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Starship Earth:The Big Picture 星际飞船地球:大局

May 7,2021 202157


The Patriots got the moves,my friends.We doin'the dance.Free will.Choices.Justice.


Good day,patriots!It's Friday,and it's a GOOD day.El Trumpo is back—this time as@ilSharko.Follow if you dare.

日安,爱国者们!今天是星期五,是个好日子。El Trumpo 回来了ーー这次是@ilsharko。如果你有胆量就跟着去。

Here's a cute video—of course featuring el gato loco,Catturdo.Magnifico!

这里有一个可爱的视频ーー当然是以 el gato locoCatturdo 为特色的!

(It's piece o'shitoes,not pistachios,lol.)


Okay enough playing around.It's getting real in Arizona.



Whoa!Patrick Byrne posted this on his website.A Write of Quo Warranto filed in the Supreme Court of Arizona.The People might unseat all elected officials.Daniel Wood(for Congress)put this together and it was not permitted to publish it until 10:30 am Pacific today.(most of AZ is now on Pacific time).If you are in Patrick's membership group you can read it here.Sorry I haven't yet found a better version to give you.


Patrick also says he has dumped$5M into this effort and needs help to take it to fruition.



This is from the discussion I watched yesterday.


I finally found it.I saw it on Telegram and have been searching for the source.This is the explosive video in which expert Jeffery Langberg shows us how easy it is to flip votes using the electronic voting machines.

我终于找到了。我在 Telegram 上看到的,一直在寻找消息来源。这是一个爆炸性的视频,专家 Jeffery Langberg 向我们展示了使用电子投票机翻转选票是多么容易。


Or watch that video here  and read the article.



It's not difficult to see how many infiltrated"American"corporations sold out the nation.


Honeywell International Exported US Military Engineering Prints to China 



Michelle Fielding and Kelli Rivers did an interesting Q&A channel session(scroll down below the Dance video).Most of it feels right—but folks may not want to hear that this liberation process may take this long.I have said all along that they are using psychology on us;the Q thing,what the military and Trump are doing is a psyop,because that's the only way to reach the snoozers and to get the ones paying attention to respond appropriately.

米歇尔菲尔丁和凯莉里弗斯做了一个有趣的问答通道会议(滚动下面的舞蹈视频)。其中大部分感觉是对的,但是人们可能不愿意听到这个解放的过程可能要花这么长的时间。我一直在说,他们在对我们使用心理学;q 事件,军方和特朗普正在做的事情是一种心理战,因为这是接触那些打鼾者、让那些关注他们的人做出适当反应的唯一途径。

It's easy to see we're being manipulated—and it's not a bad thing.I would say,"It had to be this way"because of the way we've been manipulated for so long by the dark.As Michelle puts it,they are reversing the effects by using very similar strategies.Can you see the"undoing"?


The globalists have used fear to programme us and elicit the responses they have wanted and the current"scare event"is rousing people from their slumber and getting them to pay attention and realize what happened.Of course,the White Hats have set the stage,magnified the evil,and made the characters in the movie bigger than life to make this work and to speed it up—and it IS working,but it takes time.


Take a listen and perhaps this will resonate with you,as well.I found the part about Trump not being President again in line with a potential outcome I've entertained but also that"a"Trump may be in the"White House",or wherever the seat of government may be.The rise of the Divine Feminine may bring the People to welcome Ivanka as part of that.Trump said,"We'll be back in some form."Can you blame them for not telling us how this was going to go?


Remember the song,The Dance?Life is about"the dance".Free will doesn't work if you know the future results of your decisions.That is reserved for the Q Team so they can manipulate the time lines and get us going in a positive direction,regardless of the manipulation of our minds and the construct by the dark magicians—or something like that.It's a work in progress.

还记得那首歌《舞蹈》吗?生活就是"舞蹈"。如果你知道自己决定的未来结果,自由意志就不会起作用。这是为 q 团队保留的,因此他们可以操纵时间线,让我们朝着积极的方向前进,而不管我们的思想是否受到黑暗魔法师的操纵,或者类似的东西。这是一项正在进行的工作。


I believe we're going to see the big change in America where one person will not be in charge.How many have said Trump would be the"last President"?We will doubtless go to more of a council of elders and elected officials style of governance with specific term limits.


More frequent,secure elections via the Quantum Voting System will help to keep people engaged,active,informed,and less likely to adopt the apathetic,lackadaisical attitude they have had for too long that got us into this mess.Teamwork,not a dictatorship.


Michelle also says her contacts say the Wu Flu story will have a"twist"at the end,which is what we're expecting for a"scare event",right?They talk about a number of timely issues.



Here's your Friday summary of the Audit AZ shenanigans until the above happened.These people are so off the island.We're consistently outwitting and outplaying them,but we have to get to day 39.

这里是您的 Audit AZ 恶作剧的星期五摘要,直到上述情况发生。这些人离岛太远了。我们总是比他们聪明,但是我们必须到达第39天。

I just realized that the number of days the final three contestants spend on the island on the Survivor television series is the almost the same number of days they said this audit would take,which is 40.After 39 days and nights on the island,they go back to America to the sound stage and hold the final vote for the winner with the audience so it's done in 40.Qincidence?


Three Developments That Should Nullify Maricopa County 2020 Election and Put Supervisors in Legal Jeopardy—BEFORE THE FORENSIC AUDIT EVEN STARTED 


Amazon ethics are also called into question in this next story.


Report:Amazon Delivery Drivers Are Being Ordered to Drive Recklessly



Do folks ever wonder why these monstrous spider sculptures are installed in various places—like the Canadian parliament buildings in front of the Notre Dame cathedral?The sculptor,Louise Bourgeois calls it"Maman"—which is"mother"in French.It's right in front of our faces,folks.


Look at these things.


Ottawa,Bilbao Spain,Zurich Switzerland,London,Tokyo,Arkansas USA…it's sick,and they have the nerve to connect it to children.


Does anyone think they're cute?Does anyone complain?Question?The one in Ottawa carries a basket of twenty marble eggs,for goddsake.Gross!I can't stand spiders.They've always creeped me out,especially their webs.Perhaps there's more to that revulsion.


Here are some excerpts from Jim/the Unknown Lightwarrior's email update for today from the mass meditation of the 144K.You can't make this up.Chimera.This is beyond"spiders from Mars".One,okay,a unique piece of art—but all over the world?Not unique.Cult-like.

这里有一些摘自 Jim/the Unknown Lightwarrior 今天的电子邮件更新,摘自144K 集体冥想。你不能编造这些。女名女子名。这超越了"火星蜘蛛"的范畴。好吧,一件独一无二的艺术品----但是遍布全世界?不是唯一的。像邪教一样。


"Maman"–Louise Bourgeois exhibition Paris 2008


Their artwork reflects their lifestyle.Remember these?Tony Podesta,John Podesta's brother thought these were swell.His house was a virtual gallery of pieces like this.



Why don't ANTIFA/BLM rip these spiders down?Just my thoughts on a free-wheeling Friday.

为什么 ANTIFA/BLM 不把这些蜘蛛撕下来呢?这只是我对周五自由运动的想法。

Jim reports:


Yet again…the metaphorical hand-shakes from our physical&non-physical off-world brethren have been taking place for each 144K Member,as the typical physical indicators of success have started popping up in several places!


How's this for'coincidence'.


All Chimera fleet are now cleared


A limited number of mostly sub-terranean Chimera bases are left,that contain Pleiadean,Sirian,Arcturian&other races as hostages&are controlled by physical Chimera spiders–hence why they're taking longer to clear


Chimera Queen&King spiders are still at large,under the large Congolese town of Bukavu,which is on the south tip of Lake Idgwi,(I've actually been to both these places)


The above base is'still intact'.Meaning…attacks by the Light Forces against this base have been carried out,especially with that bit of help from the 144K!

上述基础仍然完好无损。意思是...光明军对这个基地的攻击已经开始了,特别是在144K 的帮助下!

Cobra's Planetary Situation Update 



Our friends in the Great White Gulag need to have a look at this video from civil rights attorney/activist Rocco Galati.YouTube took it down,and there were hacking attempts on the website but it's there for now.He does the math and shows how Ontario Premier Doug Ford,who was AWOL at the time,is making a crisis out of nothing.

我们在大白色古拉格的朋友们需要看看这个来自民权律师/活动家 Rocco Galati 的视频。把它拿下来了,网站上也有黑客攻击的企图,但目前还在那里。他做了数学计算,向我们展示了当时擅离职守的安大略省省长道格·福特是如何无中生有地制造危机的。

It's not only Galati claiming this.We saw a video several months ago from a Florida doctor who asked his daughter to relay his message for him on Tik Tok,I believe it was.He told us the hospitals assign maybe 6 beds for the"Covid Ward"and of course they fill up fast and then they claim the hospital is"overwhelmed with Covid patients"and doesn't have anywhere to put them.OMG!Crisis!Emergency!Lockdown!Masks!In addition,hospitals laid off a lot of staff prior to the 2020 outbreak.

不仅仅是加拉蒂宣称了这一点。几个月前,我们看到一个佛罗里达州的医生的视频,他让他的女儿在 Tik Tok 上转达他的信息,我相信是这样的。他告诉我们,医院为"Covid病房"分配了大约6张床位,当然,这些床位很快就被填满了,然后他们声称医院"挤满了Covid病人",没有地方安置他们。我的天啊!危机!紧急情况!一级防范!面具!此外,在2020年疫情爆发之前,医院解雇了大量工作人员。

These are the games these globalists play and if you don't innerstand that,you need to get with the programme.


Citizen journalists have visited many hospitals with their camera phones and showed us the hospitals are virtually empty.More like a morgue in their quietude.


We know what the truth is.PLANdemic.SCAMdemic.And that is illegal and considered Crimes Against Humanity.It is leading to Nuremberg-style trials.


The"experimental"vaccine is in violation of all 10 of the Nuremberg Codes which carry the death penalty for those who seek to violate these International Laws.


A team of over 1,000 lawyers and over 10,000 medical experts led by Dr.Reiner Fuellmich have begun legal proceedings against the CDC,WHO&the Davos Group for crimes against humanity.

一个由1000多名律师和10000多名医学专家组成的团队,在 Reiner Fuellmich 博士的带领下,已经开始对疾病控制中心、世卫组织和达沃斯集团的反人类罪行提起裁判。

Fuellmich and his team present the faulty PCR test and the order for doctors to label any comorbidity death as a Covid death as fraud.The PCR test was never designed to detect pathogens and is 100%faulty at 35 cycles.All the PCR tests overseen by the CDC are set at 37 to 45 cycles.

福尔米奇和他的团队提出了错误的 PCR 测试,并命令医生将任何共病死亡标记为Covid死亡是欺诈行为。PCR 检测从来没有被设计用来检测病原体,在35个循环中是100%错误的。所有由疾控中心监督的 PCR 检测都被设定为3745个循环周期。

The CDC admits that any tests over 28 cycles are not admissible for a positive reliable result.This alone invalidates over 90%of the alleged covid cases/"infections"tracked by the use of this faulty test.


Read more about the Nuremberg lawsuit on Breaking-News.ca and rejoice.

阅读更多关于纽伦堡诉讼案的 breaking-news.ca,欢呼吧。

Nothing is what it seems.Question everything.


Watch"Beds,Boosters,and BS"here on WholeHeartedMedia.ca.27 min.

And check this out.


General McInerney kept saying 64…but I don't recall it.I was multitasking.Whiplash347 posted this:


Whatever they try,be it vaccine passports,rigged elections,or climate change…we're onto them.


"Not everything will be clean.~Q"


I saved this for the end.Trump's message for today has a 3:42 in it.This is the Q post#342."The end is near."Oh,that would be nice.

我把这个留到最后。特朗普今天要传达的信息是3:42。这是 q post#342"末日即将来临。"那太好了。

That's all for now,folks.There's lots more good stuff coming down the pike.I'll leave you with a chuckle from Catturd.~BP

现在就这样吧,伙计们。还有很多好东西等着我们呢。我会带着来自 Catturd 的轻笑离开你们。~BP




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