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We are of the Galactic Federation and want you to know we stand by you and are fully engaged to communicate and aid in these evolving times.You have many loving beings from different worlds standing by so align and activate with your thoughts so questions can be addressed.Light workers are of service on your planet as well so;seek them out for guidance as issues arise.


You as humans carry hurtful experiences in mind.The mind often becomes a storage bind or is like a hard drive of a computer.If one doesn't clean it out and these situations are not healed with compassion and understanding their purpose,NOT healed with a willingness to forgive,situations will be re-experienced on a regular basis.


When new experiences of pain come up,they become reminders of the past whereby a person can then choose NOT to fall into the same pattern of response.By not doing so,inside breath what happens is,an energy field of light integrates and ushers in new beginnings.It means the soul has healed so they can bring new good experiences into one's reality.


Know that because so much dark and fear ridden energies have been placed in earths field by those in control,it is harder to learn forgiveness and to move with trust.It is easier to move in fear which is what they want.They eat those energies like dessert.But you shall find when these energies are washed away with intention you will understand that love,peace and forgiveness is a natural trait.


The more you dear ones work on the self the more you are aiding humanity for,the group consciousness has the power to open many doorways.You have heard it said before thoughts have power take advantage of this truth and think love not hate.Think light not fear.Empathy not narcissism.


Because…the stage to receive is set with a persons vibration,it is important to purge all old mind pattens and fears.Old habits must be released that do not serve God's proclamation which is to rise up and be peaceful ALL the time.To align with your divine self and To more with abundance and good health.To quote a phase…"To boldly go where no man has gone before."


We will take this time to share some examples and tools with you.If one has trust issues,when someone does something in a relationship that sparks a reminder it is important not to go to an ASSUMPTION that it is happening again.Communication is an important tool to alleviate the pain for it just may be rekindled to learn that what the conclusions the mind jumps to many not be true.Best advised to use communication device to feel peaceful.


We like to present the term CCC behavior to you.It means,Communication with Compassion to lead to clarity.Following this tool will aid to be in harmony and have less mis-understandings.Clarity on a persons next steps can then come as one looks inside ones heart indubitably.


If one issue that arises in life,is feeling like you are not being honored,it can be connected to past life situations as well as your present life journey.One might bring into your life people who dishonor to become stronger to say no.When you face it head on,you will find more people in your life that honor you will come.

如果一个问题出现到生活中,感觉起来你没有被荣耀,这可以与过去生世的情况以及当前的生命之旅有关。可能会把难以对其说不的越来越不要脸的人带入你的生活中(One might bring into your life people who dishonor to become stronger to say no)。当你去面对他,你会发现生活中更多荣耀你的人会前来

Discernment by going into heart is IMPORTANT for it can allow you to see the reasons behind a persons behavior and to deal with situation with clear focus to release issues and balance with love.


If one doesn't understanding setting boundaries then again one can expect to have situations that will force the person to face the reality of having to set them up.Remember to honor thyself is to honor your higher self and that sets stage for peace,joy and abundance.


The mind avoids being hurt at all costs so…it is important to recognize when one is being stopped from healing.Sometimes when pain is too much,one will have a desire to escape but,if one uses instead a tool of self love and again communicates without going into fear of what another thinks harmony can be achieved.


Remember the dark always serves the light,so one's dark thoughts when released can serve to cleanse the self.Allow the tears to flow to see clearly that life set-ups are tools to get one to see who they are and that one deserves to live in state of contentment and joy.


It helps to realize you are not alone and are in the presence of a troop of wisdom sharers.Do not hesitate to ask for direction.It is important to take the time to breathe deep to ignite this tool so you can understand instead of closing up inside pain.


Many are at a stage where intuitiveness is just coming on line and it is important to stay in ones heart.The more you rid the heart of pains the more these gifts will surface.Aligning with source can alleviate unnecessary strife,as well.


Everything happens for a reason especially with the new energies anchoring on earth.A priority inside the souls journey at this time is really to rid self of the lower frequencies.Therefore,these challengers and old issues will feel like they are being raved up and in your faces.They are,so accept them when they come and be willing to face them so once in for all they leave your energy field.

一切的发生都是有原因的,尤其伴随着新的能量锚定于地球。此刻灵魂之旅中的优先级就是脱离较低的频率。因此,这些挑战者和旧的问题会感到好似在你面前胡言乱语(raved up)。他们在,所以接纳他们,当他们前来,愿意面对他们,让他们永远离开你的能量场

Old relationships that don't serve inside EQUAL respect proper communication and forgiveness will start to fall to the wayside.If you bless them as they go on their way you will find waves of peace come.If you feel sad for what you had,do your best to let go of what was for what will be.It can can result in great experiences.


This consciousness when fully embraced will allow not only new relationships to prosper,but one never knows what shifts can occur inside old ones.Apologies on both side are beneficial for cleansing and helpful in moving on but not necessary.Not everyone is ready to voice an apologies because the ego sometimes will not hear of it.


Remember family and friends,strangers and acquaintances,are part of The Divines children.They are all awakening inside their own timeline so respect that process.


Holding onto anger from any situation can really damage ones physical form.Fear can do the same.If not addressed it becomes an entity in itself and can begin to rule your world.We suggest that everyone takes the time to connect to your inner child because they need your attention in order to feel peace and harmony.


The choice of how you react or don't respond,is entirely up to you and that can effect your peacefulness.Try when you feel anxious or impatient in for example traffic jam,take a deep breath.Look at another way of handling it so your not stressed You do this by understanding A)you are right where you are meant to be and B)you can choose to ride wave of moment peaceful inside thoughts.


We applaud your willingness dear humans to now begin the clearing of the mind and heart,of old limiting vibrations.Part of this process is to know the power of your own greatness.To fly embracing on a higher level why someone is in one's life.Do your best to choose NOT the old experiences as a platform to make decisions but new ways by being in heart.


We encourage you to DO the work you came here to do to free your soul.To live authentically with joy and abundance.


To NOT play the victim role.To celebrate with gratitude even when things are a challenge.


Know that the ego mind prefers that you stay where you are and so do the dark ones who live in your realm.We will not go into detail on how they are loosing their power BUT we will say it is time to regain your own power inside your lives.Again,The more you work on yourselves the more the group consciousness benefits.


We are of the Galactic Federation stands by you and are fully engaged to communicate and aid you in these transformational rebirthing times.You have so many loving beings standing by as well at this time so align and activate your questions and thoughts the teams are waiting.ASK,BELIEVE,RECEIVE.


Go in the celebration of the self and please look behind the situation to see why you are being set off so it can be finally released to align with energies that will bring you all your dreams.


We thank you for your time.



传导:Star Blossem Goddess

翻译:Nick Chan

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