2021年3月5日16:24:33最新动态X22报道|第2149集:[DS]假旗在华盛顿用来保护自己,恐慌,弗林,这会发生,耐心点已关闭评论1.2K6字数 1392阅读4分38秒阅读模式

[ CB ]将他们的力量推向各个国家。他们想方设法让特朗普的支持者进入华盛顿,但失败了,但这不是他们的主要任务。他们的任务是制造恐怖分子不在他们的圈子里的想法,并且把他们的围栏设置好。


Ep 2419b [DS] False Flag In DC Used To Protect Themselves, Panic, Flynn, It Will Happen Be Patient

Ep 2419b [DS]假旗在华盛顿用来保护自己,恐慌,弗林,这会发生耐心点

Ep 2419a Corrupt Politicians Exposed, Trump Economic Promises Kept

Ep 2419a —腐败政客被曝光,特朗普的经济承诺得以兑现

The economy under Trump proved that the US and the people can do a lot better. Trump promised that the economy would come back after the pandemic and it is. V recoveries all over the place. [JB] stimulus plan is being read to the American people. [JB] is not living up to his promises, people are not getting what they were told. The [CB] pushes their force on countries.


特朗普领导下的经济证明,美国和人民可以做得更好。特朗普承诺经济会在大流行之后恢复,事实的确如此。到处都是 v 的复苏。经济刺激计划正在向美国人民宣读。(JB)没有兑现他的承诺,人们没有得到他们被告知的东西。

The [DS] played their hand to get Trump supporters into DC, it failed, but this was not their main mission. Their mission was to create the idea that terrorists are out their and to keep their fences are guards in place. Everything the [DS] is doing is countering what the people want, as each day passes the people are seeing the  [DS] destroy the US, this will not end well for them.


[ CB ]将他们的力量推向各个国家。他们想方设法让特朗普的支持者进入华盛顿,但失败了,但这不是他们的主要任务。他们的任务是制造恐怖分子不在他们的圈子里的想法,并且把他们的围栏设置好。[DS]所做的一切都是在反击人民的需求,随着时间的推移,人民每天都看到[DS]摧毁美国,这对他们来说不会有好结果



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