thrilled if censorship were eliminated.


As best as I can tell,this international censorship of 95%of the news,social media and the internet is the reason why the RV/GCR has yet to occur.Although the Deep State/Cabal is certainly bloodied and beaten,they are obviously not completely defeated.To date,there is still the possibility of significant chaos,retaliation,and insurrection.

据我所知,这种对95%的新闻、社交媒体和互联网的国际审查是 RV/GCR 尚未发生的原因。虽然深州/阴谋集团肯定是流血和打败,他们显然不是完全失败。到目前为止,仍有可能出现严重的混乱、报复和叛乱。

It's not enough for POTUS is use the current communication systems to announce"My Fellow Americans...The Storm Is Upon Us!".It wouldn't be effective.The Deep State,the real"hidden enemy",is simply too entrenched in government,in the media,in banking,business,and law enforcement.


Their"beans and bullets"(money&influence)must be completely obliterated,wiped out and utterly destroyed.There must be an entirely NEW system of communication to empathetically overwhelm and overcome the Deep State worldwide!New wine calls for new wineskins!


The Good News:


We have such technology and it will be fully implemented very soon.Up until now,however,this wonderful technology,in its full capacity,is being hidden from us in plain sight by The Alliance.They are doing so by presenting each component as harmless,UNRELATED and as separate pieces.


It's called Starlink,a man made"constellation"(collection)of thousands of mini satellites.The company SpaceX has been sending thousands of these satellites in orbit since 2018.See Wikipedia below.

它被称为"星联",一个由数千颗微型卫星组成的人造"星座"。自2018年以来,SpaceX 公司已经将数千颗这样的卫星送入轨道。参见下面的维基百科。



Starlink is a satellite constellation being constructed by SpaceX to provide satellite Internet access.

星际连接是 SpaceX 公司正在建造的卫星星座空间站,用于提供卫星互联网接入。

Last launch:18 August 2020


Launch mass:227–260 kg(500–573 lb)


Launched:655 satellites;Tintin:2;v 0.9:60;v 1.0:593

发射:655颗卫星;丁丁:2;v 0.9:60;v 1.0:593

Maiden launch:22 February 2018]


Sounds like a harmless little new Internet company,doesn't it?It's much much more!


It will essentially be a new international internet.Free from corrupt corporate control.Free from internet censorship.Devoid of special interest and Deep State retaliation.


Did you notice in the above description,over 600 satellites launched in one payload?It is rumored that over 40,000 industrial and military grade satellites are currently in this"man made"constellation.Incredible!


In terms of our voting and fair elections this November,its called Block Chain technology.In terms of ending the Central Bank,weeding out corruption within the banking industry,it's being called the Quantum Financial System,(QFS).The results in banking will be dynamic...instantaneous transactions...an un-hackable system,and foolproof technology.


In terms of the military,its being shielded within the new branch of the Armed Forces called Space Force.Ask yourself,"why have so many classified payloads been launched recently?"Or..."why do we need another branch of the military called Space Force when we already have an Air Force?"


The New System:


The Alliance has been working on this technology for at least the past ten+years;all under the guise of different names:Block Chain,Starlink,QFS,etc.However,it is the SAME technology Judy.Whatever it's actual,ultimate,name will be,this technology will mean true social media freedom for us and complete victory over the Deep State/satanic Cabal!

至少在过去的十多年里,联盟一直致力于这项技术;所有这些技术都被冠以不同的名字:Block ChainStarlinkQFS 等等。然而,这是同样的技术,朱迪。无论它是实际的,最终的,名字将,这项技术将意味着真正的社会媒体自由,为我们和完全胜利的深州/邪恶阴谋集团!

Q consistently repeats 3 things:

Q 总是重复三件事:

(1)This war is rooted in information.It's Information Warfare!


(2)What they[Cabal]fear most is an informed and awakened public.


(3)God wins!


This new technology will be completely unshakable,unassailable&un-hackable!Some claim it may even be of other world,extraterrestrial origins.I don't know.But I firmly believe,in order for the GCR to reach us.In order to take back our country,we must root out corruption in...

这项新技术将是完全不可动摇,无懈可击和不可破解!有些人甚至声称它可能来自其他世界,外星人的起源。我不知道。但是我坚信,为了 GCR 能够到达我们这里。为了夺回我们的国家,我们必须根除腐败。

•Our military.


•Our banking and financial services industries.


•Our internet,social media,news,and the information super highway.


While there will always be evil lurking in the corridors of life,our ability to operate humanitarily,effectively,and fairly with one another,will be based in our ability to be unencumbered by evil governments,evil corporations and evil religious leadership.This new technology will do just that.As Q has stated..."It's going to be biblical!"


Thank you God.


Let the mass arrests begin.


I would venture to say the GCR will start in earnest around the same time this public"storm"hits the airways.The Deep State/Cabal will be powerless to stop it.Now you understand why Q frequently saids..."Nothing will stop what is coming.Nothing!"

我敢说,GCR 将在这场公共"风暴"袭击航空公司的同时正式启动。深层国家/阴谋集团将无力阻止它。现在你明白为什么Q经常说......"没有什么可以阻止即将到来的事情。什么都没有!"

It's absolutely true.Why?Because,communication wise,nothing will be ABLE to stop the truth from being revealed.Nothing!


God wins!


C. 中国宣布人民币数字化成为新的世界储备货币:



Instagram发布后,蒂姆·特博受到了QAnon粉丝的欢迎:https://www.foxnews.com/sports/tim-tebow-accused-qanon-support-anti-sex-trafficking特博最近写了一篇很长的文章,关于男孩和女孩被卖为性奴隶,以及他正在做什么来对抗它.QANON HIJACKS#SAVETHECHILDREN HASHTAG:REPORT







Divide They Try,Fail They Will,WWG1WGA to Support POTUS,Follow Q&Trust Plan


Let us Thank Q that the reset has finally come to be.I wish you well in your humanitarian efforts and look forward to seeing you on the other side where together,we will make life better for all.


Patience is a Virtue.Having Virtue is a sign of a good moral being.Good moral beings have the power to overcome evil and change the world.Judy



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