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萨拉博士|2021/10/17 地球联盟与星际联盟就木卫三举行的会议的最新进展


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On October 15,I received an update on the recent meetings on Ganymede between representatives of the Earth Alliance with several extraterrestrial organizations and a new group entering our solar system—the Intergalactic Confederation.The update from Val Nek,relayed through Megan Rose,makes for a total of four independent sources reporting on Ganymede being the site of meetings with a highly evolved new group of extraterrestrial visitors to our solar system.

1015日,我收到了地球联盟代表与几个外星组织和一个进入我们太阳系的新团体——星际联盟——最近木卫三举行会议的最新消息。来自瓦尔·内克的最新消息,通过 Megan Rose 转播,共有4个独立的消息来源报道说,木卫三是一个高度进化的外星访客来到我们太阳系的新团体的会议地点。

In my October 13 article,"Earth Alliance mission to Ganymede to greet ET visitors and inaugurate a Star Trek future,"I presented the intel from three independent sources.These were JP,who currently serves with the US Army and participates in off-world covert missions controlled by US Space Command.Thor Han,whose intel was relayed through Elena Danaan,and Alex Collier,whose source is Mornay from the Andromeda Council.

在我1013日的文章"地球联盟赴木卫三的使命是迎接外星人访问者并开创星际旅行的未来",我提供了来自3个独立来源的情报。他们是 JP,目前在美国陆军服役,参加由美国太空司令部控制的世界外秘密任务。索尔·汉的情报是通过埃琳娜·达纳和亚历克斯·科利尔传递的,他们的消息来源是仙女座议会的莫奈。

Val Nek's update provides more intel with which we can better evaluate the scope and significance of the secret Ganymede meetings.His update begins:


The Earth Alliance has completed its first mission to Ganymede,one of Jupiter's moons….This station was used as a meeting place for the Earth Alliance,the Andromedan Council,the Council of Five and a group of what humans of Terra would consider extremely advanced extraterrestrials.These beings can manifest themselves as extraterrestrial looking species,but in actuality they are more of a consciousness,a super-consciousness that have looked over this galaxy and many others for eons.As coordinator for this mission,I can report on my role and what I am at liberty to disclose.

地球联盟已经完成了他们在木卫三的第一个任务,这是木星的卫星之一。这个空间站被用作地球联盟、仙女座议会、五人议会以及 Terra 人类所认为的极其先进的外星人的集会场所。这些生物可以表现出外星人的样子,但实际上他们更多的是一种意识,一种超级意识,已经观察了这个星系和许多其他星系长达亿万年。作为这次任务的协调员,我可以报告我的角色和我可以自由透露的信息。

These beings travelled to this solar system to witness a birth of a new era,an era that includes the liberation of Earth.As the enemy conveniently reports that there are multiple timelines at play,in an effort to confuse the Terrans who are so desperately looking for liberation from hostile control,the truth is that this solar system continues on one timeline together,simultaneously.It is a timeline that benefits the entire galaxy and marks a successful end of war between the Terrans,the Federation,and the Orion group.


What Val Nek is effectively saying here is that there is not going to be a split or separation of humanity into different groups that proceed to multiple worlds,densities,timelines,etc.,in a planet-wide'harvest'.In the RA material,it was said that humanity would polarize into different ascension paths.Those that made the cut for a positive polarity ascension(>50%service-to-other level of consciousness)would ascend into a 4th density positive Earth.Those that attain a negative polarity(>95%service-to-self consciousness)would ascend to a different negative polarity 4th density world.Finally,those who did not graduate(less than 50%service to other and less than 95%service to self)would be taken to another 3rd density Earth to repeat another 26,000 year cycle.

瓦尔·内克在这里实际上说的是,在一个全球范围的"收获"中,不会有人类分裂或分离成不同的群体,进入多个世界、密度、时间线等。在 RA 材料中,据说人类将极化成不同的提升路径。那些为正极性提升(超过50%服务于其他意识水平)而做出切割的人们将提升进入正极性地球的第四密度。那些获得负极性(>95%服务自我意识)的人将提升到一个不同的负极性的第四密度世界。最后,那些没有毕业的人(为他人服务少于50%,为自己服务少于95%)将被带到另一个第三密度的地球,重复另一个26,000年的周期。

Understanding The Harvest In The Law Of One (The Ra Material)

The Law of One, also known as the The Ra Material, is a series of five philosophical monographs published between 1982 and 1998 by Schiffer Books.The books p...

Ever since the RA material(aka Law of One)emerged in 1981-1984,there have been a steady stream of psychics,researchers,and contactees/abductees that have spoken of coming cataclysmic events marking a coming separation of humanity in a planetary'harvest'.What instead appears to have recently happened is that a temporal war over a future galactic tyranny has been won by the Galactic Federation,its partner ET organizations,and the Earth Alliance.Apparently,this means that a planetary harvest does not occur,and most of humanity collectively moves forward in a positive timeline—a Star Trek future.


Val Nek continues:


I can report that I was in charge of the Federation troops and organizing the troops of the Alliance.I must emphasize that while this mission was not one of war,it was equally important in the eyes of our ancestors,the superconscious,which some call an Intergalactic Federation.This name is for us to use,however,these beings operate at such a high level that they do not use words,language or anything of the sort to express themselves.It is by all means a translation of a frequency for our own understanding.This mission was especially important for the Earth Alliance.The leaders of the Earth Alliance and their respective space programs,which I can report will all be federated under a new name,which I will not disclose.The name was chosen after the meeting with the Intergalactic Federation.


In earlier updates,I reported that agreements were reached in meetings held upon an Ashtar Command base above the atmosphere of Jupiter between leaders of 14 spacefaring nations and an alliance of positive extraterrestrial groups:the Galactic Federation of Worlds,the Ashtar Command,the Andromeda Council,and the Council of Five.The 14 spacefaring nations agreed to work together under the leadership of the US Space Command to form a multinational space alliance similar to'Starfleet'as depicted in the iconic TV series Star Trek.


Val Nek's update means that despite mainstream media depictions of relations between the world's major nations deteriorating to the point of a devastating regional war coming soon,agreements are being secretly made and implemented in the background.Eventually,these agreements will be revealed,and humanity collectively embarks on a new future under a more unified global political structure whose name is still secret.


Val Nek continues:


The Terran leaders were deeply moved by the experience.For the first time,their perception of reality,and the meaning,the purpose of leadership and guidance in this galaxy deeply touched their consciousness.The development of the Terran leader's consciousness is something we have been trying to influence in a positive manner for some time,but especially recently,since plans are being made to hand over the responsibility of defending Terra with the production of the star fleet.

人族领导人被这次经历深深打动了。第一次,他们对现实的感知,以及在这个星系中领导和引导的意义和目的深深地触动了他们的意识。一段时间以来,我们一直试图以积极的方式影响人族领导人意识的发展,特别是最近,因为我们正在制定计划,将防御 Terra 的责任移交给星际舰队。

These Terran leaders,I can say with confidence,have been influenced by the consciousness of the forefathers,the fore seeders,in such a way,that the Federation and the Council of Five,along with the Andromedan Council have no reservation in their ability or ethical standards as it relates to being responsible for the safety and positive progression of the planet.


I will reiterate again that this message may be more important to the Terran people than any other message.I am aware that they have been concerned for some time,rightfully so,as to the ethical and moral standard of their leaders.We will continue to move forward.I salute you.


If humanity's political and military leaders that attended the Ganymede meetings have been transformed as a result of their meetings with the Intergalactic Confederation(or Federation),that would indeed be a tremendously important message for us to contemplate.


In a second October 15 message,Val Nek asserted that the Ganymede meeting discussed the timing of full disclosure of extraterrestrial life:


The disclosure of extra-terrestrial life to the Terrans is something that was discussed at these meetings.As I stated previously,the consciousness of the Terran leaders was first evaluated by the elders or the seeders.A plan was formulated to disclose to the world,to Terran civilians,the truth of extra-terrestrial life and the relationship these beings have to the Terran people.This is a delicate procedure as most Terrans have been fooled to believe they are the only life in this solar system,this galaxy.As to not scare the Terrans,disclosure will happen slowly over time.


There is a specific plan that has been formulated as I mentioned,in accordance with this timeline,which will unfold,but I am not at liberty to give specifics.The guidance that was sought from the Intergalactic Federation included this matter,they agreed that the Galactic Federation and the earth alliance's plan indeed encompasses the best interest of the Terran people.


It can be speculated that extraterrestrial disclosure will follow not long after the public release of advanced health technologies,free energy systems,and exotically propelled spacecraft being mass produced for a future Starfleet described in previous articles.These technology releases would increase public confidence in a new global federated political system agreed to at the Ganymede meeting that will replace the compromised Deep State controlled international system currently in operation


I asked Val Nek a series of questions that were relayed by Megan to him,and I received his answers on October 16.What follows is the relevant Q and A with Val Nek(VN).


1.Did the Earth Alliance establish a base of operations on Ganymede,was one given to them,or did they just visit and leave?


[VN]The Earth Alliance does not have a base there.We,the Federation and the Alliance,were given one to use for these meetings.The base belongs to Ashtar Galactic Command,from the Sirius B system,they are a group that rebelled against Ciakahrr infiltration and set up a military presence in the orbit of Jupiter.I can report that once Federated,meaning the Earth Alliance joins membership with the Federation,they will be given access to certain sites and bases as a courtesy to use for such events or meetings.

[VN]地球联盟在那里没有基地。我们,联邦和联盟,被给予一个用于这些会议。这个基地属于阿斯塔银河司令部,来自天狼星 b 星系,他们是一个反抗 Ciakahrr 渗透并在木星轨道上建立军事存在的团体。我可以报告说,一旦联盟组织,也就是地球联盟加入联盟,他们将被允许进入特定的地点和基地,作为参加这些活动或会议的礼节。

This means that whatever facilities were provided to the Earth Alliance on Ganymede are temporary,and merely provide a means for future meetings and negotiations until such time as the Earth Alliance formally allies itself with the Galactic Federation.


2.Did the Earth Alliance leaders come from their civilian space programs or their military space commands?


[VN]I can disclose that some leaders were escorted by the alliance military and the Federation.These leaders included members from the United States and their organized space command.Soon there will be one organized faction orbiting Terra,which will be a military force.There were privately owned civilian space programs used for transport,however,not for leaders of Earth Alliance.


Val Nek has revealed that the Star Trek future envisaged as the optimal timeline in a 2019 Space Futures Workshop Report that presented eight possible future scenarios in space by the year 2060 is going to happen much faster than predicted.


Our Star Trek Future - Now On Vimeo

At a March 2019 "Space Futures Conference" featuring leaders from multiple national space programs, aerospace corporations, and military organizations from a...

3.Were aerospace corporations present at the meetings?


[VN]I can report that yes they were,in the interest of spiritual progression,they were invited.You see,it is the Federation's goal to help develop the consciousness of all these leaders,peoples and corporations,by exposing them to different cultures and points of view,of course,from an extraterrestrial point of view.This is likely to benefit their consciousness,but also an understanding of other species,whom they will interact with when members of the Federation.


This is significant since it means that the same corporations that attended the July Jupiter meetings were also present at the Ganymede meetings.In a previous update,it was confirmed by Val Nek that SpaceX,Blue Origin,and Virgin Galactic were among the aerospace companies that attended the Jupiter meetings.Two of the CEOs of these corporations,Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson,were on their respective company's first manned spaceflights to the lower edge of space,which were effectively covers for them to attend the Jupiter meetings.This confirms that manned spaceflights are being used as covers for corporate CEOs and their representatives attending diplomatic meetings with different extraterrestrial organizations.This is pertinent to the next question:

这意义重大,因为这意味着出席7月木星会议的公司也出席了 Ganymede 会议。在之前的更新中,瓦尔•内克
确认 SpaceXBlue Origin Virgin Galactic 都是参加木星会议的航空航天公司。这些公司的两位首席执行官,杰夫·贝索斯和理查德·布兰森,在各自公司的第一次载人航天飞行中到达了太空的最低边缘,这为他们参加木星会议提供了有效的掩护。这证实了载人航天器被用作企业 ceo 和他们的代表参加与不同外星组织的外交会议的掩护。这与下一个问题有关:

4.Was William Shatner's recent Blue Origin flight a cover for him to attend the meetings?


[VN]I cannot confirm but you are welcome to speculate.


My speculation is that Shatner along with the three other'astronauts'that flew with him in Blue Origin's second manned flight,did use this as a cover to attend the Ganymede meetings.For the record,the three other astronauts were Audrey Powers(Blue Origins Vice President of Mission and Flight Operations);Glen de Vriest(Medidata Solutions Co-Founder);and Chris Boshuizen(Planet Labs Co-Founder).

我的猜测是,夏特纳和其他三名与他一起参加蓝色起源号第二次载人飞行的"宇航员"确实以此为幌子参加了木卫三会议。根据记录,其他三名宇航员是奥德丽·鲍尔斯(蓝色起源公司负责任务和飞行运营的副总裁)、格伦·德·弗里斯特(Medidata Solutions联合创始人)和克里斯·博水森(行星实验室联合创始人)

What was especially telling was the strong emotional reaction Shatner had after the flight.Shatner told reporters:


"I'm so filled with emotion about what just happened.It's extraordinary,extraordinary.It's so much larger than me and life.It hasn't got anything to do with the little green men and the blue orb.It has to do with the enormity and the quickness and the suddenness of life and death.


"To see the blue color whip by you,and now you're staring into blackness…everybody in the world needs to do this.Everybody in the world needs to see this."


"I was overwhelmed by all the things we need to do and the loves and the losses.It was an enormous moment for me that I never expected."


Clearly,Shatner was overwhelmed by the experience,but was it solely due to a spaceflight for a few minutes above the Von Karman line,an altitude of 100 kilometers,or was his emotional reaction due to something far more significant having taken place?Have Shatner's memories of an extraterrestrial encounter been temporarily repressed,so all he had left was the emotional impact of the encounter?This takes me to the next Q&A:

很明显,Shatner 被这次经历击垮了,但这仅仅是因为在 Von Karman 线以上100公里的高度进行了几分钟的太空飞行,还是他的情绪反应是因为发生了更重要的事情?是不是夏特纳对外星人遭遇的记忆暂时被压抑了,所以他所剩下的就只有遭遇的情感冲击了?接下来的问答环节:

5.Can you elaborate on how the Alliance leaders were moved by the meetings?E.g.,heart chakra opening,clearing negative energy attachments,connecting to source energy,etc.?


[VN]Ahh this is a very interesting answer.You see,these beings,the consciousness if you will,that we call the Intergalactic Federation,they are responsible for seeding many different races that date far beyond the history of man.They are the ancestors of planet Terra and many others,and hold the consciousness of creation.It may be helpful to think of them as energy instead of extraterrestrials or people.Their energy holds a quantum frequency that contains the original intention of this planet and its people,when it was first created and even before it and the inhabitants were created.

[VN]啊,这是个非常有趣的答案。你看,这些生物,如果你愿意的话,我们称之为星际联邦的意识,他们负责播种许多不同的种族,这些种族的历史远远超出了人类的历史。他们是 Terra 行星和许多其他星球的祖先,并持有创造的意识。把它们想象成能量,而不是外星人或人类,可能会有所帮助。他们的能量持有一个量子频率,其中包含了这个星球及其人民的初始意图,当它最初被创造时,甚至在它和居民被创造之前。

Please understand that we are aware there has been many genetic experiments on planet Terra,with the human race,but this is not what I am talking about.I am talking about the development of the soul,of the consciousness.By just being in their presence,the quantum frequency activates a"knowing"within them.A knowing that they are not a body,but a soul.That they are connected to the heart of the people,of all people.And so working together in the best interest of all,is what will be not only beneficial,but the intention behind creation.

请理解,我们意识到在 Terra 星球上,有许多关于人类的基因实验,但这不是我所说的。我说的是灵魂的发展,意识的发展。只要出现在他们的面前,量子频率就会激活他们内在的"知晓"。知道他们不是肉体,而是灵魂。它们与所有人的心连接在一起。因此,为了所有人的最大利益而一起工作,不仅是有益的,而且是创造背后的意图。

This is a vitally important clarification by Val Nek.Just being in the presence of members of this Intergalactic Confederation triggers a"knowing",a soul awakening,through the quantum frequency they emanate.I can only speculate about the effect of being in the presence of highly evolved beings that awaken one to the"original intention of this planet and its people".It would indeed be overwhelming and life-changing,similar to what Shatner reported.


Val Nek's update is indeed stunning in its scope and implications.He has provided significant new details about what transpired on Ganymede.It's vitally important to emphasize that Val Nek's information is the fourth independent source reporting on the Ganymede meetings.Something profound and life-changing is currently happening on Ganymede,and we may not need to wait too long before the truth is finally revealed for all humanity.


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