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Starship Earth:The Big Picture 星际飞船地球:大局

October 17,2021 20211017


Once again,some were experiencing Twitter issues this morning according to DownDetector.com—yet they say no problems.Mine certainly wasn't working when I tried it.I got this…and couldn't log in.

根据 downdetector 网站的报道,今天早上一些人再次遇到了 Twitter 问题,但他们说没有问题。当我尝试的时候,我的肯定不能工作。我拿到了这个...但是不能登陆。

Error 错误

Something went wrong,but don't fret—it's not your fault.Let's try again.


But if I used a tab that was open with someone else's Twitter page,I could get to my page from there.Or maybe the issue resolved in the interim.

但是如果我使用一个可以打开别人 Twitter 页面的标签页,我就可以从那里进入我的页面。或许这个问题在过渡期间得到了解决。

It does not compute.Instagram is also showing issues in America.

它没有计算能力,Instagram 在美国也出现了问题。


Simon Parkes reports:


There is a connection between the recent turning off among the social media platforms and the attack on British Telecommunications BT internet server.

最近社交媒体平台的关闭与英国电信 BT 互联网服务器遭到攻击之间存在联系。

Very many people in the U.K.experienced the loss of BT internet yesterday Friday.


"Q"is for question.Question everything.Q is also for queen.I don't have much use for"royalty"but sometimes you just let things slide with a wait-and-see attitude.Queen Romana has attitude.

Q 代表疑问句。质疑一切。Q 也是女王的意思。我对"忠诚"没有太多的用处,但有时候你只是以观望的态度让事情顺其自然。罗曼娜女王有她的态度。

Queen Romana definitely has the most interesting posts on Telegram,in my opinion.


Anyone noticed,Canada Revenue Agency's#CRA website is down?

有没有人注意到,加拿大税务局的#cra 网站关闭了?

Did they all go to Tofino BC,for Surfing?

他们都去 Tofino BC 冲浪了吗?


As for DNA-X that folks are talking about…Link to Telegram.

至于 DNA-X,人们正在谈论...链接到电报。

DNA-X,is recalibrating your entire system even IF you have not noticed anything changing.

甚至在你没有注意到任何变化的情况下,DNA-X 正在重新校准你的整个系统。

It is happening…depending on what foreign chemicals you've ingested all these years…it is doing its work.


Even your habits and hobbies will change including choice in food and drinks…


I am way behind in all the updates available but it sounds like our own DNA-X factor has been activated and is doing its job to return us to our original template—according to The Plan.Do you notice changes in your physical/mental/emotional/spiritual routine and experiences?I do.

在所有可用的更新中,我远远落后了,但是听起来好像我们自己的 DNA-X 因子已经被激活了,并且正在做它的工作,让我们回到原来的模板。你是否注意到你的生理/心理/情绪/精神常规和经历发生了变化?我知道。

Canadians are used to having a female sovereign ruling them so IF this is a military op to manage the herd while the clean-up is going on,it's probably a good fit and explains her majesty's popularity.The other commonwealth nations appreciate her,as well.If she's more than that,as it appears,bonus for us.Various people have varying opinions about royalty and bloodline families.


ByTheBook on Twitter: "ROYAL BL00DLINES MATTER!!🇨🇦🇺🇸👑👑👑👑 pic.twitter.com/LwwscN83YC / Twitter"

ROYAL BL00DLINES MATTER!!🇨🇦🇺🇸👑👑👑👑 pic.twitter.com/LwwscN83YC

This video from Sgt.Robert Horton is a mind-bender.What happens immediately following a birth?We are documented and monetized.We think we are born free.Pfffff.We are owned,like chattel.They know everything about us,past and present,and we know almost nothing.See the process in this video on Telegram.


In this timely video from the crew,we are presented with some titillating ideas about who we are,how we got here,and current"hunt"for the marauders who infiltrated and corrupted our civilization.


It might also raise the question about who the"vaccines"are for,as we've discussed previously.Are the vaccines an extermination programme for"us"or"them"?And has the programme been corrupted by"bad batches"from the cabal?It's a confusing war fought on a unique battleground:the arms of Humanity.We knew there would be casualties.


This one is heavy on[newer]concepts and you might need to research and re-watch to pick it all up.1 hr.22 min.


"Us&Them":Blue Bloods(Serpent race)&Red Blood(Adam)


Here's another perspective on the jab.This suggests the Pleiadians are analyzing the cabal's injections and telling us they go beyond what our researchers and medical experts can understand because it's off-world technology which is strictly forbidden by the Federation—and yet,they are doing it,and very little seems to be done about it.Will microwaves and 5G"fertilize"the nano tech in the bloodstream of many Humans at some point?


It's difficult to wrap your head around a lot of this information because it is so foreign to our indoctrination of what reality is.It sounds like a sci-fi thriller,this crazy movie.Video is 39 minutes.


Vaccines–New Lab Analysis–Non Human Technology–Aneeka of Temmer Explains the Findings


Vaccines - New Lab Analysis - Non Human Technology - Aneeka of Temmer Explains the Findings

In this video Aneeka of Temmer presents Taygetan lab findings of vaccines content. The technology discovered in corona virus vaccines exceeds human level of technology and understanding. It is clearly of no human development. To read the transcript: www.swaruu.org Cosmic Agency all videos in Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2MMhSGDuf9kKXPvXfgOr9w Cosmic Agency Uncensored on Odysse: https://odysee.com/@CosmicAgency:c Nanotechnology, graphene, genetic engineering, RNA spike proteins, nanobots.

More on that here…


10/17/2021–Intel Drop Video#1(Proof There Are Parasites Found in Vaccines)


If you are concerned about the nanobots,you might want to listen to a Dr.Virtual video for clearing.

如果您担心纳米机器人,您可能需要听一段 dr.Virtual 视频来清理。



Terminate A.I Nano Bots- Smart Dust Nanites MP3 https://sellfy.com/p/3WvT/#Paypal https://gum.co/xishyDonation to DrVirtual7 research ...

Romana posted the following link,as well:

Romana 也发布了以下链接:

Link to all healing videos I have recommended and infused with 10D frequencies.

链接到我推荐的所有治疗视频,并注入10d 频率。


The way the industry is going,Delta Airlines may be the last commercial airline standing…or flying.Link to Telegram.



Delta Air Lines CEO ditches'divisive'COVID vaccine mandate;marks 90%employee vaccination rate

达美航空首席执行官放弃分裂性的 Covid 疫苗要求,标志着90%的员工接种率

People are fed up with the whole scamdemic and stripping of rights and tyranny.


A likely story.Nothing is what it seems.Bill Clinton is part of the infection and this could signal a number of things—like he has officially left this realm.Fingers crossed,but you know how they refuse to confirm the death of any influential cabal member until they think they can use it as a distraction or monetize it in some way.Hitlary's been gone for years and still they persist with the pathetic charade.


Former President Bill Clinton Released From Hospital After Infection:Doctors


Up for another sit-rep?Try this one from FM144.The more the paranormal comes into focus,the more real it seems,and the less real our 3D world becomes.

准备好再做一次情况报告了吗?试试 fm144中的这个。超自然现象越是引人注目,看起来就越真实,我们的3D 世界也就越不真实。


AUTUMN UPDATE(08.10.2021)秋季更新(08.10.2021)

Journalist James Corbett shares the darker side of the black box most people can't resist—and the bigger the better.What is the attraction?Some of us don't understand it.

记者詹姆斯科比特(James Corbett)分享了大多数人无法抗拒的黑盒子的阴暗面——越大越好。吸引力是什么?我们中的一些人不理解它。

As it turns out,not only are concerns about the content and the presentation of TV programming well-founded,but there is an even darker side to the device than is commonly realized.There is ample research to suggest that the TV is actually designed to send you into a trance-like state that lowers your cognitive defences against the lies the TV networks(and their corporate owners)are attempting to push on their docile audience.


The Idiot Box:How TV Hypnotizes You



There is a lot more credible evidence these days about our current dilemma,and without the spiritual armies aligned to free us,we would not have even known we were stuck in this fake reality and would not be able to ascend.We would remain trapped here…indefinitely…or until the predators were successful in completing their goal of transitioning us into Humanoid robots.You can't escape a prison when you think you're free.


Remember the elephant they can tie to a stake with a string from birth and they don't break free.We're all programmed,but waking—now that the Great Awakening has been kick-started.Videos at the link below.


We Live In A Computer-Simulated Matrix—Here's The Proof


One more thought to ponder as we close for today…


SiriusB on Twitter: "The reason Tartaria is kept secret is because [they] remain. / Twitter"

The reason Tartaria is kept secret is because [they] remain.

Signing off from the bridge.Thanks to the crew for their support and stay safe,everyone.~BP





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