X22报道|第2678集: 经济正在团结人民,波浪将在亚利桑那州开始

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爱国者们正在推进这项计划,风暴即将来临,浪潮将从 AZ 开始,席卷全国。我们正在见证[ DS ]的倒台。[

X22报道|第2678集: 经济正在团结人民,波浪将在亚利桑那州开始

Ep. 2678a – Inflation Is Taxation, The Economy Is Uniting The People, Watch What Happens Next

Ep. 2678a –通货膨胀是税收,经济正在团结人民,看看接下来会发生什么

Ep. 2678b – The Wave Is Going To Begin In AZ & It’s Going To Sweep Across This Country, The Comeback

Ep.2678b-波浪将在 AZ 开始 & 它将席卷这个国家,卷土重来



The people are feeling the inflation, this is a hidden tax created by the [CB], this is on purpose to enslave the people to have them worker harder and harder as time goes on. The people are united, the economy has brought the people together and do not agree with [JB]/[CB].

人们感受到了通货膨胀,这是一种隐性的税收,是由[ CB ]创造的,目的是奴役人民,让他们随着时间的推移工作得越来越辛苦。人民团结在一起,经济使人民团结在一起,不同意[ JB ]/[ CB ]。


The patriots are pushing forward with the plan, the storm is coming and the wave is going to start in AZ and sweep across this country. We are witnessing the take down of the [DS].  The [DS] pushed a [FF] to change the news cycle, more on the way. The communication blackout is continuing and getting worse at more and more information is dripped out. Trump is letting us know to hold on he is coming. The country is going to be incredible and the people are going to see something that they have never experienced before.

爱国者们正在推进这项计划,风暴即将来临,浪潮将从 AZ 开始,席卷全国。我们正在见证[ DS ]的倒台。[ DS ]推动[ FF ]改变新闻周期,更多的方式。通讯中断仍在继续,越来越多的信息流失,情况越来越糟糕。特朗普让我们知道他要来了。这个国家将会变得不可思议,人们将会看到他们从未经历过的事情。


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