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Do we really need a vaccine if we have the cure?

Do we need to be afraid of COVID if we have the cure?


如果我们有了治愈方法,我们还需要害怕 COVID 吗?


X22 Report X22报告


'The X22 Report gives current political daily news.

Please watch or listen to this video for the rest of the report.’


As we know,President Trump was diagnosed with COVID.He was admitted to the hospital and after a few days was released.

正如我们所知,特朗普总统被诊断出患有 COVID。他住进了医院,几天后就出院了。

He said he wants the drug that cured him,Regeneron,to be available to every person with COVID,free of charge!Do we really need a vaccine if we have the cure?Do we need to be afraid of COVID if we have the cure?


Ric Grenell tweeted this,"What you never hear from CNN and the DC media crowd is that 17 US intelligence agencies issued a rare public statement making clear that COVID 19 started in China.And the secret Chinese Communist ways made the virus spread worse.This is from US intelligence agencies."Why isn't the media mentioning this?

里克·格雷内尔在推特上这样写道:"你从 CNN 和华盛顿媒体那里听不到的是,17个美国情报机构发表了一份罕见的公开声明,明确表示 COVID 19起源于中国。CCP的秘密方式使病毒传播更加严重。这是美国情报机构提供的。"为什么媒体不提这件事?

First,they went berserk when Trump was admitted to the hospital,saying he was much more sick than he really was,that he was on his death-bed and he wouldn't make it out of the hospital alive.Then when he drove around in his SUV,they freaked out saying he would give COVID to his secret service team.


Then when he arrived at the White House and took off his mask,they freaked out saying he was being irresponsible.When he said he felt he was cured using Regeneron,what did the media do with this front page information?Crickets.Nothing.They have their instructions from the DS.

然后,当他到达白宫并摘下面具时,他们吓坏了,说他不负责任。当他说他感觉用 Regeneron 治愈了自己时,媒体对这些头版信息做了什么?蟋蟀。没什么。他们从 DS 那里得到了指示。

But we who are awake,understand.The President had COVID.He was cured,and now he's going to help everyone else.There's no reason to be afraid,or to wear a mask,or to do mail-in voting,or to be in lockdown.You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free!

但是我们这些醒着的人,明白。总统得了 COVID。他已经痊愈了,现在他要去帮助其他人。没有理由害怕,没有理由戴面具,没有理由投票,没有理由被关禁闭。你会知道真相,真相会让你自由!

Symbolism will be their downfall.Joe's support text number is 30330.Divide the current year,2020 by 30330.The answer….0666.Coincidence?

象征主义将导致他们的垮台。Joe 的支持文本号是30330。用当前年份2020除以30330。答案是...0666。巧合?

During this time,America is seeing a lot of declassification.The DS does not know what to do.Their method is to push propaganda,but Trump's method is supported by factual documentation and science.

在这段时间里,美国看到了许多解密。DS 不知道该怎么办。他们的方法是推动宣传,但特朗普的方法得到了事实文件和科学的支持。

The DS and media have been using propaganda but Trump has used his authority to counter their propaganda by way of declass,proving the DS's spins and lies.What does it feel like to go up against truth and facts?Panic!

DS 和媒体一直在利用宣传,但特朗普利用自己的权威通过解密来反击他们的宣传,证明了 DS 的编造和谎言。面对真相和事实是什么感觉?恐慌!

Before,no one challenged the DS's propaganda,until Trump.This is why they want him gone so badly.Those who want him gone are following the DS's narrative.Will those people ever wake up?Many are asking questions.This is called,'The Great Awakening.'

之前,没有人挑战 DS 的宣传,直到特朗普。这就是为什么他们这么想让他消失。那些希望他下台的人正在追随 DS 的叙述。那些人会醒过来吗?许多人都在问问题。这就是所谓的"大觉醒"

Wednesday evening,the debate between Vice-President Mike Pence,and VP candidate Kamala Harris,took place.While the Patriots were dissecting the talking points,it seems the only talking point the Dems had was the fly which landed on VP Pence's hair.Was this an intentional distraction from the lack of control Kamala Harris possessed during the entire debate?


In Post 350,dated Dec.14,2017,it reads:"Shall we play a game?Find the spider(s)and build the web(the'map').Remember,they consider you to be the fly(specifically,the'feeder')."


They think of us as flies,and there was a fly on Pence's head.Coincidence?


'The X22 Report gives current political daily news.

Please watch or listen to this video for the rest of the report.'

The D's are panicking,realizing they cannot continue with the debates.When the Patriots use facts against their lies,they are made to look foolish.They decided to change the rules blaming it on the fact Trump had COVID.They want a virtual debate.

民主党人惊慌失措,意识到他们无法继续辩论下去。当爱国者们用事实来反驳他们的谎言时,他们就会显得很愚蠢。他们决定修改规则,将原因归咎于特朗普得了 COVID。他们想要一场虚拟的辩论。

In the first debate,Wallace was Biden's block.With the second debate,could teleprompters be the reason behind this?Trump doesn't want a virtual debate.He wants to debate Biden face to face.


We then learn,ABC News is planning to host a'town hall,'with Joe Biden.The moderator will be George Stephanopoulos.The date they have planned…October 15th…the same night as the second debate.When did they begin the planning of this?

然后我们得知,美国广播公司(ABC)新闻频道(ABC News)正计划与乔·拜登(joebiden)一起举办一个"市政厅"。主持人将是乔治·斯蒂芬诺伯罗斯。他们计划的日期是......1015......第二次辩论的同一天晚上。他们什么时候开始计划这件事的?

We know this is panic mode.They have tried everything else to get rid of Trump and everything else has not worked:President Obama shadowing Trump with the Shadow Government,the Russian Collusion,the Impeachment Hoax,Cohen,the Pandemic,the riots,etc..Nothing is working!What will they try,next?


Nancy Pelosi wants to invoke the 25th Amendment which means removing Trump from office for health reasons.Trump got the virus,spent 3 or 4 days in the hospital,came out of the hospital,cured,and now is back in the White House.He says he feels better than ever!Doctors are monitoring him saying he is in perfect health…and Nancy is so concerned about his health that she wants him removed.


But Trump,ordered the FBI and CIA to declassify information without redactions…let the American people see everything!What did they do?The FBI sent out the document still with redactions in place.We couldn't see anything!


Interestingly enough,the USGSA put out the exact document,only they unredacted everything except for a phone number.X22视频2297解读|诊断,释放,治愈Who is this GSA that they could work their'magic'enough to present documents without redactions the FBI could not present?

有趣的是,USGSA 公布了确切的文件,只是除了一个电话号码之外,他们没有对所有内容进行编辑。这个 GSA 到底是谁,他们能够施展他们的魔力,在 FBI 无法呈现的情况下呈现文件?

The Federal Appeals Court has reinstated charges against Hunter Biden's business partner.This means there are now multiple investigations currently underway.


The DOJ produced new evidence in support of General Flynn's innocence.Ratcliffe has submitted to the DOJ nearly 1000 pages of documents per Mr.Durham's request.President Trump has stated he wants to remain transparent with the American people.Judge Sullivan knows about it and this case needs to be dismissed!Will Judge Sullivan follow the law and dismiss this case?X22视频2297解读|诊断,释放,治愈

司法部提出了新的证据来支持弗林将军的清白。根据达勒姆先生的请求,Ratcliffe 向司法部提交了将近1000页的文件。特朗普总统表示,他希望对美国人民保持透明。沙利文法官知道这件事,这个案子必须被驳回!沙利文法官会遵守法律并驳回此案吗?

'The X22 Report gives current political daily news.

Please watch or listen to this video for the rest of the report.’

John Durham has reportedly opened a new front in his investigation into the origins of the Trump/Russia probe.Durham is seeking Grand Jury testimony behind the allegation that Trump's real estate company had a secret communication channel with the Alpha Bank.All of this was debunked but Durham wants to know where this fabrication originated from.Who set it up and how did it come about?

据报道,约翰·达勒姆(John Durham)在调查特朗普/俄罗斯调查案的起源方面开辟了一条新战线。达勒姆正在寻求大陪审团的证词,证明特朗普的房地产公司与阿尔法银行有一个秘密沟通渠道的指控。所有这一切都被揭穿了,但达勒姆想知道这种捏造是从哪里来的。谁安排的,怎么发生的?

This is about looking into everything the DS has done.Did Durham have any idea how many rabbit holes he'd have to go down?The documents and money transfers,etc.was leading to the huge plan the DS created.When the indictments are made public,it will be'Game Over!'

这是关于调查 DS 所做的一切。达勒姆知道他要钻多少个兔子洞吗?这些文件和资金转移,等等,导致了 DS 创造的巨大计划。一旦起诉书公之于众,就会是"游戏结束!"

Donald Trump tweeted out,"Obama,Biden,Crooked Hillary and many others got caught in a Treasonous Act of Spying and Government Overthrow,a Criminal Act.How is Biden now allowed to run for President?


We know there are certain departments looking in to Hunter Biden,Joe Biden,the transfer of 3.5 million dollars from Russia to Hunter.The Senate just finished an investigation in to Joe and Hunter admitting there are problems.Now the DOJ will take on the investigations,possibly opening up criminal investigations on it all.So,why IS Biden allowed to run for President?


Will the DS switch him out,soon?

DS 会很快把他换掉吗?

In spite of what the Media wants Americans to believe,there is definitely fraud with mail-in voting.In North Texas,a mayoral candidate has been accused of mail ballot application fraud


in the upcoming election.Zul Mirza Mohamed was arrested and is facing 84 counts of ballot application fraud and 25 counts of unlawful possession.New Jersey found ballots in a dumpster.How can the media report there is no ballot fraud?

在即将到来的选举中。Zul Mirza Mohamed 被捕,面临84项选票申请欺诈和25项非法拥有的指控。新泽西在一个垃圾箱里发现了选票。媒体怎么能报道没有选票欺诈呢?

'The X22 Report gives current political daily news.

Please watch or listen to this video for the rest of the report.’

In Post 4829,there is a 2018 photo of a missile being launched from Whidbey Island,Washington.The question was asked:'Do you remember when they told you this was a helicopter?'From the media,the cover story was reported that it was a ghost image,the fire from the missile was actually the lights from a helicopter.It was a terrible cover up!The close up looks like it was a missile and looks like it was fired from the ground.Who launched it?

在帖子4829中,有一张2018年从 Whidbey Island 发射导弹的照片。问题是:'你还记得他们告诉你这是一架直升机吗据媒体报道,封面故事是鬼影,导弹发射的火焰实际上是直升机发出的光。这是一个可怕的掩盖!特写镜头看起来像是一枚导弹,看起来像是从地面发射的。谁发布的?

Do you remember when North Korea was a Nuclear threat?Under the Chinese government,they were firing missiles at the instruction of the DS.In 2018,Hawaii sounded the alarm to scare people into thinking there was an active nuclear attack being activated.What happened?Then in North Korea,there was an explosion underneath a mountain where they were creating the missiles.After that,they weren't firing missiles anymore.NK was being used by the DS as a constant nuclear threat.

你还记得朝鲜是核威胁的时候吗?在天/朝政府的指挥下,他们在 DS 的指令下发射导弹。2018年,夏威夷发出警报,吓唬人们,让他们以为有一场主动的核攻击正在启动。发生了什么?然后在朝鲜,在他们制造导弹的山下发生了爆炸。之后,他们就不再发射导弹了。朝鲜一直被 DS 用作核武器的威胁。

The missile attack was supposed to start a war and be blamed on NK,but Kim Jong Un's strings were cut and NK is no longer a threat.China is pressuring NK to launch missiles before our upcoming election.But it won't work because Trump has a special relationship with Kim Jong Un.


Post 4831:

Why did Paul Ryan refuse all subpoena requests by R Committee chairs?Was he behind the dossier shenanigans?What is the going rate for THE SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE to obstruct Congressional investigations for the purposes of delaying and/or eliminating its findings?Why did Paul Ryan initially refuse to be Speaker?What was coming?Why did Paul Ryan retire at such a young age?Was he given two choices…to leave and live,or to stay and go down with the ship?

4831之后:为什么保罗·瑞安拒绝所有 R 委员会主席的传票请求?是他策划了这些恶作剧吗?众议院议长为了拖延和/或消除调查结果而阻挠国会调查的现行比率是多少?为什么保罗·瑞安最初拒绝成为议长?接下来是什么?为什么保罗·瑞安这么年轻就退休了?他有两个选择...离开和生活,还是留下和船一起沉没?

Trump outed the Shadow President.He exposed the Swamp.He declared ANTIFA and the KKK domestic terrorists.The Patriots know their plan and have counter measures in place.They have been preparing for this very moment.The Patriots are in total control!

特朗普揭露了影子总统。他暴露了沼泽。他宣称ANTIFA和三 k 党是国内的恐怖分子。爱国者们知道他们的计划,并且有适当的对策。他们一直在为这一刻做准备。爱国者队完全控制了局面!

'The X22 Report gives current political daily news.

Please watch or listen to this video for the rest of the report.’

Opinion:JoLynn Live,C-VINE Contributor(Based on Breaking News Reports and Opinions of the X22 Report)

观点:JoLynn LiveC-VINE 撰稿人(基于突发新闻报道和 X22报道观点)


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