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On reflection I believe that it was President Trump speaking at the rally, not a double. The hat and lack of a tie certainly put us off the scent. It was something Sarah blog reader said that made sense to me. We have been seeing a lot of the Trump double lately and we have got used to accepting him as the real person. The double looks different - he has a squarer face and wider mouth, and may be not quite as tall.
But, do you know what...? It's not about the details. It's about the Alliance plan to liberate humanity, and it's about Ascension, both personal and collective. How we achieve those goals does not hinge on knowing every plot twist and turn of what is essentially a MILITARY operation. By the very definition of the word military, most of the current action is strategizing behind the scenes before they unleash their devastating killer blow on the [D]eep [S]tate. As Q said, we only get one shot at it. It has to be flawless.
但是,你知道吗?这不是细节的问题。这是关于联盟解放人类的计划,也是关于扬升的计划,无论是个人的还是集体的。我们如何实现这些目标,并不取决于了解本质上是一场军事行动的每一个情节转折。按照“军事”这个词的定义,当前的大部分行动都是在幕后制定战略,然后他们才会对深州发动毁灭性的致命一击。正如 q 所说,我们只有一次机会。它必须完美无瑕。
The International Court in Brussels has delivered a sensational verdict in the case against the [D]eep [S]tate. Wonderful news.
I resonate with this summary of President Trump's apparent revised stance on the jab. I believe his optics were for a vital reason - to save humanity from a far worse fate than we have experienced for the last two years.
I believe President Trump is signaling that we are very close to the end of the movie. I am so glad this s---show is nearly over. As many Anons are commenting, President Trump looked tired, as if he's had enough of this s---show too. Every Light Warrior on this planet is over it. 
I am tired today. Around every 4-6 weeks, I hit the wall with warrior fatigue. Today's weariness has been exacerbated by the awful news that NZ started jabbing 5 - 11 year olds today. And shockingly, a national supermarket is bribing parents with vouchers to get their children jabbed. This is worse than bribing with junk food - parents can find the strength to refuse junk food. But food from the supermarket, when money is already so tight? It is heinous. 
我今天累了。每隔4-6周,我就会感到战士般的疲惫。今天,NZ 开始对5至11岁的孩子进行“戳戳”的可怕消息,加剧了人们的厌倦情绪。令人震惊的是,一家全国性的超市正在用代金券贿赂父母,让他们的孩子被注射。这比用垃圾食品行贿更糟糕——父母可以找到拒绝垃圾食品的力量。但是超市里的食物,在资金已经如此紧张的时候?这是十恶不赦的。
Speaking of jabbing children, this is appalling intel about Pfizer - they quietly added a heart attack drug to their vax for children because they KNOW it is causing serious heart problems. Their evil knows no limits.
Even the WHO does not recommend routinely jabbing children for the virus
The Pfizer CEO finally admitted that two doses of their jab is virtually useless. Wake up, people!
这位辉瑞公司的 CEO 最终承认,两剂疫苗几乎没有用!
This morning I was listening to my neighbors chatting while I worked in the garden. They are fixated on 'that awful tennis player...serves him right...what was he thinking, not being jabbed...he deserves to be sent home...' Their gossip is being fed by obsessive MSM coverage here in NZ of the incident. When the truth is revealed, they will look back and realized that Djokovic was on the right side. Until then, patience. Sigh.
今天早上我在花园里干活的时候,听到邻居们在聊天。他们专注于‘那个糟糕的网球运动员... 活该... 他在想什么,没有被注射... 他应该被送回家...’他们的八卦被 NZ 媒体对这一事件的疯狂报道所灌输。当真相大白时,他们会回头看,意识到德约科维奇是站在正确的一边的。在那之前,耐心点。叹息。
A potential explanation for the 'volcanic eruption' in Tonga that is now widely believed to be a detonation.
An Anon wrote a post about how the sleepers will react when they discover the truth about the jab. It's along the lines of what we have been discussing on this blog.


Finally, maybe because I am a bit tired, this little video brought tears to my eyes.
Keep your Light shining brightly, World Patriots. Keep Unity Consciousness uppermost in your mind - it is the antidote to all the divisive propaganda that is sweeping through humanity. We are in this together. You are not alone.
Thank you for reading this post. You are welcome to share it as long as you re-post it in its entirety, including the link to my blog site.
Where We Go One We Go All.
Love and Light 

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