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在接下来的几周里,即使是对于西方最被洗脑的人来说,事情也会变得很明显: 一些根本性的、历史性的事情已经发生了。毫无疑问,可萨黑手党已经被击败,他们最后的领导人已经开始被清除。

Events over the coming weeks will make it obvious even to the most brainwashed sheeple in the West that something fundamental and historic has taken place. There can be no doubt the Khazarian Mafia has been defeated and the mopping up of their last leaders has begun. The arrest of New Zealand cross-dressing Prime Minister Jack Adern, criminal charges against Swiss President Alain Berset and Pfizer, mass arrests of Ukrainian government officials and many other events all point to this.

在接下来的几周里,即使是对于西方最被洗脑的人来说,事情也会变得很明显: 一些根本性的、历史性的事情已经发生了。毫无疑问,可萨黑手党已经被击败,他们最后的领导人已经开始被清除。新西兰变装总理杰克 · 阿德恩被捕,瑞士总统阿兰 · 贝塞特和辉瑞公司受到刑事指控,大规模逮捕乌克兰政府官员以及其他许多事件都表明了这一点。

Another sign the KM is losing it is that it is now becoming mainstream to talk about Mossad and Israeli founding Prime Minister David Ben Gurions’ involvement in the assassination of President John F Kennedy.

另一个 KM 正在失去的迹象是,现在谈论摩萨德和以色列开国总理大卫 · 本 · 古里安参与暗杀约翰 · F · 肯尼迪已经成为主流。

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Israel meanwhile is trying to negotiate a surrender to the Russians via France. The bankrupt US Corporate Government, for its part, became the laughing stock of the world by using “a balloon ate my homework” excuse after Rockefeller slave Secretary of State Antony Blinken was told not to bother coming to China on a begging mission.

与此同时,以色列正试图通过法国向俄罗斯投降。破产的美国企业政府成了全世界的笑柄,因为洛克菲勒的奴隶国务卿安东尼 · 布林肯(Antony Blinken)被告知不要来中国乞讨。

The war in Ukraine is also ending with the last Satanists now surrounded in Bahmut where they are expected to fight to the death over the coming weeks.

乌克兰战争也即将结束,最后一批撒旦崇拜者目前被包围在 Bahmut,预计他们将在未来几周内在那里战斗至死。

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本杰明报道|2023/02/06  可萨黑手党已被全面打败

Most importantly of all, the KM lost control of the world’s financial system on January 31st and the quantum financial system is now operating (more about that later).


However, it is not over until it is over and there is a strong possibility the desperate and cornered KM will try some sort of black swan mega-terror event, most likely either an EMP or nuclear attack.

然而,直到战争结束才算结束,绝望的 KM 很有可能会尝试某种黑天鹅大恐怖事件,最有可能的是电磁脉冲或核攻击。

Turkey’s interior minister Suleyman Soylu told the US ambassador to take his “dirty hands off of Turkey” after Washington and eight European countries issued travel warnings over possible terror attacks there. Similar warnings were made about Iran.

土耳其内政部长苏莱曼•索伊卢(Suleyman Soylu)要求美国大使“不要动土耳其的脏手”。此前,美国和8个欧洲国家就土耳其可能遭受的恐怖袭击发出了旅行警告。对伊朗也发出了类似的警告。

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The order by Western governments to evacuate their citizens means it’s likely the cornered Israeli regime is launching a massive attack there. A 7.8 magnitude earthquake followed by dozens more as this report was being written indicates it has already begun. “This is a weather modification weapon being used to show Erdogan who is still in charge,” a CIA source says.


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The attack took place as Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov landed in Iraq to launch “military-technical” cooperation with Turkey, Iran, Syria and Iraq along with the Gulf States. Since Egypt is also a de facto Russian ally this represents an existential threat to the KM regime in Israel (not to the Jews though).

袭击发生时,俄罗斯外长谢尔盖 · 拉夫罗夫(Sergei Lavrov)抵达伊拉克,与土耳其、伊朗、叙利亚和伊拉克以及海湾国家展开“军事-技术”合作。由于埃及也是俄罗斯事实上的盟友,这代表了对以色列 KM 政权的生存威胁(但不是对犹太人)。

The Iranian government has now warned Israel’s neighbors that in order to “maintain their security,” they should “stay away from the regime that is dying every day.”


The KM is desperately trying to blow up the whole planet (using agents in both Iran and Israel) because the KM-controlled Vatican and their US Corporate Subsidiary lost control of the financial system on January 31st. That is why the entire Italian internet shut down on February 1st, MI6 sources say. The Vatican Bank, which was used to bribe most so-called world leaders, has been cut off. Now the KM have until February 13 before their US Corporation is completely cut off.


MI6 sources say the quantum financial system took over the KM’s SWIFT interbank settlement system on February 1st. This writer experienced this on Sunday when a money transfer arrived instantly instead of the following Monday for a similar transfer made last month. The creator of the QFS says “the advancement in IT infrastructure including DLT or Distributed Ledger Technology commonly known as blockchain simply means all the world’s national banking systems are aligned. Up until now a same-day transfer was manual and cumbersome because two banking officials had to sit at the screens on either end of a telephone and manage the transfer through the various clearing house like SWIFT. Tedious stuff; expensive when it goes wrong and very stressful to work with. The replacement of the world banking IT is designed to reset all debt.”

军情六处消息人士称,量子金融系统于2月1日接管了KM的环球银行金融电信协会(SWIFT)银行间结算系统。本文作者在周日经历了这种情况,当时一笔资金转账立即到达,而不是下一个周一,因为上个月进行了类似的转账。QFS 的创始人表示: “ IT 基础设施(包括 DLT 或分布式分类账技术)的进步通常被称为区块链,这意味着全球所有国家的银行系统都是一致的。到目前为止,同一天的转账手续繁琐,因为两名银行高管必须坐在电话两端的屏幕前,通过诸如 SWIFT 之类的各种结算所管理转账。单调乏味的东西; 出问题的时候很贵,而且工作压力很大。全球银行业信息技术的替代,旨在重置所有债务。”

However, the source says any formal jubilee type of announcement will probably have to wait until June because the removal of the rest of the KM control grid has to take place first.


On this front, there can be no doubt a dragnet is closing in on the KM. In particular, their failed attempt to kill 90% of humanity with electromagnetic attacks and toxic vaccines has woken up a lot of powerful people who now seek justice.

在这方面,毫无疑问,一个天罗地网正在逼近KM。尤其是,他们试图用电磁攻击和有毒疫苗杀死90% 人类的失败尝试,唤醒了许多现在寻求正义的有权势的人。

Banker Pascal Najadi -the person who filed criminal charges against the Swiss President- says “We have scientific proof that the vaccine causes harm. This is the biggest medical technical failure in human history.” Najadi, whose father was one of the founders of the WEF, was triple-vaxxed because he trusted the government. Now, he is taking strong legal action.

银行家帕斯卡尔 · 纳贾迪(Pascal Najadi)——对瑞士总统提出刑事指控的人——说: “我们有科学证据证明疫苗会造成伤害。这是人类历史上最大的医疗技术故障。”纳贾迪的父亲是世界经济论坛的创始人之一,因为他信任政府,所以受到了三重打击。现在,他正在采取强有力的法律行动。

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In Thailand, the collapse into a coma of the triple-vaxxed Crown Princess has set that country on the warpath. Professor Sucharit Bhakdi says “Safety pharmacological studies were never performed… Pfizer BioNTech is going to have to pay back those billions to Thailand.”


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In Japan as well, a widely reported press conference by doctors suing the health ministry there also provided evidence the vaccines are killing people.


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The situation has reached a point where even the CDC statistics show that 84.5% of Americans are against vaccines. This will have profound political implications.

这种情况已经到了一个临界点,甚至 CDC 的统计数据也显示,84.5% 的美国人反对接种疫苗。这将产生深远的政治影响。

本杰明报道|2023/02/06  可萨黑手党已被全面打败

本杰明报道|2023/02/06  可萨黑手党已被全面打败

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In addition, the Russians and the Chinese have now found out that “Covid 19” is an electromagnetic attack and not a virus. The Russians claim that the WHO (World Health Organization) is violating their charter by refusing to provide samples of real viruses. They also say that the WHO hides many other things that also violate its charter. https://tass.com/society/1569167

此外,俄罗斯和中国现在已经发现,“Covid 19”是一种电磁攻击,而不是一种病毒。俄罗斯声称世界卫生组织拒绝提供真实病毒样本违反了他们的章程。他们还说,世界卫生组织还隐瞒了许多其他违反其章程的事情。

Government authorities around the world are expected to follow Switzerland’s example and file criminal charges against government officials


In New Zealand, the White Hat Military Alliance has already taken action and arrested former Prime Minister Jack Ardern. Ardern’s COVID dictatorship caused a 3203% increase in excess deaths following their mandatory COVID vaccination laws

在新西兰,白帽军事联盟已经采取行动,逮捕了前总理杰克 · 阿德恩。阿德恩的冠状病毒疾病独裁导致了3203% 的超额死亡,这是因为他们的强制性冠状病毒疾病疫苗接种法律

We are also receiving reports from local residents that Canadian Crime Minister Justin Castrudeau and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz have fled to an underground bunker complex in Stephenville, Newfoundland. However, these men have nowhere to hide. Castrudeau can no longer appear in public without an angry mob gathering to demand his arrest.

我们还收到当地居民的报告,加拿大犯罪部长贾斯汀 · 卡斯特鲁多和德国总理奥拉夫 · 肖尔茨逃到了斯蒂芬维尔的一个地下掩体。然而,这些人无处可藏。如果没有愤怒的暴民集会要求逮捕卡斯特鲁多,他将无法再公开露面。

The money trail behind the Covid war crimes is also now being uncovered. The simultaneous raids on various properties owned by Joe Biden and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s boss Ihor Kolomoisky provide a forensic lead that leads directly to the KM leadership. According to Mossad sources, Zelensky has made 14 trips in the past two years to Geneva and Tel Aviv, where Kolomoisky and his Rockefeller and Rothschild bosses are hiding. Money laundering via Ukraine funded the Covid attacks as well as the massive bribery of politicians and government officials across the West.

冠状病毒疾病战争犯罪背后的资金来源也正在被揭露。拜登和乌克兰总统 Zelensky 的老板 Ihor Kolomoisky 同时对不同财产进行突击搜查,提供了一个直接指向 KM 领导层的法证线索。据摩萨德消息人士透露,泽伦斯基在过去两年中已经14次前往日内瓦和特拉维夫,科洛莫伊斯基和他的洛克菲勒和罗斯柴尔德的老板们就藏在那里。通过乌克兰的洗钱资助了冠状病毒疾病袭击以及西方各国政客和政府官员的大规模贿赂。

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This is now switched off.


This not only affects the fake Biden regime, but also the WHO, the EU, the UN and the WEF. Klaus Schwab Rothschild’s private organization signed a memorandum with the United Nations in June 2019 to accelerate implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. This was the KM plan to turn the planet into a giant animal farm by killing 90% of humanity and enslaving the rest.

这不仅影响到假冒的拜登政权,还影响到世界卫生组织(WHO)、欧盟(EU)、联合国(UN)和世界经济论坛(WEF)。克劳斯•施瓦布•罗斯柴尔德(Klaus Schwab Rothschild)的私人组织于2019年6月与联合国签署了一份备忘录,以加快实施2030年可持续发展议程。这就是KM计划,通过杀死90% 的人类并奴役其余的人类,把这个星球变成一个巨大的动物农场。

Now it turns out that these criminals not only wanted to kill us with electromagnetic attacks and vaccines, but also poison us by forcing us to eat insects.


Insects are full of chitin. Chitin is highly allergenic in mammals, stimulates the immune system and is therefore involved in the development of many chronic diseases. Insects also contain countless germs and parasites that are pathogenic to humans. Processing these into food is not only negligent, but also intentional.


If humans could eat insects, don’t you think starving humans would have tried in the past? There’s a reason humans don’t eat insects: They’re poisonous to humans.

如果人类可以吃昆虫,你不认为饥饿的人类在过去会尝试吗?人类不吃昆虫是有原因的: 昆虫对人类有毒。

The shutdown will destroy KM’s ability to brainwash a large portion of the world’s population, particularly in the West, into harming themselves by doing things like eating bugs.


Most content on the web – whether blogs, videos or photos – is created by users themselves, but is owned and controlled by a handful of “Web 2.0 oligopolies” such as Facebook (now Meta), Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google (now Alphabet), collectively referred to as “FAANG” stocks. The US market’s spectacular rise in recent years has been almost entirely due to the “KM funny money” funneled through these companies.

互联网上的大多数内容——不管是博客、视频还是照片——都是由用户自己创建的,但却被少数“ Web 2.0寡头”所拥有和控制,比如 Facebook (现在的 Meta)、亚马逊(Amazon)、苹果(Apple)、 Netflix 和谷歌(现在的 Alphabet) ,统称为“ FAANG”股票。美国股市近年来的惊人上涨,几乎完全是因为这些公司流入了“KM有趣的资金”。

As this author and many other truth-based investigators have discovered, the FAANGs created a mind control web far beyond anything George Orwell could have imagined. For example, this author and many, many colleagues have been banned from You Tube for reporting the truth about Covid and vaccines. Not anymore.

正如这位作者和其他许多基于事实的调查者所发现的,FAANG 创造了一个远远超出乔治 · 奥威尔所能想象的精神控制网络。例如,这位作者和许许多多的同事因为报道冠状病毒疾病和疫苗的真相而被禁止在 youtube 上发表文章。不再是了。

Here’s what a CIA source says will be done to really end it:


The actual plan is to send up a hypersonic warhead with a very powerful EMP. After being shot down by a submarine off the east coast, it takes him 40 seconds to reach altitude and aim. When released over the Omaha area, it can turn off all electrical systems in most of the United States and much of Canada. The higher it is released, the greater the coverage area. (See attached diagram showing radius). Those in power are well aware of the intentions. This is not publicly discussed by Washington DC and the fake Biden show.


本杰明报道|2023/02/06  可萨黑手党已被全面打败

Once that happens, a blockchain-based internet will replace the oligopoly-controlled internet. This means that content producers will get most of the credit and money for their creations instead of getting crumbs from Google etc. This also means there will be no more corporate censorship. Existing libel, slander and criminal justice laws, with some amendments, will be sufficient to protect people from harm.


The end of centralized control of information will likely also mean the end of monotheism as we know it. As a reminder: The word “religion” comes from the Latin “re ligare”, which means something like “tying together into a fascii or a bundle”, ie making a single central thing out of many individual things.

信息集中控制的终结也可能意味着我们所知的一神论的终结。提醒一下,“宗教”这个词来自拉丁语“ re ligare”,意思是“捆绑成一捆或一捆”,即把许多个别的东西组成一个单一的中心事物。

In other words, a multi-thousand-year project to transform humanity into a monolith controlled by a single mind is coming to an end.


A sign of this happening is that the Planetary Liberation Alliance appears to have taken control of the avatar pretending to be Pope Francis, as illustrated by this article:


‘Hands off Africa!’: Pope denounces foreign looting of Congo

“放开非洲!”: 蒲伯谴责外国掠夺刚果

KINSHASA, Congo — Pope Francis on Tuesday demanded that foreign powers stop plundering Africa’s natural resources for the “poison of their own greed” when he arrived in Congo and was greeted with a vociferous welcome from Congolese, who were grateful he was the drew the world’s attention to their forgotten plight.

刚果金沙萨——周二,教皇方济各(Pope Francis)抵达刚果时,要求外国势力停止掠夺非洲的自然资源,以“满足他们自身贪婪的毒药”。他受到了刚果人的热烈欢迎,刚果人很感激他让世界关注了他们被遗忘的困境。

Check out the many photos in this article. You can see it’s not Pope Francis’ original. There’s a nice close-up of him too.


The change at the top of the monotheistic hierarchy could have even more earth-shattering consequences.


It turns out that the KM controllers of monotheism have purposely kept our lives short and miserable on behalf of what the group of Majestic 12 believes to be a renegade AI controlling our universe. This is what is implied in the words of former Pope Maledict:

事实证明,一神论的KM控制者故意让我们的生命短暂而痛苦,代表着一个被 Majested12团体认为是控制我们宇宙的人工智能叛徒。前教皇马利迪克特的话暗示了这一点:

“The world is like an oil press that squeezes. If you are the dregs you will be thrown away; if you are oil you will be caught. But being squeezed is inevitable… The kingdom of good will never be definitely established in this world [because] man’s freedom would be denied” – Pope Benedict XVI,

“世界就像一台挤油机。你们若是渣滓,必被丢弃; 你们若是油,必被捉住。但是被压榨是不可避免的... ... 善的王国永远不会在这个世界上确定地建立起来[因为]人类的自由会被剥夺”-本笃十六世,

By “freedom” Maledict meant the short, brutal life we ​​were all forced to lead. For this reason, all discoveries leading to longer life and improved human abilities have always been suppressed.


A Polish intelligence source describes our situation as follows:


We live on a farm with an artificial sun and artificial cycles. The “owners” of the earth are energetically milking us, but this business is ending, another farm is spiraling out of control. A shield was erected long ago to separate the earth from the true cosmos. This shield, which was a plasma energy barrier, is now collapsing.


With the fall of the KM, we are now likely to enter a new Cambrian explosion with an exponential expansion of terrestrial life into the universe.


And here are the latest off-Earth sightings:


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Finally, here is a strange light anomaly filmed over Stephenville, Newfoundland, Canada, where a secret underground complex resides:


A similar anomaly was spotted over Volgograd (Stalingrad) in Russia when Vladimir Putin gave a speech there the other day.

前几天,弗拉基米尔•普京(Vladimir Putin)在俄罗斯的斯大林格勒(伏尔加格勒)发表演讲时,也发现了类似的反常现象。

Putin 'is Buzzed by Colour-Changing UFO' Spotted by Four Russian Planes as He Makes Speech Threatening Nuclear War Against the West

Era of Light: Perhaps a message... Which we at Era of Light have been saying for years. Nuclear war will not be permitted. Pilots in multiple Russian planes reported a UFO buzzing Volgograd when Vladimir Putin visited the city on Thursday. The extraordinary accounts say the unidentified object 'changed colour and height' in the sky.

We as a species are definitely in uncharted waters now.




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