本杰明|2022/08/08 有多少证据表明地球的最高领导人是非人类?

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本杰明|2022/08/08 有多少证据表明地球的最高领导人是非人类?

While Benjamin Fulford takes his sabbatical we will continue to provide the latest visuals related to project blue beam. 

在本杰明 · 富尔福德休假期间,我们将继续提供与蓝光项目相关的最新视觉效果

Over the years of reporting on the ongoing battle for the planet earth, many high-level intelligence agency types insist we are being liberated from alien control. This sounds crazy but, there is a lot of evidence something otherworldly is involved in the highest levels of government on this planet. So, this week let us take a look at some of the evidence this writer has personally encountered.


本杰明|2022/08/08 有多少证据表明地球的最高领导人是非人类?

The first time ET topics came up was after Asian secret societies asked me to contact Western secret societies.


The first Western secret society to send someone to meet me was the gnostic Illuminati. Their representative told me their organization was formed after the destruction of Atlantis by the Greek mathematician Pythagoras. This group formed because they believe that whatever entity caused the destruction of Atlantis was malevolent and needed to be overthrown. They claim to recruit 6000 of the top geniuses of each generation to join them. According to the gnostic Illuminati, their conclusion was the enemy was a “rogue artificial intelligence.”


The next group to send someone was the P2 Freemasons. They sent Leo Zagami who said his group also claimed to be the Illuminati. The story they had was that they were the survivors of a civilization that was destroyed 26,000 years ago. Aliens gave them a plot to manage history that was calibrated according to the movements of the planets. This plot ran out in 2012 and ever since then, the ancient ruling cults have been ad-libbing the plot in order to stay in control.

下一个派遣人员的组织是 P2共济会。他们派来了 Leo Zagami 他说他的组织也声称自己是光照派。他们的故事是,他们是两万六千年前被毁灭的文明的幸存者。外星人给了他们一个根据行星运动来校准历史的阴谋。这个阴谋在2012年结束,从那时起,古代的统治邪教一直在即兴发挥的阴谋,以保持控制。

When I visited the P2 in Italy during 2009 I met many of its members. They claim to have been in touch with aliens for millennia. According to them, what we now talk of as aliens they know of as angels, devils djinn etc. In order to contact these entities, they carry out various ceremonies. The most powerful and evil beings could only be contacted via human or animal sacrifice, they claim. Zagami and his colleagues invited me to go to Switzerland to meet the aliens they reported to. I declined because I sensed malevolent intent.

当我在2009年访问意大利的 P2时,我见到了它的许多成员。他们声称与外星人接触了几千年。根据他们的说法,我们现在所说的外星人他们所知道的是天使,魔鬼精灵等等。为了联系这些实体,他们进行各种仪式。他们声称,最强大、最邪恶的生物只能通过人或动物祭祀来联系。扎加米和他的同事邀请我去瑞士见见他们报告的外星人。我拒绝了,因为我感觉到了恶意。

The highest ranking person Zagami said he could introduce me to in Italy was Vincenzo Mazzara, who claims to be affiliated with an entity known as the black sun. Not long after I met him, by the way, Mazzara was caught by the CIA outside of the home of a member of the Bank of International Settlements in Switzerland carrying a gun and a sophisticated lock picking device. He was beaten up and sent back to Italy.

扎加米说,他可以在意大利把我介绍给级别最高的人是文森佐 · 马扎拉(Vincenzo Mazzara) ,他声称自己隶属于一个被称为“黑太阳”的实体。顺便说一句,在我见到他不久之后,马扎拉在瑞士国际清算银行一名成员的家门外被中情局抓获,当时他携带一把枪和一个精密的开锁装置。他被打了一顿,然后被送回了意大利。

In Mazzara’s version of events, the black sun lives in a black hole at the center of the galaxy and communicates with his group via gamma rays.


When he took me to a cathedral in Milan “to meet the black sun,” I had the powerful subjective experience of the cathedral disappearing. I found myself staring into a black abyss. It was not only dark and cold but it seemed to suck the life force out of me. The impression I got is that just like there is matter and anti-matter there is life and anti-life. What they share in common is information.


In any case, that night I nearly died as my lungs seized up. The next morning when Mazzara failed to show up for our appointment I called him. He was very surprised and he blurted out “you are still alive!” I was sick as a dog for days after this and believe I was never expected to live to tell the world what I experienced.


Some Asian secret societies also claim contact with aliens. When the head of MI6 arranged for me to meet with a representative of the Asian Dragon family, he said “if you want to talk to China, this is as high as it goes.” The introduction was arranged via the family of the former last emperor of China. This group also claimed an alien connection. They said that if humanity did not get its act together, humans would be put under a very strictly regimented regime. This seems to be exactly what they have been trying in China recently with their super lockdowns.


Another Asian group, known as the Red Swastika took me to a temple of theirs where they had solid gold altars covered in alien writing. They said General Douglas MacArthur had been affiliated with them. This group claims to have access to a portal on Mt. Tsukuba, a sacred Japanese mountain.

另一个亚洲团体,被称为“红色纳粹十字记号”,带我去了他们的一个寺庙,在那里,他们的金制祭坛上覆盖着外星人的文字。他们说道格拉斯·麦克阿瑟和他们有联系。这个组织声称可以进入 Mt. Tsukuba 的入口那是一座日本神山。

Yet another alien claim came from a beautiful woman who was sent to meet me by the arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi. She claimed that giant humanoid aliens who fit ancient descriptions of the Annunaki had operated on her womb. She handed me a book in French entitled the Egyptian Origin of the Jews (L’origin Egyptiene des Juifs). This person also pointed to Switzerland as the location of the ruling entities on this planet.

还有一个外星人的声明来自一个美丽的女人,她是被军火商 Adnan Khashoggi 派来见我的。她声称符合古代 Annunaki 人描述的巨大的类人外星人给她的子宫做了手术。她递给我一本法文书,名为《犹太人的埃及起源》。此人还指出,瑞士是这个星球上统治实体的所在地。

It is worth noting that many Japanese gangsters also told me they had personal experience with being operated on by Annunaki-type creatures.

值得注意的是,许多日本黑帮成员还告诉我,他们曾亲身经历过被 Annunaki 类型的生物动手术。

These photographs of the Rothschilds do give credence to the idea they are not exactly human.


本杰明|2022/08/08 有多少证据表明地球的最高领导人是非人类?

Yet another group that I ran into were the Antarctic Secret Space Program types. The person I met was a relative of Admiral Richard Byrd of Antarctic exploration fame, This individual had photographs of himself shaking hands with various US presidents over the years. This source insists there are portals to other dimensions on both poles of this planet. These illustrations and photographs were provided by him as “proof.” For sure Antarctica is outside of the jurisdiction of any government on earth thanks to the Antarctic treaty. That is why many corporate types and powerful oligarchs carry out research activities there of the sort that would be prohibited elsewhere, As far as portals are concerned, all I can say is that multiple attempts to visit these sights have been thwarted so far.

我遇到的另一群人是南极秘密太空计划的人。我遇到的这个人是南极探险家理查德 · 伯德上将的亲戚,这个人有他多年来与美国总统握手的照片。这个来源坚持认为在这个星球的两极都有通往其他维度的入口。这些插图和照片是他提供的“证据”由于《南极条约》 ,南极洲肯定不在地球上任何政府的管辖范围之内。这就是为什么许多企业类型和有权势的寡头在那里进行研究活动,而这些活动在其他地方是被禁止的。就门户网站而言,我只能说,到目前为止,多次尝试访问这些景点的努力都受到了阻碍。

Other members of this secret space program group provided me with evidence a lot of the leaders and celebrities in the West are under the control of “Alien parasites.” Many other sources in the intelligence world agreed with this assessment.


本杰明|2022/08/08 有多少证据表明地球的最高领导人是非人类?本杰明|2022/08/08 有多少证据表明地球的最高领导人是非人类?

The video linked below was provided as evidence.



Here is some of what this source had to say on the subject:


These reptilian Vril drones are controlled by the off-world AI who have been in control of this world since Babylonian times.

这些爬行动物 Vril 无人机是由地外人工智能控制的,这些人工智能自巴比伦时代起就控制着这个世界。

Droning occurs when a Vril injects its quill/proboscis into the human eye where the lizard parasite takes over the human host brain. It is terribly painful for the human being until the human consciousness dies and the vril parasite consciousness is in full control. All (or most) memory and ability of former human is retained & the lizard consciousness now mimicks the former human’s behaviors. The former human is now a drone. These are the ‘people’ that are used by vril to infiltrate governments, religious, legal & financial systems, organizations and/or corporations. It is not uncommon for male or female drones to lose their hair at a younger age. Intelligence seems a little decreased with a minimal capacity-if any, to understand sarcasm and/or dry humor. Offspring have an increased risk of various birth abnormalities. Drones often seem incapable of empathy/sympathy and can quite often display psychotic behaviors. Drones enjoy perversion, sexual deviance and self-gratification. The drone will seem to be an ill human until fully recovered from the parasitical infection which takes varying degrees of time, but is usually minimal. The eye that was droned with the proboscis will be affected and sometimes never fully recovers, leaving the affected eye to seem different from the other. Most drones appear completely normal and walk among us undetected.

当Vril把它的毛笔/螺旋桨注射到人的眼睛里时,就会发生Droning,在那里蜥蜴寄生虫接管了人类的宿主大脑。这对人类来说是非常痛苦的,直到人类的意识死亡,维里尔寄生虫的意识被完全控制。前任人类的所有(或大部分)记忆和能力被保留下来,蜥蜴意识现在模仿前任人类的行为。以前的人类现在是一个无人机。这些 "人 "被vril用来渗透到政府、宗教、法律和金融系统、组织和/或公司中。男性或女性的无人机在年轻时脱发是很常见的。智力似乎有点下降,理解讽刺和/或干巴巴的幽默的能力极低--如果有的话。后代出现各种出生异常的风险增加。无人机经常看起来没有同情心/怜悯心,而且经常表现出精神病行为。无人机喜欢变态、性变态和自我满足。无人机在完全从寄生虫感染中恢复之前,似乎是一个生病的人类,这需要不同程度的时间,但通常是最小的。被无人机用探针刺中的眼睛会受到影响,有时永远不会完全恢复,使受影响的眼睛看起来与其他眼睛不同。大多数无人机看起来完全正常,在我们中间行走而不被察觉。

The Vril proboscis connects with the human eye and releases a foamy substance where the parasite injects itself into the human brain. The unfortunate human suffers temporary agony. Once the parasite is effectively in the brain, the human ceases to exist and the Vril is in full control of it’s host body. The age-old ‘eye of Horus’ symbol represents the age-old droning process that has been so effectively concealed from the history books. The drones ensure the Vril agenda continues successfully and the fearful and/or willing compliant humans effectively aid them in their mission…until NOW!

Vril的探针与人眼相连,并释放出一种泡沫状物质,寄生虫将自己注入人的大脑。不幸的人类会遭受暂时的痛苦。一旦寄生虫有效地进入大脑,人类就不复存在,维里尔就完全控制了它的宿主身体。古老的 "荷鲁斯之眼 "符号代表着古老的无人机过程,它被有效地从历史书中掩盖了。无人机确保维里尔的议程顺利进行,而害怕和/或愿意服从的人类则有效地帮助他们完成任务......直到现在!"。

本杰明|2022/08/08 有多少证据表明地球的最高领导人是非人类?

本杰明|2022/08/08 有多少证据表明地球的最高领导人是非人类?

~ Drones do NOT have lizard eyes. There are no major or obvious physical changes to the human body. The only change is that the human consciousness has ceased to exist and the Vril consciousness is now in control of the body.

~ 无人机没有蜥蜴的眼睛。人体没有明显或重大的生理变化。唯一的变化是人类意识已经停止存在,而 Vril 意识现在控制着身体。

~ Drones are NOT shapeshifters. Once the lizard takes over the human, there is no transferring in and out of the body as it is a permanent one-time transfer until the lizard’s consciousness perishes. Shapeshifting is thought to be a metaphoric description of droning as it was difficult for people and/or their cultures to communicate the existence of Vril, much less the droning procedure in a way that would not bring them harm for attempting to expose the ancient secret or to preserve any information whatsoever.

无人机不是变形人。一旦蜥蜴占据了人类的身体,就不再有进出身体的转移,因为这是一个永久的一次性转移,直到蜥蜴的意识消亡。变形术被认为是对无人机的一种隐喻性描述,因为人们和/或他们的文化很难传达 Vril 的存在,更不用说无人机程序不会因为试图揭露古老的秘密或保存任何信息而给他们带来伤害。

~ Excessive or increased blinking and/or lip licking MAY POSSIBLY be lizard traits that transfer with the consciousness.


~ Drone offspring have an increased chance of various syndromes and/or birth abnormalities.


~ Drones are NOT nice people. They are a lizard consciousness who killed a human being via a parasite to assist the Vril agenda.

~ 无人机不是好人。他们是一种蜥蜴意识,他们通过寄生虫杀死了一个人类来协助 Vril 的议程。

~ Most drones are ruthless, psychopathic, sexually driven and sadistic.


~ It is reported that the Vril affects male genitalia leading to the appearance of an underdeveloped penis.

~ 据报道,Vril 影响男性生殖器,导致阴茎发育不全。

~ Hair loss is reported to be a common trait among male and female drones. More skin anomalies appear such as moles, skin tags, age spots, etc.

~ 据报道,脱发是男性和女性无人机的一个共同特征。出现更多的皮肤异常,如痣、皮肤标签、老年斑等。

Now we know where the black eyes come from: Vril. 

现在我们知道黑眼睛是从哪里来的了: Vril。

本杰明|2022/08/08 有多少证据表明地球的最高领导人是非人类?

We are not sure what to make of this information but it is easy to find many examples in nature of parasites taking over or affecting the minds of rats, grasshoppers and even humans. Here is an example of a parasite that is known to change human behavior and appearance



We also have heard countless testimonials about these parasitical entities shifting from one cloned body to the next. Remember Hillary Clinton being stuffed into a van during 2016 only to emerge 20 kilos (about 44 pounds) lighter a few hours later?

我们还听到了无数关于这些寄生实体从一个克隆体转移到另一个克隆体的证词。还记得2016年,希拉里 · 克林顿(Hillary Clinton)被塞进一辆面包车,几个小时后又轻了20公斤(约44磅)吗?

We also have evidence of this among “celebrities.” Take a look at this article about Tom Cruise cloning as an example.

我们在“名人”中也有这样的证据以这篇关于汤姆 · 克鲁斯克隆的文章为例。


In any case, however off-beat these claims may seem, these groups claiming alien connections are very powerful and do affect governments around the world.


However, even if this is all true, these “entities” are clearly weak or they would not have to remain in hiding from us.  


To conclude, when this battle to liberate the planet earth finally ends, we need to have full public disclosure and scientific investigation of all of this “alien” type of stuff that is going on. The bottom line is we do not need secret or alien controllers to decide how we live and what we do. We humans must be free to decide our own futures.



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