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A clinical study which had the effect of reverse aging nine human subjects has been announced in a news article by the prestigious science journal Nature.The result of the study provides stunning corroboration of the testimonies of multiple insiders who claim that they were age-regressed after completing 20-year tour of duties in secret space programs.



The study involved a cocktail of drugs used on nine participants,as explained in the Naturenews article authored by Alison Abbot on September 5:


For one year,nine healthy volunteers took a cocktail of three common drugs—growth hormone and two diabetes medications—and on average shed 2.5 years of their biological ages,measured by analysing marks on a person's genomes.The participants'immune systems also showed signs of rejuvenation.


The results of the cocktail of common drugs allegedly came as a surprise:


"I'd expected to see slowing down of the clock,but not a reversal,"says geneticist Steve Horvath at the University of California,Los Angeles,who conducted the epigenetic analysis."That felt kind of futuristic."The findings were published on 5 September in Aging Cell.


Horvath iscited in the Nature article describing the robust results indicating age reversal had in fact taken place:

《自然》杂志的文章引用了 Horvath 的话,描述了强有力的结果,表明年龄逆转确实发生了:

Horvath used four different epigenetic clocks to assess each patient's biological age,and he found significant reversal for each trial participant in all of the tests."This told me that the biological effect of the treatment was robust,"he says.What's more,the effect persisted in the six participants who provided a final blood sample six months after stopping the trial,he says.


Previous scientific studies have commented on the use of various drugs and gene therapies used on mice and how age-reversal had occurred on various organs.


In an article published back in March 2016,I commented on how the rodent study impacted the testimonies of the first three individuals who came forward to testify that age reversal had been used on them in secret space programs:Michael Relfe(2000),Randy Cramer(2014)and Corey Goode(2015).


萨后博士|年龄逆转实验证实了秘密太空计划的内幕In my book,Insiders Reveal Secret Space Programs(Sept 2015),I compared the testimonies of Relfe,Cramer,and Goode in terms of the drug cocktail that was used on them over a two to three-week period to age reverse them.For example,Goode said that he was given a drug cocktail while he was held immobile and unconscious,and it had the effect of age regressing him 20 years in 2007.He was then returned back in time to when he began his covert service in December 1986.

在我的书《内部人士揭示秘密空间计划》(20159)中,我比较了 RelfeCramer Goode 的证词,比较了他们在两到三周内服用的药物鸡尾酒,以逆转他们的衰老。例如,古德说,在他不能移动和失去知觉的时候,有人给他注射了一种药物鸡尾酒,这种药物在2007年使他的年龄倒退了20岁。然后他被及时送回到198612月开始秘密服役的时候。

Recently,Cramer underwent a lie detector test which found no deception in his retelling of his alleged involvement in a secret space program.


Soon after my book's publication,William Tompkins,a retired aerospace engineer,emerged and explained his involvement in the development of different drugs that could be used for age-regression in a classified project conducted by the aerospace company TRW from 1967-`1971.

在我的书出版后不久,威廉·汤普金斯,一位退休的航空航天工程师,出现了,并解释了他参与的不同药物的开发,可用于年龄回归在一个机密项目由航空航天公司 TRW 1967年至1971年进行。

In addition to Relfe,Cramer,and Goode,I have found a number of former military servicemen who believe they went through an age-reversal program at the end of a 20 year covert assignment in a secret space program.To date only one has agreed to come publicly forward–Michael Gerloff who served in the US Marine Corps and as an Army Ranger before serving as a police officer.

除了 RelfeCramer Goode,我还发现了一些退伍军人,他们相信他们在一个秘密太空计划中20年的秘密任务结束后经历了一个年龄逆转计划。到目前为止,只有一个人同意公开站出来——迈克尔·格罗夫,他曾在美国海军陆战队服役,在担任警官之前是一名陆军游骑兵。

Gerloff's testimony of having been recruited during USMC boot camp,has had the effect of triggering others to recall similar experiences.They have approached me with their stories but have decided to remain anonymous due to concerns over their current careers if they publicly start discussing their involvement in a 20 and back program.

格罗夫关于自己在 USMC 新兵训练营期间被招募的证词,引发了其他人对类似经历的回忆。他们向我提供了他们的故事,但是由于担心他们现在的职业生涯,如果他们开始公开讨论他们参与一个20年后的项目,他们决定保持匿名。

At the time of the 2016 age regression study on rodents,clinical studies on humans were forecast to be years away.The news article published in Nature suggests that such studies have begun even though the September 2019 clinical study was framed to be an accidental byproduct of the experiment's original intent.


The result of the experiment using a cocktail of three drugs is stunning validation for insiders such as William Tompkins,Corey Goode,and the growing list of others who claim they have been involved in either the development or use of age reversal drugs used in secret space programs.


Prior to his surprising death in August 2017,Tompkins says that he was told that plans had been made for age-reversal drugs to be released into the public arena.With the publication of the clinical study showing age regression on nine human subjects,it appears that we are getting much closer to the day that age reversal and other life changing technologies are released into the public arena.




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