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深层国家/媒体遭到了爱国者的全面攻击。流行病,暴乱,雕像被推倒,街头混乱,这些都是大规模的恐慌。如果他们觉得自己在掌控,为什么 DS 会这样做呢?

The Deep State Is In Full Panic Mode;This Is Why We See Chaos In The Streets


X22 Report(C-VINE Vetted)
X22报告(C-VINE 审核)


X22视频2241解读|我们正在见证一场完全的恐慌袭击The Deep State/Media have a full-on attack coming at them by the Patriots.The pandemic,the riots,statues being toppled,havoc in the streets;this is all mass-panic.Why would the DS act out like this if they felt they were in control?

深层国家/媒体遭到了爱国者的全面攻击。流行病,暴乱,雕像被推倒,街头混乱,这些都是大规模的恐慌。如果他们觉得自己在掌控,为什么 DS 会这样做呢?

Flip the narrative for a moment…If the DS knew they would win the November election,if they knew Joe Biden was going to win,would there even be a need for a pandemic,or the rioting or destruction of our historical monuments?No!These things are happening because they are panicking!

如果 DS 知道他们会赢得11月的大选,如果他们知道乔·拜登会赢得大选,是否还有必要制造一场大规模流行病,或者暴乱或破坏我们的历史纪念碑?不!这些事情的发生是因为他们惊慌失措!

The people are beginning to see the DS in panic mode.They have been inadvertently exposing themselves to the world and now they aren't sure what to do.The more they panic,the more they'out'themselves.

人们开始看到恐慌模式的 DS。他们一直在不经意间将自己暴露在世界面前,现在他们不知道该怎么办。他们越恐慌,他们自己就越"暴露"自己。

There will be some who are so determined they are'right,'they will overlook factual documentation.These people will be extremely confused when justice is served against those to whom they pledged their allegiance.How do we know who really is right?Those who follow the rule of law!


During all of this,Bill Barr and John Durham have been quite busy!


As we know,Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested.Declassified information revealed Bill Clinton is named on the flight logs 26 times.President Trump was not.Will the mainstream media walk back on their accusations against Trump?If they don't report truth,they truly are the enemy of the people!


Ric Grenell declassified information.John Ratcliffe declassified information.Rudy Guiliani is putting out more information.Every angle is being exposed.Where is the media?


Trump is bringing in the angle of crimes against humanity.He knows what the elites did.He has the dirt on them!He went to the prosecutors and gave them information about Epstein in the beginning.He knows everything about it.This is why the DS wants him gone!


X22视频2241解读|我们正在见证一场完全的恐慌袭击The silent majority is everywhere.How do we know?American flags are flying proudly in our neighborhoods,on our cars,on business fronts.People are showing solidarity by flying their flags.It's a beautiful sight to behold!


Last week an MSNBC producer wrote a resignation letter blasting the news industry for blocking truth while fanning the flames of a spun narrative.They can't report on their own investigative journaling because they are being instructed on what to report.Who is their instructor?The Deep State.Follow the money,and it is clear who the Deep State players are.


The FBI raided the Cleveland,Ohio,offices of Optima Management Group which is connected to Ukrainian Oligarchs.The Federal authorities in Cleveland have been administering a wide ranging inquiry including Ukrainian Oligarchs.Now,they are under scrutiny.There was also a raid in Miami,Florida.This is just the beginning.Trump and his administration are throwing gun powder on the fire to expose those involved.


The Trump Administration is awarding more than$35 million in DOJ grants to affiliations which equip safe housing for human trafficking survivors.6–24 months of short-term housing,assistance with employment and counseling,will be available to these survivors.The message to all the human traffickers is they are being exposed.Missions have been active for many months and are finally coming to a head.


X22视频2241解读|我们正在见证一场完全的恐慌袭击In Beirut Lebanon,a fireworks factory was ground zero for a massive explosion which killed or injured thousands.The news stations pushed the lies that it was a fireworks factory but it was an arms depot from Iran that was just destroyed.


The front line doctors who spoke against the CDC lost their jobs.The medical board is looking at removing their licenses.Why would those who put their lives and careers on the line do so if what they spoke of is not the truth?Why should they be censored for sharing their medical experiences?


We are finding George Floyd's death seemed to result in an overdose rather than strangulation.Lethal doses of fentanyl were found in Floyd's system,according to toxicology reports.Why was the truth withheld for so long?If it wasn't then then the protests would not have been able to get going.This fit the DS's narrative of dividing Americans in an election year.Every point of division has everything to do with the election.The DS wants America divided.

我们发现乔治·弗洛伊德的死亡似乎导致过量,而不是扼杀。根据毒理学报告,在弗洛伊德的系统中发现了致命剂量的芬太尼。为什么真相被隐瞒了这么久?如果不是这样,那么抗议活动就不会继续下去。这符合 DS 在选举年分裂美国人的叙述。分歧的每一点都与选举有关。DS 希望美国分裂。

Even though we are not seeing masses arrests,no thanks to the mainstream media,we can know these things are taking place.Reading between the lines and following Q's clues,we can know things are happening.People will go to prison and they know it!


Opinion:JoLynn Live,C-VINE Contributor(Based on the X22 Report)

观点:JoLynn LiveC-VINE 贡献者(基于 X22报告)


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