X22报告|第2847集: 中央银行拯救崩溃的经济的努力失败了,联邦调查局的突袭不是你想的那样

2022年8月11日17:35:06最新动态X22报告|第2847集: 中央银行拯救崩溃的经济的努力失败了,联邦调查局的突袭不是你想的那样已关闭评论1691字数 1573阅读5分14秒阅读模式


X22报告|第2847集: 中央银行拯救崩溃的经济的努力失败了,联邦调查局的突袭不是你想的那样

Ep. 2847a – The [CB]/[JB] Attempt To Save The Collapsing Economic Narrative Has Failed

Ep.2847a-[ CB ]/[ JB ]拯救崩溃的经济叙事的尝试已经失败

Ep. 2847b – FBI Raid Is Not What You Think,[DS] Knows They Lost, Narrative Change, Playbook Known

联邦调查局的突袭不是你想的那样,[ DS ]知道他们失败了,故事的改变,剧本已知



The [CB]/[JB] are trying to convince the public they fixed the fuel and inflation problem. People see through this, this narrative will collapse on them in the next couple of months. The inflation reduction act will increase health costs and destroy the economy.

[ CB ]/[ JB ]正试图说服公众他们解决了燃料和通货膨胀问题。人们看穿了这一点,这种说法将在未来几个月内崩溃。降低通货膨胀法案将增加医疗成本,破坏经济。


The [DS] pushed their agenda, it is now backfiring on them, the public is not with them on this, the public is now seeing a dictatorship. At this point the [DS] does not care, they are fighting for their lives, they know they need to stop the midterm elections, they need to create the narrative that will stop it. This is what is happening. They are creating the narrative of Trump supporters getting angry, they are going to use this to create the riots. They are trying to get the Trump supporters onto the street, do not fall for the trap. When this does not happen they will use antifa to stage the entire thing.



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