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(ECETI 新闻) : 2022年5月13日|詹姆斯 · 吉利兰


May 13, 2022


Questions I would like to see asked on mainstream news.


If this was a fair election with no fraud what about the overwhelming evidence in 2000 mules?


Why are we giving multiple billions to [redacted] when we are experiencing runaway inflation, insane gas prices, empty shelves, veterans left to die in the streets along with other homeless and to top it off the shelves are empty with no baby formula?


Is the Biden family heavily invested in [redacted], receiving millions from Russia and China, are they covering their tracks, some deep dark secret which will be known to all the world if [redacted] falls?

拜登家族是否在乌克兰上投入了大量资金,从俄罗斯和中国获得了数百万美元? 他们是否在掩盖自己的行踪? 如果乌克兰失败,一些深藏的黑暗秘密将被全世界知晓?

What if you were [redacted] and you found out there were weaponized biolabs in the middle of your country, were tired of intrusions by a corrupt NATO and they wanted to bring in nuclear arms. What would you do to protect your people?


What if along with the biolabs there was epidemic child and sex trafficking in the [redacted] and the paper trail for the funding of these weaponized biolabs went back to the Bidens and other prominent politicians?


Has not [redacted] always been at war with the Satanic/Luciferian global elite, did he not throw the international banksters out of his country and did the mainstream press ever tell you this?

难道他不是一直在与撒旦/路西法派的全球精英们开战吗? 难道他不是把国际银行家们赶出了自己的国家吗? 难道主流媒体没有告诉过你这些吗?

What about Edgar Cayce’s prediction that Russia would be the cradle of Christianity?

埃德加 · 凯西关于俄罗斯将成为基督教摇篮的预言怎么样?

Why and who is poisoning our water, our air and the land, does it all go back to the same elite few and why are there toxic dumps, “chemtrails under the guise of global engineering” along with fluoride dumped in our drinking water a Nazi experiment used in the past to dumb down the people?




Has there been a long standing global elite population control program to diminish our health, longevity, create unnecessary and untimely deaths?


Considering these facts how can anything be considered organic and who is responsible for all the carcinogenic food additives and illnesses directly related to processed foods?


Have the WHO, the CDC, the FDA, the EPA, the entire administration been compromised and which uncompromised enforcement agency will investigate and prosecute?


Which mainstream news agency will cover any of this, who owns them, could they be the same people responsible for the deceptions and decline of the nation’s health, fall in longevity and rise in death tolls?


Then there is the jab. One of the biggest hypocrisies and deceptions with crippling and deadly consequences which will eventually be revealed as the greatest genocide in human history? According to the latest statistics the solutions are and were more deadly than the disease? Was this by design?



These are questions that demand answers, there are people that need to be held accountable if we are ever going to regain our health, longevity, freedom and restore our environment. It does not matter what race, religion or political affiliation this is all about the preservation of humanity and the planet. We no longer have the luxury of remaining ignorant, afraid, and in support of the current leadership. This includes political, religious, business etc. if they do not operate under universal law striving for Universal Peace, Brother/Sisterly Love, Individual Freedom and Prosperity for All. Don’t woke up, wake up. Stop participating in the division game. It’s doublespeak and it is their game played to benefit the few not the many. Let’s not play another 30 years of, I told you so. This was all foretold since 1982.

这些问题需要答案---- 如果我们想要重获健康、长寿、自由并恢复我们的环境,有些人需要被追究责任。不管是什么种族、宗教或政治派别,这一切都是为了保护人类和地球。我们再也不能奢侈地保持无知、害怕和支持当前的领导层。这包括政治、宗教、商业等,如果它们不是在争取普遍和平、兄弟/姐妹之爱、个人自由和全体繁荣的普遍法则下运作的话。不要醒来,醒来。停止参加分组比赛。这是双关语,他们的游戏是为了少数人而不是为了多数人。我们不要再玩30年了,我告诉过你。这一切都是从1982年开始预言的。


James Gilliland

詹姆斯 · 吉利兰

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