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特朗普总统向大型制药公司宣战You may recall that a couple of months ago,after President Trump announced"Operation Warp Speed,"I became concerned that he was going all-in with Big Pharma on the coronavirus vaccine.


After I voiced my concerns,I was contacted by a person very close to the president who assured me Trump was absolutely NOT jumping in bed with Big Pharma and that he would be,in fact,taking strategic steps very soon to protect Americans from Big Pharma's predatory practices.


Now we've seen the results of that action.Trump has signed executive orders to"cut out the middle men"who rake in hundreds of billions of dollars in Big Pharma profits.It is these middlemen who keep drug prices insanely high in the USA while the very same drugs are a fraction of the price in Canada or Mexico(not to mention India,where drug prices are even lower).


Two days ago,President Trump spoke directly about the"rich enemies"in Big Pharma who are trying to stop him from implementing his efforts to bring down prescription drug prices in America by cutting out all the price gouging and monopolistic price fixing by pharma distributors.


Watch this video to see for yourself:


From the video:


So I have a lot of enemies out there.This may be the last time you'll see me for a while.A lot of very,very rich enemies,but they are not happy with what I'm doing…


But I figure we have one chance to do it,and no other President is going to do what I do.No other President would do a favored nations,a rebate,a buy from other nations at much less cost.Nobody.And there are a lot of unhappy people,and they're very rich people,and they're very unhappy…


They are so wealthy.They are so wealthy…Nobody has any idea who the hell they are or what they do.They make more money than the drug companies.You know,in all fairness,at least the drug companies have to produce a product,and it has to be good product.


Analysis:Trump is going to war with Big Pharma's exploitative price fixing practices,and very powerful people stand to lose billions in easy profits


As you can hear in the video above,President Trump is going directly after Big Pharma's exploitative profit model by bypassing domestic drug sales and instead arranging for government programs to purchase drugs at overseas prices which are far more affordable.


Other efforts are under way to vastly reduce the price of drugs at your local pharmacies as well.


If you ever had any doubt of whether Trump was on our side,know that Donald J.Trump is the only man in Washington D.C.who is standing up to Big Pharma,and his life is being threatened as a result.This is why he's going into"lockdown"mode for a while.


This is also why Trump deserves your vote in November.There is no one else who will go after Big Pharma like President Trump is now doing,and even though his administration is pumping out billions of dollars in vaccine contracts during the current pandemic,his long-term goal is to dethrone Big Pharma from its position of economic dominance and science fraud.


Trump needs our support to even have a chance of dismantling the Big Pharma drug cartels.Trump also knows that a really big counterattack against pharma is to issue an executive order that tells the FDA to ban direct-to-consumer drug advertising,which currently provides up to 70%of the revenue for CNN and other corporate media propagandists.Banning DTC ads would simultaneously cut off pharma at the knees and deprive the fake news media of most of their operating revenue.

特朗普需要我们的支持才有机会瓦解大型制药集团。特朗普还知道,针对制药公司的一个真正重大的反击是发布一项行政命令,要求 FDA 禁止直接面向消费者的药品广告。目前,CNN 和其他企业媒体宣传人员的收入中,70%来自于直接面向消费者的药品广告。禁止 DTC 广告将同时切断医药公司的发展,并剥夺假新闻媒体的大部分营业收入。

If America doesn't declare war on the Big Pharma criminal drug cartels,these evil corporations will dominate every sector of society and make us all slaves to their chemical indoctrination.Actually,they've already done that.Big Pharma now controls the media,the science journals,the medical schools,the universities and even large sectors of pop culture such as movies.This is why"anti-vaxxers"are always depicted as lunatics in Hollywood scripts:The writers are being paid by the CDC and the vaccine industry to generate scripts that promote vaccine propaganda.


This is why we must also encourage President Trump to end legal immunity for vaccine manufacturers who have become dangerous,fraudulent"vaccine terrorists"in their deployment of fake science,fear and financial fraud.





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