X22报告|第3076集: 法定货币被摧毁,华盛顿恐慌,选举干预

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X22报告|第3076集: 法定货币被摧毁,华盛顿恐慌,选举干预

Ep. 3076a – D’s Panic Over The Debt Ceiling, IMF Panics, Fiat In Process Of Being Destroyed


Ep. 3076b – Panic In DC, [HRC]/[Schiff] On The Defensive, FISAGATE, Election Interference, Retribution


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Streamed on: May 24, 6:00 pm EDT

X22报告流: 5月24日,美国东部时间下午6:00


The [DS] are trying to everything to convince the people that Biden has the control over the debt ceiling, he doesn’t. The polls are not in his favor and in the end he will fold. IMF panics over the ideas that the US currency will no longer be the reserve currency, what they are worried about is that their currency will not be the currency.


X22 Report
Streamed on: May 24, 6:33 pm EDT

X22报告流: 美国东部时间5月24日下午6:33


There is panic in DC, [HRC]/[Schiff] are now defending themselves, [HRC] is saying that if Trump wins democracy will be destroyed, translation, their system will cease to exist. The people are now seeing who the criminals are and that FISA was the start of all of it. This will will then lead into the election interference which is really the insurrection. Trump is leading the [DS] down a path and retribution is coming.



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