X22报道|第3033集: 美联储体系正在瓦解,深层政府输掉了舆论法庭

2023年3月31日19:41:56最新动态X22报道|第3033集: 美联储体系正在瓦解,深层政府输掉了舆论法庭已关闭评论364字数 1492阅读4分58秒阅读模式


X22报道|第3033集: 美联储体系正在瓦解,深层政府输掉了舆论法庭

Ep. 3033a – The [CB] System Is Being Dismantled On Biden’s Watch, Optics Are Important

[ CB ]系统在拜登的监督下被拆除,光学是重要的
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Streamed on: Mar 30, 5:57 pm EDT直播时间: 美国东部时间3月30日下午5:57

The Biden admin are pushing their agenda through agencies, they don’t have the ability to create laws and the House is calling them out on it. Newsom is trapped in his reparations. The World is removing the Federal Reserver Note, optics are important. Trump can turn the economy around.

拜登政府正在通过机构推行他们的议程,他们没有能力制定法律,而众议院正在呼吁他们制定法律。Newsom 被他的赔款困住了。世界正在消除美联储的钞票,光学是重要的。特朗普可以扭转经济形势。

Ep. 3033b – [DS] Lost The Court Of Public Opinion, The Bait Has Been Set, Years Of Planning

[ DS ]失去了公众舆论的法庭,诱饵已经设定,多年的计划
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Streamed on: Mar 30, 6:24 pm EDT直播时间: 美国东部时间3月30日下午6:24

The [DS] has now lost the court of public opinion. Every time they attacked Trump it was an attack on the American people and this woke the American people up. Trump has been baiting them in from the beginning and now he has almost completed the setup and the sting operation. The last part is to allow the [DS] to bring up to the brink of war, this will jolt the rest of the people awake. Years of planning but now the people are awake and ready to battle the [DS].

[DS]现在已经失去了公众舆论的支持。每次他们攻击特朗普,都是在攻击美国人民,这唤醒了美国人民。特朗普从一开始就在引诱他们,现在他几乎已经完成了设置和诱捕行动。最后一部分是允许(民主党)把战争带到边缘,这将使其余的人们醒悟过来。多年的计划,但现在人们已经清醒,并准备好与[ DS ]战斗。


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