X22报告|第2833集: 经济掩盖开始,他们准备出手了

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[ DS ]正准备出手,恐慌是真实的。他们会使出浑身解数。威斯康星州更接近于取消认证。 [DS]想要一场内战,他们想要美国人和美国人打仗,这是不可能的。

X22报告|第2833集: 经济掩盖开始,他们准备出手了

Ep. 2833a – The Economic Coverup Begins, Playbook Known, Nothing Can Stop This


Ep. 2833b – [DS] Panic Is Real, They Are About To Play Their Hand, Decertification, Military, It’s Time


X22 发表于2022年7月25日


The [WEF]/[CB] do not represent the common man/woman, how do we know this, the common man/woman are out there protesting them. The [CB]/[JB] know that a recession is coming and they are trying to get ahead of the story, big fail.

[WEF]/[CB] 并不代表普通的男人/女人,我们怎么知道这一点,普通的男人/女人在外面抗议他们。[ CB ]/[ JB ]知道经济衰退即将来临,他们正试图抢在故事前面,大失败。


The [DS] is getting ready to play their hand, the panic is real. They are g0ing to use everything they have. Wisconsin moves closer to decertification. The [DS] wants a civil war, they are projecting that they want American fighting American, this is not going to happen. Trump/patriots and the people are ready to take back the country.Scavino sends message, let’s go.

[ DS ]正准备出手,恐慌是真实的。他们会使出浑身解数。威斯康星州更接近于取消认证。 [DS]想要一场内战,他们想要美国人和美国人打仗,这是不可能的。特朗普/爱国者和人民已经准备好夺回这个国家。斯卡维诺传达了信息,我们走。


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