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本杰明报道|2023/01/30  乌克兰已经沦陷,以色列和瑞士紧随其后

Major victories by the planetary liberation alliance are now impossible to deny. The Anglo-Saxons, Russians and Chinese have reached a deal over the Ukraine and are now ready to finish off the remaining Khazarian Mafia strongholds of Switzerland and Israel. Once these control centers are neutralized, the final liberation of the United States will take place, making world peace possible.


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This viral video with over 20 million views of a Pfizer executive freaking out is good evidence of how much control the Rockefeller/Rothschilds have already lost:


Since we assume most of our readers have already seen it, we will concentrate on the important facts it reveals. These are that Pfizer has publicly admitted to creating viruses in order to sell vaccines. The other is that Google and Twitter are no longer censoring truth about Covid and Vaccine crimes.


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As a result information such as this is now reaching the sheeple:


A 700,000 person study from Israel showed that the double vaccinated were 27 times more likely to get reinfected with COVID, and data from England, Scotland, and northern countries in Europe show tripled vaccinated were more likely to die. – Richard Urso MD

来自以色列的一项70万人的研究显示,双重疫苗接种者再次感染COVID的可能性要高27倍,而来自英格兰、苏格兰和欧洲北部国家的数据显示,三倍疫苗接种者更有可能死亡。 - 理查德-乌尔索医学博士


Also bombshell new peer-reviewed scientific studies have revealed what many of us knew from the beginning: 5G radiation is not only connected to the Covid-19 pandemic, it actually induces the body to create new viruses and illnesses, including coronaviruses.

同样令人震惊的是,新的同行评审的科学研究揭示了我们许多人从一开始就知道的事实: 5G 辐射不仅与2019冠状病毒疾病大流行有关,它实际上诱导身体产生新的病毒和疾病,包括冠状病毒。

And before the mainstream media gets hold of this study and convinces the masses that it is unimportant, you should know that these are peer-reviewed scientific studies published on the National Institute of Health website.



This means not only the pharmacidical companies but also the IT companies were involved in an attempt to murder a large percentage of the worlds’ population.

这意味着不仅是制药公司,还有 IT 公司都参与了谋杀世界上大部分人口的企图。

This sort of information is coming out in the mainstream now because the KM are losing control of the Fortune 500 companies. 


However, the story runs much deeper than that. The reason Western drug companies are forced to create diseases and then sell the cures is because they are forbidden from producing drugs that make us smarter, happier, stronger etc. A pharmaceutical company executive once told me nothing would be easier than to make drugs that would increase our IQs but that they were forbidden from doing so. He also said making new recreational drugs that were not harmful “would be incredibly easy.” The reason athletes are banned from “doping” to make themselves stronger, faster etc. is the same.


It is because the Octagon group at the top of the KM is deliberately holding us back as a species. They forbid drugs and genetic changes that would increase IQ etc. They also deliberately keep our lifespans artificially short so we do not have enough time to figure out the control matrix we are subject to.

这是因为位于 KM 顶端的八角集团有意阻碍我们作为一个物种的发展。他们禁止会提高智商的药物和基因改变等等。他们还故意人为地缩短我们的寿命,这样我们就没有足够的时间来弄清楚我们所服从的控制矩阵。

In other words, defeating the KM will be much bigger than the fall of the Soviet Union. It will change everything. Computers are said to double in processing power every two years. Humans could do the same if they wished to and were allowed to. 

换句话说,打败 KM 将比苏联解体要重要得多。它会改变一切。据说计算机的处理能力每两年翻一番。人类可以做同样的事情,如果他们愿意,并被允许。 

We are also about to be liberated from horrific slavery. For example, the US government has been subsidizing child trafficking in all 50 states. This is thanks to the “adoption and safe families act,” signed into law in 1997 by Bill and Hillary Clinton Rockefeller. Over $80 billion a year is being spent by the Federal Government for this program to give states over one million dollars for every child they seize from a family. The government itself admits that 83% of the children seized are done so under false pretenses.

我们也即将从可怕的奴隶制中解放出来。例如,美国政府一直在所有50个州为贩卖儿童提供补贴。这要感谢1997年比尔和希拉里 · 克林顿 · 洛克菲勒签署的“收养和安全家庭法案”。联邦政府每年花费超过800亿美元用于这项计划,为各州从一个家庭中拐走的每个孩子提供100多万美元。政府自己也承认,83% 的被抓儿童都是在虚假的借口下被抓的。

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It also now turns out they have been using fake drug tests to make it seem parents were “drug addicts” who had to have their children seized.


The torture and murder of these children (to harvest adrenochrome) was video-taped and used to create a massive blackmail file of power brokers in the West. There was also a massive homosexual rape and blackmail ring that existed alongside the child murders.


For those who want to know more, this video talks about the bizarre anal sex rituals of the Satanists.


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People who did not participate in blackmailable crimes were kept out of top jobs while those guilty rose to the top. We now know there are over 400,000 of these blackmail files, which explains why it has been so hard to drain the swamp.


However, the swamp is being drained. Western and Russian white hat special forces are now cooperating in operations against the Vatican and the Octagon headquarters in Switzerland thanks to detailed intelligence about their leaders.


For example, an insider who participated in “rituals performed at night in dark rooms,” overseen by Klaus Schwab Rothschild at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland says “the energy of darkness, suffering reigns there.” At these meetings of self-proclaimed “Gods on Olympus,” Klaus Schwab said “the old world won’t come back” and declared himself “Pope of the New World Order.” Schwab told the participants they could “consider themselves gods.” He said the WEF created five crises to prove God did not exist because if he did he would have prevented them. (It is interesting to note that huge flocks of black birds, an omen of disaster, are now being seen over KM strongholds like Vatican city and Kiev: is God about to strike?).

例如,一位参与了“夜间在黑暗的房间里举行的仪式”的内部人士,在瑞士达沃斯世界经济论坛上,由克劳斯 · 施瓦布 · 罗斯柴尔德(Klaus Schwab Rothschild)监督,他说“黑暗的能量在那里统治着一切。”在这些自称“奥林匹斯山上的众神”的会议上,克劳斯 · 施瓦布(Klaus Schwab)说“旧世界不会回来了”,并宣称自己是“新世界秩序的教皇”施瓦布告诉参与者,他们可以“认为自己是神。”他表示,世界经济论坛制造了五次危机,以证明上帝并不存在,因为如果上帝存在,他就会阻止危机的发生。(值得注意的是,在梵蒂冈城和基辅这样的 KM 据点上空,现在可以看到成群结队的黑鸟,这是一种灾难的预兆: 上帝要发动攻击了吗?).

WEF publications describe these crises as follows:


“The world’s collective focus is being channeled into the “survival” of today’s crises: cost of living, social and political polarization, food and energy supplies, tepid growth, and geopolitical confrontation, among others,”

“世界集体关注的焦点正被引导到当今危机的“生存”上: 生活成本、社会和政治两极分化、食品和能源供应、不温不火的增长以及地缘政治对抗等等。”


At the meetings Schwab also bragged the “Catholic church is collapsing and the Pope doesn’t matter.” Vatican insiders confirm the actor pretending to be Pope Francis takes orders from Shwab and the KM. That is why “Francis” published a letter saying “As the World Economic Forum celebrates its fiftieth anniversary, I send greetings and prayerful good wishes to all taking part in this year’s gathering.”

在会议上,施瓦布还吹嘘说: “天主教会正在崩溃,教皇并不重要。”梵蒂冈内部人士证实,这位假扮教皇的演员听命于施瓦布和国王。这就是为什么《弗朗西斯》发表了一封信说: “在世界经济论坛庆祝成立50周年之际,我向所有参加今年会议的人致以问候和祈祷的良好祝愿。”


One of the key people behind the KM control of the fake Francis and the Vatican is the disgraced former Archishop of Washington Theodore McCarrick, who runs a massive blackmail operation, according to George Neumayr, an American Catholic Journalist. “Teddy can get all the deep-pocketed prelates under his spell of blackmail to ostracize and financially starve any bishop who defies him: He still runs things in the Church,” Neumayr said. Neumayr was murdered on January 19th while investigating Freemason infiltration of the Church in Africa.

据美国天主教记者乔治 · 诺伊迈尔(George Neumayr)称,KM控制假方济各和梵蒂冈的关键人物之一是名誉扫地的前华盛顿大主教西奥多 · 麦卡里克(Theodore McCarrick) ,他经营着一场大规模的勒索行动。诺伊迈尔说: “泰迪可以让所有财力雄厚的高级主教在他的勒索咒语下排斥任何反抗他的主教,并在经济上让他们挨饿。他仍然掌管着教会的事务。”。诺伊迈尔于1月19日在调查共济会对非洲教会的渗透时被谋杀。

The people who murdered him are among the targets of white hat special forces. They will be hunted down and sent below to meet their master.


US Naval intelligence, an arm of the white hats, has now moved against other top traitors including Michael Chertoff, Robert Mueller, Congressman Adam Schiff, Senator Mark Warner, Alex Soros, Senator Mitch McConnel and Special Counsel John Durham, MI6 sources say. 


The Russians are hunting themselves. Yevgeny Prigozhin, founder of the Wagner Groups, says: “I have witnesses who remember how CIA officers trained Osama Bin Laden and brought bags full of money and weapons to ISIS in Syria and other countries. They prepared criminals and terrorists all over the world so that there will be trouble everywhere – in Europe, Africa, Asia, South America.”

俄国人在自寻死路。瓦格纳集团创始人叶夫根尼 · 普里戈津说: “我有目击者记得中情局官员如何训练奥萨马 · 本 · 拉登,如何将装满金钱和武器的袋子带到叙利亚和其他国家的 ISIS。他们让世界各地的罪犯和恐怖分子做好准备,这样一来,欧洲、非洲、亚洲和南美洲各地都会出现麻烦。”

Many of these criminals are gathered in Ukraine, where they are being hunted down and exterminated.


Chinese sources estimate total Ukrainian losses at 680,000 people in the last 11 months of the conflict by the Ukrainian Armed Forces. This means that Ukraine has already lost the war. Taking 14-year-old boys and old men off the streets and sending them to be slaughtered won’t change that.


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The situation has reached a point where even warming think tanks like the Rand Corporation are backing out of the war. It states that “studies of past conflicts and a close look at the course of this conflict suggest” that an “optimistic scenario is unlikely”.


Click to access RAND_PEA2510-1.pdf

Remember that the Rand Corporation are the rabid dogs that suggested the US attack a “medium-sized country” like Japan or Brazil to stimulate their economy.


In other words, they are bullies who only want to attack someone, they are sure they can beat but run away from real opponents.


MI6 sources say that the Anglo-Saxons and the Russians have already reached an agreement on Ukraine and that, under this agreement, the Western tanks that are supposedly going to Ukraine are actually going to Russia.


This is what the head of MI6 says:


We received feedback from Moscow via the return channel. The diplomatic return channel is far more expert. Military intelligence reports to the armed forces and not the other way around.


The tanks you mentioned that we sent are very well equipped and we assume it’s some kind of technology transfer. The plan is to demarcate Ukraine along the Dnieper River from north to south, from Kyiv to Crimea, and that will end in March. The tanks rely on the artillery to come in first and then the infantry to hold, the tanks just break through, that’s all they’re designed for. All river crossings are blown up to erect an iron curtain.

你提到的我们派出的坦克装备精良我们认为这是某种技术转让。根据计划,乌克兰将沿着 Dnieper River 从北到南、从基辅到克里米亚进行划界,这项工作将于明年3月结束。坦克依靠大炮首先进入,然后是步兵,坦克只是突破,这就是它们的设计目的。所有的过河口都被炸掉,竖起一道铁幕。

The Russo-Ukrainian conflict is their own catfight, and dragging everyone else into it will end in tears, mark my words, Benjamin. Boris Johnson had no business there last week. We had to bring our politicians in and read them the riot act. It’s another kind of pseudo-Jewish Tom Whackery.

俄罗斯和乌克兰的冲突是他们自己的女人之间的斗争,把其他人都拖下水会以眼泪收场,记住我的话,本杰明。鲍里斯 · 约翰逊上周在那里没有业务。我们不得不让我们的政治家参与进来,向他们宣读防暴法案。这是另一种伪犹太人 Tom Whackery。

The KM wolf in Jewish sheep’s clothing, so to speak. If you took your eyes off them for even a second, they would take your breath away, same villains.

可以说是披着犹太羊皮的 KM 狼。如果你把目光从他们身上移开哪怕一秒钟他们也会让你屏住呼吸,同样的恶棍。

In other words, the West will stand idly by while Russia devours the last roast of Satan in Ukraine.


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Arms dealer Victor Bout, who is also part of the back channel to Russia, gave a Western source his first interview since his release from prison. It’s worth listening to him.

军火商 Victor Bout 也是俄罗斯秘密渠道的一部分,他在出狱后第一次接受了一个西方消息来源的采访。值得一听。

Essentially, he is saying that the US spent $150 million to frame him and used the exact same scheme to frame many other people around the world. He also says that what the West [KM] is doing to Russia would be like Russia taking over Mexico and then trying to take California, Florida, New Mexico and Texas away from the United States.


However, Bout did not speak of a meeting in Pattaya, Thailand, around 2008, where he showed Sasha Zaric, aka Illuminati Grand Master Alexander Romanov, a nuclear warhead stolen from the Russian submarine Kursk. This warhead was subsequently used in the March 11, 2011 tsunami and nuclear terror mass murder attack on Japan. How is it, Victor, can you please shed some light on this matter?

然而,布特并未提及2008年前后在 Pattaya 举行的一次会议,当时他向萨沙•扎里克(Sasha Zaric)展示了从俄罗斯潜艇库尔斯克号(Kursk)上偷来的一枚核弹头。这枚弹头随后被用于2011年3月11日的海啸和对日本的核恐怖大屠杀袭击。怎么样,维克多,你能解释一下这件事吗?

In any case, there will also be joint Russian and British operations to behead the KM leadership in Switzerland and Israel, both MI6 and Russian FSB sources say. Of course they know the addresses of Schwab and the other self-proclaimed “Gods of Olympus”.


To prepare the public for Nuremberg-style war crimes tribunals, NATO’s crimes are now also being addressed in parliaments and other public forums around the world, as this video shows:


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The KM are freaking out, desperate to start their long-planned Third World War with massive attacks on Syria and Iran. Hundreds of fighter planes are deployed.

KM 已经抓狂了,他们迫切希望通过对叙利亚和伊朗的大规模袭击来开始他们计划已久的第三次世界大战。部署了数百架战斗机。


Iranian intelligence sources say Iran was also attacked by forces from Ukraine. “This will have serious consequences for the government of Ukraine,” the source said.


Whatever the case, this attack will not start World War III as the world’s armed forces no longer obey the KM.


The attack on Iran was also a desperate attempt by Benyamin Netanyahu’s criminal KM regime to avert civil war within Israel by summoning an outside enemy.



However, the Jewish people are waking up and will hunt down the KM criminals hiding in their midst, Mossad sources promise.

然而,摩萨德消息人士承诺,犹太人民正在觉醒,并将追捕隐藏在他们中间的 KM 罪犯。

The KM is also taken out of the closet. Last week, the Anti-Defamation League officially declared its support for Ukraine’s neo-Nazis. “We already know that the KM ‘Jews’ were Nazis from the start,” says a Mossad source.

KM也是从柜子里拿出来的。上周,反诽谤联盟正式宣布支持乌克兰的新纳粹分子。“我们已经知道 KM‘犹太人’从一开始就是纳粹,”摩萨德的一位消息人士说。

本杰明报道|2023/01/30  乌克兰已经沦陷,以色列和瑞士紧随其后

KM’s desperation also comes as the world rejects their plan to retain control of the financial system with the launch of their digital currency, the Mark of the Beast.

KM走投无路之际,全世界也拒绝了他们推出数字货币“野兽马克”(Mark of the Beast)、以保留对金融体系控制权的计划。

For this reason, the Rockefeller servant Janet Yellen went on a begging journey to Africa. “Officially, the trip was designed to convince Africans, including elected officials, business leaders and farmers, that the US wants a long-term relationship on everything from food security to rural electrification.”

出于这个原因,洛克菲勒的仆人珍妮特 · 耶伦(Janet Yellen)前往非洲乞讨。“从官方角度看,此次访问旨在说服非洲人,包括民选官员、商界领袖和农民,美国希望在从粮食安全到农村电气化等各个领域建立长期关系。”


In reality, however, Yellen threatened Africans that if they didn’t accept the new digital currency, “a complete US default would have an impact on the whole world and make it more expensive to borrow money in some of the world’s poorest countries.” “


This is of course a lie because what is really going to happen is that all these exploitative IMF etc. loans to Africa will be canceled as part of an anniversary of the US government default. After that, Africans will finally get a fair price for their labor and resources.


It’s not just the US government that is behind schedule. Home and auto loans in the private sector are also leading to an implosion of the banking system.


Jeremy Cross, the president of an auto salvage company, says he can’t find enough staff to meet demand or enough space to store all the cars his company has been hired to repossess.

一家汽车打捞公司的总裁杰里米 · 克罗斯(Jeremy Cross)说,他找不到足够的员工来满足需求,也没有足够的空间来存放公司雇来收回的所有汽车。


According to Bankrate’s Annual Emergency Fund Report, 68% of people worry they won’t be able to cover their living expenses for even a month if they lose their primary source of income. And when push comes to shove, the majority (57%) of US adults are currently unable to make a $1,000 emergency spend.

根据 Bankrate 的年度紧急基金报告,68% 的人担心如果失去主要收入来源,他们甚至一个月都无法支付生活费用。到了紧要关头,大多数(57%)的美国成年人目前无力支付1000美元的紧急开支。

Nearly three-quarters (72%) of middle-income families say their income lags behind the cost of living, up from 68% a year ago


The situation has reached a point where millions of Americans are at risk of starvation as food stamps are withdrawn.



Like Africans, the American people will be freed from debt slavery and see a leap in income once KM’s FRB parasite is eliminated.

与非洲人一样,一旦 KM 的 FRB 寄生虫被消灭,美国人民将从债务奴役中解放出来,收入将大幅增加。

In the light of the military defeat, the economic collapse and the war crimes trials, the question now arises as to whether the KM are finally trying to play their “alien invasion card”.


Polish intelligence sources say that “because the US and EU are puppets of the alien occupiers, the G7 will take their weapons from the alien arsenals and drop them on Russia and Iran.” They use a “dehumanizing slavery system to acquire less intelligent, unconscious humans who control their bestial, mental instincts, much like dogs or reptiles who are trained as soldiers to carry out anti-human decisions.” They refer to the so-called fallen angels and their human slaves.


Speaking of fallen angels, here are the recent appearances of “other beings” in our skies.


 And here’s the latest proof that the International Space Station is fake and we’re under some sort of quarantine ourselves. Presumably this quarantine will end when the satanists are defeated.


本杰明报道|2023/01/30  乌克兰已经沦陷,以色列和瑞士紧随其后

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