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According to Val Nek, a High Commander with the Galactic Federation of Worlds, we have entered the Final Countdown in an epic behind the scenes war taking place in remote underground facilities scattered throughout the US and the rest of the planet. His latest update, relayed through his contactee, Megan Rose, gives many details on coordinated military campaigns conducted by special forces belonging to an Earth Alliance working alongside their peers from the Galactic Federation aiming to remove the last remnants of a Deep State extraterrestrial alliance ensconced in multiple underground facilities.


On October 14, Megan relayed the following update from Val Nek [VN]:


VN: The end of the war is near. The Federation and the Earth Alliance have made ample preparation for the communications systems on Terra to be completely secure. The radio frequencies, which were hacked by the Orion greys, three letter agencies and the Dark Fleet, are now in the hands of the Earth Alliance. As I spoke previously, the Earth Alliance has been fighting alongside the Federation to take back the planet. The last part of this war, the final countdown, is the war underground. The war underground is one of the bloodiest and most horrific wars we have ever fought. I am sure that the Terran military can also say the same.

VN: 战争的结束已经临近。联邦和地球联盟已经做了充分的准备,使地球上的通信系统完全安全。被猎户座灰人、三个字母机构和黑暗舰队黑掉的无线电频率,现在都在地球联盟的手中。正如我之前所说,地球联盟一直在与联邦并肩作战,以夺回地球。这场战争的最后一部分,最后的倒计时,是地下战争。地下战争是我们有史以来最血腥、最恐怖的战争之一。我相信,地球人的军队也可以这么说。

What Val Nek describes here is not unlike the final months of World War II when Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan fought to the bitter end. This served a dual purpose. To spite the Allied powers by destroying vital civilian infrastructure necessary for national rebuilding, and also to give time for personnel and resources to be diverted to underground bases in Antarctica and South America for the creation of a secret space program ‘Dark Fleet’ (aka ‘Nacht Waffen’) that was formally allied with the Draconian Empire.

瓦尔 · 内克在这里所描述的情形,与二战最后几个月纳粹德国和日本帝国苦战到底的情形颇为相似。这有两个目的。通过摧毁国家重建所必需的重要民用基础设施来刁难盟国,同时给予人员和资源转移到南极洲和南美洲的地下基地的时间,以便建立一个秘密的太空计划“黑暗舰队”(又名“纳赫特 · 瓦芬”) ,该计划正式与德拉科帝国结盟。

Today we are witnessing similar ferocious battles this time taking place in the Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs) in the US and elsewhere around the planet as the Earth Alliance moves against the Deep State and their Orion Gray allies, after succeeding in a similar cleanup effort in Antarctica as described in previous articles. Val Nek’s reference to a ‘Final Countdown’ indicates that time is short for the Deep State and its alien allies, as their strategic situation collapses in the underground war.

今天,我们正在目睹类似的激烈战斗发生在美国的深地下军事基地(DUMBs)和地球上的其他地方,地球联盟在南极洲成功地进行了前几篇文章中所描述的类似清理工作之后,向深层国家及其猎户座灰色盟友发起了进攻。瓦尔 · 内克提到的“最后倒计时”表明,由于深层国家及其外来盟友的战略形势在地下战争中崩溃,他们的时间很短。

While the war’s outcome may be clear, it can be predicted that the Deep State, like the Nazis before them, is prolonging the war to destroy lives and infrastructure in an act of malice, while taking the opportunity to relocate whatever personnel and resources it can away from the battlefields to remaining ‘safe locations’ whether on Earth, our solar system, or elsewhere in the galaxy.


Val Nek continued his update by describing how Earth Alliance soldiers wounded in the ferocious underground battles are being healed:

瓦尔 · 内克继续他的更新,描述了地球联盟士兵在激烈的地下战斗中受伤是如何被治愈的:

In previous reports, I have said that these soldiers are finding refuge in healing technologies available on Lunar Operations Command, soon to be expanded into a fully functional, state of the art facility with higher density technology, as outlined in the Jupiter Agreements. While I cannot speak for the Earth Alliance, I can report that the Federation’s duties in regards to cleaning and clearing underground bases is now complete. This is excellent news.


In a previous report, Val Nek reported how Lunar Operations Command was being repurposed as a medical facility where Galactic Federation healing science and technologies were being introduced to the Earth Alliance. Major companies were involved in mass production of these advanced healing technologies for eventual release to humanity.

在之前的一篇报道中,瓦尔 · 内克报道了月球作战司令部是如何被改造成一个医疗机构的,在那里,银河联邦的康复科学和技术被引入地球联盟。主要公司参与了这些先进治疗技术的大规模生产,以最终释放给人类。

Importantly, in a previous article, I cited JP, a serving member of the US Army who I have known since 2008, who revealed that he and army colleagues were being sent to the Moon to build new facilities for a multinational alliance working with ‘Nordic’ extraterrestrials. This was important corroboration for what Val Nek has previously asserted, and makes it plausible that wounded special forces personnel are being taken to the Moon for healing.

重要的是,在之前的一篇文章中,我引用了 JP 的话,他是美国陆军的现役军人,我从2008年就认识他了。这是瓦尔 · 内克先前断言的重要佐证,也使得受伤的特种部队人员被送往月球治疗成为可能。

Val Nek’s update next discussed two important US bases where underground fighting was occurring:  

瓦尔 · 内克的更新接下来讨论了发生地下战斗的两个重要的美军基地:

There are two bases that were the last of our concerns: the Dulce Base and Area 51. As Commander Ereydon previously reported, Orion greys were captured and we were able to identify their energy frequency, their genetic encoding that connected their consciousness. I can confirm that this code indeed was hacked and soon all communication systems in Terra will be secure. There are no more extraterrestrial threats to Terra, in that respect at this time. The Alliance has the job of recovering the servers, changing the frequency of the servers, and replacing the satellite communications. They have everything they need, they have the technology. We moved forward with the liberation of Planet Terra.

有两个基地是我们最后关注的: 杜尔塞基地和51区。正如指挥官埃雷顿先前报告的那样,猎户座灰人被捕获,我们能够识别他们的能量频率,他们连接他们意识的基因编码。我可以确认这个代码确实被黑客攻击了,很快 Terra 上的所有通讯系统都将安全。在这方面,目前没有更多的外星人威胁到 Terra。联盟的任务是恢复服务器,改变服务器的频率,更换卫星通信。他们拥有他们需要的一切,他们拥有技术。随着 Terra 星球的解放,我们继续前进。

Val Nek was here referring to a previous report from Thor Han Eredyon, another Galactic Federation Commander, that was relayed by Elena Danaan, which discussed the capture of nine Orion Gray extraterrestrials. Again, there was independent corroboration for such a claim, which came from another contactee, Alex Collier, who described what he had learned from the Andromeda Council about the capture of a group of Orion Grays.

在这里,瓦尔 · 内克提到了另一位银河联邦指挥官 Thor Han Eredyon 之前的一篇报道,这篇报道由 Elena Danaan 转发,讨论了捕获9个猎户座灰色外星人的事情。另一个联系人,亚历克斯 · 科利尔,描述了他从仙女座议会得到的关于捕获一群猎户座灰人的消息。

I asked Val Nek a series of questions about his update which Megan kindly relayed to him and I received the following answers:

我向瓦尔 · 内克询问了一系列有关他最新情况的问题,梅根友好地转告了他,我得到了以下答案:

Q1. You describe the battles at these underground bases as being particularly ferocious. Can you share any details about these battles in terms of weapons used, personnel and their locations?


VN: Yes, I can speak on behalf of federation personnel who fought alongside the Earth Alliance. It is important to note that it is the Federation’s duty to remove extraterrestrial presence in these areas. In the interest of training the Terran military, human soldiers also fought alongside to eliminate some of the areas with the Federation. These human soldiers have never seen such horrors, most of them, and they deserve our greatest respect. The weapons that were used to dismantle the malevolent extraterrestrial presence in these areas are common to the Federation and will be manufactured for the Earth Alliance to use in the future. They are best described to you as laser guns. They emit a high frequency “laser” that de-magnetizes the atomic bonds of a structure or person, inflicting trauma and death. These devices are relatively simple and are effective in 4th and 5th density, where most of these beings reside. Most of these human soldiers are unable to see at 4D or 5D effectively with the naked eye. They have special super suits with helmets for viewing.

VN: 是的,我可以代表与地球联盟并肩作战的联邦人员发言。值得注意的是,联邦有责任清除这些地区的外星生物。为了训练人族军队,人类士兵也与联邦并肩作战,消灭了一些地区。这些人类士兵从未见过如此恐怖的场面,大多数都是如此,他们值得我们最大的尊重。用来摧毁这些地区邪恶外星人存在的武器对联邦来说是常见的,将被制造出来供地球联盟在未来使用。最好把它们描述成激光枪。它们发射高频“激光”,使结构或人的原子键去磁化,造成创伤和死亡。这些装置相对简单,在第四密度和第五密度时有效,这两个密度是大部分生物居住的地方。这些人类士兵中的大多数无法用肉眼有效地看到4D或5D。他们有带头盔的特殊超级套装供观看。

This is not technology from the Federation, rather something that was previously developed in their space programs, but nonetheless effective. Our military strategy was this: isolate a section of the base and attack. This was done in a manner to preserve the most life, as these beings and corrupt military officials hold hostage humans and other beings for experimentation.

这不是来自联邦的技术,而是以前在他们的太空计划中开发出来的东西,但仍然是有效的。我们的军事战略是这样的: 隔离一部分基地并发动攻击。这样做是为了保护大多数生命,因为这些生物和腐败的军事官员把人类和其他生物作为人质进行实验。

I first heard of supersoldier suits worn by secret space program personnel back in 2014 from Randy Cramer, who says that he served in a 20 and back program from 1987 to 2007. He described how he was trained to battle against indigenous extraterrestrial species on Mars on behalf of a corporate run secret space program that US marines were secretly recruited to protect.

早在2014年,我就从兰迪 · 克拉默那里第一次听说了秘密太空计划人员穿的超级士兵服装。他描述了他是如何受训与火星上的土著外星物种作战,代表一个公司运营的秘密太空计划,美国海军陆战队被秘密招募保护。

Cramer’s testimony was backed by a former US Marine Corps serviceman and Washington State Trooper, Michael Gerloff, who provided extensive documentation of his claims that US marines were being recruited during boot camp for a secret space program. Ironically, the Galactic Federation secretly armed the indigenous Martians to fight against the Dark Fleet and corporate alliance thereby liberating their planet.

克拉默的证词得到了前美国海军陆战队军人和华盛顿州警官迈克尔 · 格罗夫的支持,格罗夫提供了大量文件,证明他声称美国海军陆战队在新兵训练营期间被招募参与一项秘密太空计划。具有讽刺意味的是,银河联邦秘密武装了火星土著人来对抗黑暗舰队和企业联盟,从而解放了他们的星球。

Later, Val Nek gave additional information in response to Q1.

后来,瓦尔 · 内克对 Q1给出了额外的信息。

Q1: VN: I would like to add that the Dulce base and Area 51 were the last to be cleared due to high ranking grey residents from the Orion group. These beings carried a master frequency that was necessary to hack their consciousness and the internet systems of Terra. Area 51, for a long time, has been used as a base by the Killy Tokurt, or Tall Whites, specifically, and officials of the corrupt Terran government. These beings, I can report, a small number of them, were also captured for a similar purpose. The Killy Tokurt have connections to the Terran government. The Killy Tokurt, for a very long time, have offered certain services to Terran governments, which I will not disclose, but is part of the extraterrestrial infiltration. I can report that this information is recovered and we are working diligently alongside the alliance.

问题1: VN: 我想补充的是,杜尔塞基地和51区是最后被清除,由于高级灰色居民从猎户座组。这些生命携带着一个主频率,这是黑进他们的意识和 Terra 的互联网系统所必需的。长期以来,51区一直被 Killy Tokurt,或者特别是高个白人,和腐败的人族政府官员用作基地。我可以说,这些生物中的一小部分,也是为了类似的目的而被捕获的。Killy Tokurt 一家和人族政府有联系。很长一段时间以来,Killy Tokurt 为人族政府提供了某些服务,我不会透露,但它是外星渗透的一部分。我可以报告,这些信息已经恢复,我们正在与联盟一起努力工作。

We have extensive information about the Tall Whites (aka Killy Tokurt) thanks to the insider revelations of Dr. Charles Hall, who served for nearly three years as a weatherman for the USAF at Nellis Air Force Base in the mid-1960s. He wrote a five-volume series of books titled Millennial Hospitality where he described the agreements between the USAF and the Tall Whites dating back to the 1950s, and how each provided services to the other including an underground facility at Indian Springs out of which the Tall Whites could operate.

我们有关于高个白人(又名 Killy Tokurt)的大量信息,这要归功于 Charles Hall 博士的内幕披露,他在20世纪60年代中期在内利斯空军基地为美国空军担任了近三年的天气预报员。他写了一本名为《千年好客》(Millennial Hospitality)的五卷本系列丛书,在书中,他描述了美国空军和高个白人在20世纪50年代达成的协议,以及双方如何向对方提供服务,包括高个白人可以在印第安斯普林斯(Indian Springs)的地下设施运营。

Significantly, corroboration for Hall’s remarkable claim came in the form of a Nevada news story describing funds earmarked for the construction of a large underground facility at Indian Springs at the time of the agreements, which has never been officially disclosed. Val Nek’s claim that several Tall Whites were captured as a result of underground battles at Area 51, is consistent with Dr. Hall’s information about them having a major base there.

值得注意的是,霍尔这一引人注目的说法得到了内华达州一则新闻报道的佐证。该报道描述了协议签订时,用于在 Indian Springs 建造一座大型地下设施的专项资金,但这一消息从未正式披露。瓦尔 · 内克声称有几个高个白人是在51区的地下战斗中被抓获的,这与霍尔博士关于他们在那里有一个主要基地的说法是一致的。


From Las Vegas Review Journal January 1, 1951


I next asked Val Nek about a secret base in my home country of Australia:

接下来,我向瓦尔 · 内克询问了在我的祖国澳大利亚的一个秘密基地的情况:

Q2. Was Pine Gap Australia among the underground facilities where battles were fought? If so, what can you share about this facility and any battles that took place there.


VN: I am not at liberty to disclose operations in Australia, although I can confirm that the war underground has been won and extraterrestrials have either fled or been removed by force from the planet.

VN: 我无权透露在澳大利亚的行动,尽管我可以确认地下战争已经取得胜利,外星人要么已经逃离,要么被强行带离这个星球。

This is indeed good news since Pine Gap has long been regarded, alongside Dulce New Mexico, as a place where some of the most egregious human rights abuses were taking place against captive civilians used in genetic experiments.

这的确是个好消息,因为长期以来,人们一直认为松树峡谷和 新墨西哥州的杜尔塞 一样,是一个发生了一些最恶劣的侵犯人权行为的地方,这些行为是用于基因实验的被俘平民所遭受的。

I next asked Val Nek about the infamous 1979 Dulce incident:

接下来,我向瓦尔 · 内克询问了1979年臭名昭著的杜尔塞事件:

Q3. You describe Dulce base as being among the last to be cleared, how does the ongoing battle there compare to a reported 1979 firefight incident between US Army Delta forces and Orion Grays?


VN: The Dulce base was the hub of the Orion Grey network. The underground facility there is many miles deep with access to tunnels all over the country of the United States. I am not aware of the specific incident you are referring to. However I can report that this species of Greys die quickly and very easily. This was not our goal however. Our goal was first to capture them and find the key to their hive consciousness. This was successfully done by the Federation. The rest of the base and the beings inhabiting it were eliminated by the Federation using our weapons as described above.


The humans hostages were removed and cared for by the Earth Alliance, in facilities they have set up for medical purposes. The human-hybrid or hostage extraterrestrial species were cared for by the Federation as they contain genomes that are unknown to medical personnel of the Alliance. However, you may find interesting, that your Terran military will be trained in the genetics of these species, should it become necessary in the future.


Back in 2003, I wrote an extensive report on multiple insider testimonies about events at Dulce and the infamous firefight that occurred there. The report is available on my website.


Q4. There are rumors that the Deep State is making its last stand in Australia and Hawaii, is there any truth to such rumors?


VN: I cannot comment, in the interest of Megan’s safety, on this question.

VN: 为了梅根的安全,我不能对这个问题发表评论。

This is a very telling response. Australia is adopting some of the most ‘Draconian’ police actions in the Western world against protestors to enforce official government health policies. As far as Hawaii is concerned, at the time of writing, my wife and I are leaving the Big Island after 17 years residence since the signs are very foreboding for those that choose not to comply with increasingly ‘Draconian’ health policies. It’s very plausible that the Deep State and its extraterrestrial allies is indeed making its last stand in these two idyllic Pacific locations.


My next question concerned weapons of mass destruction possessed by the Deep State:


 Q5. There have been claims that the Deep State threatened to use portable nuclear weapons and other exotic weapons such as scalar, torsion, ‘toplet’, and ‘strangelet’ bombs if its existence were threatened. Have such weapons systems been located and neutralized?


VN: Oh yes, I am happy to report on this. Nuclear weapons are easily dismantled using technology from the Federation. This technology was offered to governments of your people, in the 1950’s, but declined. I can now report that this technology is in the hands of the Earth Alliance, and they have graciously accepted our viewpoint of nuclear weapons. Our viewpoint is this: these are weapons of mass destruction, for all involved, and will not be beneficial for planet Terra. This technology, to dismantle nuclear weapons, uses magnetic frequency. The magnetic force is made from elements that are not known to planet Terra. It is rather simple when you think of a bomb as a simple chemical reaction, how to reverse a chemical reaction using elements, is simple technology.

VN:哦,是的,我很高兴报道这件事。利用联邦的技术,核武器很容易拆除。这项技术在20世纪50年代被提供给你们人民的政府,但是被拒绝了。我现在可以报告,这项技术掌握在地球联盟手中,他们已经欣然接受了我们关于核武器的观点。我们的观点是: 这些是大规模杀伤性武器,对所有相关人员都是如此,对 Terra 行星不会有任何好处。这项技术,用于拆除核武器,使用磁频率。磁力是由 Terra 行星不知道的元素构成的。当你把炸弹想象成一个简单的化学反应,如何利用元素逆转化学反应,这是相当简单的技术。

It’s very true that nuclear weapons technology has long been a great concern to the Galactic Federation, which has raised the proliferation of these weapons systems as an important feature of their historical diplomatic contacts with different US and Soviet administrations. Elena Danaan’s latest book, We Will Never Let You Down, which I highly recommend, discusses these historical negotiations in great detail.

的确,核武器技术长期以来一直是美国的一大关切,银河联邦已经将这些武器系统的扩散作为他们与不同的美国和苏联政府的历史外交接触的一个重要特征。我强烈推荐 Elena Danaan 的新书《我们永远不会让你失望》 ,详细讨论了这些历史性的谈判。

In addition, I recommend viewing a recent Press Conference involving former USAF officers revealing how UFOs interfered with nuclear missiles, effectively neutralizing them for unspecified periods. This directly corroborates Val Nek’s comments about Federation technologies that can neutralize such dangerous weapons systems.

此外,我建议大家观看最近的一次新闻发布会,其中有前美国空军军官,他们披露了不明飞行物是如何干扰核导弹的,有效地在不明确的时间内使它们失效。这直接证实了瓦尔 · 内克关于联邦技术能够消除此类危险武器系统的评论。

Q6. You mention the Earth Alliance is replacing compromised satellite communications systems, is Elon Musk’s Starlink the chief means for a new uncompromised system?

问题6.你提到地球联盟正在更换被破坏的卫星通讯系统,伊隆 · 马斯克的星际链路是一个新的不被破坏的系统的主要手段吗?

VN: Yes, the satellites I am referring to are satellites on the ground. These satellites will be replaced with satellites in the orbit of Terra, in the sky. Starlink is not the correct name for this system, it is something else. I will not disclose, but you are welcome to speculate. It uses similar technology to the satellite system you call Starlink.

VN: 是的,我所指的卫星是地面上的卫星。这些卫星将被地球轨道上的卫星所取代,在天空中。Starlink不是这个系统的正确名称,它是另一个东西。我不会透露,但欢迎你来猜测。它使用的技术与你所说的星链的卫星系统类似。

([Megan]: Val Nek says, very close, but no cigar….to above)

(梅根) : 瓦尔 · 内克说,非常接近,但是不成立... ... 以上)

Val Nek’s response is again very telling. Something like Starlink has been prepared and is about to officially launch. My speculation is that Val Nek is alluding to the Space Fence which is formally under the control of US Space Command. This new communication system, will certainly be run by US Space Command and the multinational space alliance it has formed as a result of the Jupiter Accords which have been discussed in previous articles. Importantly, General James Dickinson, the head of Space Command, confirmed in August that over 100 agreements have been reached with different national space agencies, military commands, and aerospace corporations making it feasible that such a satellite communications system has been secretly prepared, and is close to being launched.  

瓦尔 · 内克的回答再一次非常生动。像 Starlink 这样的东西已经准备好了,并且即将正式发射。我的猜测是,瓦尔 · 内克是暗指的空间围栏,这是正式控制下的美国空间司令部。这一新的通信系统,肯定将由美国空间司令部和多国空间联盟运行,它已形成的结果是木星协议,这已在以前的文章中讨论。重要的是,太空司令部司令詹姆斯 · 迪金森将军在8月份证实,已经与不同的国家太空机构、军事司令部和航空航天公司达成了100多项协议,使得这样一个卫星通信系统已经秘密准备就绪并即将发射成为可能。

My final question to Val Nek was the following:

我对瓦尔 · 内克的最后一个问题是:

Q7. If hacked radio frequencies and communications system previously used to stifle dissent and public awakening are now in the hands of the Earth Alliance, how long do we have to wait before we see signs of social media and mass media putting out genuine information on what is happening around our planet?


VN: I cannot completely answer this question because it involves private Terran companies and is out of the hands of the Federation. I can disclose that the Earth Alliance has been given the technology and the tools to create an internet system that is beneficial. The time frame, I cannot disclose, but will not take long. It is an active operation, please understand.

VN: 我不能完全回答这个问题,因为它涉及到人族的私人公司,而且不在联邦的控制之下。我可以透露,地球联盟已经获得了创建互联网系统的技术和工具,这是有益的。时间框架,我不能透露,但不会花很长时间。这是一个积极的行动,请理解。

It is significant that Val Nek has relayed this just after President Donald Trump announced the launch of a new social media company, Truth Social. As I’ve discussed previously, according to Professor Haim Eshed, the father of Israel’s space program, Trump has been working with the Galactic Federation to disclose its existence to humanity. Therefore, it would not be a great surprise that Trump is playing a crucial behind the scenes role in creating a new internet system.

值得注意的是,就在唐纳德 · 特朗普总统宣布推出一家新的社交媒体公司——真相社交网站(Truth Social)之后,瓦尔 · 内克(Val Nek)转述了这一观点。正如我之前讨论过的,根据以色列太空计划之父 Haim Eshed 教授的说法,特朗普一直在与银河联邦空间站合作,向人类披露它的存在。因此,特朗普在创建一个新的互联网系统中扮演关键的幕后角色也就不足为奇了。

In conclusion, there is much to welcome in Val Nek’s most recent report. His revelation that humanity has entered the Final Countdown to the impending defeat of the Deep State, Orion Gray, Draconian and Dark Fleet alliance is most welcome news. While more ferocious battles lie ahead, the secret underground war has entered a decisive phase and we may not have to wait too long to see the results, and the unveiling of a Star Trek future.


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