萨拉博士|20200509 弗林将军免责影响 UFO/SSP披露吗?

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The dropping of all charges against Lt Gen Michael Flynn brings to an end a lengthy legal battle stemming from the Russian Collusion investigation of Donald Trump's presidential campaign and his subsequent administration.While there are certain to be powerful legal consequences for the perjury trap launched by senior FBI officials against Flynn,who had just begun his short stint as Trump's National Security Advisor,what remains to be answered is why was Flynn targeted?Did it have anything to do with Flynn's knowledge of UFOs,secret space programs and his new position where he could legally gain access to and disclose such information to Trump,who in turn would be able to disclose it to the general public?

撤销对迈克尔·弗林中将(Lt Gen Michael Flynn)的所有指控,结束了对唐纳德·特朗普(Donald Trump)总统竞选及其后任政府的俄罗斯共谋(Russian Collusion)调查所引发的漫长法律。尽管联邦调查局高级官员对刚刚开始担任特朗普国家安全顾问的弗林实施伪证陷阱肯定会带来强大的法律后果,但仍有待回答的问题是,为什么弗林会成为目标?这是否与弗林对不明飞行物、秘密空间计划的了解,以及他能够合法获取并向特朗普披露这些信息的新职位有关,而特朗普又能够向公众披露这些信息?

It's important to emphasize that as a former Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency(DIA)from July 2012 to August 2014,Flynn would have been briefed on an extensive number of Unacknowledged Special Access Programs(USAPs)run by or involving the DIA.Perhaps even more significantly,he would have learned about those USAP's which the DIA Director and his Deputy had been denied access.

需要强调的是,作为20127月至20148月期间国防情报局(DIA)的前局长,弗林本应了解国防情报局运行或涉及的大量未被承认的特别访问项目(USAPs)。也许更重要的是,他会了解到国防情报局局长和他的副手被拒绝访问的那些 USAP

USAPs he would have been briefed about included a secret space program run by the US Air Force and the National Reconnaissance Office with the help of the National Security Agency and the DIA.The collaboration of these different Department of Defense entities in USAP's involving space is discussed in my USAF Secret Space Program:Shifting Extraterrestrial Alliances&Space Force(2019).


Additional USAPs run by major aerospace companies involving reverse engineering captured extraterrestrial technologies would have been of much interest to the DIA Director,despite lacking formal oversight responsibilities,as I will shortly show.


One of Flynn's responsibilities as DIA Director was to coordinate the gathering and analysis of intelligence data concerning the space capabilities of potential US military rivals.This included China which Flynn had extensively investigated as part of his intelligence portfolio during his military career.


At the same time,Flynn and his predecessors as DIA Directors were greatly interested in what major aerospace companies were researching,building,and deploying for their confidential"customers".


A clue into just how much a DIA Director and/or his deputy is briefed on secret space programs and the reverse engineering of captured alien technologies behind them is gained by examining the case of one of Flynn's predecessors,Vice Admiral Thomas Wilson,and what he knew of such programs.

通过调查 Flynn 的前任 Thomas Wilson 中将的案例,以及他对这些项目的了解,我们可以知道国防情报局局长和/或他的副手在多大程度上了解了秘密太空项目以及在这些项目背后捕获的外星技术的逆向工程。

On April 10,1997,then Rear Admiral Wilson received an informal UFO briefing by former Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell and Stephen Greer,an emergency room physician from North Carolina who would soon after launch the famed Disclosure Project.After Wilson was given information about an Unacknowledged Special Access Program(USAP)involving the reverse engineering of a recovered alien spacecraft,he looked into it and was denied access by three corporate officials even though he occupied the concurrent positions of Deputy Director of the DIA and Vice Director for Intelligence for the Joint Chiefs of Staff from November 1994 to September 1997.

1997410日,当时还是海军少将的威尔逊接受了前阿波罗14号宇航员埃德加·米切尔和史蒂芬·格里尔的非正式 UFO 简报。199411月至19979月期间,他兼任国防情报局副局长和参谋长联席会议情报局副局长。

Wilson was very unhappy with the situation and expressed his frustration to Mitchell and Greer who both publicly revealed elements of what had happened.In 2019,a 15-page document that Mitchell had acquired of a verbatim interview between Admiral Wilson and a prominent physicist,Dr.Eric Davis,surfaced after Mitchell's death,providing significantly more details of what had happened.

威尔逊对这种情况非常不满,并向米切尔和格里尔表达了他的失望,他们两人都公开透露了事情的细节。2019年,米切尔获得了一份15页的文件,内容是威尔逊上将与著名物理学家埃里克·戴维斯博士(Eric Davis)的逐字采访。米切尔去世后,这份文件浮出水面,提供了更多有关事情经过的细节。

Wilson had appealed to the Special Access Program Oversight Committee to be granted access to a reverse engineering program run by the aerospace company but was denied.Furthermore,Wilson was threatened to stop his inquiries,or his military career would suffer.


Wilson acquiesced,and after a short assignment to the CIA,was subsequently promoted to Vice Admiral and became Director of the DIA from July 1999 to July 2002.Importantly,Wilson was backed by his superior,Lt General Patrick Hughes,who had sat in on the April 1997"briefing"along with other DIA officials ensuring that the Wilson incident was now part of the institutional memory of the DIA rather than an isolated incident involving one official that would be forgotten.

威尔逊默许了,在中央情报局执行了一项短期任务之后,随后被提升为中将,并从19997月至20027月担任国防情报局局长。重要的是,威尔逊得到了上级帕特里克休斯中将(Lt General Patrick Hughes)的支持。休斯中将曾在19974月的"简报会"上与国防情报局的其他官员一起出席,确保威尔逊事件现在成为国防情报局机构记忆的一部分,而不是一个将被遗忘的涉及一。

Shortly after his July 2002 retirement,Wilson met with Davis in October and disclosed details of what had happened in the hope of learning more about the corporate-run program.I covered the October 2002 meeting in a series of three articles(see Part 1,Part 2,and Part 3).


What the Admiral Wilson affair tells us is that there is a tightly controlled secrecy system in place to restrict access to USAP's conducted by corporations that are actively reverse engineering extraterrestrial technologies.While DIA Directors have oversight of the end products produced for the Air Force and Navy–electromagnetically propelled antigravity spacecraft–they lack the formal power to investigate what's happening in corporate-run facilities,many of which are situated on military bases according to multiple insiders.

威尔逊上将事件告诉我们,存在一个严格控制的保密系统,限制那些积极逆向工程外星技术的公司进入 USAP。虽然国防情报局局长负责监督为空军和海军生产的电磁驱动反重力航天器的最终产品,但他们缺乏调查企业运营设施中发生的事情的正式权力,据多位内部人士透露,其中许多设施都位于军事基地。

Consequently,it is certain that Lt General Flynn inherited the institutional memory of the Wilson incident when he became DIA Director in 2012.Flynn would not only have been officially briefed about USAPs related to an Air Force and NRO run secret space program,but also learned about which corporations were conducting reverse engineering programs that he and the DIA did NOT have access to.

因此,弗林中将在2012年成为国防情报局局长时,肯定继承了威尔逊事件的制度记忆。他不仅会得到有关美国空军和 NRO 运行的秘密空间计划的官方简报,还会了解到哪些公司正在执行他和 DIA 无法进入的美国逆向工程计划。

The Special Access Program Oversight Committee that denied Wilson access to one of these programs would presumably have similarly denied Flynn access if he had made similar inquiries.Consequently,Flynn would have known that a higher institutional authority would have been required to override the Special Access Program Oversight Committee in order to grant the DIA need-to-know access to such USAPs.

拒绝威尔逊访问其中一个程序的特别访问程序监督委员会可能也会同样拒绝弗林访问,如果他做了类似的调查。因此,弗林应该知道,为了给予内务部需要知道的机构对这些 usap 的访问权,需要有一个更高的机构权威来推翻特别准入方案监督委员会。

Consequently,the danger posed to the Deep State by Flynn being appointed Trump's National Security Advisor becomes all too clear.Flynn was in the position to advise Trump to grant the DIA Director and the National Security Advisor need-to-know access to corporate-run reverse engineering programs protected by the Special Access Programs Oversight Committee.


Furthermore,Flynn could arrange for an official briefing where Trump would learn about the secret space program that involved the USAF,NRO,NSA,and DIA.After such an official briefing,Trump would have been in a position to publicly disclose such information if he believed it was in the national interest.


The perjury trap set up by corrupt FBI/Deep State officials against General Flynn was not only a travesty of justice orchestrated by the Deep State to sabotage the Trump Presidency,but was also to prevent Flynn advising Trump in ways that would undermine the decades-long secrecy system.


The exoneration of General Flynn makes it now possible for him to be reappointed to a senior position in the Trump administration,and to facilitate the disclosure of a secret space program and corporate-run alien reverse engineering USAPs.



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