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这是关于战斗和秘密战争的更新,在 d.u.m.b.的基地和地下隧道,以拯救世界各地的儿童。海军陆战队领导了这次行动,海豹突击队也参与了这次行动。一名国家记者,他是唯一可以从五角大楼直接接触到现在已知的10000名军队”贩卖儿童”特遣部队的记者。



This is about the battles and secret war updates in the D.U.M.B.bases and tunnels underground to rescue children worldwide.The Marines are leading the charge,will Navy Seals have imbedded in the operations.A national journalist who has the only direct access from the Pentagon to cover the now known 10,000 troop"Child Trafficking"task force.His name is Timothy Charles Holmseth and one article he published is:

这是关于战斗和秘密战争的更新,在 d.u.m.b.的基地和地下隧道,以拯救世界各地的儿童。海军陆战队领导了这次行动,海豹突击队也参与了这次行动。一名国家记者,他是唯一可以从五角大楼直接接触到现在已知的10000名军队"贩卖儿童"特遣部队的记者。他的名字是 Timothy Charles Holmseth,他发表的一篇文章是:https://timothycharlesholmseth.com/cps-harvesting-children/

My source was on a conference call and knows several Marines in these operations,who knows details and numbers.We need to report this to the general public to let them know"how big and horrific"and the truth about the worldwide satanic pedophiles who sacrifice children and also practice cannibalism.I reported the menu cover a such a restaurant in Los Angeles area,there was one in New York area I knew about last year.I know the New York one was shut down last year.


They do this evil against children in mostly underground secret ritual rooms,in these bases,tunnels or even the elites'homes that have reported to have mass rooms and tunnels connecting to other houses or secret outlets.The elites like the Rothschilds,Rockefellers,Clintons,Bill Gates and wife,Senior Bush&most of family,Warren Buffet,Barrack Obama and male wife.This is big in Hollywood and many royal families in Europe.The elites and many Hollywood stars,scare children extremely,then kill them for their blood for the adrenaline&stem cells that make a blood cocktail the elites pay high dollars for,to keep them looking young.This is called adrenochrome.The white hats and militaries worldwide created task forces to take care of this underground and secret evil societies,by arrests and destroying these underground havens.


In a separate operation,in November and December 2019,the White Hats employed a secret agent to work at the level#4 lab in Wuhan,China.They did process adrenochrome there.From my intelligence,operations worldwide closed most of the adrenochrome processing plants,so the Wuhan one would be the last one,or close to the last one.The talented and educated agent contaminated these total batches with the L-Strain of the CV-19 virus.Now,this version,it cannot be pasted on to other people.The S-Strain is curable,and is what is sweeping the planet.The adrenochrome is sold a website and shipped directly to the"blood drinkers"homes or businesses.All 1.2 to 1.5 million drinkers will die of this strain of the virus.This is to make sure all adrenochrome drinkers are brought to justice in one swoop.This is from very high intelligence sources.

201911月和12月的另一次行动中,白帽子雇佣了一名特工在中国武汉的4级实验室工作。他们确实在那里处理肾上腺素红。根据我的情报,世界范围内大部分肾上腺素红加工厂都被关闭了,所以武汉那家将是最后一家,或者接近最后一家。有才能和受过教育的制剂用 CV-19病毒的 l 菌株污染了这些批次。现在,这个版本,不能粘贴到其他人身上。S 型应变是可以治愈的,它正在席卷这个星球。肾上腺素红通过一个网站出售,直接运到"饮血者"的家庭或企业。所有120万到150万的饮用者都会死于这种病毒。这是为了确保将所有肾上腺素红的饮用者一举绳之以法。这是来自非常高级的情报来源

Please know that over twenty countries in Europe area have joined in on our 37,000 more troops that went to Europe in the cover of"training exercises".Steward did let us know that in Italy,Spain and France,the operations are going on,and success has been at every turn.But you know,these troops have been purposely trained for underground and tunnel operations.I was finally informed of a Chinese similar operation under their capital;Beijing,China.That is the extent of the information abroad.


In the United States,operations have been in the major cities with the first to last listed as hot spots:New York,Los Angeles,Hollywood,Washington D.C.,Salt Lake City,and Seattle.


Please,big note;Some Marines and Navy Seals have lost their lives in these operations.I was not told the number.Please pray and honor their operations and their ultimate sacrifice.From his description of a normal operation,before the children can be removed,they need to battle trained protectors and operation people for these underground processing and holding areas.These security guards have the weapons to battle our Navy Seals and Marines.Once the battle is over,the Marines have to wear HAZMAT suits because the horrific smell,stench and toxic air in some places.Under the Clinton Foundation in Manhattan,they found 2.5-mile-long tunnels going the piers to unload and load the children.The location outlet to the pier is at Terminal#5,near 5th Avenue.The Marines found about 100,000 bodies in this area!Yes,you read that right.The tunnels or underground bases are then blown up with a 6.7 Richter scale earthquake reading,followed by a 6.4 Richter scale aftershock.Now,for New York,I did not know they could have used these high-powered explosives.I do know they have used different kind of explosions to seal these evil deed tunnels;they are sonic bombs and neutron bombs.There is an option to us I was informed that there were tunnels and underground bases from Utah to Denver area;close to the famous Denver airport and the known transportation underground hub for the D.U.M.B bases.These bases could easily be blown up without affecting the top buildings like Manhattan.These are controlled bombs or Direct Energy Weapons to seal the places to never be opened again.This is what the Earth Alliance used from space or an anti-gravity ship to stop"child sacrifices"by the Catholic Church at Notre Dame in Paris,France on April 15,2019.This fire was a centered destruction of the old church were a result of a Direct Energy Weapon.The Earth Alliance then told the Vatican,if you did any more sacrifices,that the Vatican would see the same faith as Norte Dame.To the uninformed,the Catholic Church is a part of the worldwide satanic cult and is involved in child trafficking and most other"crimes against humanity".This is why 87 Bishops and 60 priests magically came down with the coronavirus and died,recently.This was not the virus;they took the suicide pills to save face.The Catholic Church crimes against humanity will still be released to the public,but I just do not know to what extent.I was told that there will be no more Popes in the future to oversee these lies to their congregation.

请注意,一些海军陆战队员和海豹突击队队员在这些行动中失去了生命。我没有被告知号码。请为他们的行动和最终的牺牲祈祷和致敬。从他对正常操作的描述来看,在儿童被转移之前,他们需要与训练有素的保护人员和操作人员进行斗争,以获得这些地下处理和收容区。这些保安人员有武器来对付我们的海豹突击队和海军陆战队。一旦战斗结束,海军陆战队员就必须穿上防护服,因为在一些地方有可怕的气味、恶臭和有毒的空气。在曼哈顿的克林顿基金会(Clinton Foundation)的帮助下,他们发现了2.5英里长的隧道通往码头,用来给孩子们卸货。码头的位置出口在5号航站楼,靠近第五大道。海军陆战队在这个地区发现了大约10万具尸体!是的,你没看错。隧道或地下基地随后被炸毁,震级为6.7级,接着是6.4级余震。现在,对于纽约,我不知道他们可以使用这些高能炸药。我知道他们用了不同种类的爆炸来封住这些邪恶的隧道,它们是声波炸弹和中子弹。我被告知,从犹他州到丹佛地区有隧道和地下基地,靠近著名的丹佛机场和著名的du.m.地下交通枢纽B基地。这些基地很容易被炸毁,而不会影响到像曼哈顿这样的高层建筑。这些是被控制的炸弹或直接的能量武器,用来封住这些地方,永远不再被打开。这是地球联盟从太空或反重力飞船上阻止巴黎圣母院天主教堂在2019415日举行的"儿童祭祀"。这场火灾的中心是对旧教堂的破坏,是直接能源武器的结果。地球联盟随后告诉梵蒂冈,如果你做出更多的牺牲,梵蒂冈会看到和北圣母院一样的信仰。对不了解情况的人来说,天主教会是世界范围内邪教的一部分,参与贩卖儿童和其他大多数"反人类罪行"。这就是为什么最近有87名主教和60名牧师神奇地感染了冠状病毒而死亡。这不是病毒,他们服用自杀药是为了保全面子。天主教会的反人类罪还会向公众公布,但我只是不知道会公布到什么程度。我被告知,在未来将不会再有教皇监督这些谎言向他们的会众。

These child sacrifices and cannibal feast would be scheduled once a month with Beyoncé as the lead"Spirit Cooker".Hillary Clinton was part of this with many other famous people.All I can say,these people are sick and will be brought to justice.From what I was told,they can keep their reputation in tack,only with a suicide pills,or they can go to trail at GITMO with a military tribunal,with a"recorded hanging"after their conviction.These confessions or capital punishment recordings could be used to go public at general disclosure time.Most of these criminals,from what I was told,would choose the suicide pills.Planned Parenthood was a part of this worldwide organization who sold body parts on the open black market.I researched that all 5,600 or so around the world has been shut down because of coronavirus,we hope they will be closed forever.These are the highest"crimes against humanity"is what they have or will be charged with.Justice will be served worldwide to these unspeakable crimes against children.


After Steward spoke of these horrific crimes and about our military hero's worldwide,Zorro stated the information was"very accurate"on the conference call too.In these type of conference calls,last names and probably fake first names are usually given.Below is a video of operations of White Hat Progress:


White Hat Takeover of Underground Tunnel Network(DUMBS):


Timothy Charles Holmseth Reports on 35,000 being Reused in Multi-States:



Below is a text message from a person on the ground live on 4/7/2020,Richard Cardona:



Mark A.Baughman is the author of the"Greatest Transition in Human History"




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