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America One News (AON) interviewed President Trump about election fraud and Elon Musk resigning as CEO from Twitter. Watch at the 33" mark - there is footage of Elon Musk at the World Cup where you can clearly see the face mask line on his neck.
America One News (AON)就选举舞弊和埃隆 · 马斯克(Elon Musk)辞去 Twitter 首席执行官一事采访了特朗普总统。注意33英寸的标记——这是 Elon Musk 在世界杯上的镜头,你可以清楚地看到他脖子上的面罩线。
President Trump said in the interview that Elon Musk is a hero. He also said about the new CEO of Twitter: 'You need someone who has a lot of different hats...' Great nod to the White Hats.
特朗普总统在采访中说,埃隆 · 马斯克是一位英雄。他还谈到了 Twitter 的新首席执行长: “你需要一个拥有很多不同帽子的人... ...”这是对 White Hats 的极大肯定。
Thanks to blog reader Pauline for sending me this link - the Alliance has destroyed a [D]eep [S]tate cloning facility hidden behind a holographic wall in a deep cave complex.
感谢博客读者 Pauline 发给我这个链接——联盟已经摧毁了一个[ D ] eep [ S ] tate 克隆设施,隐藏在一个深洞复合体的全息墙后面。
And thanks to Coach Jerry for sending me this link - the TRUTH about pyramids in Antarctica has been published on an official archaeological website. Antarctica is a hot bed of secret off-planet activities by the dark forces. Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming.
Latest stats once again show the heart-breaking truth about child deaths due to the jab.
This 15 second add for the jab will make you sick to your stomach. I make no apologies for sharing it.
Dr Simone Gold from Frontline Doctors gave a sobering update about the devastating damage to women's health because of the jab.
来自前线医生的 Simone Gold 博士就注射对妇女健康造成的毁灭性损害给出了一个发人深省的最新消息。
This article provides some hope - via graphs and statistics - that women's fertility issues related to the jab could possibly be temporary.
Powerful words.
特朗普总统: “马斯克是英雄”|星际之门通讯
Finally, I bumped into a Light Warrior friend on my beach walk today. We compared notes about how we are handling the super-intense energies. We are both tired...both having loud ear ringing and vibrating tones in our head...both have scaled down our usual Christmas rituals because we are not motivated this year...and we are both SO ready for an event that blasts the 3D matrix apart.
最后,我今天在海滩散步的时候遇到了一个光明战士的朋友。我们比较了关于我们如何处理超强能量的笔记。我们都累了... 我们都有很大的耳鸣和震动的声音在我们的头上... 我们都缩减了我们平常的圣诞节仪式,因为我们今年没有动力... 我们都准备好了一个事件,爆炸的3D 矩阵分开。
The final destruction of the 3D matrix is causing all sorts of disruptions. My dear Light Warrior friend Jim - a former military electrician - inexplicably lost power at his place just before our Skype call today. I said to him that these glitches may be symptoms of the dying 3D matrix.
3D 矩阵的最终毁灭造成了各种各样的破坏。我亲爱的光之战士朋友吉姆——一位前军事电工——在我们今天用 Skype 通话之前,他家里莫名其妙地断电了。我告诉他这些小故障可能是垂死的3D 矩阵的症状。
Finally, we are having so much rain here in New Zealand. Normally at this time of year I am watering my garden every few days to head off the drought. Not this year. The [D]eep [S]tate weather manipulators are throwing everything at us before they are removed forever.
Stay strong, Light Warriors. Our numbers are growing exponentially - my blog readership has shot up in recent weeks. Always remember, even if you live in apparent isolation you are NEVER ALONE. My own situation of living in a small rural NZ town is testament to how a global army of digital soldiers can be united where ever we live on the planet.
坚强点,光明战士。我们的博客数量正以指数级增长——我的博客读者数量在最近几周急剧上升。永远记住,即使你生活在明显的孤立中,你也绝不会孤单。我自己住在 NZ 一个乡村小镇的情况证明,无论我们生活在这个星球上的哪个地方,全球的数字化士兵大军是如何团结起来的。
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Where We Go One We Go All
Love and Light

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