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8月16日,秘密空间计划(SSP)的内部人士科里·古德(Corey Goode)公布了他从消息来源获得的一些新的情报数据,这些数据是关于竞争组织为了如何、什么以及何时披露关于UFOs和 SSP 的信息而争斗的。

内部人士揭露不明飞行物和秘密太空计划披露战争On August 16,Secret Space Program(SSP)insider Corey Goode released some new intelligence data he received from his sources about competing groups fighting over how,what,and when to discloseinformation about UFOs and SSPs.What follows is a review of what Goode tweeted and my thoughts on its significance.

816日,秘密空间计划(SSP)的内部人士科里·古德(Corey Goode)公布了他从消息来源获得的一些新的情报数据,这些数据是关于竞争组织为了如何、什么以及何时披露关于UFOs SSP 的信息而争斗的。下面是对 Goode twitter 上发布的内容的评论,以及我对其重要性的看法。

For those new to Goode or who question his authenticity as an insider,I recommend this article where I explain my reasoning for why he is the real deal and why his info is worth examining.


This is what Goode wrote about secret arrests and transfers to Gitmo:

以下是古德关于秘密逮捕和转移到 Gitmo 的文章:

Secret MS13 Arrests/Gitmo are giving the Alliance leverage against Cent American/Mexican Corrupt Leaders/Cabal(AIC/yelgnaL<-)Drug/Human Trafficking Operations.These corrupt leaders are now cooperating w/Alliance.

秘密的 MS13逮捕/关塔那摩给了联盟对付美国/墨西哥腐败领导人/阴谋集团(AIC/yelgnaL<-)毒品/人口贩运行动的筹码。这些腐败的领导人现在和联盟合作。

Goode is here confirming that joint covert operations that involve US special forces are taking part in the arrests and detentions of those involved in human trafficking,including CIA operators[AIC/yelgnaL<-].Such operations were made possible by an Executive Order issued by President Donald Trump on December 27,2017.I discussed Goode's information about US special forces being used in this regard in a January 2018 article.


Goode next describes the struggle between the different White Hat groups that make up the Earth/SSP Alliance over which out of between 2-6 agendas should be implemented for humanity's future:

古德接下来描述了组成地球/ SSP联盟的不同白帽组织之间的斗争,这些组织为了人类的未来应该执行2-6项议程中的哪一项:

In recent months the Alliance has become non-centralized w up 2'6 different agendas'now at play?Attempts to re-centralize them is underway.Internal battle over'Disclosures'?Negotiations underway?Op of Infiltration/Division/Civil War within the QMunity&Alliance averted?


Goode's reference to an attempt to infiltrate and divide the Q movement being averted likely refers to an August 14 video by Redpill78 exposing an individual claiming to be Q,Austin Steinbart,as a LARPer.

古德提到的试图渗透和分裂Q运动被阻止,很可能是因为814 Redpill78的一段视频曝光了一个自称是Q的人,奥斯汀·斯坦巴特,是一个骗子。

Especially pertinent is Goode's reference to"internal battle over Disclosures".This tells us that the unprecedented UFO disclosure initiatives being taken by Congress,the Pentagon,and the mainstream media are a result of competing groups with their own unique agendas.I give an overview of this disclosure battle in a two-part series of articles(here and here),and will go into more detail with new information in my upcoming August 22 webinar:Full Disclosure vs Limited Hangouts.

尤其恰当的是古德提到的"关于披露的内部斗争"。这告诉我们,国会、五角大楼和主流媒体正在采取的前所未有的 UFO 披露行动,是各个团体有着自己独特议程的竞争结果。我在一个由两部分组成的系列文章(这里和这里)中概述了这场披露之战,并将在我即将到来的822日的网络研讨会上更详细地介绍新信息:全面披露VS有限披露。


Goode goes on to explain how an alliance between White Hat secret space program groups(SSP Alliance)that had coalesced around the US Navy's Solar Warden program,which he began working with back in March 2015,has been mostly in hiding.This was due to one of the SSP Alliance's high level assets,Sigmund,being assassinated by the Cabal/Deep State,through a SSP called the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate(ICC).Despite going dark,the Alliance has been very active in infiltrating and sabotaging the ICC,according to Goode:

古德接着解释了白帽秘密空间计划组织(SSP Alliance)之间的联盟是如何在美国海军的"太阳守护者"(Solar Warden)计划周围联合起来的,他早在20153月就开始与该计划合作,现在大部分时间都在躲藏。这是由于 SSP 联盟的高级资产之一,西格蒙德,被阴谋集团/深层国家,通过一个叫做星际企业集团(ICC) SSP 暗杀。古德表示,尽管联盟已经停止活动,但它一直非常积极地渗透和破坏国际刑事法院:

SSP Alliance leadership mostly in hiding since Sigmund's death?SSP Alliance operatives involved in sabotage within the ICC?Guerilla warfare in Space?'Disclosure'narratives battle?SSP Alliance no longer able to penetrate the Global Defense Grid for briefings/Tech Disclosures?

自从西格蒙德死后,SSP 联盟的领导人大部分都躲起来了?参与破坏国际刑事法院的 SSP 联盟特工?太空游击战?"披露"叙事之争?SSP 联盟不再能够渗透到全球防御网络进行情况通报/技术披露?

Once again,Goode refers to competing agendas in a"'Disclosure'narratives battle?"More concerning is his reference to the inability of the SSP Alliance to get information about the"Global Defense Grid".This suggests that the Cabal/Deep State/ICC has been able to successfully shield its plans and operations to create a modern Skynet through corporations such as Space X,which is in the process of deploying its Starlink network comprising thousands of small satellites.

古德再次提到了一场"披露"叙事战中的竞争议程?更令人担忧的是,他提到SSP联盟无法获得有关"全球防御网"的信息。这表明阴谋集团/深州/国际商会已经成功地保护了他们的计划和行动,通过像Space X这样的公司来创建一个现代天网,Space X正在部署由数千颗小卫星组成的Starlink网络。

Next,Goode goes on to tell us that the operations of the"Dark Fleet"(DF),a secret space program created by a German breakaway group in Antarctica that relocated to Mars in the 1960s(see my Antarctica's Hidden History for more details),are to be unveiled by the SSP Alliance in 2021.

接下来,古德继续告诉我们,"黑暗舰队"(DF)的行动将于2021年由 SSP 联盟揭开面纱。DF 是一个秘密太空计划,由一个德国分离组织在南极洲创建,该组织于20世纪60年代迁移到火星(详见我的南极洲隐藏历史)

SSP Alliance finished compiling Sigmund's'Dark Fleet Intel'?2 B released in 2021?Full narrative&roles of operatives?History of DF&its infiltration into other SSP programs 2 B revealed?ICC Super Board Infiltration/Purge details?Disinfo/SRA/LARP Purge?Disclosure War?

联盟编译完西格蒙德的黑暗舰队情报了吗?2021年发布的2 B?完整的叙述&操作工的角色?DF的历史及其渗透到其他 SSP 计划2B?超级委员会渗透/净化细节?Disinfo/SRA/LARP 清除?披露战争?

This is very encouraging news.Detailed intel about both the Dark Fleet and the"Superboard"of transnational corporate executives running the ICC may be revealed in 2021.In February 2018,there were rumors that an agreement had been reached between the Dark Fleet and a representative from the Trump administration,Former Secretary of State,Rex Tillerson,where the German program would be revealed,and advanced aerospace technologies released into the public arena.

这是一个非常令人鼓舞的消息。运营 ICC 的跨国公司高管的黑暗舰队和"超级委员会"的详细情报可能会在2021年公布。20182月,有传言称,黑暗舰队与特朗普政府的一名代表、前国务卿雷克斯·蒂勒森(Rex Tillerson)达成了一项协议,德国的项目将在那里揭晓,先进的航空航天技术也将在公共场合发布。

If the information was accurate,as circumstantial evidence at the time suggested,then the agreement was not implemented,likely due to Deep State/ICC opposition.Perhaps,it is the weakening of the Deep State/ICC,through the series of setbacks described by Goode,which has now made it possible for such an agreement to be implemented.The truth about the Dark Fleet would then be finally revealed to the world.

如果信息是准确的,就像间接证据当时所说的那样,那么协议就没有得到执行,很可能是由于深州/ ICC的反对。也许是由于古德所描述的一系列挫折削弱了深层国家/国际刑事法院,现在使这样一项协定得到执行成为可能。关于黑暗舰队的真相最终会被揭露给世界。

It's perhaps not coincidental then that the Shadowgate documentary has just been released,showing the power and reach of transnational corporations in massive computer influence operations all over the planet.


Finally,we have Goode's tweet about a secret CIA[AIC<-]naval battle group that has been"mostly captured"by Earth alliance after its crew mutinied.


Secret(AIC<-)Naval Fleet'mostly captured'?IAC Recruited Navy Vets mutinied against Cabal?Black AIC prison barge captured?Remaining submarine under the protection of rogue China assets?China Coup brewing?False Flag WW Attempt?Spaceforce/Missile Defense assets on alert?


This is the same mysterious naval group that launched the false flag missile attack on Hawaii on January 13,2018,that was intended to start a nuclear war between the US and North Korea.This would have drawn China into the battle thereby leading to World War III.Thankfully,the rogue missile was intercepted by a US Air Force run secret space program,which I wrote about here.



Goode is now telling us that a remnant of the CIA naval group has found refuge in China,and there is a possibility of a major coup there and/or another false flag attempt to spark a nuclear war between China and the US.Space Force and its assets are on full alert to monitor the situation.


It has been more than a year that Goode's sources have been silent about the issues discussed above.The fact that he has again started receiving such intelligence suggests that we are in the final stages of a titanic battle between opposing groups and factions in control of their respective SSPs.More to come as Goode said he will release additional information soon through his YouTube channel,which you can subscribe to here.

一年多来,古德的消息来源一直对上述讨论的问题保持沉默。事实上,他已经再次开始收到这样的情报,表明我们正处于一场巨大的战斗的最后阶段,对立的团体和派别控制着他们各自的SSP。古德说他将很快通过他的 YouTube 频道发布更多信息,你可以在这里订阅。

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