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This post will again light up some darker parts of the cabal invasion strategies before the situation update below that. The post will therefore lift something negative into the consciousness of the reader but at the same time it will shine light on it. As some think spirituality is only positive and not getting any negative vibrations off, this is a warning for a bit of negativity ahead. As we are in a clean up situation on Earth, there is necessary confrontation with details of the archon- and cabal-invasion which has happened here for hundreds of thousands of years. The species involved in this invasion are long classified as 'defect' which means dead and parastitic - they only cause misery and take everything that is good from any lifeforms they encounter - and they are widely known to do that. Some higher spiritual teachers on the Earth throughout the ages talked of 'prime evil' regarding these species and they rather meant the universal prime evil than the one that happened on the Earth.  

这篇帖子将再次照亮阴谋集团入侵战略的一些黑暗部分,然后才是下面的情况更新。因此,这个帖子将把一些负面的东西提升到读者的意识中,但同时也会照亮它。由于有些人认为灵性只是积极的,没有得到任何负面的振动,这是一个警告,前面有一些消极的东西。由于我们正处于清理地球的情况下,有必要面对弓箭手和阴谋家入侵的细节,这已经在这里发生了数十万年了。长期以来,参与这种入侵的物种被归类为 "缺陷",这意味着死亡和副产品--它们只会造成痛苦,并从它们遇到的任何生命体中夺走一切美好的东西--它们是众所周知的这样做。古往今来,地球上的一些高级精神导师谈到了关于这些物种的'主要邪恶',他们更多的是指普遍的主要邪恶,而不是发生在地球上的邪恶。

So, by laying open what is going on on Earth and necessary education for those who want to help to clean this mess up, some negativity will reach the reader (and that already is part of the clean up). This is also what some spiritual teachers would probably describe as facing the shadow side. Also, as those humans who want to stay on Earth have to wake up to what happened here anyway, it is good to learn about that in bits and pieces instead of getting woken up all at once. It is generally the (bigger) Lightworkers who get that mercy of learning about what Earth is and what happened here over the course of several years - an enormous mercy the Goddess (if you did not hear yet about the Goddess liberating Earth yet, I recommend reading Cobra again) granted to some humans known as Lightworkers. And even digesting the evil in that merciful pace is what brought several Lightworkers to the edge of mental breakdowns already. That is where one can estimate how waking up will be if a human needs to understand the extend of evil around him/her all of a sudden, without turning back or much time to digest. It will be hard for many to suddenly wake up to the knowledge of nearly all their education and fundaments for living having being fake and having been miseducated just for some most evil aliens to feed energy/loosh off them.


The main invasion strategy of the cabal and the species involved with invasion on Earth since thousands of years is pretty much all against one. They take out one at a time and they always go onto the biggest one and feed the rest with what they can get from the biggest one. ‚Biggest one‘ in terms of soul-size which is more or less a secret since 'measuring the weight of the soul' vanished mysteriously from the Earth's surface with the Egyptian culture. This is what happened on the Earth, the cabal fed all lifeforms (to a degree) with the biggest souls they captured and tortured. That way, the lower lifeforms have a big (unconscious) interest in the biggest souls to be tortured. The loosh acquired from that torture is then given to the second biggest soul downwards, so it looks like a valid, living hierarchy at first glance. It is like a hack they found out to work without natural laws getting too uncomfortable for those parasitic alien species. While they torture the biggest souls, they hide and disguise them with a lot of effort and high investments of energy, so no one notices or helps. These parasitic aliens are experts in hiding their biggest victims and hosts towards everyone else. Even throughout their own hierarchies they hide, basically it is just the highest in their hierarchy who knows their biggest targets, while the lower ones are kept in the same illusion as their enemies. While this torture of the biggest soul happens, they hail the second biggest and give him/her approximately what he/she wants - the same as lifeforms usually honor big souls in a living and functional system.


When they are successful with isolating the first one in torture and he/she cannot escape anymore, they go for the second one, which they honoured before in the same way. They suddenly go all on the second biggest and the whole procedure starts over. How will they care for the second biggest the same way if he was hailed and famed with energies of the first though? While they worked on completely isolating the first one, the second biggest is prepared for takeover or duplication. That means that the cabal either completely steer him/her or replace him/her with a well prepared double. Just search for common invasion strategies of small grays or archons online and you will find descriptions of that if you seriously investigate, there are even reports of several militaries. These species duplicate whole scenarios, then they take over or replace persons in power positions of the target host species and the invasion continues from there.


This whole process of going all onto the biggest souls repeats over and over all the time with the biggest soul they did not completely capture yet, while the rest of lifeforms of the system is fed and profits from this process. That results ultimately in a complete inversion of life and an inversion of the natural hierarchy of the universe in the host system. And that happens while keeping all inhabitants of the target planet or system interested in going on with it and torturing the biggest souls as they profit with enormous pleasure from the attained loosh by design of that strategy.


You remember Cobra talking about the cabal's victims dying in the inner Earth several times daily? That are some of those bigger souls the cabal captured long ago. Also every golden age on Earth so far was 'sponsored' by the torture of bigger souls they captured at the end of a cycle. So the golden age we approach with the Event and the Goddess is really the very first golden age on this planet ever (not sponsored by torture). Let alone the Goddess and Goddess energies... the Goddess Cobra tells about, liberating Earth, is also the very first Goddess of this size ever coming to Earth. What the parasites had was the first fallen woman, which was a descendant of a smaller Goddess who in turn was a descendant of another real Goddess of comparable size out there. That fallen female is the 'goddess' of the cabal, with which they 'feed' their people with - if the cabal lures with any females or even with female energies, it is pretty much that fallen woman they use for it. Though the Goddess vortices of the Earth are a different energy, mainly coming from something else, which was here way before the first woman fell. However the Goddess Cobra tells of is the very first Goddess of this size coming to the Earth and she will replace a lot of the corrupted female energies. The cabal sometimes lure with goddesses, which simply never were goddesses of any kind. These descendants of the first fallen female were oftentimes used by the cabal for their fake golden ages, funded on the backs of the still suffering big souls. And the cabal is again in this very moment trying to start the next golden age on the back on the very big souls who showing up in the liberation right now - they are even trying to incorporate the Event and everything Cobra told us about. You can be certain that the cabal will not be successful though and they will lose once and for all but that is what they seriously try to do right now. Dragging down the biggest fighters for liberation and using them to feed the rest of the population.

你还记得柯博拉每天几次谈论阴谋集团的受害者死在地心地球吗?这些都是秘社很久以前抓获的更大的灵魂。此外,到目前为止,地球上的每一个黄金时代都是由他们在一个周期结束时捕获的更大的灵魂所受到的折磨来“赞助”的。因此,我们通过“事件与女神”进入的黄金时代,实际上是这个星球上有史以来第一个黄金时代(不是由酷刑支持的)。更不用说女神和女神的能量... ... 柯博拉女神告诉我们,解放地球,也是这个尺寸的第一个女神来到地球。寄生虫所拥有的是第一个堕落的女人,她是一个较小的女神的后代,而这个女神又是另一个真正的大小相当的女神的后代。那个堕落的女性是阴谋集团的“女神”,他们用来“喂养”他们的人民——如果阴谋集团用任何女性或者甚至是女性能量来诱惑人们,那几乎就是他们用来诱惑人们的堕落女性。尽管地球上的女神漩涡是一种不同的能量,主要来自其他什么东西,这在第一个女人坠落之前就存在了。然而,柯博拉女神告诉我们,是这个尺寸的第一位女神来到地球,她将替换许多堕落的女性能量。阴谋集团有时会用女神来引诱他们,而这些女神从来就不是任何一种女神。这些第一个堕落女性的后代经常被阴谋集团用于他们的假黄金时代,资金来源于那些仍在受苦受难的大灵魂。阴谋集团再次在这个非常时刻试图开始下一个黄金时代的背面非常大的灵魂谁显示在解放现在-他们甚至试图纳入事件和眼镜蛇告诉我们的一切。你可以肯定的是,虽然阴谋集团不会成功,他们将一劳永逸地失败,但这正是他们现在认真尝试去做的。拖垮最大的解放战士,用他们来养活其余的人口。

So what happened on Earth during thousands of years is this inversion of life orchestrated 'most professionally' by the biggest parasitic aliens known out there - Earth being one of their biggest nests ever found so far. That makes it necessarily their last refuge after the intergalactic war was won for the Light a few years ago. This, being their biggest work of parasitism yet, means what many high spiritual teachers expressed in the loss for humans being at 94-98% of their real experience. That means parasites to this very day get 94-98% of your energies and the same is true for every other human. Humans are being digested by parasites for ages - parasites that evade their perception very successfully till this very day. While spiritual teachers and the patriarchs knew and told about this, today most humans think these are rather stories and life and especially dying 'in the end' would be the most normal thing in the world.

因此,地球上数千年来发生的事情就是这种由已知的最大的寄生外星人“最专业地”编排的生命反转——地球是迄今为止发现的最大的外星人巢穴之一。这使得它必然成为他们最后的庇护所,在几年前星际战争为光赢得了胜利之后。这是他们迄今为止最大的寄生作品,意味着许多高灵性导师在人类失去他们94-98% 的真实体验时所表达的。这意味着直到今天,寄生虫仍然能够获得你94-98% 的能量,同样的道理也适用于其他人类。人类被寄生虫消化了很长时间——寄生虫非常成功地逃避了他们的感知,直到今天。虽然精神导师和家长们知道并且告诉我们这些,但是今天大多数人认为这些只是故事和生活,特别是最终死亡将是世界上最正常的事情。

We have to get this more clear though: the usual human experiences about 2-6 percent of their energies at maximum throughout his or her whole life. That means the best experience, the most happy and fulfilling experience you ever had was exactly that 2 to 6 percent of what would actually be yours continuously without those parasites. (Those parasites were described in many scriptures of different religions as 'demons' of by the way). That in turn means that humans would live a life of permanent and endless ecstasy and bliss if anyone could escape from the parasites on Earth. So again if anyone tells you about the new age lies of manifestation and positivity be aware that these people are obviously not as free as they tell as they are simply not living a life of absolute and permanent ecstasy. Many new age teachers tell their followers that they got free and even freed themselves which is obviously nonsense in this light. 

但是我们必须弄清楚这一点: 人类通常的经历大约占他们精力的2-6% ,在他或她的整个生命中达到最大值。这意味着你所拥有过的最好的经历,最快乐和满足的经历,正好是那些没有那些寄生虫的2% 到6% 的真正属于你的东西。(这些寄生虫在不同宗教的许多经文中被描述为“恶魔”的方式)。这反过来意味着,如果任何人能够逃离地球上的寄生虫,人类将过着永恒的、无尽的狂喜和幸福的生活。因此,如果有人告诉你关于显化和积极性的新时代谎言,请意识到这些人显然不像他们所说的那样自由,因为他们只是没有过一种绝对和永久的狂喜的生活。许多新时代的老师告诉他们的追随者,他们获得了自由,甚至解放了自己,这在这种观点下显然是无稽之谈。

And surely no one is on Earth is completely free from the parasites yet. Even those humans who retreated into the inner Earth could not reach back to 100% as the whole planet and the solar system has problems which are being solved just by now. A solution beginning approximately 2012 (just as the Mayans predicted) and having to do with the Lightforces arrival here after they finally won the intergalactic wars. And the current situation is still a disaster as several Starseeds have proven by first hand experience as they were the brave ones diving into 'planet suicide' Earth just on the estimation of the intergalactic war being over soon. These were the biggest volunteer helpers who could ever be sent in as it was known that the situation and parasitic takeover on Earth would be one of the worst ever found after all this time of contamination. That means the Lightforces verified one of the most evil and cruel nests of big, alien parasites to be Earth with the help of Starseeds incarnating as humans - and most humans do not even know of that at all yet. Most humans live in the continuous illusion of life being normal that way, they long accepted the programs of the parasitic alien invaders as the only way. They have many sayings of life being hard and cruel but few woke up to the degree of perceiving the invaders - which is even deemed as insane in itself, so the parasitic cabal already cared for that. Few will understand the degree of parasitic takeover in their whole life especially if they only get a few weeks to wake up. That is why Cobra told that many will be transported to healing planets, as this whole surrounding will be too much for many, many humans and they will simply not be able to heal here. Few humans throughout history realised that more than 90% of 'their life' was stolen and how cruel that really is, once you find out, what that means and what you would have had otherwise. More than that, finding out that you would live in absolute and pure ecstasy continuously and then having to live on the way you did before turns out to be a heavy burden. So there are lots of obstacles coming up for humanity having to do with the Lightforces clean-up and the divine intervention that is necessary for this planet to be freed.

当然,地球上还没有人能完全摆脱这些寄生虫。即使是那些撤退到地球内部的人类也无法回到100% ,因为整个地球和太阳系都有一些问题正在被解决。一个大约从2012年开始的解决方案(正如玛雅人预测的那样) ,以及在他们最终赢得星系间战争后光之力量到达这里。目前的情况仍然是一场灾难,因为一些星际种子已经被第一手的经验证明,他们是勇敢的潜入‘行星自杀’地球,只是估计星系间的战争很快就会结束。他们是最大的志愿者援助者,因为众所周知,地球上的这种情况和寄生虫的接管将是污染时间之后发现的最糟糕的情况之一。这意味着光之力在化身为人类的星际种子的帮助下,证实了一个最邪恶和残忍的大型外星寄生虫巢穴就在地球上——而大多数人类甚至还不知道这一点。大多数人类一直生活在正常生活的幻想之中,他们长期以来把寄生虫外星入侵者的计划当作唯一的出路。他们有许多关于生活艰难和残酷的说法,但很少有人能够意识到侵略者的存在——这本身甚至被认为是疯狂的,所以寄生阴谋集团已经意识到了这一点。很少有人会明白寄生虫在他们整个生命中的接管程度,特别是如果他们只有几个星期的时间醒来。这就是为什么柯博拉告诉我们,许多人将会被运送到治疗行星,因为这整个周围的一切对于许多人来说太多了,许多人在这里根本无法治疗。历史上很少有人意识到超过90% 的“他们的生活”是被偷走的,一旦你发现这意味着什么,否则你会得到什么,这是多么残酷。更重要的是,发现你会一直生活在绝对和纯粹的狂喜中,然后不得不按照以前的方式生活,这成了一个沉重的负担。因此,人类面临着许多障碍,这些障碍与光之力量的清理以及解放这个星球所必需的神圣介入有关。

Hard to swallow as well is that there are humans who get more of their real income but only by joining and conspiring for the cabal. These are the 500 million humans Cobra told about which will be transferred directly to the central sun for complete restart of their evolution. But then there is much more as these are just the humans to be neutralised. A lot more are working for the cabal consciously or subconsciously and will just go to the judgement planets mentioned by Cobra as well but not be neutralised. While 500 million human cabal members of the worst kind are already a 16th of the whole surface-population, the amount conspirators is much, much higher. We are at about 30% innocents right now, an amount still sinking as simply no-one knows of the Event or the Goddess and most think that we never even found any alien life yet - which makes them easy victims for the cabal. Such a high number of conspirators even led many lightworkers to disbelief, because humans seemingly naturally cannot understand that they are being subverted constantly by people in their direct proximity. The falsehood these humans have to invade all structures of power while still keeping up the illusion of a functional and fair system is truly hard to realize. They are mixing among the innocent population and all they do is getting all power under control while tricking the innocent into traps of the cabal. The parasitic alien species of the cabal (namely the chimera, archons, dracos and some reptilians) gain a lot of loosh and satisfaction from bullshitting innocents constantly - be it just trolls on the internet or inhumane decisions of politicians harming the remaining majority.

同样令人难以接受的是,有些人只有通过加入阴谋集团才能获得更多的实际收入。这就是柯博拉所告诉的5亿人类,他们将直接转移到中央太阳,完全重新开始进化。但是,还有更多的事情,因为这些只是被中和的人类。更多的人正在有意识或无意识地为阴谋集团工作,他们也将去柯博拉提到的审判行星,但不会被中立。虽然5亿最恶劣的人类阴谋集团成员已经是整个地表人口的十六分之一,但阴谋者的数量要高得多。我们现在大约有30% 的人是无辜的,数量仍然在下降,因为没有人知道这个事件或女神,大多数人认为我们从来没有发现任何外星生命,这使得他们很容易成为阴谋集团的牺牲品。如此众多的阴谋者甚至使得许多光之工作者难以置信,因为人类似乎自然而然地无法理解他们正在不断地被他们直接接近的人所颠覆。这些人类不得不入侵所有权力结构的谎言,同时仍然保持一个功能正常和公平的系统的幻想是真正难以实现的。他们混杂在无辜的人群中,他们所做的就是控制所有的权力,同时把无辜的人诱入阴谋集团的陷阱。阴谋集团的寄生外来物种(即奇美拉、执政官、龙和一些爬虫类)不断地欺骗无辜的人,从中获得了很多乐趣和满足感——不管它只是在互联网上攻击,还是政客们伤害剩下大多数人的不人道决定。

Despite the biggest unjust behaviours, it is still not possible for humans to see the intruders and judge them accordingly, as humans are simply designed to not perceive them. The cabal just want humans to hate and destroy each other and while the opposite - unconditional love for everyone as in new age - is not right either, nothing could be more wrong than hating each other. Humans are designed to always hate and hurt the wrong ones, either by being completely overtaken by the cabal or by manipulation via the invisibles mentioned by Cobra. What was not clear for many, even for lightworkers, is the amount of subversion happening right before our eyes - among friends, as coworkers, in spiritual groups, etc. Although it is quite logical that the cabal took over the majority of humanity either by completely overtaking, by recruiting or by manipulations, if you just look at how dysfunctional humanity is in general.


If it really is about love and happiness as most humans tell and would agree with, humanity fails big time.
And most of them simply do not know that the problems they have as a species, were designed by the cabal to remain unsolvable for humanity.


These parasitic aliens know how to destroy other species from the inside and they seriously show off with humanity as most of them are still actively or passively under cabal control.
As Cobra told, only about 500 humans on the whole planet have arrived on a mental height which allows them to be free of such destructive manipulations by the cabal. The funny thing is that most of these 500 humans are heavily sabotaged just because the cabal cannot trick them enough anymore. None of these 500 is in any way popular at all as some would guess nor are many of them an accepted spiritual teacher or guide which is actually just showing how poor popularity on Earth is working in favour of humanity. The cabal hates every single human which they cannot manipulate or control and it should be clear that they highly control popularity on this planet since ages.


Now to the situation update:


As announced in the last update, the major income of primary anomaly the cabal still had, is right now being transferred to the central sun via Ganymede sorting facility part by part. Many humans and even partly lightworkers still think that the Lightforces should just shoot the cabal and then transfer them off planet.


That bespoke major income IS one of the top cabal and heavily tied to the first fallen female on Earth. And first off, it cannot really be shot with any weapon. It IS one of their biggest weapons against the Light instead. It is spreading the anomaly wherever it goes and contaminates everything that wants to remove it, even from the distance only using consciousness itself. It is being transferred pretty much since the last update and those people on Ganymede are going through hell because of that. The more of this top cabal gets there at once, the more our friends of the Lightforces are overtaken by it. It simply assimilates every lifeform it encounters - so it has to be transferred to Ganymede part by part, carefully and in such small amounts, so it does not reach a certain threshold which would destroy the Ganymede station in merely a few minutes. There were a few volunteers, who care for 'her' departure. Even on small amounts of ‚her’ these volunteers could not be identified anymore by their closest friends and not even by their soul-partner. That is what the primary anomaly does, it overtakes its enemies and to reach that goal it camouflages its victims to look like a parasite themselves. It isolates its victims from every well meaning influence including their own species members and even their soulmate and even in their own mind. Those volunteers were looking like a parasite to their own species after a few sessions and they did not remember who they are or if they will make it out of that state of consciousness at all. They really thought that the cabal would have overtaken them and they began to hate the Lightforces and were close to attacking their own friends. And while they safely got back after getting rid of these parts after a few days and this is a controlled situation in which many higher Lightforces will assure safety, it nevertheless is pure hell for those volunteers. So it definitely is not as easy as shooting the top cabal with a laser gun and transport them as some still think. These top cabal are their own biggest weapons for invasions which make situations as the one on Earth possible in first place. These are some of the most evil and most cruel aliens themselves which can and did take over planets more or less on their own while staying completely hidden from the host species. It has been more than two weeks by now and we are still in the process of transferring it via Ganymede. People who want faster retaliations by the Lightforces and an immediate Event or harder removals of the Cabal should bear in mind that these things are monsters equipped with the most evil anomaly ever found out there. It is not as easy as it is being shown in our sci-fi movies and it is literally hell for the Lightforces to transport the cabal off planet, as the anomaly just spreads, no matter what they do. It is very risky to transport them off Earth as one mistake could destroy the sorting facility and mean a delay of years (something the cabal wanted to enforce with this specific situation). A bit of anomaly always befalls the stations these monsters go through. And we are talking about the really big and tough guys of the Central Race here. They have a lot of experience with the anomaly and nevertheless it is hell each time, basically it is that way for every lifeform out there who gets in contact with the anomaly in that way. There is no real immunity at all against these primordial and universal negative energies - so it is a big stake to help liberating Earth, even for the biggest and most advanced species partaking in the liberation.

这个定制的主要收入是最高阴谋集团之一,与地球上第一个堕落的女性紧密相连。首先,它不能被任何武器击中。相反,这是他们对抗光的最大武器之一。它正在把异常扩散到任何地方,污染任何想要清除异常的东西,甚至从远处只用意识本身。自从上一次更新以来,它被转移了很多,而木卫三上的那些人正因此而经历地狱般的生活。越多的高层阴谋集团同时到达那里,我们的光之力量的朋友就越多地被它超越。它只是吸收了它遇到的每一种生命形式——所以它必须小心翼翼地被部分转移到木卫三,而且数量如此之少,因此它不会达到某个临界值,而这个临界值会在几分钟内摧毁木卫三空间站。有几个志愿者,他们关心她的离开。即使只有少量的“她”,这些志愿者也不能被他们最亲密的朋友甚至他们的灵魂伴侣认出来。这就是主要的异常现象---- 它超越它的敌人,为了达到这个目标,它伪装它的受害者,看起来像一个寄生虫自己。它隔离受害者的每一个善意的影响,包括他们自己的物种成员,甚至他们的灵魂伴侣,甚至在他们自己的头脑。这些志愿者在几次治疗之后,看起来就像是他们自己物种的寄生虫,他们不记得自己是谁,也不记得自己是否能从那种意识状态中走出来。他们真的认为阴谋集团已经超越了他们,他们开始憎恨光明势力,并且几乎要攻击他们自己的朋友。虽然他们在几天之后就安全地回来了,这是一个可控的情况,在这种情况下许多更高级的光之力量会确保安全,然而对于那些志愿者来说,这是纯粹的地狱。所以,这绝对不像用激光枪击中高层阴谋集团并运送他们那么容易。这些顶级的阴谋集团是他们自己最大的武器入侵,使情况作为一个在地球上的第一位可能。这些是一些最邪恶和最残忍的外星人,他们能够或多或少地独自接管行星,同时完全隐藏在宿主物种之外。到现在为止已经两个多星期了,我们仍在通过 木卫三转移这批货物的过程中。那些想要光之部队更快的报复和一个即时事件或者更难的清除阴谋集团的人们应该记住,这些东西是拥有最邪恶的异常装备的怪物。这并不像我们在科幻电影中看到的那么简单,光明力量把秘密集团运出地球简直就是地狱,不管他们做什么,异常现象都会蔓延开来。这是非常危险的运输他们离开地球,因为一个错误可能摧毁分类设施,并意味着延误(阴谋集团想要强制执行与这种特殊情况)。这些怪物经过的车站总是有一点不正常。我们在这里谈论的是中央种族中真正强壮的家伙。他们对异常现象有很多经验,但每次都是地狱,基本上每个生命体都是这样接触异常现象的。对于这些原始的、普遍的负面能量,根本没有真正的免疫力——因此,帮助解放地球是一个巨大的利害关系,即使对于参与解放的最大最先进的物种也是如此。

We are progressing fast overall but there is a handful of such super weapons the cabal have left and each one will approximately take the same amount of time to get rid of. These beings, among the toplet-bombs are what made the Event less likely. They adapt pretty fast and in that way make use of nearly any energy that arrives on Earth including some energies of a solar flash. This is one of the reasons for delaying the Event from most high right now as it was described in depth here. But as indicated there and confirmed by Cobra the timeframe for the Liberation has therefore been lifted completely and that means this planet will be freed from the cabal at all costs. That is pretty much the best news there is. Some people misunderstood that, thinking the timeframe would bind the Event to happen prior to its end in 2025. Far from that, liberation would have been stopped in 2025, leaving behind those humans who could not ascend in parasite hell. That will not happen anymore, no one alive will be left behind and the cabal will be erased from the Earth to 100% - which is basically the divine intervention turning out very positive for the future of this planet.


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